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LeoVegas is probably one of the best known and most famous bookmakers among fans of the world of online sports betting in Canada, either by history, by name and by the quality of the services offered, as in case of LeoVegas app, the official application of the Canadian operator for betting.

Whether you are looking for information on the LeoVegas Betting App, both for iOS/iPhone or Android systems (but also on Windows Phone), then this is the right page: we at trendsnow will guide you , step by step, to discover one of the best applications for online sports betting for mobile devices.

In the table below we will see all the most important information about the LeoVegas app on the main operating systems for smartphones and tablets and for the mobile version:

iOS Android Mobile Site
Downloads ✔️ ✔️
Latest version June 2023 (10.7.03) June 2023
Size 143.9MB 7.8MB
Deposit/Withdrawals ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Bonuses ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

The latest news from the LeoVegas App and Mobile Site

LeoVegas, on the strength of its fame and position among the best bookmakers AGCO, offers ever better and constantly updated services. We have previously talked briefly about LeoVegas Betting App, but first we must say that the Canadian bookmaker offers its users an excellent platform optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. So, how to play online with LeoVegas?

In fact, not everyone downloads apps, preferring to stay in a familiar environment such as that of the "mother platform" and LeoVegas has developed an excellent platform that is also optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Initially, however, we must say that the graphic layout, especially of the homepage, is not as intuitive as one might expect from the LeoVegas Betting App. We have seen in other reviews for the platforms optimized in the mobile version such as the homepage and the initial appearance of the page is essential to give that sense of familiarity so dear to bettors.

LeoVegas app seems overall much more "spot on" especially when we refer to those available for iPhone and iPad. In the following paragraphs we will consider all the features that make LeoVegas apps a must-have on your mobile device.

714 codes CLAIMED

Up to 305CAD

  • The largest betting schedule
  • Live Streaming
  • Virtual Betting

How to Download LeoVegas App

(Downloading the LeoVegas app is a very simple process that all mobile device owners will surely be familiar with. The best and fastest way to download it is to access the LeoVegas Mobile version directly from the smartphone or tablet on which you want to download. In the "App" section (you can search LeoVegas APP DOWNLOAD on search engines to access this page directly) you will find the button for downloading the application (as per image above).

For Apple users, the entire download will be child's play, as they will be able to download the app not only from LeoVegas's mobile site but also directly from the App Official store of the Cupertino giant. Those in possession of a device with an Android operating system, on the other hand, will have to suffer a little more, as Google's policy is known which prohibits in Canada-and in other countries around the world-the inclusion of apps devoted to betting with real money on play store.

In summary, to download the LeoVegas app you need:

  1. from the homepage of the LeoVegas website, click on the APP section (as in the photo above);
  2. select the app and the chosen system (iOS or Android) and follow the instructions;
  3. Log in to the app and start betting.


In the next paragraph we will best explain how to download the LeoVegas app for Android and by-pass the Google policy. This does not mean, mind you, committing an illegal action, as there is no law in Canada that prohibits the use of betting applications. Google's policy regarding betting is very strict, but it is absolutely a choice of the company, not dictated by any legislation in our country.

How To Download LeoVegas App On Android With Google Play

We have already had the opportunity to say several times that it is not possible, at least in our country, to download betting apps with real money from the Google store. Obviously, the same is true for the LeoVegas app, as it fully falls within the category. In fact, the Mountain View giant explicitly prohibits the inclusion on Google Play of any application aimed at sports betting in which the economic flow is with real money.

This is Google's own corporate policy that applies to any type of betting app. However, those in possession of a device with an Android operating system should not despair. In fact, it is possible, without any problem, to download the Apk file to install the LeoVegas app directly on your device.

LeoVegas Apk Download For Android

To download the Apk of the LeoVegas Betting App, i.e. the actual installation file of the application, it will take just a few seconds. In fact, just write "LeoVegas App Apk" directly from the mobile device into the search engine to immediately find the official page of the Canadian bookmaker dedicated to the Android application.

Just click on the "Download App Sport" button to download the LeoVegas Apk file, which will allow direct installation on your Android smartphone or tablet. If you have never done a similar process with your device, the factory settings will probably block the opening of the installer, as it will be considered unsafe having been downloaded outside the official store. Do not despair! In order to start the installation and enjoy the performance of the LeoVegas App for Android you will need to:

  1. In the SETTINGS → SECURITY menu of your mobile device, unlock the option ALLOW INSTALLATION OF APPS FROM UNKNOWN SOURCES (or check UNKNOWN SOURCES) and click OK.
  2. Download the app from the page:
  3. Lower the notification shade and click on the .apk file to start the installation and you're done!


