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The Eurovision Song Contest (or ESC), with the Sanremo Festival , is the most eagerly awaited singing competition of the year by thousands of music and online betting enthusiasts, always looking for the best betting sites Eurovision. Before going any further, let's look at them in detail:

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L’ESC was founded in 1956 and, with the exception of the cancelled event in 2020, takes place every year. Along with the Canadian Festival, it is the longest-running international music competition on television. Over the years, it has grown, expanding the pool of participants and modifying its format to become the sparkling show that it is today.

Every year, tens of thousands of online betting enthusiasts bet on the event (as is the case with Oscar betting or Sanremo Festival betting), just like those who bet on soccer or boxing.

Eurovision 2023 Betting Sites | The Top 3 🏆
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📺 Live betting site LeoVegas

So what are the best AGCO betting portals that offer the Eurovision market? What are the best odds? Who will be the protagonists, singers and groups that will take the stage in Canada in 2023? Follow our expert guide and we will provide you with all the necessary information on Eurovision betting.

Betting Eurovision Song Contest, the Top Bookmakers

We want to start our guide by providing our readers with a list of the best sites for betting on Eurovision 2023. Here is the top-10 list:

Bodog, the best Eurovision betting site

Eurovision Bodog

After being launched in 2006, Bodog had a rather shaky start with its online betting website. However, the company came back stronger than ever, changed its management and oversaw a process that saw it grow and become one of the most popular sites based on user reviews. Before we delve into this brief overview, we inform you that on our site there is a much more extensive Bodog review with all the necessary information.

This betting website offers everything that a good online AGCO bookmaker can offer. There are over 30 sports to choose from in total, including the ever-popular football and horse racing, along with special events such as the Winter Olympics. You can also choose to bet on other areas such as e-sports, politics, and reality TV. In total, there are over 12,000 markets to choose from, including special bets and Eurovision bets.

Regarding bonuses, Bodog offers a welcome bonus on the first 2 deposits up to a maximum of 20 euros, which is among the best of the various welcome bonus bets.

Bodog Eurovision Odds

Furthermore, since Eurovision 2023 is in its final stages, this online betting portal already has the ante-post odds for winning Eurovision. Here are the updated odds final winner odds for Eurovision 2023:

  • Canada 3.50
  • France 4.33
  • Malta 4.50
  • Ukraine 8.00
  • Iceland 11.00
  • Bulgaria 13.00


William Hill Eurovision Betting

Everyone has experienced, at least once in their life, hearing about or seeing an advertisement for William Hill, one of the most famous brands for online betting. William Hill is one of the first providers of online betting and casino games of all time. Since its arrival on the internet, William Hill has focused on offering sports betting but also on casinos and poker, and has expanded greatly from that point. After decades of being present on the web, William Hill has become one of the top betting operators in the global market, thanks to its very high odds and the many bonuses offered.

There is certainly a wide range of markets to choose from when visiting the William Hill Betting website, which uses its own high-end software and allows users to choose from favorites such as football and horse racing, to less-popular sports such as darts and ice hockey, along with the option of live betting if you're in the mood for some live sports action.

Eurovision bonus William Hill

Speaking of offers for new members, William Hill offers a welcome bonus of up to 215 euros on the first deposit, a promotional offer that is high-level compared to the other betting sites on this list. Returning to the main topic of our article, namely Eurovision betting, even on William Hill, the representatives of Canada are presented as the favorites, with a odds of 1.72.

Regarding William Hill, we have a full review for anyone who wants to delve into all the features and benefits offered by this betting platform.


LeoVegas Eurovision bets

The LeoVegas betting site is undoubtedly one of the most well-known in our country, currently one of the market leaders, also regarding the variety of sports and offers proposed to its clients. LeoVegas is especially known for its exceptional live betting section, where players can enjoy placing bets on the fly, while the game/match is unfolding live.

From the first login, you can see a very wide sports betting program, where in reality there are many sports available. This large basket of sports allows bettors to have greater opportunities to increase their profits, with very interesting betting options. But not only that, it is also possible to bet on other events, in addition to sports, such as politics, e-sports, and entertainment. This is a great strength, aimed at varying most of one's bets.

