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If you are an online betting enthusiast, you will surely have heard of increased odds (or boost odds or enhanced odds). You probably haven't quite understood what it is and would like to learn more in order to take full advantage of this offer which is only offered by the best betting sites.

Increased Odds Bonus, Best Sites of 2023

So, to get this bonus let's first see who are the bookmakers promoting the highest odds:

Bodog 🏆 Higher Premium Odds
Bet365 🔝 More Dimension Types Improved
PokerStars 📺 Live Betting Promo
Better 📈 Increased Odds Bonus
22bet ✔ Odds Boost +20%

In this page we will explain what boosted odds are, who offers them and how, but most importantly we will show you how to take advantage of special odds to increase your winnings. We will also provide you with a detailed list of the major sites that offer odds boosts with the specifics of each platform. In other words, if you want to understand the mechanism of boosted odds, you're in the right place!

Increased Odds and Where to Find Them

Ready, set, go! Here is the list of bookmakers selected by the experts at Betting Trends now and renowned for offering enhanced odds on sports betting (especially on football):

Increased odds, which sports?

multiple betting bonus

Overrated quotes, by their nature, are strongly linked to trending events in the sports landscape. To take advantage of them, you must know which are the matches of the week, in order to predict on which ones bookmakers will offer conditions more advantageous than usual, like our top bookmaker Bodog does.

As for the markets involved in this form of bonuses, improved odds can be found (primarily) for the following events:

  1. Football
  2. 🎾 Tennis
  3. 🏀 basketball
  4. 🏍 Engines (Formula 1 and MotoGP)
  5. 🥊 Contact sports (UFC-MMA)

It goes without saying that in Europe, especially in Canada, a large part of the increased odds will be related to football events, especially for international or European competitions. Some of the latest real-time increased odds include, for example, Bwin's enhanced odds for the top matches of the Champions League and Europa League.

For example, Betfair offers particularly advantageous conditions for the semi-final matches of the Champions League. Not just in Europe, 888sport has in fact proposed higher odds for the top game of the Serie A valid for the Scudetto.

Other recent increased odds include matches from the Premier League, Spanish Liga and German Bundesliga. If you want to take advantage of these particularly favorable conditions, you should constantly keep an eye on your bookmaker's website and do constant research on the web.

Football increased odds

betting sites streaming 2

As you have probably gathered by this point in the article, enhanced odds are a phenomenon particularly popular in the world of football. This is due to the immense popularity this sport enjoys in Europe, especially in Canada.

Boosted odds, while being a great opportunity for users, are also the vehicle through which many bookmakers try to retain their customers and expand their user base. That's why many online sites offer boosted odds mainly on the world of football. It's no surprise that many bookmakers, such as Bodog, offer extra odds on the biggest matches of the Serie A championship or the Canadian Cup on a weekly basis.

But don't think that this phenomenon of increased odds is limited! The most important bookmakers in the world, including non-AGCO (non-Canadian) ones, battle it out with enhanced odds. Therefore, you can take advantage of boosted odds on the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, the Spanish Liga, and on international club competitions such as the Champions League and the Europa League.

Not only that! Almost all bookmakers do not miss the opportunity to offer enhanced odds on national tournaments, such as the European Football Championships Euro 2024 and the Qualifiers for the 2023 World Cup in Qatar.

Let's see specifically these conditions and who offers them. Increased odds can include many types of bets, and are not limited to the winner/loser of the match. You can find increased odds on over/under, first scorer and match scorers. Some of these increased odds will only be activated under certain conditions (minimum bet or loyalty plan), however there are many that are available to all users for any amount of bet. The options are really numerous, as you can see in this list of recent increased odds.

Up to 260CAD

  • Ease of Use
  • Wide variety of sports and markets
  • Special Odds

Serie A increased odds

If you are an Canadian bettor, you will be interested to know that there are many possibilities for betting with increased odds regarding the Serie A championship. The AGCO bookmakers, both Canadian and non-Canadian, offer weekly increased odds on Serie A matches. Among these are Betfair which, for example, on the Serie A match Atalanta – Juventus, offered a two-point increase for bets equal to or greater than CAD20. Other particular conditions are those on the goalscorers, Bwin for example, for the Serie A match Napoli-Inter, has proposed a higher odds (at 8.00) for Dries Mertens's goals and Romelu Lukaku.

To understand how advantageous the increased odds relating to the Canadian Serie A can be, we can give the example of the Napoli-Milan match, whose normal odds were 2.50 for the victory of Milan and 2.80 for that of Napoli. On this occasion, the bookmaker SkyBet offered an increased odd of 13 points, giving the Milan at 3.00pm and Napoli at 4.00pm.

