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logo bundesliga According to user reviews and therefore bettors , the Best Bookmakers for Betting on the Bundesliga are: LeoVegas, PlanetWin and William Hill. These three portals offer an uncomplicated gaming experience, which leads to results and above all safe (since it is on the web). In addition, the platforms have a rich schedule of events and many bonuses that players can take advantage of for their bets.

Main features of the best Bundesliga betting sites

The Bundesliga is one of the most watched European football leagues and it is also one of the most exciting. German football therefore appears within the various betting sites where football enthusiasts can play their own odds, however following very specific parameters, advice or numbers.

The main characteristics of the best sites on which it is possible to play mostly concern the reliability and the general offer. For example, the LeoVegas portal leads the ranking of the best betting platforms because the payout ( or the percentage of a given payment applied by a betting site), registers 95% and one of the advantages is that LeoVegas offers the top of sport at 360 degrees with a maximum of CAD305 on the first deposit.

The second most popular site is PlanetWin which offers a payout of 95.1% and provides enthusiasts with a rich schedule from which to choose the sporting event on which to bet. Furthermore, the bonus provides up to CAD500 on three deposits. In third place is the site William Hill with a payout of 96% and an advantage that users really appreciate: a bonus on football and up to CAD235 on the first deposit.

The best bookmakers for Bundesliga bets

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    How we picked the best Bundesliga betting sites

    The German football league, or the Bundesliga, is one of the most important in Europe. The Teutonic competition is part of the schedule of all betting sites because, given its importance, it carves out a significant space within the platforms of the betting.

    The best Bundesliga betting sites are chosen following and keeping faith with some very specific criteria. There are precisely four, namely: the high value of payouts and Bundesliga bets; the presence of periodic promotions dedicated to the Bundesliga; the schedule of the Bundesliga live betting section and the presence of streaming; the number of Bundesliga betting markets including those on the smartphone or tablet application.

    Strategies and tips for betting on Bundesliga matches

    To try to bet on the Bundesliga there are no real tips to follow or some strange strategy to implement. It would rather be necessary to inquire about the type of championship that is the German one.

    In recent years, for example, it hasn't proved difficult to guess who would win the season, for the simple fact that Bayern Munich has shown on many occasions that they are head and shoulders above their opponents. Then considering the factors “1X2”, “Goal or No Goal” and “Under or Over”, you could focus on a given team entering the European zone or focus on the relegation zone.

    bayern monaco campione

    Bundesliga Odds 2023/2023

    The current season, i.e. 2022/23, sees Bayern Munich once again in command of the Bundesliga championship, which is first with 28 points, behind Freiburg > at an altitude of 27. However the most difficult opponent for the Bavarians remains the usual Borussia Dortmund who always prove to be a difficult team to face on the pitch.

    However, according to the bookmakers, even Leipzig (currently sixth with 22 points) could reserve surprises. To understand who could win the title, it is also important to take a look at the calendar that with the World Cup in Qatar in between, could play a pivotal role.

    Live Bundesliga Betting

    Fans of online football betting will also play their odds in foreign leagues such as the Bundesliga. The German championship can give players great satisfaction in terms of betting: it is very exciting and often holds many surprises.

    But how to avoid being caught unprepared and still be able to take home the winnings? Maybe even at the last minute? Simple, just take advantage of live bets to minimize losses and thus get more results. This game mode occurs in real time and thanks to this factor, the player has the possibility to modify his bets according to the progress of the sporting event.

    The best live betting sites in Canada

    According to bettors in Canada there are several very good sites to bet on. First of all Bet365 which allows you to easily unlock bonuses, offers many promotions for football events and valid odds. Furthermore, Bet365 has a site and a fast app that gives the user the possibility to bet on horse racing. Then there is LeoVegas which is classified as one of the best due to the fact that it is a historical portal, it has a wide range of markets, the welcome bonus is high and the betting odds are good.

    LeoVegas also offers the possibility of betting on horse racing. On the third step of the podium is BET365 which has the best schedule on the market, its live bets are known all over the world and the bonuses it makes available are easy to unlock. BET365 also offers virtual bets and horse racing.

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    Bundesliga Betting Markets

    The German Football League, known to all as the Bundesliga, turns out to be a favorite of avid bettors because it is a lot of fun as well as being surprising. There are in fact many markets on which the user can indulge himself: more or less a hundred!

