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More and more players are choosing to play with betting on eSports, i.e. electronic sports (or video games) organized at a competitive and professional level so much so as to promote real continental and international tournaments with millionaire prize pools.

The increase in the various online tournaments in recent years has done nothing but attract the attention of the best betting sites che adesso promuovono nei propri palinsesti le partite dei vari campionati di CS: GO, League of Legends (noto al grande pubblico con l’acronimo di LoL), Dota 2, FIFA, Overwatch e altri videogame.

So, where to bet on eSports? Here's our Top 3:

Best bookmakers for eSports betting | Top 3
👾 eSports Betting Site 2023 Bodog
🎮 eSports Betting Odds 888sport
💰 eSports Betting Bonus StarCasino

In this page we will illustrate some of the eSports betting sites worth checking out. Moreover, we will understand together how these tournaments and eSports betting work, including the available markets, main events, bonuses, tips and strategies.

The trend of betting on eSports has become popular in Canada as well, where teams participating in various world tournaments of different video games are proliferating. Meanwhile, more and more online betting sites are striving to offer the most number of eSports events and odds.

All the Best Bookmakers Betting eSports AGCO

esports betting

To get a general overview of the situation of the offer of bets on eSports in the Canadian market regulated by AGCO (now ADM), let's take a look at this summary table with all the best betting sites, the bonuses associated with eSports offers, the tournaments available today, and finally, our judgment:

8 Betting sites that meet your criteria…

Up to 260CAD

  • Ease of Use
  • Wide Variety of Sports and Markets
  • Special Odds

Up to CAD305

  • The largest betting schedule
  • Live Streaming
  • Virtual Betting

Up to 100CAD

  • Happy weekly promotions
  • Wide range of markets
  • Many sports to bet on

Up to CAD105

  • Rich weekly promos
  • Live Streaming and Live Betting
  • Virtual Betting

Up to 5CAD

  • Live Betting
  • Wide variety of markets
  • Special Bets

Up to 160CAD

  • Wide selection of markets and odds
  • Live Betting
  • Live Streaming

Up to 500CAD

  • Live Betting
  • Great selection of markets
  • Virtual Betting

Up to 350CAD

  • Large offer of markets and odds
  • Live betting
  • Dozens of weekly promotions

eSports Betting Sites

Despite being a recent introduction, the category of eSports has benefited from a boom from a betting perspective. This is thanks to the numerous international tournaments followed by millions of fans around the world.

If you have never had the opportunity to see how eSports work up close, continue reading our list of the best AGCO bookmakers for betting on eSports.

  1. Bodog: Best Website for Live Streaming eSports Betting
  2. 888sport: Best Live Betting Odds Site for eSports
  3. Wazamba: Best League of Legends Betting Site

Below, we will take a closer look at what the first two bookmakers offer for eSport betting.

Bodog esports betting

Bodog offers an eSports betting platform where customers can find a range of pre-match and in-play markets for events and tournaments that include the following video game titles:

  • CS: GO
  • League of Legends
  • Call of Duty
  • Dota 2

Bodog's betting site regularly offers the most competitive eSports odds available.

It is also important to have the possibility to watch the matches of various tournaments in streaming. The bookmaker is also known for its increased odds, available to both registered users who bet via PC and those who bet via mobile devices.


  • Live streaming eSports
  • Total coverage of antepost and in-play markets
  • Mobile betting app


  • Low withdrawal limits


How to register on Bodog

On the Bodog review page, you will find all the details about this operator. To register on Bodog, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Go to the Bodog website and click on the REGISTER button above
  2. Fill in all fields as shown in the above picture (username, email, password, etc.)
  3. Confirm registration by submitting an identity document
  4. Are you ready to bet with Bodog?


ESports Betting on 888sport

On 888sport, there are dozens of markets available for betting on esports. This is an excellent bookmaker for fans of Dota 2 and LoL and other games, with a range of pre-match and in-play bets available.

There are a good number of promotions and welcome bonus currently available, including free bets and boosted odds.


  • Quote increase for eSports betting
  • Supports payments with PayPal
  • Sports betting app


  • Absence live streaming
  • Website is not very user-friendly


How to register on 888sport

On the 888sport review page, you will find all the details about this operator. To register on 888sport, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the 888sport website and click on the REGISTER button above
  2. Fill in all fields as shown in the above picture (username, email, password, etc.)
  3. Confirm registration by submitting an identity document
  4. Are you ready to bet with 888sport?