 Example Increased Odds SkyBet Normal Odds Increased Fee
Naples – Milan: Final Outcome 1 2.80 16.00

Visit PokerStars

Enhanced odds offer countless possibilities for players who love betting on the Serie A championship. However, it is important to stay on top of things and constantly follow the offers provided by your bookmaker. We also suggest not limiting yourself to the Canadian championship as you will often find enhanced odds, especially on international competitions, as we will see shortly.

Champions League increased odds

International club competitions, such as the Champions League and Europa League, are a great opportunity for international bookmakers, especially those operating in Canada with an AGCO license, to offer their users bonuses and higher odds. The fact that these sites operate in various markets means that they have the possibility to offer specific promotions for the nations involved in European or international competitions (see the Club World Cup).

Some examples of increased odds on Champions League matches can be seen from Better Lottomatica, which, on the match between Juventus and Porto in the Round of 16 on February 17th, offered an increased odd provided that the user placed the bet in the two hours leading up to kick-off.

Another example is PlanetWin365 who proposed increased odds on the “first scorer” market for the Borussia Monchengladbach – Inter match (Romelu Lukaku to score first whose odds were initially 5.00 were increased by one point to 6.00) and the Liverpool – Ajax match (same conditions as Inter's game but with offers on Sadio Manè to score first).

Example Increased Odds Planetwin365 Normal Odds Increased Fee
Borussia – Inter: Lukaku First Scorer 5.00 6.00

Visit Planetwin365

Even LeoVegas, focusing on matches between Canadian teams, has offered extra odds on Champions League matches. For example, they did so during Parma – Atalanta and Inter – Napoli. For the former, they proposed odds of 7.00 (originally 5.50) on a goal by Kulusevski in the second half and 5.00 (initially 3.50) on a yellow card for Palomino. For Inter – Napoli, on the other hand, they increased the odds by 1.50 for a yellow card for Candreva and for Insigne as the last scorer (increasing it from 8.25 to 10.00).

Another example of enhanced odds related to Champions League games is Wazamba's offer for the Atalanta – PSG match. Wazamba provided increased odds for Zapata to score with a header (at 7.00), Mbappé coming off the bench to score (at 4.00), and Gosens scoring with an assist from Gomez (at 20.00). As you may have understood, enhanced odds offer new and unlimited opportunities to increase your winnings by betting on Champions League games.

Increased odds for the 2020 European Championships

Unlike international club competitions, which are held every year, national tournaments such as continental cups and the World Cup are held every 4 years and attract fans from all over the world, including casual fans. Entire nations gather around their televisions to watch their national teams play, creating an opportunity to attract new users to betting sites. That's why during these competitions, like the European Championship, many bookmakers offer enhanced odds.

Let's take the example of Bodog, who offered increased odds on many matches regarding the qualifications for the 2020 European Championships. In the Germany – Netherlands match, in case of a Dutch victory with Virgil van Dijk scoring first, the odds were increased up to 15.00. Bodog bets also increased the odds on Germany leading at halftime, up to 3.25. In the Austria – Latvia match, in case of a 1+ Goal result, the odds would have been increased up to 5.00. In the Wales – Azerbaijan match, Bodog increased the odds by 3.50 on Gareth Bale being the first scorer. For the San Marino – Belgium match, an increased odds of up to 3.20 was also proposed for the first scorer, in this case, referring to Romelu Lukaku.

Returning to Germany-Netherlands, a highly anticipated match, Bodog had also offered an enhanced odd of 2.50 if the first half ended with a result of Over 1.5.

Example Increased Odds Bodog Normal Odds Increased Fee
Germany-Holland: First Half Over 1.5 Scorer 1.59 2.50

Visit Bodog

We just have to wait for the National European Championship competition to discover what fantastic enhanced odds bookmakers will make available during the competition.

Premier League increased odds

When it comes to the world of betting and bookmakers, it's inevitable to think of the country that holds the record for sports betting: England. That's why it's not uncommon to find higher odds from English bookmakers for Premier League matches (the top English football league).

Some examples of particularly advantageous increased odds bets on the English championship could be those of 888, which on the Liverpool-Leeds match increased the odds for Liverpool's victory (originally at 1.27) to 7.00. In case of a Leeds victory (odds at 10.00), Bet365 raised the odds up to 81.00.

