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Ever heard of Fortnite betting sites? We're talking about the most popular and well-known battle royale video game in the world. Landed on consoles and PCs around the globe in 2017, in a short time it managed to conquer a very large slice of gamers and even bettors who see Fortnite as one of the most requested eSports. So what are the bookmakers that offer the possibility to bet on Fortnite world tournaments?

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Fortnite betting sites

Fortnite has yet to be assimilated to other eSports (like League of Legend for example), so the options for betting on the game are limited. However, with a stock as popular as this, it's no surprise that the best bookmakers offering eSports betting such as LeoVegas or 888sport have already added a section dedicated to Fortnite bets to their schedule.

The trendsnow experts wanted to make your life easier by comparing the best Fortnite betting sites, collecting all the information relating to the types of Fortnite bets, payment methods, bonuses and up to compatibility with apps:

1. LeoVegas ✔️ Live Streaming
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2. ✔️ Live Betting
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3. Bodog ✔️ Variety Markets
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5. %A_349 % ✔️ Higher Odds
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Best Fortnite betting sites by category

However, if you want a more specific suggestion on which bookmaker to choose, below we provide the best bookmakers for Fortnite betting, divided into categories:

  • LeoVegas – The Fortnite betting bookmaker #1 for payout
  • Bodog – The betting site with the most Fortnite tournaments
  • William Hill – The top bookmaker to stay up to date on Fortnite
  • Wazamba – The best betting site for ratio of tournaments/markets offered
  • 888sport – The most user-friendly Fortnite betting bookmaker out there

Discovering the payouts on Fortnite bets

The first topic discussed in our article dedicated to Fortnite betting concerns the payout, or the actual percentage of a potential win. Without further ado, we have compiled an illustrative table of the highest payouts in relation to the three main Fortnite tournaments:

Bookmakers Fortnite World Cup Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) Cash Cup
William Hill 92.0% 94.1% 91.6%
LeoVegas 93.6% 93.9% 93.9%
Wazamba 95.2% 95.9% 95.1%
888sport 94.9% 96.0% 95.8%
Bodog 93.9% 95.1% 93.2%

As you can see, all bookmakers exceed, and by far, the 90% odds we talked about earlier, and a note of credit should be spent on LeoVegas, the betting site with the highest payouts of all.

The most important Fortnite tournaments to bet on

Compared to other video games, Fortnite competitions have only been taking place for a few years. Despite this, millions of gamers have attempted to place in the top 100 since the first edition of the most important tournaments. For instance, the World Cup is the most prestigious international solo event, even though it has only been held since 2019.

The fact that all the major tournaments took place for the first time in 2019 is not a coincidence, but rather due to a technical limitation that Fortnite had until that point: it was only with version 6.10 of the game that it became possible to play in Tournament mode. Among the most popular tournaments, in addition to the aforementioned World Cup, is the Celebrity Pro-Am which, as the title suggests, features international VIPs as participants, including rappers Travis Scott and Drake.

1. Fortnite World Cup

The first edition of the Fortnite World Cup took place in 2019 and was incredibly successful: all 23,700 Arthur Ashe Stadium tickets were sold, and an estimated audience of 2.3 million people simultaneously connected to Twitch to follow live games.

The event could not be repeated due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and Epic Games had to fall back on other events for this season. The World Cup features two events, singles and duos. The first prize of the only edition held so far was 3 million dollars, and was won by Kyle Giersdorf (online under the name of Bugha). The entire tournament is based on a ranking drawn up over 6 matches, with the points awarded as follows:

  • 16th-25th place, 3 points
  • 15th-6th place, 5 points
  • 5th-2nd place, 7 points
  • Vittoria Reale (1st place), 10 points


For the duo, on the other hand, the assignment of points follows the order:

  • 15th-11th place, 3 points
  • 10th-6th place, 5 points
  • 5th-2nd place, 7 points
  • Vittoria Reale (1st place), 10 points


Check now on our top bookmaker LeoVegas which are the Fortnite tournaments you can bet on now:

2. Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS)

The Fortnite Championship Series is an event created by Epic Games after the success of the World Cup. It is a championship, whose online rankings will take into account the performance of the players involved in the competition. The Grand Finals are held to decide the winners of each region.

Epic Games announced in 2019 that it would invest approximately $100 million in Fortnite's first competitive year, and the Championship Series is one of the project's central events. This year, the prize pool for this Grand Finals competition is $2 million!

Only the single-player event exists for the Fortnite Championship Series, and leaderboard points are split:

  • Victory Royale: 33 points
  • 2nd: 26 points
  • 3rd: 22 points
  • 4th: 19 points
  • 5th: 17 points


After the Open Qualifiers, in which those who will be the participants are selected, the first phase takes place over two weeks: the best 300 players per region from the first week also play in the second week, and the The top 80 from each region in Week 2 secure a spot at the Grand Finals.

Check now on our top bookmaker Bodog which are the Fortnite tournaments you can bet on now:

3. Cash Cups

The Cash Cup is a competition in which players who participate in single mode are rewarded and in which smaller prizes are earned, but more frequently.