Features Of LeoVegas App Android

LeoVegas Betting App for Android systems has the exact same features that we have previously mentioned regarding the mobile version. In fact, it seems clear that, also considering the low weight in terms of memory required-only 7.80 MB-it is not a native app, but a web app, or rather the faithful transposition of the mobile platform but in an application version.

The pros and cons that we have already mentioned are therefore valid, even if LeoVegas users could expect something more, in the case of devices with an Android operating system. Thanks to its "lightness" it is an app that can be downloaded easily in any context, even for those who have continuous space problems on the device. However, the performances are excellent and, especially through the latest generation smartphones and tablets, one does not regret the desktop platform at all.

For those who want to make the most of the features of LeoVegas Android, we recommend using this app especially from a tablet. In fact, it is possible to watch the most important sporting events in streaming directly on the application and the large screen of a tablet guarantees a clear view of live matches!

How to download the LeoVegas app on iPhone and Apple devices

Unlike what was said for the LeoVegas Android app, the bookmaker's application is totally free and can be downloaded from the official store of the Cupertino company. In this case we can really talk about an application designed specifically for mobile devices, which has an important weight of 143.9 MB. Everything is justified by the excellent performance and countless possibilities offered by the LeoVegas iOS app, which are also reflected in the 4.2/5 star rating on the App Store.

LeoVegas makes available to all its users with Apple devices many other specific applications, which can be downloaded directly from the official store, also as the LeoVegas Mac App. In fact, LeoVegas Roulette, LeoVegas Blackjack, LeoVegas Sette e ½, LeoVegas app Giochi, LeoVegas Casino Blu, LeoVegas app Poker, Bingo LeoVegas App, LeoVegas Punto e Banco, LeoVegas app Slots, LeoVegas Live Casino, Leonardo Horse Project and SN4IFUN.

In short, the choice for Apple device owners is truly wide and covers the entire range of games and services offered by the Canadian bookie, such as playing online poker or playing LeoVegas slots. What are Green LeoVegas or Orange LeoVegas online slots? You will find them all in the apps dedicated to slots.

How To Register On The LeoVegas App To Bet From Mobile

It is possible to register a new gaming account using the LeoVegas app directly, even if we consider it easier to carry out the entire process from the desktop version. In general, the LeoVegas registration process is very simple and consists of a few steps, all common to the other online betting platforms on the Canadian market.

Obviously, if you already have a LeoVegas account, logging in from the app is even easier, as you simply need to enter your username and password.

Register On LeoVegas App: How Does It Work?

It takes a few minutes to register on the LeoVegas website (or app), in which you will be asked to enter your personal data, create a new account and above all to provide the data of a valid identity document to verify the your account.

Ultimately, how do you register a new personal game account on LeoVegas?

Here are the steps necessary to register on the website of LeoVegas and obtain the welcome bonus:

  • Go to the LeoVegas website and read details of the overall bonus of 305CAD
  • Enter Tax Code, Personal Data, Identity Document, Recharge Limits
  • Select the Bonus (in addition to the betting bonus, LeoVegas casino bonus, poker bonus and bingo bonus are also available) and complete the registration
  • Click on the blue button (as shown in the photo above) REGISTER ON LeoVegas
  • The game is on!

Design And Functionality Of LeoVegas App

When you open LeoVegas Mobile and LeoVegas App, especially for Android, there is too much futile information that distracts the player from the focal point, i.e. the bets. To access the betting section, you have to close several pop-up windows (such as the one that sponsors the welcome bonus) and skip information about bets and minor matches.

There are few events already visible in evidence by opening the homepage and the entire schedule is difficult to find. However, after a few minutes of confusion, once you understand the logic of LeoVegas Mobile, navigation within the site appears smooth and fluid, as well as complete in every part of the platform.

The functions of the application are in any case excellent, making the LeoVegas app one of the most complete available for mobile devices. In addition to being able to place bets, consult odds and markets, view statistics and matches in live streaming, you can also save a ticket for play it directly in a physical betting point, the so-called LeoVegas MyBet.

Pros And Cons LeoVegas Betting App

To access the complete schedule, click on the "Bets" button at the bottom. In fact, through it you will access the actual menu, with all the sports and events-and respective markets-offered by LeoVegas. The LeoVegas Mobile sports schedule is the same available on the mother platform, so it is incredibly complete and well structured, including top events and minor sports. To give a further boost to the LeoVegas schedule is the wide choice regarding horse racing, one of the specialties of the Canadian bookmaker, which among other things owns several racetracks in our country.