How We Judge the Best eSports Betting Sites

esports betting streaming

With so many betting sites offering the opportunity to bet on esports today, choosing the one that best suits your needs is no easy task.

However, following the directions of our experts, bettors can identify the best bookmaker for eSports betting, based on the following criteria: to the

  • 🛡 Safety – Just like any other betting platform, eSports betting sites must provide a safe environment to play and bet online. The bookmakers we have chosen implement a series of security measures such as encryption software, firewalls, and specific teams to counter fraud.
  • 📊 Markets – eSports betting sites today can't simply cover the major events of CS:GO, LoL, and Dota 2. Fortnite, FIFA, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six are also titles that can be found on the best AGCO bookmakers for eSports betting.
  • 📺 Live Streaming – Streaming and live coverage of eSports tournaments play a huge role in this field. Many in this industry make a lot of money by streaming their gameplay activity. However, the ability for bettors to watch the action as it unfolds on an eSports betting site makes the success of their bets more likely.
  • 💰 Bonuses – Whether it's a welcome no deposit offer or an ongoing promotion, bonuses often help make eSports betting sites more attractive. Such bonuses can offer bettors an excellent platform to build on. However, they should not be the only reason you sign up.


Rating: 9/10


Odds and Payout Sites for eSports Betting

So far we have seen an overview of the world of eSports betting. Now it's time to take a look at the odds and the corresponding payouts offered by the best eSports bookmakers operating in the Canadian market regulated by the AGCO.

In truth, it is a very difficult operation to evaluate the betting odds for eSports and it doesn't make much sense to compare them with those of other ‘classic’ sports disciplines offered by various betting sites.

We are still talking about different types of bets. Even the same bookmakers of historical betting sites needed time to find the right odds and the right measures.

Below we have examined the payouts of the main bookmakers that offer eSport betting in Canada:

Top payouts from eSports online bookmakers
Bodog 91% – 93.3%
888sports 92% – 94.2%
LeoVegas 90% – 92.8%
Wazamba 92% – 95.8%
Better 91.4% – 92.8%


Types of Markets available for eSports Betting

Before this paragraph, we have already mentioned in some way some types of markets present when it comes to betting on eSports.

If we want to make a quick comparison with traditional sports betting markets, like tennis or basketball, it must be said that the possibilities for betting on eSports are considerably reduced.

That being said, even for eSport betting, general schedule of the top betting sites provide the Final Outcome or Winning Encounter market.

In general, we will find these types of markets for eSports:

  1. Winner of the match
  2. Vincente Mappa
  3. First Blood

🎮 Winner of the meeting

The winning encounter (or winner of the encounter), as with soccer, basketball, rugby or even UFC-MMA, is the player (or team) that wins the match. Therefore, in this case, we bet on the final outcome of a game.

Obviously, when we talk about online PES and FIFA tournaments, the winner of the football match will be the one who finishes the game having scored one more goal than the opponent (or, alternatively, the one who wins after extra time and penalties).

For MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) and RTS (real-time strategy games), among other similar video games, the winning team will be the one that destroys the enemy base or conquers the enemy territory. Similar to traditional betting, it is possible to bet on this market both pre-match and in play (but there is no draw).

🎮 Winning map

Let's take the example of the LoL title, one of the most famous MOBA (acronym for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video games in the world. Here, the Winning Map market is equivalent to the Winning First Half market in football, or the Winning First Set market in tennis.

Having clarified this aspect, we can get an idea of how a LoL (and other similar titles) game develops.

What are MOBAs?

I MOBA (which translated into Canadian would be Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) are real-time strategy video games. They take place on a closed map with two teams – each hunkered down in their own base – whose objective is to destroy the enemy headquarters and preserve their own.

Computer-controlled units are created from the base and periodically collide with units created by the opposing team as they follow the path they were created on. The player usually controls a unit, or hero, with a typical overhead view of the strategic genre. By killing other players, the player will earn Gold and Experience points; the former can be used to purchase items that increase their statistics, while the latter will advance the player to new levels, unlocking new abilities.

