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The online sports betting sector is growing in popularity day by day in our country too, with the best betting sites always competing with each other. Bodog and 888sport are among the top bookmakers in Canada, i.e. among those most chosen by bettors and online betting enthusiasts. That is why today we will talk about some of the main features of these two betting sites. In this article, we will try to give a clear view of the differences between the two bookies. Let's start immediately with a comparative table of the welcome bonus offer of Bodog and 888:

2 Betting sites that meet your criteria…

Up to CAD 260

  • Ease of Use
  • Large Variety of Sports and Markets
  • Special Odds

Up to 100 CAD

  • Happy weekly promotions
  • Wide range of markets
  • Many sports to bet on

To answer the questions we have asked ourselves above, the experts at Betting Trends now carried out a thorough study of all the characteristics of the operators. That is why, before providing you with the result of our comparison bookmakers, we will focus on 5 particular areas:

  • Betting bonus
  • Цитата
  • Betting App
  • Schedule and Markets
  • Customer Service

Now all that's left is to dive into the comparison between these two sports betting sites and see in the end who will be the winner of our head-to-head test.

Comparison between Bodog and 888sport

Bodog and 888 are among the best bookmakers currently available on the Canadian market, but which one is really the best? We decided to write a complete article about it, thoroughly analyzing the main features of each platform.

We will start with the layout, proposed odds, and various bonuses and promotional offers, to determine which is the best betting site between these two bookmakers.

Bodog or 888? The card

Bodog 888sport
🎁 Bonuses CAD260 100CAD
🔄 Rollovers 1X 10X
📈 Minimum share 1.75 2.00
💳 Minimum Deposit 10CAD 10CAD
⭐ Benefits Bonuses Markets
📊 Payouts 94% 96%
📺 Streaming
🏆 Final vote 8/10 9/10
📄 Review ☑ Go ☑ Go

Bodog or 888sport, who offers the best welcome bonus?

One of the main elements that various players consider before signing up to a betting site is undoubtedly the betting bonuses offered. That is why we have decided to dedicate our first paragraph to the offer for new members proposed by both sites; which one is better, that of Bodog or that of 888sport?

The 888sport welcome offer

One of the most popular offers among bettors is the welcome bonus first deposit bonus, due to its ease of allocation and low wagering requirements. That's why 888sport bonus has decided to present new customers with an offer on their first deposit of 100% up to a maximum of 100CAD.

A decidedly generous figure that is also very easy to collect: the main requirement is in fact to open a new gaming account on the 888sport website, entering the promotional code Canada in the required field and, once the account is verified, make a minimum top-up of CAD10. It should be kept in mind that the entire bonus amount will not be obtained immediately, but it will be released in installments in the following weeks, up to a maximum of CAD 100.

To further clarify the ideas, let's make a practical example: assuming you make the first top-up of 100CAD, you will immediately receive a bonus of 10CAD; to get the other 90CAD, divided into 9 installments of 10 CAD each, it will be necessary to accumulate bets of 100 CAD at each installment: in simpler terms, you will have to play the bonus amount 10 times, on bets with odds of 2.00 or higher. Each installment of 10 CAD will be credited to your game account within 72 hours of meeting the aforementioned requirements.

Bodog offer

The welcome bonus from Bodog includes receiving two bonuses of CAD 10 on the first two deposits (of at least CAD 10), with a 100% bonus up to CAD10 on the first deposit and a 50% bonus up to CAD 10 on the second deposit. Additionally, players can receive up to CAD 240 in bonuses within a year by joining the Betting Club, which offers players the chance to earn a CAD5 bonus for every CAD 25 spent on weekly bets.

Welcome Bonus: who wins between Bodog and 888sport?

As easily noticeable, it is 888sport that wins hands down when it comes to the welcome bonus, since it offers a total of CAD 100 in welcome bonuses on the first deposit compared to Bodog's total of CAD 10.

The various promotions: Bodog or 888?

The second feature we want to analyze in this article concerns promotions valid for all users subscribed to the bookmaker. They are what contribute the most to customer loyalty and encourage them to bet more and more. Who will have the best promos? Let's find out.

Bodog offers and promotions

Bodog promotions range across different categories: there are numerous promotional offers for football, tennis, horse racing, and boxing bets. Additionally, promotions are also available for virtual betting, which is becoming increasingly popular in the world of sports betting, as well as for the casino section, with bonuses for slots, poker, bingo, and many more.

888 Promotions

As for 888sport, we have a very rich menu of promotional offers. We start with classic bet bonuses and also include weekly and seasonal bonuses, football bonuses for European cup matches, as well as bonuses for casino and horse racing.

Who wins the comparison on promotions between Bodog and 888sport?

In this case, we must award the victory to Bodog due to their much more diverse and frequent range of promotions compared to 888, which is simply not up to par in this comparison.