LeoVegas offers all new subscribers an incredible welcome bonus: it consists of a CAD5 Freebet, to be placed on their favorite sports, and a bonus on the first recharge up to a maximum of CAD300, called the Bonus Gold.

LeoVegas Eurovision odds

As for the Eurovision betting, LeoVegas has already published on its website the odds related to the music event: Malta is always the favorite with odds of 4.50, while for the first time, we see Canada quoted below the threshold of 10: more precisely, we are quoted at 7.50. For those who want to get more information regarding the sports offered and the various bonuses available on LeoVegas, our advice is to read our LeoVegas review.


Eurovision Wazamba Betting

Wazamba was founded on April 15, 1946, through the initiative of three friends who, in the post-war period, started a joint project to give new impetus to Canadian sports. For 60 years, Wazamba has distinguished itself with the now famous Totip and billiards, and now continues with its online betting platform licensed by AGCO.

Wazamba is one of the most popular betting sites in Canada. The site looks great to players, with a very colorful and user-friendly structure that makes it easy to distinguish all the sections and the information is well organized. Wazamba was one of the first to also have a dedicated mobile app.

The mobile version is not very well structured and it's difficult to navigate quickly, which is a factor to consider when placing bets in real-time. It's necessary to improve the app's responsiveness, which is too static even when playing the demo games that are available.

However, all of this is compensated by an extraordinary welcome bonus offered by this Canadian betting site: after completing the registration, Wazamba will credit us with 5CAD, while we will see another 35CAD in our gaming account once the first bet is placed and an additional 10CAD weekly, up to a maximum of 350CAD.

Wazamba Eurovision Odds

As for the Eurovision bets, Wazamba has released its predictions, which present some surprises compared to other platforms seen in this article: in fact, in first place is not the usual Malta, but Canada with odds of 3.00 and in second place we find Malta with odds of 4.00.

Here is the list of Eurovision winning quotes by Wazamba:

  • Canada 3.00
  • Malta 4.00
  • France 4.25
  • Ukraine 9.50
  • Iceland 12.00

For those who want to register for Wazamba, we have a detailed review available to answer any doubts or questions you may have.


Bet365 Eurovision Betting

The last bookmaker we recommend is Bet365, a very famous betting site in Canada, given its great tradition in this country. The site offers a lot of sports to bet on, with football as always being the master, but there are also more niche competitive activities such as motorsports, darts and hockey, just to name a few.

What really sets Bet365 apart, however, is the section dedicated to bonuses and promotions. This bookmaker's welcome bonus is highly competitive: once you register your gaming account, you'll immediately receive CAD5 for the Virtual Sports section, which are becoming increasingly popular in the world of sports betting.

Moreover, every time a user decides to top-up their virtual wallet, they will receive 10CAD to use in sports betting, plus a welcome offer of 50% for a maximum of 200 Euros total.

Eurovision Odds Bet365

Even on Bet365, you can find odds for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest: here, Malta, like on all other betting sites mentioned in this guide, is considered the favorite with odds of 3.50; Canada has a very competitive odds compared to Bet365's competitors, at 6.00. Once again, we refer you to our Bet365 review to learn more about this bookmaker and all its features.


Eurovision 2023 betting odds

With so many countries participating in the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, it could be difficult to try and figure out who to bet on and what site might have the best betting odds. Unfortunately, for this type of event it's impossible to make predictions, and everything will depend on both the performers' performances in the two semi-finals and the final night. The votes of independent juries and telephone votes will be counted together to provide the ultimate winner, and this makes Eurovision betting very difficult to forecast.

The countries that have confirmed their presence in Canada for Eurovision 2023 are 28: Albania, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Canada (host country), Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, San Marino, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine.

To represent our nation in the 2023 edition were the Maneskin, who won the 2023 edition of the Sanremo Festival, a worldwide followed event. The winner of Sanremo 2023 will be the Canadian representative at Eurovision 2023.