What we love:

  • Schedule among the most complete
  • Streaming live for free
  • Live betting
  • LeoVegas MyBet

What's wrong:

  • Unclear graphics

Once the first objective difficulties within LeoVegas Mobile and LeoVegas App have been overcome, the platform becomes a point of reference not only for bettors but also for sports lovers in general. We can therefore consider LeoVegas Mobile and the Canadian bookmaker's apps as real hubs that offer many services, including collateral to sports betting. Being able to place a bet anywhere and at any time is really important, but watching events in streaming or checking data and statistics in real time is a plus that makes LeoVegas Mobile one of the best sports betting platforms optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Compare LeoVegas's offer with that of our top bookmaker Bodog:

Up to 260CAD

  • Ease of Use
  • Great Variety of Sports and Markets
  • Special Odds

Free Streaming On LeoVegas App

Perhaps the most important feature of LeoVegas Mobile and LeoVegas App lies in the possibility of watching the most important matches and events, including horse racing, in streaming. In fact, LeoVegas has paid the television rights for some of the most important international tournaments and for horse racing, giving its users the opportunity to watch many live events for free. The sine qua non to view streaming events is to have a registered and verified account with a positive balance.

Compare LeoVegas's live streaming app offering with that of our top bookmaker William Hill, one of the most trusted betting operators in the Canadian market:

LeoVegas App: Welcome Bonuses And Promotions

At the moment there do not seem to be any specific welcome bonuses for those who download and use the application exclusively from mobile devices. However, even through the app, it is possible to access and take advantage of the LeoVegas Welcome Bonus for all new users, which consists of:

  • Welcome Bonus App 5+5+5
  • CAD5 bonus after ID verification
  • Up to CAD300 by calculating the percentage on the first deposit

Obviously, to access these bonuses, the conditions required by LeoVegas must be met, but all the specifications can be consulted by simply clicking on the icon (i)-Info-located next to the generic description of the offer.

LeoVegas promotions certainly do not stop here and there are many daily offers in the sports section and in all the other sections of the site. In short, those who have decided to make LeoVegas their trusted bookmaker will be able to make the most of the promos also in the mobile version.

Multiple Bets And On Minimum Bets On LeoVegas App

The minimum bet allowed on LeoVegas, as for all AGCO licensed bookmakers, is CAD2.00, which is also the default amount entered in your virtual LeoVegas app coupons. To be able to place a multiple bet, just click on the odds you want to enter and they will be automatically incorporated into the payslip which, again automatically, will transform from a single bet to a multiple bet.

Payment Systems On LeoVegas App And Withdrawals

We have seen that the LeoVegas App offer is completely identical to that of the mother platform. We are not referring only to the schedule, to the betting characteristics or to services such as free streaming, but also to the payment methods and withdrawals accepted. LeoVegas accepts payments and withdrawals by credit/debit card, prepaid cards, PostePay, PayPal , Skrill, Neteller, Top-up LeoVegas Card and Bank Transfer.

Debit/Credit card None Immediate CAD10
PostePay None Immediate CAD10
E-Wallet None Immediate CAD10
LeoVegas Card None Immediate CAD15
Wire transfer Ev. Bank charges 3-5 business days CAD10

App Security And Reliability

In the past, many have reported that LeoVegas does not work, both referring to the desktop platform and the app. The developers have worked hard to fix the most common bugs that made the LeoVegas site vulnerable to hacker attacks a few years ago.

Now, as far as safety is concerned, LeoVegas is a truly attentive company both in terms of customers and in terms of its own platform. In fact, users can count on the best security systems such as SSL 128-bit encryption technology, which is among the safest in the online landscape, with regard to data theft and economic transactions.


LeoVegas is undoubtedly one of the best bookmakers in Canada and the development of apps for mobile devices is a reflection of the care and commitment that the company puts towards of bettors. Having overcome some graphic limitations, especially for LeoVegas mobile and LeoVegas Android, the applications are among the most complete available for smartphones and tablets.

LeoVegas not only offers a betting application, but a real 360° hub for the world of sport, with updated statistics, real-time data, promos that are always active and the possibility of watching live streaming some of the most important football and non-football events.

As we have seen, for example with regard to the ratings of Apple users, the feedback for the LeoVegas Apps is excellent. Our evaluation is more than positive with LeoVegas App which appears to be the perfect option for all those players who want to have the LeoVegas betting world at their fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Do I have to be registered to see streaming events on the LeoVegas app?

In order to use the free streaming service on the LeoVegas platform (both mobile and app), you will need to be a registered and verified user. Additionally, you will need to have a positive gaming balance, even just a few euros.

Is it possible to contact customer service directly in the app?

Certainly! Just click on the “Customer service” button to request assistance directly from the app.

How do I open a LeoVegas gaming account?

Through LeoVegas's website but also directly from the LeoVegas app, it is possible to open a new gaming account and place bets. LeoVegas is a well-known brand in Canada, thanks in particular to its presence on the territory. It is possible to open a LeoVegas point of sale in Canada, following all the steps and contacts to become part of the LeoVegas franchise.

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