Among the most important titles in the MOBA genre, we can mention League of Legends, Aeon of Strife (AoS), StarCraft, Defense of the Ancients (DotA), and Dota 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2).

🎮 First Blood

This market is one of the most characteristic in eSports betting. In this case, the player must bet on the team (or individual player) that will hit the opponent first (killing them).

By making a parallel with football betting, it's like deciding to bet on the player market "First goal scorer".



Rating: 8.8


eSports Betting vs Sports Betting: Differences

The eSports betting sites we have seen on this page have profoundly different characteristics from each other. Depending on the mother platform, the eSports betting site will vary its offer. But what is the difference between bookmakers offering eSports betting and traditional bookmakers?

Below is a summary table:

eSports Traditional Sports
Markets Betting on eSports means finding a panel of market options that is less extensive than that of traditional sports disciplines. Generally the schedules of traditional sports disciplines offer a wider variety of markets.
Bonuses Sites that offer eSports betting may have specific promotions and special bonuses, whether they are increased odds or free bets. Normally, all the best AGCO betting sites offer a welcome bonus.
Quotes Esports betting sites are designed by gamers and enthusiasts and therefore could be more accurate and detailed about the odds offered. Usually we find very high odds. Traditional sports betting sites may not have a good understanding of the sport you bet on and therefore have lower odds.
Live Streaming Whether it's CS:GO, LoL, Dota 2 or Fortnite, all eSports matches are live streamed, not only on bookmaker sites but also on other platforms such as Twitch TV . Traditional bookmakers can only cover some matches and sporting events but never the whole scheduled.
Payment You can find eSports betting sites that offer payouts in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and other altcoins). Traditional bookmakers accept classic cards, e-wallets and bank transfers for deposits and withdrawals.

Fundamentally, your choice should always fall primarily on the bookmaker you feel most comfortable with, and therefore on the betting site that provides a product that best meets your needs.

We are almost at the end of our journey into the world of betting on eSports. All that's left is to conclude by reading the last paragraphs detailing the most popular games.

Betting on eSports, the most famous titles

Although a recent introduction, the eSport category has benefited from a betting boom thanks to the numerous international tournaments followed by millions of fans worldwide. If you have never had the opportunity to witness it, you may have some doubts about what it consists of.

But there is a constantly expanding and disruptive community that likes to focus on champions of video gaming.

According to a recent article on the well-known online magazine specializing in the technology sector, Tom's Hardware, the most popular video games today are:

  • Fortnite
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends (LoL)
  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  • Starcraft II
  • Rainbow 6
  • Overwatch
  • Call of Duty
  • PUBG
  • Hearthstone
  • Heroes of the Storm

As reported by industry experts, the global Esports industry will generate approximately $2 billion in revenue by 2023. While this is a significant figure, it is still small compared to traditional sports like soccer or basketball.

It will take some time before eSports become as lucrative as most traditional sports, but it is now established that this will happen in the future.

With the growth rate of eSports, this industry is likely to surpass so-called minor sports, such as rugby for example.


Fortnite immediately entered the good graces of the joystick wizards. The title brings freshness to the genre, with a dynamic, fun and captivating formula.

In particular, it has exploded due to the popularity of Battle Royale, a type of immense arena where players must eliminate each other by all means available. The ability to both destroy and build structures at the same time contributes to making the dynamics captivating.

The numerous patches released by the software house mix things up and fuel the spirit of competition. The team differs in its peculiarities, with the members of a team having the ability to heal a fellow team member on the ground or provide ammunition and bandages to a friend in difficulty.

eSports Betting: Dota 2

Defense of the Ancients 2, better known by its acronym Dota, it is one of the most successful video games in history and probably one of the most famous in eSports at the moment.

Dota 2 has been by far the e-sport tournament with the largest prize pool in 2016 and 2017 and it is also one of the most popular among bookmakers.

This is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, set in an ancient fantasy world, where two teams of five compete against each other with the goal of defeating the enemy stronghold.

All you have to do is visit the bookmaker that our eSports betting experts have chosen for this video game and bet on the ongoing tournaments:


eSports Betting: League of Legends

The acronym LOL is commonly used as an abbreviation for the fantasy-themed video game League of Legends.