Example Increased Odds Bet365 Normal Odds Increased Fee
Liverpool – Leeds: Outcome Final 2 10.00 81.00

Visit Bet365

The same bookmaker, on the Premier League match Tottenham – Everton, offered Tottenham as the winner at 10.00 (while the original odds were 1.85) and Everton as the winner at 29.00 (while the starting odds were 4.30).

Another leader in the sports betting sector, Bwin, has also offered enhanced odds on the British Championship. For example, on the Tottenham – Fulham match, the odds for Harry Kane as first scorer were 4.00 instead of 3.20. On the occasion of Newcastle – Liverpool, the odds for Salah as a scorer and Liverpool winning were increased to 2.20 instead of 1.70. For the same match, the same bookmaker offered increased odds of 4.20 in case of Over Goal 4.5, instead of the original odds which were 3.40.

Other enhanced odds conditions are offered by Betfair, which has proposed extra odds on the combination of the results of three Premier League matches. In fact, on the occasion of three flagship matches (we are talking about Crystal Palace-Leicester, Chelsea-Aston Villa and Everton-Manchester City), Betfair has offered odds of 21.00 (at the expense of the original odds of 19.00) if 4 or more goals were scored in all three matches combined.

Liga increased odds

When talking about European countries where football reigns supreme, we cannot fail to mention Spain, whose highest league is the Liga. International bookmakers certainly do not miss the opportunity to offer enhanced odds on matches in the Spanish league, and, as is often the case, it is the users who enjoy betting on this league who benefit most. It seems appropriate to analyze examples of enhanced odds related to this competition.

Let's start with Codere who, on the occasion of the Elche – Barcelona match, proposed an increased odd of 6.00 (at the expense of the original odd of 5.00) on Griezmann for scoring two or more goals. The same bookmaker, for the Celta Vigo – Real Madrid Liga match, increased the odds by 0.50 on Benzema scoring first, bringing it to 4.00 instead of 3.50.

Example Increased Odds Codere Normal Odds Increased Fee
Celta – Real Madrid: Benzema First Scorer 3.50 4.00

Visit Codere

Another example is that of the bookmaker Betaland, who offered higher odds in various games of the Spanish league. For instance, during the Madrid derby between Real and Atletico, the odds for a Real Madrid win were increased to 5.00, while the original odds were at 1.80. In contrast, the odds for an Atletico Madrid win, initially set at 4.20, were increased to 15.00, a boost of almost 11 points! For the return match between the same two teams, the odds for a Real Madrid win over Atletico were offered at 9.00, an increase from the original 1.80.

The bookmakers with the best increased odds

There are many betting sites that offer higher odds on sporting events, especially football. These are mostly renowned international and Canadian bookmakers, so don't be surprised if you come across names of world leaders in the betting industry. Among these we can mention Bodog, 888sport, LeoVegas, Wazamba, Better, Unibet, Betfair and many others. We have decided to select seven of them, and specifically to see how they behave in offering higher odds.

Bodog Increased Odds

Among the various bookmakers offering higher odds, Bodog stands out for the offers proposed both to registered users and new players.

Once the first deposit has been made, for new subscribers there will be the opportunity to immediately bet on higher odds related to the major world championships, with a specific predominance for European markets (Serie A, Bundesliga, Spanish Liga, Premier League and European cups), although it is not uncommon to find higher odds on minor and non-football events.

Despite the fact that Bodog's offer is designed for both types of users (subscribed and non-subscribed), this bookmaker offers special enhanced odds (called Super Odds on the website) for loyal users. Therefore, we can assume that the most convenient enhanced odds are part of Bodog's VIP plan. However, don't worry. Special and enhanced odds can also be found on significant events for new users to take advantage of.

Another feature of the higher odds on Bodog is that this bookmaker uses the strategy of time-limited higher odds. Therefore, it will be possible to find super odds on the website, but only for a limited time. We therefore recommend that you always keep an eye on the promotions section of the website, so as not to miss the opportunity to bet with the higher odds of Bodog!

Although Bodog does not retain any commission on payments, as seen in Bodog review, it is good to know that, at least as far as enhanced odds are concerned, not all payment methods are allowed. You can only collect your winnings on enhanced odds through major circuits (Visa / Mastercard) or virtual wallets such as Skrill, PaySafe, and Neteller.

Bodog's Special Odds and Super Odds

Do we want to give an example of Bodog's increased odds?

Just like that: on the occasion of the qualifications for the 2020 European Football Championship, the bookmaker offered higher odds in case the national teams of England, Albania, and Portugal beat their respective opposing teams. In this case, the original odds that were proposed at 6.80 were increased to 8.00. This means that by betting an amount, for example, 10CAD on the three winning teams, our winnings would have been 80CAD instead of the 68CAD predicted by the starting odds.

