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In recent years we have witnessed an increasing number of betting agencies or alleged ones and among these one of those that has become more famous, taking the field among fans of this world and beyond is Pokerstars Sport , originally a Poker Room, probably the most famous and safest on the Canadian scene in this regard, which has now also become a sports betting broker.

The experience accumulated over the years has made this site one of the safest on the market and this can only be a first point in favor, as well as the welcome bonus that is released to new members. Another reason for strength is the presence of a convenient customer service and in Canadian, which allow the constant presence of help at any time and for any reason. The positives don't end here, but a really important list could be made about it, which includes promotions, ease of registration, different support methods and other less flashy but still important details.

A negative side, not so much for the Canadian panorama as looking at similar ones abroad, especially in English-speaking countries, could be the number of sports to bet on that could be increased. Another downside could be the lack of an app dedicated to the sports betting sector, since the existing one is only Pokerstars.


  • Security and reliability
  • Welcome bonus
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Continuous promotions


  • Few sports to bet on
  • Lack of App dedicated to sports betting

Up to 100CAD

  • Vast choice of markets
  • Highest odds
  • Weekly promos

Pokerstars Sport Welcome Bonus

One of the strong points of Pokerstars Sport is undoubtedly the Welcome Bonus which is guaranteed to new subscribers. As in other betting sites similar to this one, the welcome bonus is a share that the service makes available to the new member when there are a series of requests that vary from one bookmaker to the other. In the case of Pokerstars Sport, the bonus is easily accessible and the total value it can reach is around 100 euros.

After making the first deposit, the new user is given 50 free spins for the slots and the possibility of having a refund on the first multiple with at least 3 events that is lost, for an amount up to 10 euros. Furthermore, for every 100 euros spent by the new user, the site will give away 10 euros bonus, up to 9 times and in this way the total bonus of 100 euros is easily reached.

Everything you need to know about Pokerstars Sports Betting

Pokerstars Sports Bets has not only been able to advertise itself through a large online campaign but also thanks to the sponsorship with sports and gambling champions such as Chris Moneymaker , champion of the World Series of Poker in 2003, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, which can only increase the credibility of the brand.

pokerstars casinoWhy register and bet on Pokerstars Sports Betting

Pokerstars Sport Betting is a site with experience behind it, among the most reliable in circulation, with many users around the world and offers a simple bonus to reach and among the highest in circulation, all features that make this provider one of the most used and downloaded by users.

The history of Pokerstars Sport

Pokerstars Sport was born from a previous experience of the Pokerstars site, which, after a start in the early 2000s as a gambling company in Central and South America, it soon became one of the giants of online gambling, mainly poker, but not only that, of which they have become among the leaders all over the world, thanks also to the development in which a lot has been invested.

More information and news on the online bookmaker Pokerstars Sports Betting

Curiosity on the Pokerstars Sport site is the fact that the owner and founder of the site, Isai Scheinberg, is considered the king of poker and gambling as he also owns another giant in the field such as Full Tilt Poker, which is the second most famous room globally, right after Pokerstars.

How to open an account at Pokerstars Sport

Registering on Pokerstars Sport is very simple and intuitive, just follow the steps that are given on the site under the heading "Register”, indicating your information requested by the site and you're done, the user can immediately get to play and try to win. It will be important to choose the username to use, as, unlike the password, it will no longer be modifiable later.

pokerstars sports bet bonus

Pokerstars Sports Review

On the net you can find many reviews of sites specialized in this sector on the reliability, security and ease of use of Pokerstars Sport and all report them as among the top of the range in all these features, thanks also to the great experience in the field which is now almost twenty years old. Even the sports offered, although the list could still be improved and extended, are most of the mainstream ones, i.e. the most followed in our land.

It can therefore be said that if what you are looking for is a site that can guarantee standards and present the most complete offer possible, especially as a new user, Pokerstars Sport is undoubtedly among the recommended ones.

393 codes CLAIMED

Up to 500 Freespin

  • Dedicated App
  • Welcome Bonus
  • The best poker in the world

Promotions and Offers Pokerstars Sport

In addition to the offer regarding the initial bonus offered to new users, Pokerstars Sport presents a series of promotions that are updated and for which it is necessary to consult the part of the site dedicated precisely to this topic; in the Promotions section there is also one concerning the multiple bets, for which whoever plays them gets a bonus equal to a percentage of the net winnings, in case it is successful, with a percentage that increases as the events in the accumulator increase.

Pokerstars Sport, the broker's identity card

There are brokers who are very famous and others who are not, according to their policies in terms of sponsors and advertising and it certainly cannot be said that Pokerstars has remained idle in this field. Strengthened by the certainty of the quality of its service, it has signed a contract as a world-class brand ambassador, such as the footballer and multi-award-winning Ballon d'Or, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sports Betting and Pokerstars Sport Features

On Pokerstars Sport there are multiple sports on which fans can bet, including football, basketball, volleyball, but also some less known and followed ones such as ice hockey or handball.