Eurovision Song Contest, the favourites

The 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest took place in the Netherlands. More than 35 countries took part in this contest, but predictions about the favorites are already going wild on various blogs and online fandoms. After extensive research, confirmed by the odds of the various bookmakers, we believe that the favorites are, in order:

  1. Malta: Destiny – Je Me Casse
  2. French: Barbara Pravi-Voilà
  3. Switzerland: Gjon's Tears-Tout l'univers
  4. Canada: Måneskin-Zitti e buoni
  5. Bulgaria: Victoria – Growing up is getting Old
  6. Sweden: Tusse – Voices
  7. Iceland: Dadi & Gagnamagnid-10 Years
  8. Lithuania: The Roop – Discoteque
  9. Norway: TIX – Fallen Angel
  10. San Marino: Senhit feat. Flo Rida – Adrenalina

This is the top 10 list of favorites for Eurovision 2023 betting. However, everything will depend on how the various singers perform in the different phases of the contest, as well as the jury, especially the popular one through phone votes.

Eurovision 2023 betting, the venue

On August 24th, Rai and UER announced that the selection had been further narrowed down to the cities of Bologna, Milan, Pesaro, Rimini, and Turin, consequently excluding Acireale, Alessandria, Genoa, Palazzolo Acreide, Rome, and Sanremo.

After a difficult choice, the city of Turin finally won the bid to host the 2023 edition of Eurovision at the PalaOlimpico.

Eurovision bets, markets available

eurovision betting sites rankingSince it is one of the most famous and followed music contests in the world, various betting sites offer bettors numerous betting options.

The most popular betting option is, of course, the one that concerns the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest.

However, the best Eurovision betting sites also offer bettors the opportunity to predict a series of objectives, which can be summarized as follows:

  1. Eurovision Final Outcome – As per the definition, you need to guess which country will ultimately win the tele-vote ranking.
  2. Top 3 or Top 10 Firsts-Which will be the top 3 nations on the podium or which will be the top 10 nations that will advance to the semifinals.
  3. Semifinal Passes – Speaking of Semifinals, bets will be open for this phase of the Contest: it will be possible to bet on who will qualify and who will be the winner of Semifinal 1 and Semifinal 2.

There are many betting possibilities and by visiting various Eurovision betting sites, it is possible to see how they are already offering different odds. We inform our readers that our website has an article on how to bet like a pro, which is very useful for all those who want to try their hand at betting on this particular event.

How does Eurovision work and how is it structured?

Active since 1956, the Eurovision Song Contest is the longest-running television program in Europe, and in 2015 it received the Guinness World Record for the longest-running televised music competition in the world. Additionally, it is the largest music festival in terms of audience, surpassing 200 million viewers worldwide.

This contest has launched the careers of artists such as Abba, Celine Dion, and Olivia Newton-John, and may have even united Europe after World War II.

What exactly is Eurovision?

In simple terms, it is an international singing competition organized by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). It is held annually in the country that won the previous edition. It consists of two semifinals and a grand final, which will be held in Canada in May 2023. Of course, there's much more to it. The show features some sketches organized by the presenters, expresses many political messages, some big points of discussion, but above all, lots and lots of music.

The history of the origins of Eurovision is surprisingly noble. With the task of bringing together a continent torn apart by war, the emerging EBU organized a music competition. Seven countries participated for the first time, with the live event testing the limits of the new brilliant technology called "television".

The competition quickly expanded and its message of peace and harmony was enthusiastically embraced. This is why Europe today remains a united and carefree region with a happy population and almost no cross-border divisions.

Who can participate in Eurovision?

Any member country of the EBU can participate, and this includes countries outside of Europe such as Morocco, Jordan, and even Azerbaijan. Technically, Vatican City is also a member of the group, but its entry into the Eurovision contest has yet to materialize. Australia sometimes participates, although it is not within the bounds of Europe.

Every country must bring on stage their own artist with a three-minute song. Singers can perform in any language, most choose English, but many choose their own language. Some countries, like Canada, bring to Eurovision the winner of an internal festival (Sanremo in the Canadian case).