    Obviously this number is the result of all the offers of the various websites, which show that there are infinitesimal betting options within the "Bundesliga world". Thanks to the large choice of markets, it will therefore be possible to bet on a very vast type of eventuality that could occur in the match in question.


    When you bet on an outcome or bet on a bet, there is no certainty of winning. However, this is part of the game that remains uncertain. However, there could be ways to get around this great probability that all players sooner or later find themselves in front of.

    One could perhaps rely on previous results, victories and defeats reported by history or simply on statistics. For example, analysing the Bundesliga, one could take measures by observing past seasons and seeing how many German teams have triumphed by exploiting the home factor.

    If you take the 1X2 formula into consideration you will see that the home team manages to get many more wins when they are on the known field than when playing away. Bringing concrete data regarding the 2023/22 season, it will be seen that the 1 occurred 143 times, equal to 46.89% of the total results. On the other hand, the tie occurred 73 times or 23.93% and finally the 2 occurred 89 times, 29.18%.

    Both Teams to Score (Goal/Goal or No Goal)

    By analyzing the data regarding the Bundesliga, we will realize how much the German championship is productive when it comes to goals. In fact, both opposing teams manage to score many goals and this means that bettors will have seen the "Gol" symbol much more often than its opposite "No Gol". Referring to the Bundesliga 2023/22, the "Goal" result appeared for 60.98% while the "No Gol" result for 39.02%.


    Again referring to the 2023/22 Bundesliga season, it is clear that the "Over" market clearly prevailed over the "Under" one. In fact, 41.31% was recorded in the first while 58.69% was recorded in the second. The numbers also suggest the purely technical part of football: the defenses did not stand out for their excellence.

    calcio bundesliga friburgo

    Double Chance

    When we talk about “double chance bet” it means that the player must predict the outcome 1X2 of a game, having the possibility to choose 2 signs out of the 3 available. Just like the 1X2 formula, it is a question of selecting the victory for the home or away team, or the draw but in this case the possibilities double by being able to combine the 2 results.

    Draw No Bet

    The Draw No Bet is another betting method which provides for the abolition of the draw. In a sport like football however, the latter is expected so the bettor will only have to offer odds on the victory of one or of the other team.

    First Goalkeeper

    Playing the first scorer strong> or betting on a specific player in a match could prove to be a challenge. In fact, there are many players who perform in one way in a match and are unrecognizable in the next match. So the bettor must absolutely rely on the statistical data that he may have collected during the other games or in any case evaluate based on what he is seeing. For this reason, to bet on the first scorer it could be useful to follow a live bet to understand if he is actually "the winning horse".

    Anytime Marker

    To bet on a specific player, who according to the fan could be one of the goalscorers in the match, it could be very useful to use the live betting method. In this way, those who bet will have the opportunity to observe the progress of the match and understand who can bet on or not.

    Bets Antepost Win Bundesliga

    Antepost bets are another type of bet. As the name suggests, these are bets placed in advance: the day before a competition or maybe even consider longer times. This type of game was very successful in the Bundesliga when it was already clear who would win it less than halfway through the championship. For example, with the hegemony of Bayern Munich or the Antepost bets have proved to be very fruitful.

    3 Betting sites that meet your criteria…
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    Antepost Prime 4

    When we talk about Antepost Prime 4 we simply refer to the first four teams that we think can be placed in Champions League zone for the end of the season. This type of game is more complicated than its simple version (“Antepost”), because guessing the winner of the Bundesliga could be quite logical but even guessing the second, third and fourth German team could turn out to be a more difficult undertaking.

    Relegation Betting

    In recent years, Bayern Munich has been the team that has won the most Bundesliga championships. The Bavarian formation was a danger for all the opponents who stood in front of them, especially when in the offensive phase they boasted the name of Lewandowski, now at Barcelona.

    Precisely for this reason aiming for the final victory of the championship was no longer so exciting. Therefore bettors have turned towards the lower part of the standings and in fact betting on the possible relegation among the three "in danger" has proved to be much more exciting. It is always played in the same way: the bettor decides the result, the odds and the market in which to invest.

    Bets on the Bundesliga's top scorer

    Finding the Bundesliga's top scorer hasn't turned out to be that complicated in recent years. The arduous undertaking for the bettor was avoided for years by one of the strongest players that the German league has ever "hosted": Robert Lewandowski.

