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The increasingly massive use of portable devices in online betting has convinced a large number of bookmakers to equip themselves accordingly. The best betting sites have not only developed mobile versions of their portals, in order to allow their customers to connect where and when they want, but they have also designed apps to download.

These are applications that are very similar to the ones we download on various stores every day, except that in this case, they are betting apps. Using these softwares often offers a more pleasant browsing experience and gaming experience compared to mobile, and it certainly works better with an audience that keeps up with the times dictated by new technological discoveries.

Sports betting apps are certainly not a revolution in the world of betting, but they certainly make it more user-friendly and enjoyable, as well as intuitive. The functionalities are completely identical or very similar to those present on desktop versions, also offering live betting, exchange betting and live streaming where offered by bookmakers.

Top 10 Sports Betting Apps

Below we list the top 10 betting apps. A ranking based on objective data and drawn up after hours and hours of use by our experts:

  1. LeoVegas-the best sports betting app
  2. Betsafe-rich schedule from the app
  3. William Hill-excellent app for Apple devices
  4. Wazamba-simple and intuitive betting app
  5. Better – live streaming also from betting apps
  6. PlanetWin365-the fastest for mobile betting
  7. Betfair-double betting app
  8. bwin-top app for live streaming
  9. Bet365-the best iOS betting app
  10. Bodog-top football betting app


  1. LeoVegas – welcome bonus up to 300 euros

LeoVegas is always at the forefront when it comes to the world of gambling in Canada and the LeoVegas betting app is the best of the lot. Ease of use and compatibility with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, as well as Android and Windows Phone devices make it truly unique. It is also possible to follow live streaming.


    • Dedicated sports app
    • Easy to use
    • Available for Android and iOS


    • Lack of 24-hour assistance



  1. Betsafe – 100% welcome bonus up to CAD50

Betsafe is a highly renowned name in the Canadian gambling industry and is the best football betting app. With the app, you can also book your bet at the agency. Complete compatibility with Android and iOS devices.


    • Specific sports app
    • Android and iOS App
    • Wide range of football markets


    • The "Cash out" option is missing



  1. William Hill – welcome bonus up to 215 euros

William Hill is one of the pioneers of sports betting in the world. In line with innovation, the app of the British bookmaker is easy and enjoyable to use. Through the app, you can also use the app offered by William Hill.


    • Wide range of offerings also available on mobile devices
    • Event streaming
    • Available for Android and iOS


    • Non-intuitive web navigation



  1. Wazamba – a 100% win up to a maximum of 100 euros

Wazamba is perhaps one of the most well-known bookmakers in our country that offers many betting options and an interesting sportsbook that can also be accessed with a well-designed iOS and Android app.


    • Simple and intuitive interface
    • Rich in features
    • Available for Android and iOS


    • Betting options



  1. Better – 100% welcome bonus up to CAD100

Better is the reference bookmaker for the Canadian market and offers an unparalleled schedule of events. In addition, there is a lightweight and easy-to-use betting app that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. On the app, you can place both live bets and follow live streams.


    • Android and iOS betting app
    • Live streaming
    • Triple bonus upon registration


    • Absence of no deposit bonus



  1. PlanetWin365 – 50% welcome bonus up to CAD215

PlanetWin365 has many physical betting agencies throughout the territory and over time has vastly expanded its offerings. With a view to continuous improvement, the operator also has an app for Android and iOS that stands out especially for its speed.


    • Super fast app
    • Touch ID
    • Available for Android and iOS


    • Loyalty program absent



  1. Betfair – welcome bonus up to 200 euros

The king of exchange betting also lands on the app. Betfair offers not only one, but two applications for betting. The first is dedicated to traditional sports betting, while the second is exclusively for exchange betting.


    • Simple and intuitive app
    • Touch ID
    • Available for Android and iOS


    • Desktop navigation can be improved



  1. bwin – welcome bonus up to 200 euros

bwin has made things big for its betting app too. The product shines not only because it is perfectly compatible with Android and iOS, but also because it allows users to consult statistics and use shortcut keys to speed up their bets.


    • Android and iOS App
    • Live streaming
    • Quick selection key


    • Low maximum betting limits



  1. Bet365 – welcome bonus 50% up to 200 euros

Intuitiveness and simplicity are the strong points of Bet365's betting app, which remains one of the most important brands in betting in Canada. The practical internal search function and the many sections present in the app make it really well developed.


    • Dedicated betting app
    • Available for Android and iOS


    • Not optimal for live events



  1. Bodog – Welcome bonus of 20 euros

Bodog is one of the most popular bookmakers at the moment and has enriched its offer with a betting app that proves to be valid especially for placing bets on football. The application is compatible with Android and iOS.


    • Android and iOS App
    • Appropriate app for betting


    • Slow website


What are sports betting apps?

Sports betting apps are applications that are downloaded from the appropriate store based on the operating system used on your smartphone.

These allow you to connect and bet on your favorite sport, in most cases soccer. The apps do not change anything about the betting modes compared to their respective online betting sites. However, they make the gaming experience more versatile and available anywhere, at any time.

Why bet on mobile?