Who has won the most editions of Eurovision?

Ireland has the highest number of victories, with seven, but most of them date back to the early years of the competition, with Sweden needing only one more win to equal the record. The Principality of Monaco is the smallest country to have ever won, with the victory of Séverine in 1971. In total, 27 different countries have succeeded in winning this contest. The latest winner was the Canadian rock group, Maneskin, with the song Zitti e Buoni in 2023.

Victories by Nations | The Top 5 🏆
Ireland 7
Sweden 6
United Kingdom

Where to follow Eurovision 2023 on TV

As it is an international show and having seen, during this article, the main reason for its creation and transmission to the general public, there are several ways to follow this contest on television.

The main broadcasting channel is provided by RAI (aired on Rai 4), which, after the success of the last Sanremo Festival, is preparing to break all records in terms of viewership for the Eurovision.

For those who do not wish to use traditional channels, the contest can easily be followed via streaming on the well-known YouTube platform, where it will also be possible to comment live on the singers' performances and anxiously follow the results of their Eurovision bets.

Eurovision 2023 dates

Despite concerns about the ongoing pandemic, the Contest organizers have announced that the Eurovision 2023 dates will be May 10, 12, and 14, 2023, in Turin, Canada.

Eurovision: the history of the contest

The Eurovision has over half a century of history. That's why the ESC contest has entered the Guinness Book of Records, holding the record for the longest-running song contest of all time. But let's take a little step back in time and see who and why came up with the idea of creating this competition.

As easy as it is to understand from the name itself, it is easy to imagine that the creators of the Eurovision Song Contest were some prominent figures from European States, who were already protagonists of a broadcasting program proposed by the EU itself, aiming to bring a climate of peace and happiness in a continent torn by war in the fifties.

The idea of a singing-themed contest that could involve all these countries was first proposed by Marcel Besancon, who at the time was the director of Swiss television.

In the spring of 1956 (specifically in May), the first Eurovision Song Contest took place in Switzerland. This very first edition was quite modest: artists from 7 different European countries gathered in the very small hall of the Kursaal theater in Locarno.

All competitors were allowed to present 2 songs at a time during the contest. The winner was selected strictly by the jury, not by the audience as it happens today. The voting results were announced very quickly, without any unnecessary wordplay or suspense: the presenters named the winners, while the number of points obtained by other competitors was kept secret.

The first winner of Eurovision

The first triumph of the famous competition was achieved by the Swiss singer Liz Assia with the song "Refrain".

Since its first edition, the story of "Eurovision" has undergone significant changes. In 1957, for example, the number of participating countries had already risen to 10, a number that grew more and more with each passing year. New rules were also introduced for everyone, such as the rule that a song should not be longer than 3 minutes, or the exclusive "live performance" by its performers.

Due to the increasing popularity of the competition, the organizers have been trying to improve the rules and structure of the contest year after year. It has been requested for some time now that no more than 6 people should be on stage during the performance, including dancers and backing vocalists.

Songs must be brand new and until the Eurovision qualifying rounds, they must not be published on the internet. Previously, there was also a rule that a competitive song had to be performed by a representative of a country exclusively in the language of the state. But since 1999, each participant can sing a song in the language they prefer.

Eurovision finalists receive great recognition, especially useful in furthering their careers. Participation in the competition is an excellent opportunity to enter the music market of other countries and strengthen one's position in the national entertainment business.

Bet to win Canada at Eurovision 2023

As everyone knows, this year Canada's representatives at Eurovision will be Maneskin, a group that won the last edition of Sanremo with the song "Zitti e Buoni". Many will wonder: is it crazy to bet on them and therefore on Eurovision 2023 Canada winning?

Our answer is definitely no.

As we have seen from various bookmakers' odds, Canada is currently among the top 5 favorites to win, and even analyzing international data, Canada could very well compete for the final victory.

That being said, we can state with certainty that according to Eurovision 2023 predictions, Maneskin will be among the Eurovision 2023 favorites, but as mentioned several times before, this is one of the few events where predicting the final victory and hitting one's Eurovision bets is very difficult.