As DOTA 2 is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), the two games are in direct competition.

You can play in one-on-one mode or in multiplayer 3 versus 3 (3 vs 3) or 5 versus 5 (5 vs 5). The objective is to destroy the Nexus, which is the enemy base, or force the opposing team to surrender.

To destroy a Nexus, each team must advance by overcoming a series of towers, called Turrets, placed along the main aisles for both bases, known as Lanes.

This is used to slow down the advance of Minions (small characters that attack the opposing group) and opposing champions. Each character has a unique fighting style.

All you have to do is visit the bookmaker that our eSports betting experts have chosen for this video game and bet on the ongoing tournaments:


Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Classified as an MMO (massively multiplayer online), Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a First Person Shooter.

It can be played both in 1 vs 1 mode and in teams and offers very high prize pools in esports competitions (which mainly take place during the summer).

It is a military strategy shooter that includes the use of different maps and 4 different game modes: Assault, Camper, Sniper, Support.

All you have to do is visit the bookmaker that our eSports betting experts have chosen for this video game and bet on the ongoing tournaments:



call of Duty

call of Duty, noto anche con l’acronimo COD, è una serie di videogiochi sparatutto in prima persona.

Bookmakers inevitably follow the rules of Call of Duty League organizers, the most prestigious tournament where the most skilled players on the planet compete.

In 2023, a big change was registered regarding the regulation.

Not a novelty in the true sense of the word, but a return to origins.

After several years of challenges between 5 vs 5 teams, it has returned to 4 vs 4. The team that first eliminates the opponents and conquers the most points has the advantage. A tie is not an option.

All you have to do is visit the bookmaker that our eSports betting experts have chosen for this video game and bet on the ongoing tournaments:


PUBG eSports Betting

PlayerUnknown's Battleground, also often abbreviated PUGB, is a massively multiplayer online game belonging to the Survival game genre. Introduced as a mod of ArmA II, it is based on the Battle Royal Match genre.

The mode allows a maximum of 100 participants per game, parachuted onto an island where they must explore the territory to find weapons and equipment, essential to survive and eliminate every opponent.

There is a safety zone that reduces its radius over time, forcing players to engage with each other. The last survivor wins.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is predominantly a collectible virtual card game, in which players have a deck of 30 cards at their disposal to challenge their opponents.

The game starts with 30 health points and each player is represented by a hero. To win, it is necessary to reduce the opponent's health to zero.

Each card has an associated cost and can only be "spent" if you have the right mana crystals.

Whenever your turn starts, the previously used crystals become available, allowing you to gain an additional crystal. On the first turn, each player starts with only one crystal, up to a maximum of 10 by the tenth turn.

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA videogame from 2005.

It is characterized by a free-to-play and freemium system, which is self-sustaining through player payments, who purchase heroes and equipment. It is a crossover, whose characters are drawn from some video game series (from the Blizzard software house, such as Diablo, Overwatch, Starcraft, Warcraft).

Two teams, each consisting of five members, have the main goal of destroying the core of the opposing faction.

Protected by various strongholds, towers, and portals, this core generates allied computer-controlled servants at regular intervals that go straight to attack enemy defenses. Additionally, while exploring the map, you may encounter neutral mercenaries, who once defeated, can be recruited into your respective team.


esports fifa betting Every year, the eternal rivalry between the two football simulation games lives through an intense chapter. Fans of both titles plead their cases every year.

For years, FIFA had ruled the soccer video game market, until the developers of PES learned from past mistakes and started seriously challenging their competitor. While the latter is a more balanced game, the former focuses more on spectacle.

The Fifa Global Series is based on a ranking system, where the player who earns the most points qualifies for the playoffs. Eventually, the 32 players who win the playoffs compete in the Fifa eWorld Cup, the ultimate global competition.

The answer is given by eSerie A TIM | eFootball Pes. The tournament starts with online qualifications, where registered amateur gamers can compete with each other to try to get a place in the draft. The top 8 teams of the regular season access the Final Eight.

All you have to do is visit the bookmaker that our eSports betting experts have chosen for this video game and bet on the ongoing tournaments:


Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is a trading card game, but not one of many. Similarly to LOL, the deployment of different characters changes the scenarios.

