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With the wide offer that players and betting enthusiasts encounter today, it is extremely common to have doubts and uncertainties about which is the best online AGCO bookmaker.

So let's start from a fundamental assumption: there is no one that is absolutely valid, since everything must naturally be weighed against the tastes and habits of the users. Any rating on betting sites "Migliori" should be approached with the utmost caution, knowing that not all operators on the market act in good faith.

The best AGCO bookmakers

🏆 Best Bookmaker 2023 Bodog
📊 Better odds 888sport
🏇 Horse racing bookmaker LeoVegas
📺 Best Stream Wazamba
⭐ New bookmaker Sports-Interaction
📱 Best Mobile App Unibet
🧩 Best website graphics PokerStars
💰 Best Bet Bonus Codere
🔁 Betting Exchange Betfair
⚽ Virtual Bets Betsafe

As in any other industry, there are good choices and bad choices. A first, essential, discriminating factor is the possession of a regular license from AGCO, issued by the State Monopoly and Customs Agency to operate in Canada.

The license from AGCO is a fundamental requirement that distinguishes a serious agency from a fraudulent one. What we will focus on in the following are the best betting sites: serious, competent, qualitatively impeccable and compliant with the law. For each, we will indicate 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses, concluding the overview with a brief description of the bonuses available.

Complete list of the Best Canadian Bookmakers

25 Betting sites that meet your criteria…
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AGCO bookmakers, the Top-10 of 123 bets

As we have seen, the range of choice when it comes to selecting the best bookmaker operating in the Canadian market is vast (one of the largest in Europe after that of the United Kingdom). And above all, it grows year after year with the introduction of new betting sites.

But not all are equal and not all have the same characteristics. That's why we wanted to examine in detail what we believe to be the best. And we want to list them below:

  1. Bodog
  2. 888sport
  3. LeoVegas
  4. Wazamba
  5. Sports-Interaction
  6. Codere
  7. Unibet
  8. PokerStarsSport
  9. Betfair
  10. Betsafe


Now we just need to delve into the details of each operator and read about their contents, best features, promotions and offers, welcome bonuses, strengths and weaknesses. Only at the end, will we have a more complete overview of the AGCO bookmakers operating in the Canadian market.










Sports-Interaction betting






PokerStars Sports – Skybet






How to Choose the Best Bookmakers

In order to choose the ideal betting site that meets one's needs, habits, and gaming attitudes, there are various parameters to consider, to which a more or less relevant specific weight should be assigned.

The elements we have analyzed on our website represent, according to our experts, the necessary components for an operator to be able to claim the title of best betting site. These are the 5 key points for any site:

  1. 💰 bonuses and types;
  2. 📱 betting site app;
  3. 💶 the payment methods;
  4. live bets;
  5. 📡 live stream.

Register on Bookmakers, how to do it?

best football bookmakers

To open accounts on online bookmakers certain requirements must be met.

Registering with a bookmaker is actually a very simple process, thanks to the efforts made by best betting sites to make it easy for users to open an account. Completing the procedures involves three steps:

  • Turning 18 years old;
  • To have a clear front and back photo of a valid identification document such as either an ID card, driver's license or passport;
  • Have your own tax code

Once everything necessary is gathered, it is necessary to access the portal of the best bookmakers and click on the Register button, usually located in the top right corner of the homepage.

Below you will need to fill out the form which the agency will use to request personal information. There is nothing transcendental about it, in fact it simply involves entering personal data such as first name, last name, city of birth, province, etc.

If you have it, you can enter a promotional code here (or in a second step, when making the first deposit). You confirm that you are of legal age and accept the terms of use.

At this stage, it is generally required to forward a copy of the identity document, an essential step to be complied with within 30 days to be able to withdraw any winnings and avoid account closure.

A copy of the identity document can be sent to an active online operator by attaching a photocopy or by using a scanner (nowadays most printers have one and there are several apps available for both smartphones and tablets).

How to register on Bodog

Let's recap what we've said, using the example of the registration process on the Bodog online betting portal. To register with this operator, only a few steps need to be followed:

  1. Go to the Bodog website and click on the REGISTER button above
  2. Compile all fields as shown in the picture above (username, email, password, etc.)
  3. Confirm registration by submitting an identity document
  4. Are you ready to bet with Bodog?


How To Make Your First Deposit

Once the aforementioned process is completed, the game account will be officially active and accessible.

Whenever you want, you just need to enter the credentials, namely the username and password, used during registration. As for the password, it is advisable to create a complex one in order to avoid unwanted access.

To proceed with the first deposit of an account it's necessary to define weekly or monthly limits, which can be modified later, giving the user the opportunity to constantly monitor their gains and losses and play in complete safety.

Once the bookie has validated the data, you will receive an activation code to confirm your gaming account. You can then access the user page and start betting on your favorite events included in the schedule.

Naturally, any potential winnings can only be redeemed once registration with the best bookmakers is complete. Regardless of whether one ends up with one of the best bookmakers or not, it is important to carefully and meticulously read the terms of use. Never be deceived by haste.