    The Pole, who now wears the Barcelona shirt, has always stood out for his footballing skills and therefore, before he moved to Spain, it wasn't very difficult to bet on his feet. In any case, to choose the top scorer of the season, it is still necessary to refer to the data and understand how and how many goals were scored by a specific player.

    bundesliga flagHow to Bet on the Bundesliga

    Betting on the Bundesliga is easy, it's practically like betting on other European football leagues. Just choose the game (or more games) on which you want to bet your odds and then insert them in one of the betting sites available on the web. You can also choose different betting methods and opt for the market that seems more convenient to the player.

    Bundesliga Betting Tips

    Before betting on a championship like the Bundesliga it would be good to study the statistics and numbers of previous seasons. In this way, in fact, it will be easier or at least more logical to predict who could win or not. Depending on the progress of the season, one could then understand the scorer of a specific match or the winner or loser of a match.

    Bundesliga Predictions

    Predicting the games of a Bundesliga day could be simple for "football fans" and a little more complicated for those who only follow a particular championship. Be that as it may, many bettors bet their odds on who will probably be able to access the European area or on who could recede.

    Squadra William Hill logo bet365 LeoVegas logo bonus Betsafe logo Bodog
    Bayern Monaco 1.01 1.02 1.02 1.02 1.01
    Leipzig 26.00 34.00 33.00 35.00 30.00
    Union Berlin 51.00 101.00 75.00 50.00 50.00
    Borussia Dortmund 51.00 41.00 50.00 40.00 50.00
    Freiburg 51.00 81.00 33.00 25.00 25.00
    Eintracht Frankfurt 67.00 81.00 75.00 75.00 100.00
    1899 Hoffenheim 251.00 401.00 350.00 250.00 200.00

    Odds may vary

    The betting exchange and Bundesliga bets

    The betting exchange is a betting method that differs from the traditional one because bettors can buy or sell the odds while a sporting event, such as a Bundesliga match, is in progress. This method is used by both the most experienced and new to the betting world.

    Even in this case it would be necessary to know the championship on which you are going to bet to be sure you are not buying wrong or inconvenient odds.

    The history of the Bundesliga

    The Bundesliga (in German Fußball-Bundesliga) was born in 1902 and is the top professional division of the German football championship. It depends organizationally, on Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH and disciplinarily from Deutscher Fußball-Bund, the German Football Association.

    Although the official birth date is the one mentioned above, and indicates the beginning of the twentieth century, the Bundesliga only started in August 1963 when there was the first single group edition. Within the German championship, 18 teams play but a total of 56 clubs have played in the competition to date. At the end of the 2020-2021 season, the Bundesliga finished fourth in the UEFA ranking for club competitions.

    Also in 2020, it finished fifth in the world championship rankings which is drawn up every year by the IFFHS (International Federation of Football History & Statistics).

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    The teams that have won the most Scudettos in the Bundesliga

    Among the many teams that have played in the Bundesliga at least once in history, the one that has won the most victories ever is Bayern Munich which throughout its history has managed to win 32 editions of the tournament, of which only one prior to the foundation of the Bundesliga.

    Together with Werder Bremen, Bayern Munich is then the club that has played in the most editions of the German football championship. The Bavarian team is followed (for victories) by Nuremberg which has won 9 titles, by Borussia Dortmund with 8 titles, by Schalke 04 who collected 7 and from Hamburg at 6.

    Clubs Scudetti
    Bayern Monaco 32
    Nuremberg 9
    Borussia Dortmund 8
    FC Schalke 04 7
    Hamburg SV 6
    VfB Stuttgart 5
    Borussia Monchengladbach 5
    SV Werder Bremen 4
    FC Kaiserslautern 4
    FC Cologne 3
    SpVgg Furth 3

    Symbols and trophies of the Bundesliga championship

    When a team takes first place in the Bundesliga table and thus wins the football championship, it is awarded the title of Deutscher Fußballmeister, which in German means "German football champion". As for the symbols of the Bundesliga, in 2004 the Deutsche Fußball Liga introduced the Verdiente Meistervereine, i.e. Recognition for winning teams, giving clubs the choice of being awarded 1,2,3,4 or 5 stars depending on whether they had won 3, 5, 10, 20 or 30 domestic titles since the 1963 season-64 onwards.