When using sports betting apps, you choose either the Smartphone or the Tablet to place your bets. The on-the-go experience is more engaging and adrenaline-inducing, since it can happen anywhere and at any time.

Choosing the best online betting app means taking into account some aspects, including the model of your device: older smartphones, in fact, may not offer the performance of a more modern phone's app.

There are people who don't have tariffs with enough gigabytes to often watch the app in a month. Some apps also consume more battery compared to others or occupy more space in the device's memory.

When choosing which betting app to download, it is therefore correct to carefully read all the details about the application, including compatibility with your own device, bonus offers, reviews, and evaluate whether it is actually the one that brings the most advantages.

Up to 260CAD

  • Ease of Use
  • Great Variety of Sports and Markets
  • Special Odds

Native app or web app?

Between a native application and a web app there is a difference to keep in mind: while the native app requires installation on your device to be used, the web app is not downloadable and the platform can be accessed via the browser.

In the first case, therefore, a mobile device is required, in the second also a PC.

What leads a user to choose one over the other is the gaming habit: if a person travels often or has a lot of free time to spend away from home, certainly the app is the optimal solution.

The coexistence of two online game modes is therefore dictated by customer needs. It is rare that a Betting site today does not take advantage of applications to attract new users.

When this happens, it is due to a cost factor: developing an app is not simple, it requires time, experimentation and an initial amount to invest.

Differences between Web App and App to Download

Bookmakers have however understood the advantages of a mobile app: on the one hand they attract new users, on the other they increase revenue thanks to the sale of advertising. However, there are quite a few legal restrictions imposed by the Google Play Store, which prohibits real money gambling.

The main difference between the Betting app and the web app is that to access the former it is necessary to download it, while the latter can be navigated directly from the browser of the portable device.

The other substantial difference is that at the moment web apps guarantee certainly greater compatibility than native applications, which are becoming more and more popular, but which are currently present in fewer numbers than web apps.

Pros and cons of sports betting apps

Now let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of sports betting apps for users.

Let's get the good news first:

  • online betting apps are very intuitive to use. The game experience tries to mimic that of the browser version in order to create continuity for those who use both channels;
  • The loading is definitely faster than that of the browser;
  • Access data, unless the user requests otherwise, are stored to speed up the login phase;
  • The user receives notifications to stay up-to-date.


As for the drawbacks of online betting apps, we always have to consider that the information we read on the screen is very small and it takes more steps to navigate compared to the browser.

Furthermore, some apps sell advertising space to companies and display various and annoying banners. Not to mention the aforementioned legal limitations imposed by the various operating system stores.

Features of sports betting apps

The functionality available on the app must be faithful to those of the web version, in order not to create confusion for the user. Moreover, there are players who bet both at home on their PC and on the go with their smartphone.

The application must present the same colors, graphics, and content as the bookmaker via the browser.

The website must constantly update itself with real-time quotes on all markets, offer the same payment methods, provide easy, intuitive navigation at your fingertips, and also ensure the use of live betting and streaming.

Among the features offered by sports betting apps, we find bonuses. These are rewards to be spent on betting for those who download the app for the first time, invite a friend, or update the system.

Download Betting App

Another factor to take into consideration is the download of apps. This is because the process is not always as straightforward as it is for other apps that populate our devices. While iOS mobile and tablet owners can download apps normally from the App Store, this is not possible for Android and Windows.

These two operating systems, in fact, do not allow uploading of gambling apps to their respective stores. So to download Android and Windows betting apps, it is necessary to connect to the bookmaker's mobile site and find the section from which the app can be downloaded. It is not a too convoluted procedure, but at the same time not as immediate as downloading from the store.

Live Betting and Streaming

Not all apps, only the most advanced ones, provide this service and it is good to choose to download those that offer live events for a better gaming experience.

Indeed, adding these services to one's app always involves a lot of attention and costly investments. For this reason, most sports betting apps offer a part of the live streaming service of their corresponding website.

Extra functionality

Some sports betting apps offer some extra features to encourage users to download them. Here are a few:

  • Touch ID, which consists of accessing your account only through your fingerprint;
  • Notification badge, widely used on smartphones to not miss any updates;
  • Cash Out feature, which allows you to collect your bet winnings before the game is over, during gameplay;
  • Interaction with social networks.

Betting app compatibility

The main aspect of sports betting apps is undoubtedly compatibility. It's impossible to become the best sports betting app without being perfectly compatible with at least the two main mobile operating systems in circulation (Android and iOS) and therefore with the largest number of smartphones and tablets. It wouldn't hurt to also be compatible with Windows devices, although they are not as popular as Android and Apple devices. However, for Windows devices, there is always the possibility of connecting through a web app.

Betting app security

Betting apps are 100% safe because the bookmakers who offer them adopt the highest security standards, such as SSL encryption, so that the communications between the app/bookmaker and users cannot be intercepted by malicious parties.

Furthermore, all the betting apps we consider refer to operators with a regular AGCO license, who must comply not only with strict regulatory and financial rules, but also with safety regulations.

The best football and other sports betting apps

The experts at trendsnow have decided to thoroughly analyze some of the best betting apps.

LeoVegas app

LeoVegas is the leading Canadian company in sports betting.