The participants are divided into 3 leagues (open league, contender league, champion league), made up of 10 divisions, depending on the hype:

  • League Open: Division I (0 – 249 Hype Points)
  • Open League: Division II (250 – 499 Hype)
  • Open League: Division III (500 – 999 Hype)
  • Open League: Division IV (1,000 – 1,499 Hype)
  • Contender League: Division I (1,500 – 2,499 Hype)
  • Contender League: Division II (2,500 – 3,999 Hype)
  • Contender League: Division III (4,000 – 5,999 Hype)
  • Champions League: Division I (6,000 – 11,999 Hype)
  • Champions League: Division II (12,000 – 15,999 Hype)
  • Champions League: Division III (16,000+ Hype)


At each stage players will have 3 hours at their disposal, in which they will be able to play a maximum of 10 matches. At the end of each session the prize money will be divided according to the placement. The amount varies according to the league and the platform (PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch, mobile…), and reaches a maximum prize of 12,000 dollars for the first place, in the Europe section of the Champions League. In other tournaments, it ranges from 900 to 3,000 for first place, depending on the importance of the tournament.

Fortnite Betting Markets

Since eSports betting is still relatively unknown among online bettors and bookmakers themselves, there are very few betting options available for Fortnite as well. During the 2018 E3 tournament, for example, bettors could only wager on the pre-tournament winner's market.

Today, the most popular bet concerns the Match Winner market: simply place a bet on the player (or the pair in the case of Duo tournaments) that, according to the bettors, will win the match.

In the next months, Fortnite betting markets may include:

  • Match Winner – Bet on the player who gets the first kill on the map
  • Most kills – Bet on the player who gets the most kills in a match
  • Last Man Standing – As the title suggests, the bet is placed on the last player standing
  • Tournament Winner – A bet on the player who scores the specified number of points to win the tournament

We recommend using this market for bettors who understand how the mechanics of Fortnite gameplay work and know the tournament participants well enough. Since 100 players compete in each game, it is easy to understand that the odds for this type of bet will always be very high, due to the difficulty of guessing who will be the first to break objects. As we can also evaluate on 888sport:

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Live bets on Fortnite

Since Fortnite has recently been introduced to various bookmakers, it is really difficult to find betting sites that integrate a dedicated live betting section for Fortnite within their site.

However, in conjunction with some of the most important international tournaments, such as the World Cup, some bookmakers may offer bettors the opportunity to play on the Real-Time Match Winner market as, incidentally, William Hill has already done for Dota 2 and LoL:

Fortnite betting bonuses

For the same reason we indicated in the previous paragraph, it is very rare to find betting portals that dedicate betting bonuses to Fortnite, both because it involves a very niche group of bettors and because tournaments are held in very short periods of time.

We still recommend keeping an eye on the offers section of each bookmaker, as there could be interesting bonuses for betting on this video game in the very near future. It will still be possible to take advantage of the various bonuses offered by bookmakers, in order to get the hang of the various types of bet and perhaps even increase your balance.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite was created and developed by the software house Epic Games, launched to the public in 2017; it is a video game in which players play against each other, with the goal of being the last one alive. After recent updates, Fortnite consists of three modes: Creative, Save the World, and Battle Royale.

The last mode, Battle Royale, is the most played and is also used in international competitions. It takes place on a deserted island where players (100 per game) launch themselves from a flying bus with only a pickaxe. Once on the island, players can find weapons, ammunition, traps, medical supplies, and enhancements to better compete against other players. But it doesn't end there: the island is hit by a storm, and as time passes, the so-called "Safe Zone" becomes increasingly smaller, forcing players to constantly move around the map until they have to ultimately confront each other.

As we mentioned, the goal of this mode is to remain the last one alive, so the strategy that many players use is to stay alive and move only when necessary, rather than killing the most enemies.

Fortnite betting strategies and tips

Since Fortnite betting has only recently become available on various Canadian betting websites, we thought it would be useful to provide readers with a series of strategies and tips to optimize their bets and increase their chances of winning:

  • As a first step, it is very useful to fully understand the functioning of the game, in order to never feel lost about what is happening
  • It is equally useful to study all the information and statistics at our disposal: rarely will a Pro Player disappoint expectations
  • Like in everything, luck plays a part: just think that Ninja, one of the strongest Pro Players in the world, has only a 36% win rate
  • Use a betting calculator to simulate all possible bet combinations
  • Experiment with the different betting options offered by bookmakers to diversify your bets

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It's time to draw conclusions from our page dedicated to Fortnite betting sites. We have compiled several tables of what, according to our experts' opinion, are currently the top bookmakers for betting on Fortnite, as well as explored the most important international tournaments, the functioning of the video game itself, and the main tips to follow in order to maximize your chances of winning.

Our final advice is to watch a lot of videos, both on Twitch and YouTube, featuring the top Pro Players (below is a gameplay of Fortnite by the famous YouTuber CiccioGamer89), to see their style, how the game actually works, and therefore, the best strategy to make your bets.

Fortnite Betting FAQ – FAQ

Which is the best bookmaker for Fortnite betting?

There are many bookmakers that include the possibility of betting on this video game on their website; we therefore recommend referring to the table at the beginning of our article, with what we believe are the top 5 betting sites for Fortnite betting.

What is Fortnite and what is its regulation?

Explaining all of this in a few words would be impossible, which is why in the course of our article (above) we have dedicated an entire paragraph to clarifying this topic.

Are the payouts for Fortnite betting in line with other sports?

From what we have observed, most bookmakers offer very high payouts, even above 95%; we were also pleased to see that no betting site has ever fallen below the fateful threshold of 90%.

What are the secrets to winning in Fortnite bets?

There are no universal tips that guarantee a winning result in Fortnite betting, due to the countless unpredictable events that influence the various matches. Our advice is to inform and learn as much as possible about Fortnite, its Pro Players and its tournaments, in order to arrive as prepared as possible at the time of the actual bet.

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