Sports Available on the Best Bookmakersbest basketball bookmakers

A rich and varied schedule, full of events on which to make predictions is a fundamental factor in deciding which bookmakers to trust.

While in Canada, one sport in particular takes precedence over all others: football, which with its great champions and most prestigious teams brings together millions of people in front of the screen.

As it is natural, the god of football is widely covered by practically any type of AGCO bookmaker, given the vast user base it refers to. The enormous interest generated by the most popular and beloved game within our borders also translates into a greater propensity for betting.

Not only football, all sports on top bookmakers

However, focusing exclusively on it would be counterproductive. This would imply forgetting, or at least putting aside, enthusiasts of other disciplines.

Starting from tennis and basketball, anything but minor sports.

To summarize, the most popular sports to bet on are:

  1. Football
  2. 🏀 Basketball
  3. 🎾 Tennis
  4. 🏍 Engines (Formula 1 and MotoGP)
  5. 🏇 Horse racing
  6. 🚴 Cycling
  7. 🥊 UFC-MMA
  8. 🏉 Rugby
  9. 🎮 eSports
  10. Golf


The Grand Slam tournaments and the night games of the NBA are must-attend events for fans and beyond. Any operator has now understood how important it is to offer a wide range of choices because no bettor is the same as the other.

Setting too many restrictions would be detrimental and could push potential new members towards competing alternatives. The same applies to motorsports such as car racing (such as Formula One) or motorcycle racing (including the premier class, MotoGP).

The illustrious tradition in motor racing must be taken into account, as well as horseracing. Certainly, compared to a few years ago, horse races have lost some of their shine, but that does not mean that fans have suddenly become extinct, like dinosaurs.

There are faithful ones, and quite a few of them. The same goes for cycling, which, although objectively had better days, still has a good movement around it. The same goes for the noble art of boxing, with boxers who give their all in the ring to win the fight.

In 2022/23, there will be two particularly significant sporting events; let's take a look at what they are:

Event Period
Qatar 2023 20 November 2023 – 18 December 2023 Go to the Special
Berlin 2023 Summer World Championships 17 June 2023 – 25 June 2023

The new sports to bet on

If we speak, however, of the octagon, our thoughts immediately turn to the UFC: the mixed martial arts (MMA), or mixed martial arts, have seen the following of spectators skyrocket. By now they have cleared customs and must be included by right in the mainstream world.

The captivating performances of the lions of the cage is something incomparable to any other discipline. The ferocity of the athletes has allowed them to enter the hearts of those who love duels with no holds barred, where the very pride of the antagonists is up for grabs.

Rugby itself has enjoyed relatively recent diffusion, a sport in which the tricolor has never particularly shone. And even if today the oval ball always sees the dominance of other nations, from New Zealand to Australia, up to England, in order not to leave the Old Continent, the Azzurri have shown clear progress, sometimes managing to worry the more noble selections .

Finally, for the new generations, keep an eye on esports. Competitive video games are a market segment that analysts report in constant development, a business worth millions of euros and (perhaps) an Olympic discipline in the future.

AGCO bookmakers no longer active and those to avoid

all best bookmakers

The first step in achieving the status of ADM bookmakers (formerly AGCO) is to be an operator with a solid economic foundation. It is not mandatory to be a giant: just provide sufficient evidence of belonging to a larger holding company.

After acquiring the bookmaker license, the operator will have to guarantee a series of conditions to its players, who must have reached the age of majority. One of the first cornerstones is to inform your users about the importance of never getting too carried away, with a compulsive and uncontrolled attitude.

Furthermore, players must be given useful tools to be able to stop playing if things degenerate. Although it appears obvious, but it is not, all the bookmakers regulated by the Customs and State Monopolies Agency assure members of the methods of withdrawing the relative winnings. These methods are selected by the ADM, formerly AGCO, and the operator identifies which ones to make available to bettors.

Online bookmakers no longer active in Canada
Operator Name No longer active since Reason
Pinnacle 2019 Incorporated by Skybet
Winga 2017 Incorporated by LeoVegas
Gazzabet 2017 Incorporated by Sport Pesa
Paddy power 2018 Merger with Betfair

Clarifications of non-AGCO bookmakers

The non AGCO bookmakers are becoming increasingly rare as foreign operators have almost all obtained the license.

Those few who are still not provided with regular qualifications continue to operate outside of Canadian legislation. The (presumed!) best bookmakers not ".it", who do not even have authorization from European Union member states, are 100 percent illegal. Their use breaks the law (n. 401 of 1989 art. 4 co. 3), with the risk of arrest for up to 3 months and fines from 51 to 516 euros.

The question regarding the best bookmakers with a European license that are not ".it" is even more difficult to delineate: it is a minefield of perpetual conflict between European and Canadian jurisprudence, making it complicated to give a valid answer in an absolute sense.

