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Big Brother is one of the longest-running television programs, or rather reality shows, aired on Canadian TV today and is also one of the most intriguing online betting sectors available in Canada. If you love all the most watched and most talked about TV shows on social media, then it is very likely that Big Brother bets will attract your attention.

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Bets on TV entertainment shows are gaining popularity and more and more online sports betting sites are offering odds for the best reality shows. The bets on Grande Fratello have become one of the most debated types of wagers in recent years, especially on social media platforms like Twitter, where the reality show is followed weekly.

Whether it's GFVip or Grande Fratello, at trendsnow you will find all the best odds for betting on reality shows. Plus, our experts will advise you on how to bet on Grande Fratello and GfVip.

Are Big Brother bets legal?

In Canada, the best AGCO bookmakers allow you to bet not only on GFVip or Grande Fratello but also on many other TV shows and reality shows, such as bets on Eurovision, X Factor, Emmy, Golden Globes, and Oscar.

All sports betting sites in Canada offer this type of market, but the bookmakers we recommend in this guide are only the best in circulation because they offer better odds and higher betting bonuses compared to the entire range of betting operators.

Big Brother Vip winning odds

The GFVip 6 or Grande Fratello Vip 6 is the latest (still) broadcasted edition of the famous TV format. In total, there are 22 contestants locked in the house in Cinecittà in Rome. Let’s take a look at all the odds of winning the Grande Fratello Vip:

Competitor Quote Bet
Manuel Bortuzzo 1.65 LeoVegas
Codegons Sophie 7.50 Bodog
Soleil rises 7.50 bwin
Stephens Ainett 10.00 Bet365
Aldo Montano 10.00 JackpotCity
Cipriani Frances 12.00 MyStakek
Silvestri David 15.00 888sports
Manila Nazzaro 15.00 LeoVegas
Alex Belli 15.00 bwin
Raffaella Fico 33.00 MyStakek

How to bet on Big Brother Vip

The first thing you need to do to bet on Grande Fratello is to register with an AGCO-approved bookmaker recommended by the experts at trendsnow, redeem the betting bonuses, and start playing.

Registering on a betting website requires opening a gaming account. This will involve choosing a username and password and entering some personal information such as your address and a payment method.

After registering, you will usually be directed to a page requesting your initial deposit. The most common payment methods options include most major credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, and PostePay.

If necessary, you can ignore the deposit screen and integrate your account at a later time. Make sure to check the section dedicated to sports betting bonuses. All of our bookmakers offer a bonus that will match a percentage of your initial deposit.

Once you have done all this, you can start betting and decide which Grande Fratello odds convince you the most. Each bookmaker has included the market dedicated to Grande Fratello in the appropriate section, generally indicated as special bets or television show bets (or even entertainment bets).

Betting tips Big Brother

The best aspect of betting on Grande Fratello is that the action continues for several weeks. The announcement of the cast usually precedes the start of the broadcast by several weeks, during which all the best betting sites work to put the odds of winning Grande Fratello Vip online.

To ensure that Great Brother bets are fun for the entire season, it is recommended that the maximum amount of money to be placed on a particular bet does not exceed a certain sum of the bankroll. You can always place a more substantial bet if you feel confident, but setting a betting limit and sticking to it is the best strategy for long-term action.

Types of bets on Big Brother

The AGCO betting sites usually offer only one type of bet on Grande Fratello, namely the antepost bet on the winner.

This is the most common type of bet on Big Brother. Usually, they are published within a day or two of the cast announcement and the odds will be updated as the season progresses.

Other sites offer other types of bets including:

  • Deleted live episode
  • Disqualified Competitor
  • Who will make it to the final

What is Big Brother?

Big Brother (and the spin-off Celebrity Big Brother) is a reality show that debuted on television for the first time in the Netherlands in 1999. The show involves the placement of several unknowns (or famous personalities in the case of Celebrity Big Brother) inside a closed house with no contact with the outside world. The use of phones or multimedia devices is not allowed inside the structure, with contestants having to “endure” the forced closure for several weeks in order to win a cash prize (in the first edition of Big Brother the prize was 250 million lire).

This format has quickly gained ground in other television markets around the world, with dozens of countries adopting their own version of Big Brother. The first Canadian edition of Big Brother was broadcast in 2000 and featured the participation of 10 contestants including the winner Cristina Plevani, Pietro Taricone, Rocco Casalino and Salvo Veneziano.

The name Big Brother comes from the novel 1984 by George Orwell, and any reference to the "big brother" or the eye of the big brother is a reference to the "man" who monitors all the movements and actions of the citizens.

When does Big Brother start?

The sixth season of Grande Fratello Vip or GFVip 6 began on September 13, 2023, with 22 participants and a prize of 100,000 euros. Alfonso Signorini is the host while the in-studio commentators are Adriana Volpe and Sonia Bruganelli.

Who won the last Big Brother?

The winner of season 16 of Grande Fratello was Martina Nasoni. She managed to obtain 90.15% of the public vote to defeat her fellow finalists. In this edition of Grande Fratello, just like in GF15, there were also some VIPs competing alongside unknown contestants.

The last edition of GFVip 5 was won by Tommaso Zorzi.

Where to find the best odds to bet on Big Brother

The best odds for betting on Grande Fratello Vip can be found on our top bookmaker LeoVegas, which also offers one of the highest betting bonuses.

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Big Brother Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

When is Big Brother broadcast?

The Big Brother Vip is broadcasted on Mediaset channels. The main show airs in prime time on Monday and Friday evenings, while the daily strip is also broadcasted on Canada 1, Mediaset Extra, and La5. Starting from September 13th, every Monday and Friday at 8:45 PM, live streaming on Mediaset Infinity to watch and comment together on the Big Brother Vip.

What are the best Big Brother betting sites?

Our experts have analyzed dozens of bookmakers that offer bets on Grande Fratello Vip, finding LeoVegas, Bodog, and 888sport to be the best sites to place bets on the winning odds of Grande Fratello.

Who won the last Big Brother?

The winner of season 16 of Grande Fratello was Martina Nasoni. She managed to get 90.15% of the public vote to defeat her fellow finalists. In this edition of Grande Fratello, as in GF15, some celebrities were also competing with the unknowns. The last edition of GFVip 5 was won by Tommaso Zorzi.

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