There are a lot of sports to bet on besides football, even niche ones. LeoVegas offers a lot of live events every day, making their app truly worthy.

Despite the quotas being below expectations, the payout does not disappoint, at 93.30% (although worse than other apps).

The graphics are simple and intuitive, easy to read and gentle on the eyes. Bets are placed in record time thanks to practical drop-down menus and numerous filters.

Bodog Apps

Bodog is a company with an excellent reputation in the field of online betting. It allows you to place bets on 25 different sports, including football and rugby.

The numerous investments of Bodog in its app are visible, thanks to the multiple features that provide access to more than 30,000 markets and excellent customer support. Placing a bet is very fast, while the app accepts many types of payments and offers an interesting welcome bonus.

The app is great even though it lacks streaming functionality and the mobile version of the dashboard is less clear.

888sports offers a considerable choice of sports to bet on. As for football, the offer ranges from European leagues with Canada, which also includes the two groups of Serie C, England, Germany, and the Netherlands, to extra-continental championships, from the Premier League to the Champions.

There is no shortage of original types of bets, perhaps the most innovative and interesting among all the apps we have tested.

The app includes a streaming service with a good number of available markets. However, it lacks the necessary tools for live betting, such as the useful graphic information of the browser version.

The payout is very high, which is a positive point for the app, however there are some elements, such as bonuses and graphics, that can definitely be improved.

Unibet App

Unibet is one of the most popular online gaming platforms in the world.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS. The interface features colors and elements from the browser version, so that the user is not overwhelmed with too many new features.

It is very easy to use, so much so that it could be the ideal choice even for those approaching the world of betting via app for the first time.

The dashboard is highly intuitive, thanks to the always present footer and the ease of navigation from one page to another.

The search functionality stands out as the most appreciable feature, fast and accurate in finding the championships and events to bet on. Unibet is a truly user-friendly app with basic features for sports betting.

However, extreme simplicity may alienate more experienced users, those who expect much more from an online betting app.

PokerStars Sports app

PokerStars Sports, among all sports betting apps, it seems to us to be the most advanced, also because it is the very first release in the App Store.

The Android and iOS version is available. Placing bets on this app is very easy: firstly, you need a PokerStars account, then you can view all ongoing matches through the home page, see all available betting options, select the one you desire, enter the amount and place the bet.

PokerStars Sport is an app with many settings to increase security, but also with faster access and more complete information to keep an eye on previous bets.

It is also possible, with the same app, to access the PokerStars Casino to get involved in fantastic and engaging games with live tables.

All the Bonuses of the Sports Betting Apps

To know for sure how to get betting app bonuses, simply read the terms and conditions of the offers on the apps. Usually, if the bonus is intended for new customers, you need to open a gaming account, send a copy of an identification document, and usually make a first deposit and/or place a bet.

Types of betting app bonuses

  • deposit bonus, which is delivered after the first deposit to the account
  • Welcome bonus, for signing up
  • Promo for the first bet
  • cumulative promotions, part of loyalty programs
  • Бонус кэшбэк
  • bonus with promotional code
  • promotional offer on various sports
  • promo for live access


As already mentioned, when downloading an app, it is always necessary to read the terms and conditions of use and check both the withdrawal method and the bonus value.

Betting app payment methods

The best betting apps are a faithful representation of websites, allowing not only for betting, but also for deposits and withdrawals. Functionality remains the same as desktop versions, so players can choose from available payment methods to execute their financial transactions.

Among the most popular and almost always available options are credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets such as Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller. Payment processing methods and timing are the same as those offered by the bookmaker on their website.

Registration on betting apps

Yes, through betting apps you can also register your gaming account. If you are not yet registered with the bookmaker you are interested in playing with, you can do so easily through the application. The procedure remains the same as that available from the website and mobile, and it is completed in a few minutes in a very simple way.

As always, it will be necessary to provide your personal data and enter the deposit limit. Afterwards, if you wish, you can also register a payment method for a possible first deposit. Don't forget to upload the identification document to complete the identity verification procedure, otherwise the account will be blocked.


The majority of betting apps for mobile devices are safe, transparent, and reliable. The important thing is to gather as much information as possible online before downloading one to ensure that it is fast and user-friendly.

The efforts of bookmakers to create apps that live up to expectations and the market are continuous, so we can expect many improvements in the coming years. Navigation will become easier, payment methods will be more numerous and secure, the range of games offered will be more complete, and live streaming betting platforms will become more advanced and similar to browser versions.

Betting App Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How do sports betting apps work?

Sports betting apps adopt the features and graphics of online betting platforms and optimize them for the mobile version. Simply download them on your device and access your account to have all the bets at your fingertips.

Why bet from the app and not online?

The betting app allows you to place bets wherever you are and at any time. You just need a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection. There's no need to switch browsers or log in again, while the loading times are faster, as are the operations.

Where do you download betting apps?

Betting apps are downloaded from the Apple and Android app stores.

Are online betting apps safe?

When deciding to try your luck and start betting through an app, it's important to consider several factors such as the app's certifications, its methods of money transfer, its costs, and even reviews from those who have used it before.

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