Bodog and 888 schedule

How do these two bookmakers fare when it comes to betting schedules? Who offers the greatest number of covered events and who provides the opportunity to bet on non-sporting events? Let's see.

Bodog schedule

Bodog, specifically in regards to the sports betting section, covers a wide range of events: all popular sports such as soccer, basketball, and tennis are featured, as well as niche sports and markets such as cricket, surfing, and eSports. It's also worth noting that they offer the option to place bets on non-sporting events and to play with live betting.

888sport schedule

home review 888sport

On the other hand, 888 is not at all inferior to the sports betting schedule: despite having less coverage of sports events, 888sport does very well in terms of live betting and non-sporting events. In fact, it will be possible to bet on the main national and international television events such as X Factor.

Who offers the best betting schedule between Bodog and 888sport?

For the second time, the challenge between Bodog and 888sport ends with a slight advantage for Bodog. Both sites offer an interesting number of events and the ability to bet on emerging markets such as e-sports or non-sporting events. Bodog has a few more features in this regard.

Bodog or 888sport odds?

Let's now evaluate the odds of the two bookmakers.

Bodog Odds

Another one of the most important factors to consider when joining a bookmaker is the odds offered, in order to find the site that offers the most advantageous odds for bettors. Let's start with Bodog odds, immediately saying that compared to the best bookmakers average, Bodog offers odds that are proportionally higher by a few percentage points.

Let's take, for example, the odds related to the Serie A championship match (midweek round) between Salernitana and Juventus. Bodog offers 1.36 for the sign 2, 8.50 for the sign 1, and 5.00 for the draw.

Odd 888

Let's now see how the odds for the same selected sports event on Bodog compare to those on 888. 888sport offers 1.35 for sign 2 and 8.50 for sign 1 with a higher X odd at 5.30.

Who wins the odds challenge between Bodog and 888sport

Even in this case, we can say that the challenge ends with a victory for 888sport. Although by a small margin, its odds, especially in direct clashes or in the most important matches, tend to be more advantageous for bettors than those of Bodog.

Bodog App vs 888sport App

Thanks to the numerous technological advances provided to us in recent years, even betting sites have decided to expand their services not only in desktop mode, but also on various smartphones, allowing the site to be viewed in mobile mode, properly optimized for mobile devices, and developing dedicated apps for Android and iOS.

Bodog has recently released its mobile app to the market, compared to its direct competitors. Despite its lesser experience in this field, the app is user-friendly, fluid, and without sudden crashes or bugs. The functionalities on the mobile app are the same as those found on the PC version.

888sport, on the other hand, offers its customers the possibility to download a dedicated app for both Android and iOS devices, to take advantage of all the functionalities available on the website. An additional praise goes to this site for having included, in its promotions section, a specific promotional offer for those downloading the app, an intelligent method to encourage various bettors to also use the smartphone application.

Bodog or 888sport: which is the better betting app?

Another challenge that ends in a draw. During our test, we did not find any problems with either of the dedicated applications, but instead found excellent fluidity, great navigation speed, and the ability to place bets anywhere.

Declaring a winner on this aspect is a purely subjective evaluation, so we recommend downloading both apps to see for yourself which one best reflects your taste and functionality.

Bodog and 888 Customer Service

To conclude our comparison, we found it necessary to examine the customer support offered by these two bookmakers. Starting with Bodog, they provide several ways to contact customer service, such as live chat, phone number, email address and a very comprehensive FAQ section.

888 instead specializes slightly more in terms of Customer Service, as it has five different email addresses that can be contacted based on the nature of the problem, in order to speed up the problem resolution process as much as possible; here too, finally, it will be possible to contact support via live chat, telephone number and the canonical Frequently Asked Questions page.


Our comparison article has come to an end. We have tried to include the main points of each website in order to make a fair and objective comparison. In conclusion, we believe that 888sport wins the challenge by a small margin, mainly for a specific reason: it undoubtedly concerns the section of bonuses and promotional offers, which, as we have seen, clearly favors 888.

Even the welcome bonus and various promotions of Bodog are decent, but in this direct comparison they fail to hold up.

976 codes CLAIMED

Up to 100 CAD

  • Happy weekly promotions
  • Wide range of markets
  • Many sports to bet on

FAQs – Bodog or 888sport

Bodog or 888-who is better?

888sport is our choice, but it could hardly have been any closer. In the five categories we analyzed for this head-to-head matchup between Bodog and 888, the former won four and the latter won one.

Are there betting apps available for Bodog and 888sport?

Yes. Both bookmakers have betting apps for their customers that work on both Android and iOS. The Bodog app is more popular among the audience and our tests have also highlighted more advantages for Bodog.

Better Bodog streaming or 888?

Both betting sites currently do not have streaming services, despite having live betting options. There is no real winner as the offering is very high for both bookmakers.

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