Bodog also does not require specific withdrawal conditions, so you can withdraw your winnings without them being tied to other mandatory bets to be placed. However, we always recommend reading the terms and conditions on the bookmaker's website as they may be subject to change. If you cannot find the enhanced odds on the Bodog website, do not worry, it is only a matter of nomenclature. Bodog, in fact, as we mentioned earlier, calls them Super Odds. These are immediately visible on the website of the relevant bookmaker.

Up to 260CAD

  • Ease of Use
  • Wide variety of sports and markets
  • Special Odds


Increased odds for 888sport

As you may have guessed from the examples above, 888sport offers special and advantageous offers of increased odds. The bookmaker, born in 2008 in Gibraltar, has made convenient odds its strong point, especially on the Canadian market. 888sport increased odds are mostly subject to wagering conditions, as they are offered as part of the welcome bonus package for new members.

They must therefore be used in a specific period of time and with particular betting conditions but, despite this, they are extremely higher than other competitors, especially when compared to the standard odds offered. The increased odds of 888sport, therefore, are reserved only for new users of the platform or for those who have never placed bets on it.

Despite this, the offer is extremely advantageous because, since these odds are part of the welcome bonus that offers free bets, there is no possibility of losing the amount placed. If we add to this the fact that the increase in odds is much higher than in other bookmakers, we can say that 888sport offers the best conditions for the increase in odds, especially those relating to new members.

Increased odds on football, which markets to bet on?

Because of their promotional nature, the increased odds on football are usually offered only on the most anticipated matches of the week or in any case on the most important tournaments and cups. For example, increased odds bonuses on Serie A matches are one of the most common offers. However, you can also find increased football odds at:

  • Premier League
  • Liga
  • Bundesliga
  • Ligue 1
  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • Nations League

Unlock Odds Boost on 888sport

To take advantage of it, you will therefore need to register on the site and make your first deposit, so as to be able to request the welcome bonus proposed. To request it, simply enter the code Canada, as the bookmaker operates in Canada with regular AGCO license. However, the conditions in the event of a win are subject to one condition: the amount won with the increased share will be divided into two parts. A part will be credited immediately and will be withdrawable by the user according to the payment methods provided by the site.

The other part, which corresponds to the increased winning amount (total winning minus standard odds winning) will be credited within 72 hours and will not be withdrawable, but will be subject to the condition called Wagering Requirement Bonus equal to 10, which means that it will be possible to withdraw only after having bet at least another 10 times on any sporting event that has a value of at least 2.00.

Examples of Odds Boost on 888sport

Also for this site we give an example of a proposed increased fee, so as to understand why it is so convenient compared to others. On the occasion of the Serie A Napoli – Chievo match, the victory of Napoli (who had odds of 1.80) was offered to new members with an increased odds of 7.00. This means that by signing up for 888sport we will be able to bet on the proposed match with an increase in the odds for winning Naples from 1.80 to 7.00 .


Up to CAD100

  • Happy weekly promotions
  • Wide selection of markets
  • Many sports to bet on

LeoVegas increased quotas

The increased odds LeoVegas are perfect for Canadian players who like to play with the classic card. This is because LeoVegas offers particular conditions of increased odds in combo mode. Furthermore, the Canadian bookmaker provides, in the event of a single wrong result, a refund proportional to the multiple bet.

This means that by betting on six teams with increased odds, in the event of the loss of just one team, LeoVegas will reimburse up to 60% of the amount wagered up to a maximum of CAD50. Furthermore, for 7 to 10 games, the bookmaker offers a 15% increase in case of winning, up to a maximum of CAD50.

An example of a single LeoVegas increased odds can be the one proposed on the Premier League match Arsenal – West Ham. On the winning Arsenal, originally quoted at 2.60, an increase of up to 8.00 has been proposed.


Up to CAD305

  • The largest betting schedule
  • Live Streaming
  • Virtual Betting

Wazamba increased shares

Wazamba, in addition to offering increased odds similar to the other sites examined, offers a house specialty: the super combo! It is a particular type of increased odds offered on a combination of three specific scorers, who are usually particularly talented strikers from three different teams, in three different matches.

In addition to this peculiarity, Wazamba offers conditions of increased quotas very similar to those proposed by LeoVegas, which we discussed earlier.


Up to 350CAD

  • Large offer of markets and odds
  • Live streaming
  • Dozens of weekly promos

Increased Odds Better

Better, which operates in Canada as part of the Lottomatica group, focuses on simplicity compared to Wazamba and LeoVegas. The increased odds of this bookmaker are, in fact, offered on certain single games chosen by Better itself. They are highlighted on the bookmaker's website, and are accessible to all players, whether they are registered users or new bettors.