    The German football championships that took place before 1963, as well as those of East Germany, are excluded from this "counter". Bayern Munich has five stars, Borussia M'gladbach has two, Hamburg, Werder Bremen and Stuttgart have instead only collected one.

    bayern stadium

    Bundesliga teams and their stadiums

    There are eighteen Bundesliga teams competing for the victory of the season. Whoever finishes first wins the championship, the first four teams then have access to the Champions League, the fifth classified instead gets the Europa League and the sixth snatches the pass for the Conference League preliminaries.

    Contrary to what happens in Serie A where the last three teams are relegated, in the Bundesliga the sixteenth is played the relegation playoffs while the bottom two arrived in the cadetteria. The 2023-23 championship consists of the following teams who have homes in their respective stadiums:

    • Bayern Munich (Allianz Arena)
    • Freiburg (Europa-Park Stadion)
    • Union Berlin (Alte Försterei)
    • Borussia Dortmund (Westfalenstadion)
    • Eintracht Frankfurt (Deutsche Bank Park)
    • RB Leipzig (Red Bull Arena Leipzig)
    • Werder Bremen (Weserstadion)
    • Borussia M'Gladbach (Borussia Park)
    • Hoffenheim (Rhein-Neckar-Arena)
    • Mainz (MEWA ARENA)
    • Wolfsburg (Volkswagen Arena)
    • Cologne (RheinEnergieStadion)
    • Augsburg (SGL-Arena)
    • Leverkusen (BayArena)
    • Hertha Berlin (Olympiastadion)
    • Stuttgart (Mercedes-Benz Arena)
    • Bochum, Schalke 04 (Veltins-Arena)

    The best bookmaker for Bundesliga betting

    Fans of football betting can play the German Bundesliga league on various sites and platforms. However, according to statistics, the best bookmaker is the LeoVegas site with a score of 5/5, because it offers many odds and many statistical markets. In second place is Plantewin which users vote with a nice 4.9/5, while the bronze medal for betting sites is taken by Bet365 with 4.8 points out of a total of 5.


    In conclusion, what we recommend is to get well informed about the type of championship you want to bet on. This is because if you know the "actors" of the game better, it will also be easier to be able to win or in any case not to have bet in vain. Furthermore, it is advisable to review the seasons prior to the current one so as to understand if the numbers and the various percentages which can then be useful for understanding which odds to bet on.


    The most frequently asked questions and answers about betting on the Bundesliga mostly concern the betting modalities. This means that users are interested in learning about other betting systems besides the classic ones. For example, many ask what a double chance bet is, or which sports besides soccer and the Bundesliga allow for double chance bets to be placed.

    When is the Bundesliga played?

    The Bundesliga, like other European football leagues such as Serie A, LaLiga, and the Premier League, usually plays during the weekend. The early game takes place on Friday and often features only one match. At least three games are played on Saturday and the turn is closed on Sunday. However, it should be noted that there is also a late game on Monday evening. Sometimes the Bundesliga is also played mid-week, so the teams can meet on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Can I bet an accumulator on the Bundesliga?

    It is possible to place a multiple bet in the Bundesliga championship. This system is simply a combination of interconnected bets. This mode of betting is widely used by gamblers because the probability of winning could increase as well as the odds of individual matches. In one day, multiple bets can be placed, and thus attempt to win a greater prize.

    What are the best Bundesliga betting sites?

    The best betting sites for the Bundesliga are LeoVegas, rated five stars out of five by users. PlanetWin is rated 4.9 out of 5 and William Hill maintains a score of 4.9 out of 5.

    How can I stream the Bundesliga?

    The 2023-23 Bundesliga season will be broadcasted, as it has been for past championships, on Sky Sport channels, which will allow viewers to watch the most important matches of the German league. If satellite TV subscribers wish, they can also take advantage of the Sky Go platform, which allows them to follow the Bundesliga via streaming as the service allows users to watch sports programming on their smartphones or tablets. However, those who do not want too many restrictions or "dependence" on a subscription, can tune in to the Bundesliga via the NowTV streaming service, which provides users with a series of thematic tickets without any automatic renewal. NowTV can be activated when one or more events of interest are scheduled, and can be deactivated at any time.


    The best Bookmakers for Bundesliga streaming

    4 Betting sites that meet your criteria…
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