If you have the feeling of playing a different game every time you change the formation of the decks. This gives a lot of variety to the same basic objective, which is to reduce the opponent's life to zero.

The heart of the strategy lies in two main elements: synergy and timing. You can form a specific deck from one faction, but taking cards from a second can fill in the weak points and make the strategy more effective. The increase in turns makes timing much more interesting.

At the moment of making a decision, it can be more important than the action itself. Having the ability to intuit the moves that the other party intends to make is a crucial skill that can be decisive for the final outcome.

Teamfight Tactics

A spin-off of League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, also known as TFT, is an Auto battler strategy game. A game is played between two teams consisting of 7 players each.

To emerge victorious, one must do everything necessary to become the last survivor. At the beginning of the game, all players have 100 life points. These decrease as the battles progress until they reach zero. Once one's life level runs out, they are eliminated. At the end of the challenge, there remains a single survivor who leads their faction to success.


Valorant is a 5 vs 5 competitive tactical first-person shooter. In this FPS, each of the 5 players can play as different characters (Agents) who have unique abilities to use on the battlefield.

However, skills are not always able to overturn the outcome of the meeting.

Gunplay is crucial and as a result, the chosen weapons, accuracy, and movements are vital. During matches, players use the same Agent for the entire duration of the encounter.

The goal is to win a Attacker vs Defender fight in a best of 24 rounds format. There is no respawn, so once a player dies in a round, they must wait until the next round to get back into action.

Starcraft II

StarCraft II, abbreviated as SC2, is a real-time strategy video game where players battle to build armies and achieve dominance on the battlefield. Tactical approach is crucial. There are three different races to build an army: Zerg, Protoss, Terran.

Rainbow 6

In the tactical shooter Rainbow Six, players take on the role of attackers or defenders. An essential component of strategic planning involves grouping teams of various operators. The online mode includes five gameplay modes, of which only three are considered by bookmaking agencies: Bomb, Hostage, and Secure Area.


Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter video game. 6 vs 6 matches are organized in various areas around the world. The first tournaments emerged shortly after its launch in 2016. Tournaments such as Contenders, Pacific League, Overwatch League, and Overwatch World have attracted the interest of various online bookmakers, who include them in their respective schedules.

Rocket League

Published on July 7th, 2015, with 33 million players worldwide, Rocket League has become a mass phenomenon. Compared to usual competitive video games, it stands out for the absence of violence or complexity.

It's playable by everyone from the beginning, being really clear and simple. Just like in traditional football, there is a field and a huge ball that never goes out, two teams, but instead of football players there are cars. It can be played with 1 to 4 players per squad and the goal is to score more goals than the other team.

Betting on eSports, Conclusions

esports live betting game

Although the trend of eSports in Canada is only at the beginning of a long journey, which will probably bring it to the levels of notoriety achieved in other European countries (as well as the United States and Asian countries), now all betting sites offer their players the opportunity to bet on eSports.

Among the most popular games for betting on video game tournaments we have Dota 2 and of course League of Legends, now a classic on the schedules of the best AGCO bookmakers in Canada.

Many of these also offer the opportunity to bet in-play, meaning to play live, perhaps by watching the same matches for which you have bet in streaming. Alternatively, there are many other media platforms that broadcast all eSports championships every day.

Anyway, whether you want to play various real-time strategy video games or try your luck with eSports betting, the possibilities are endless.

Frequently Asked Questions eSports Betting – FAQ

Which is the best bookmaker for eSports betting?

In this page we have seen some of the best online AGCO bookmakers that also offer the opportunity to bet on eSport tournaments. Many of these also offer the chance to watch these games via live streaming. Among them, for the variety of markets and tournaments offered, as well as the presence of live streaming, we have elected the best online bookmaker for eSport to be the betting site Bodog.

Where to stream eSports?

An ever-increasing number of eSports betting sites offer the opportunity to watch matches and tournaments via live streaming on their platforms. And for those sites that don't yet offer such a service, platforms like Twitch and YouTube make it easy for bettors to watch eSports matches.

What are the most popular bets for eSports?

For first-person shooter games like CS:GO and Rainbow Six, the most popular bets and types of bets tend to be those based on maps and rounds. However, popular titles like Dota 2 and LoL offer a greater variety of betting options in the various tournaments that take place daily.

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