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Our journey to discover all the offers and advantages that online betting houses offer us for betting and winning continues. This time we will talk about Pinnacle betting, which is none other than the denomination by which we knew the current bookmaker PokerStars Sport up to a few years ago (which until May 2023 was known under the SkyBet brand), one of the best betting sites.

Up to 100 CAD

  • Vast choice of markets
  • Quote among the highest
  • Weekly Promotions

Bonus, live betting, "classic" betting, eye-catching graphics and increasingly advanced websites. These are the advertising tactics that various online betting companies use to win over all of us who are passionate about online betting. We remember that this review is intended to be part of our guide to make the most of the resources available to us, this site is a sort of map to quickly open our online account and start betting and winning.

Who was Pinnacle Betting

We want to focus our attention on Pinnacle betting, a company that has been particularly "aggressive" in offering new bonuses and gaming solutions for all online betting enthusiasts.

*** Pinnacle has changed its face. The PokerStars betting site is no longer available. Following the acquisition by The Stars Group, Pinnacle betting has been incorporated into the Sky Bet brand. While acknowledging that gambling can have negative effects if not practiced in moderation, we remind you that even on an excellent online bookmaker like Bodog, you can find no deposit bonuses and promotions for your bets. Register and start playing your bets! ***

Pinnacle welcome bonus: example of how it works and credit

Pinnacle offers a very interesting Welcome Bonus for all those who want to create their own gaming account. In fact, by making the first deposit on their Pinnacle account, you can receive a welcome bonus on sports betting of 25 CAD and an additional bonus up to 75CAD, up to a maximum of 100CAD. To obtain the Welcome Bonus you must follow these steps:

  • The promotion is valid only for new customers registering on Pokerstars;
  • The promotion is valid only for the first deposit and will not be considered for subsequent deposits;
  • This promotion cannot be combined with other bonuses;
  • The Sports Welcome Bonus is released in multiple stages. The first part includes a CAD25 bonus upon the first deposit, while the second part of up to CAD75 is released on subsequent deposits;
  • The Bonus cannot be withdrawn and must be played on Pinnacle;
  • The promotion can be terminated at any time by Pinnacle, so it's best to take advantage of this bonus immediately!

Everything you need to know about Pinnacle betting

Pinnacle Betting has acquired licenses in all the major countries of the world and collaborates with the legislators of those countries, as well as impartial operators, to ensure the highest level of security and integrity of the system offered. This way, Pinnacle Betting guarantees the reliability of the games offered, as well as the system to which our money is destined.

Why register and bet on Pinnacle betting

After briefly recounting the history of Pinnacle, let's dive into the Betting section and see what options the portal offers us for betting and winning with online betting. Let's get into the details:

  • SINGLE BETS WITH FIXED ODDS: it is possible to place a bet on a single sports event offered by Pinnacle (football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf, etc.) and win the amount obtained by multiplying the bet amount by the odds offered for the chosen event;
  • FIXED ODDS MULTIPLE BETS: it is possible to place a bet on various events even from different disciplines (football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, golf, etc) and win the sum obtained by multiplying the bet amount by the various odds; to this amount, depending on the number of selected events, a bonus odds will also be applied;
  • SYSTEM BET: it is also possible to place system bets, which means you have the possibility to make multiple bets on multiple combinations of results with a single wager. The substantial difference with multiple bets is that you do not necessarily have to guess all the predictions to win;
  • LIVE BETTING: It is possible to place bets on ongoing events through the Pinnacle portal, on various sports disciplines, both in single bets and multiple bets. This type of betting is widely used by online bettors, as it allows them to fully enjoy the sports events they follow;
  • SMARTPHONE BETTING: Pinnacle also provides its users with an excellent App which allows placing single, multiple, system and live bets, as well as following the live results of events included in their bets.

The history of Pinnacle

As per our tradition, let's take a leap back in time and explore the history of this prestigious online gaming and gambling society. This is necessary for us because while betting is a game, careful consideration must be given in choosing where to entrust one's money and personal and financial information.

Pinnacle is a brand operated by The Stars Group, one of the most trustworthy and renowned gaming entertainment companies in the industry, also the owner of other leading brands in the sector such as PokerStars. The Stars Group Inc. is a company that is also listed on the Toronto and Nasdaq stock indexes. Being a publicly traded company, it is subject to strict regulatory oversight related to gambling in the countries where it operates.

Pinnacle was then incorporated into SkyBet, which in May 2023 finally changed its name to PokerStars Sports.

Up to 100CAD

  • Vast choice of markets
  • Quote among the highest
  • Weekly Promotions

More information and news about Pinnacle online bookmaker

Finally, we remind all of you online betting enthusiasts that Pinnacle is part of the AGCO network, which provides greater protection for our bets.

Always remember, even on a great online bookmaker, gambling can have negative effects if not practiced in moderation. Register and start placing your bets!

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