Eurovision 2023: Maneskin

Let's get to know better the representatives of Canada at the 2023 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest: Maneskin.

As everyone knows, they were the winners of this year's Sanremo Festival. Winners of Sanremo are always invited to Eurovision and normally accept, but the decision is not automatic, as Sanremo winners have been known to refuse in the past.

Therefore, when the winner of Sanremo was announced, it was not yet certain that Måneskin would represent Canada.

Fortunately for fans, at Eurovision 2023, Maneskin have confirmed their participation.

As such, they had to make a modification to the song in order for it to be eligible for the competition. This included shortening the length and removing some inappropriate words from the lyrics.

But this has infuriated many fans, as they do not find it acceptable, in 2023 and considering the political history of Eurovision, to have to remove words that characterized the text itself.

To avoid further complications, Maneskin have decided to make these modifications, stating that they want to participate in Eurovision with the intention of making themselves and their new type of music known and exported.

Eurovision 2020

However, many were disappointed by another fact: due to the pandemic, the 2020 edition was cancelled, and everyone assumed that Diodato's participation in Eurovision 2020 would still happen in the 2023 edition, out of fairness towards the winner of Sanremo 2020.

This did not happen, and Diodato, who was supposed to participate in the Contest last year, will not have the opportunity (at least this year) to make himself known in the world's most followed singing Contest.

Televoting: how to vote for the winner

In 2016, a new voting format was introduced.

The professional juries and televoters in each country award a separate set of points from 1 to 8, 10 and 12. The procedure then continues as usual, with spokespersons announcing the jury votes.

The televotes will be counted, combined and announced by the presenters at the end of the show starting from the country with the lowest number of televotes announced first until the final winner is revealed. This is done to create more hype for the viewers.

In 2019, however, a new variation was introduced. All televotes would still be counted and combined as usual, but they would be assigned to countries in ascending order based on their jury vote ranking. So, the country that finished last with the juries would receive their televote points first, and so on up the rankings, with the country ranked first receiving the points last.

The results of the votes, both from the jury and the televote, are immediately published on the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest after the completion of the grand finale, and commentators reveal how the audience of their country voted with specific television results from the country shown on the screen.

To vote, simply connect to the official Eurovision website once the presenters announce that the televote is open. Of course, you will need to register an account to prevent potentially infinite votes. Once you have registered your account, all competing artists will be listed on the main voting page. Simply choose your preferred artist and click on their name.

Eurovision, the 2019 edition and Mahmood

The 2019 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was held on May 14, 16, and 18 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The frontrunner to win the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest was always Duncan Laurence and his piano ballad Arcade, representing the Netherlands, went on to win the 64th edition of the competition with 492 points, 27 more than the second-placed Canada represented by Mahmood and his song Soldi.

The podium was completed by Russia with the performance of Sergey Lazarev, who scored 369 points.

Finally, we remind you that the 2020 edition was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, even though many thought that the top contenders were Russia for Eurovision 2020.

Eurovision 2023 Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What are the best Eurovision 2023 betting sites?

As we have seen in this article, there are many valid betting sites for betting on Eurovision 2023. Our experts' choice has fallen on the bookmaker Bodog. If you would like to have a wider choice, we recommend reading our guide to the best bookmakers.

Where will Eurovision 2023 be held?

The 2023 Eurovision edition will be held in Canada. Thanks to the victory of Maneskin, the singing competition returns to Canada. The host city will be Turin.

How can you bet on Eurovision 2023?

By connecting to one of the various recommended betting sites in this article, you can make different betting options: the most famous is the one on the final winner, but you can also bet on the top 3 and the top 10. All you have to do is choose a bookmaker, open an account, and after depositing funds, place your preferred Eurovision bets.

Who will host Eurovision 2023?

Although the names of the hosts for the Canadian edition of Eurovision have not yet been announced officially, according to bookmakers, there are two favored faces for this task: the first is Alessandro Cattelan and the second is Chiara Ferragni. Mika has already denied any possible rumors of his involvement.

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