Non-AGCO bookmakers, regardless of their certificate, do not pay taxes to the Canadian state. For compliant bookies, the state acts as a tax substitute, which cannot be done for those who do not fully comply with national laws. Therefore, anyone placing bets on non-Canadian licensed bookmakers should declare any transactions, including bets (not just net winnings), as Miscellaneous Income to avoid the crime of tax evasion.

What are .com bookmakers?

Even alleged " .com" bookmakers have the possibility to close an account without notice and without allowing the client to withdraw deposited funds in case of high winnings. Forced to constantly change domains, brokers not licensed by AGCO may become unreachable at the decisive moment of the bet.

Specifically, service providers without a valid license or with a false license number are the ones at risk of scamming. There is no reason to play on an illegal site. The Canadian model is an example for other nations that are drawing inspiration from our country.

Curiosities about Bookmakers
What is the oldest bookmaker in the world? 🔴 Ladbrokes Coral (established 1886)
What is the bookmaker with the most subscribers in the world? 🟢 bet365 (over 34 million customers)
What is the sport where you bet the most in Europe? ⚽ football
What is the most popular sport in Asia? 🏏 cricket
What is the most popular sport in the USA? 🏈 NFL football

From another perspective, signing up and playing with one of the Canadian bookmakers licensed by ADM has its advantages. To begin with, in case the agency closes the account for any reason, the company is obliged to settle the customer's winnings before the final closure of the gaming account.

Winnings not to be declared in the 730 tax return or the Unico model, in fact, being taxed at source, they represent a "net". Furthermore, Canadian bookmakers have reached a level of complexity and maturity that makes them competitive even against foreign bookmakers, both for pre-live and live bets and for pay-outs.

Our country also provides for Betting Exchange and bookmakers implement specific security measures to ensure that customers are protected, through a series of tools that enable the identification of at-risk profiles and the avoidance of serious consequences.

Proprio ADM, also known by its old acronym AGCO, has introduced a really simple system to help users recognize if a website is legal, obliging all operators in possession of a regular license to insert an identifying logo (usually at the bottom of the page).

What is ADM ex AGCO?

The Customs and Monopolies Agency has a relatively recent history. More commonly known by the acronym ADM, in 2012 it incorporated the old AGCO, the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies. Founded in July 1999 under the d'Alema government, the Customs Agency was one of three fiscal entities responsible for technical operational activities delegated by the Ministry of the Economy. The Demanio Agency and the Revenue Agency are also part of this famous group.

Following various organizational restructurings, in 2012 the activity undertaken by the responsible units culminated in the merger of AGCO with the old state monopolies, modifying its name and assuming the current one which, precisely, also presents the reference to the monopolistic organization.

ADM betting centers offer a range of advantages, as already listed in the previous paragraph. Certification by a government entity is a testimony to the strictness, fairness, compliance with rules, and health, which elevates the holder to a prestigious and reliable operator.

Complying with the guidelines issued by ADM is one of the strengths of the best bookmakers, who thereby demonstrate their willingness to be subject to unchallengeable regulation, resulting in public trust.


All Bookmakers: Conclusions

In this long (and hopefully comprehensive) guide, we have taken the liberty of introducing the major operators with a regular license, with a brief review for each one, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. While we were at it, we have summarized in a few lines the bonuses available for new members and those who like to place bets frequently.

As we have already pointed out on several occasions, there are no absolute best bookmakers, perfect for everyone. Each one has its pros and cons, so the basis of any evaluation is to ask oneself what is their goal in betting, preferred disciplines and to clarify everything that defines their relationship with sports betting.

There are numerous factors to consider. Aware of the impossibility of outlining a unique and comprehensive prospectus, we have indicated those that, in our opinion and that of experts in the field, constitute the main factors, namely: bonuses and their types, apps, available withdrawal and deposit methods, the possibility of making live bets (i.e. in real time) and streaming content availability.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

What are the legal betting agencies in Canada?

Legal betting agencies in Canada are those that hold a regular license issued directly by the Agency of Customs and Monopolies (ADM). To verify if a consulted portal operates in accordance with regulatory provisions, ADM has developed a simple and effective system: a published logo that each authorized portal must display on every page, usually in the footer. Only the best betting sites can claim to have AGCO authorization.

What is the AGCO license (ADM)?

The AGCO (ADM) license is an authorization granted by the Canadian government entity with which the operator is authorized to operate in Canada. Once the permission is obtained, the company is authorized to accept new customer registrations and allow them to play online. Obtaining permission is not easy at all. In fact, every day the ADM carries out various checks aimed at finding self-proclaimed best bookmakers in the national territory who, however, act without having first obtained the regular license. Once caught red-handed, the next step is to block the scam portals, which disappear at any moment, without returning the deposit made by users, let alone the winnings.

How do you open an online betting account?

The prerequisites for opening an online betting account are being of legal age, possessing a front and back photo of an identification document (identity card, driver's license, or passport), and having a tax code. The next step is filling out the form, inserting personal information, confirming being 18 years old, and accepting the terms of use. Finally, it is usually necessary to send a copy of the identification document within 30 days to withdraw winnings and avoid account closure.

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