Odds and payouts

The odds are among the highest and most competitive among those that can be found online and beyond, while as regards the payout, it is around 95% for football and 90% for two popular sports such as basketball and volleyball.

pokerstars screen

Pokerstars Sport Football Odds

The odds of football, which is certainly the sport that serves as the real workhorse of the Betting section of Pokerstars Sport, are one of the plus points for the site seen which are among the most competitive and complete in the entire online sector.

Pokerstars Sports Schedule

The sports schedule offered by Pokerstars Sport is very good when compared to its rivals in our country, given that all the most popular sports are present, i.e. Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball and Rugby, with also some sports with less audiences, such as snooker or beach volleyball, although the list could still be increased with some athletic events, such as swimming or golf, to be at the level of other English realities.

Up to 100CAD

  • Vast choice of markets
  • Highest odds
  • Weekly promos

Increased odds and special odds

On some events the Pokerstars Sport site offers increased odds which can be considered real opportunities for players, who are thus attracted by very important possible winnings. There are also the much-requested special quotas or super quotas.

Pokerstars Sports News and News

For all the news concerning betting but more generally the whole world of sports, Pokerstars Sport has a dedicated web page, called Pokerstarsnews, where the user can find all the information necessary to better evaluate the possible games.

Live Pokerstars Sports Betting

As in any self-respecting betting site, the live category could not be missing, dedicated to all real-time play on the site's sports, which, like their non-live siblings, are among the most competitive across the industry. In the last period these are among the most played, also because the opportunities for choice obviously become higher in number as you can really select any play the user has in mind at a precise moment, making the mechanism very frenetic and dynamic live.

pokerstars sports live bet

Streaming leagues and sports

Compared to other competitors, streaming of events is missing and, especially for live events, this can be considered a point against , but there is no shortage of live with information in real time, even if, in the regulations, Pokerstars Sport states that they are not always updated up to the second and, therefore, not legally binding.

Pokerstars Sports Mobile

Unlike other specialized sites that have organized themselves in this regard, Pokerstars Sport does not yet have a dedicated mobile app, while there is one dedicated to live games regarding Poker.

313 codes CLAIMED

Up to 500 Freespin

  • Dedicated App
  • Welcome Bonus
  • The best poker in the world

Payment Methods Pokerstars Sport

One of the reasons why Pokerstars Sport is among the most chosen betting sites by online users is also the ease with which it is possible to load or withdraw money into your account, as well as the security that a site like this can guarantee to those who use it.


PokerStars Sports offers many deposit methods, such as credit or debit cards, e-wallets (which are so trendy now), bank transfers and Pokerstars cash top-ups, all with one safety not to be underestimated. It should be emphasized that whatever method you choose, there is a minimum of 10 euros required by the site.


Withdrawal methods are also varied, but not as comprehensive as for deposits, since cash withdrawals are excluded, as well as from some e-wallets and with some credit or debit cards.

Payment methods

Pokerstars Sports Customer Support

Customer support is a strong point of Pokerstars Sport. Unlike many international competitors, the site has invested to guarantee a service completely in Canadian and this can only make life easier for hundreds of customers who, every day, for whatever reason, can afford to contact each other in their own language to request information.

The virtual assistant, Stella, offers support with general issues, covering information that is usually in high demand such as account validation, accepted payment methods, any technical difficulties, responsible gaming and much more even more.

When this is not enough, you can start a live chat or access the contact form. However, some users have reported difficulty getting in touch with support quickly.

Latest news from Pokerstars Sports

Pokerstars Sport has implemented the rewards section, i.e. a system of rewards and prizes that are given to the user every time he decides to access one of the PokerStars offers (Sport, Poker or Casino). Rewards are obtained through chests and reward points. The more you play, the more points you get, the more chests you get and opportunities to receive rewards.

Up to 100CAD

  • Vast choice of markets
  • Highest odds
  • Weekly promos

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What bonus does Pokerstars Sport offer?

The bonus offered by Pokerstars Sport, as explained in the lines above, can reach up to an amount of 100 euros for the new user, in addition to 50 free spins for the slots, but only upon reaching certain objectives.

How do I redeem my bonus on Pokerstars Sport right away?

The first bonus that can be immediately redeemed will be 50 free spins, while in order to start redeeming the cash bonus in bets, the user must place multiple bets with at least 3 events. By continuing and reaching a total of 900 euros wagered, the user will be entitled to redeem the entire 100 euro bonus.

Does Live Streaming Pokerstars Sport exist?

Unfortunately, live streaming of events is still missing, but there is a live feed with all the information that can help with the major events.

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