The convenience in the increased odds Better lies in the fact that they are not subject to any particular condition, both in terms of stake and withdrawal. In addition, the bookmaker offers a special bonus on some increased odds, the proceeds of which, however, will be tied to future bets. The only flaw of this effective system that focuses on simplicity lies in the fact that Better does not offer many increased odds, we could say few but good.

Up to CAD475

  • Many markets available
  • Payout among the best around
  • SLive Betting

Unibet increased odds

Unlike many other sites that offer boosted odds mainly on the big games, Unibet tends to offer special conditions also on minor leagues (such as Serie B) and in live mode. Unibet's enhanced odds are generally time-limited (sometimes valid only for a couple of hours) and must be booked before the start of the match, in order to take advantage of them by betting live on the same.

The surcharges can exceed 15% of the original quota. The conditions can vary significantly, also positively, as Unibet is among those bookmakers who like to offer different conditions depending on the reference match. If you love to bet not only on big headlining matches, but also on matches from minor leagues, this bookmaker, with its varied offers of improved odds, could be the right choice for you!

Up to 10CAD

  • Excellent conditions unlock welcome bonus
  • Among the best betting apps
  • Live Streaming

Betfair increased odds

Betfair is a bookmaker particularly attentive to the Canadian market, it is no coincidence that it is the official sponsor of Juventus. His fame in Canada is also and above all due to the high odds that he usually offers on Serie A and Champions League matches. P>

Betfair offers increased odds as part of its welcome package (very similar to the one used by 888sport). Once registered with the first deposit, you will be able to take advantage of the increased Betfair odds, with a 100% refund in case of loss. In practice, you risk practically nothing!

Since the increased odds are offered as a welcome bonus, they will be increased automatically, without a comparison between the increased odds and the standard one being illustrated. An example of Betfair's increased odds can be the one offered on the occasion of the Serie A match between Juventus and Roma. The victory of Juventus, which for users already registered was quoted at 1.40, was offered to new users as an increased odds of 8.00 with a maximum bet of CAD10.

It should also be considered that the Betfair welcome bonus, in addition to the improved odds, consists of CAD100 on the first deposit. Also in this case, we invite you to carefully read the terms and conditions of the offer on the bookmaker's website.


Up to 410CAD

  • Betfair Exchange
  • High Quotes
  • Great variety of markets

What are the increased odds?

Enhanced odds, also known as improved odds or extra odds, are special conditions offered by bookmakers that consist of an increase in the standard odds on a particular sporting event, for limited periods of time.

Enhanced odds may be part of a broader welcome bonus package or VIP plans reserved for the most loyal users. However, it is not uncommon for bookmakers to offer improved odds to all users, both registered and unregistered. In general, enhanced odds represent very advantageous conditions for the bettor, as in case of a win, the payout will be increased compared to the standard odds.

In general, enhanced odds are offered on the markets:

  1. Match Result Betting Pre-Match
  2. Scorers (First Scorer, Scores a Brace, etc.)
  3. First Half / Second Half
  4. Under/Over First Half
  5. How do the improved odds work?

    Enhanced odds generally work like normal odds, although there may be certain withdrawal conditions at the bookmaker's discretion. Typically, the payout is proportional to the enhanced odds rather than the standard odds. However, the offer and withdrawal conditions may be different, especially if enhanced odds are offered as part of a welcome bonus.

    Where can I find the best increased odds?

    If your bookmaker offers enhanced odds, it is very likely that they will be highlighted on their website. If you can't find the term enhanced odds, try looking for price boosts, improved odds, special odds, or super odds.

    High Odds Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

    What does Increased Fee mean?

    Overrated quotes are, as the name suggests, a special enhancement that some bookmakers offer on certain quotes for certain sports events. These can be extremely attractive to users, as they offer particularly advantageous conditions in the event of a win.

    What are the best sites for Increased Odds?

    Among the bookmakers known for offering higher odds, we can find both Canadian and foreign sites, including: Bodog, NewGioco, Sports-Interaction, Bet365, and Codere.

    When are Higher Odds bonuses offered?

    Although there is no definitive answer to this question, we can say that generally higher odds are introduced on special sports events, such as football matches, that are particularly attractive to bettors. However, it is not surprising to come across higher odds on minor matches or under particular conditions (such as a striker who has not scored in a few matches; in this case, the bookmaker may decide to increase the odds on that player as the first scorer).

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