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The commandments of the online bettor

Still TOO MANY players in Canada continue to lose considerable sums with online sports betting.

Inter Roma live bets This occurs for various reasons: poor preparation, little information, lack of method.

To win online sports bets you have to behave like athletes, operating with rigor and discipline, adopting a precise method. The techniques to win are many, all listed on this site. Here are some commandments, NEVER to be forgotten.

The choice of plays is fundamental and very difficult

William Hill is a bookmaker operating in Canada. This is an advantage for smart and attentive bettors like us: otherwise, everyone could do what we do, the bookmakers would fail, and this wonderful job or hobby (depending on you) that is giving us a comfortable life would be irreparably broken.

Before placing a bet, always refer to the events we indicate in our predictions section or on our Facebook page.


Unibet betting Websites to learn about and interpret money flows and similar things? All nonsense, they don't exist. And anyway, the flow of bets doesn't affect us at all. Our winning statistics clearly and without any doubt testify to this.

An example: soccer, a lot of money wagered on the victory of Milan or Inter in a normal Serie A game. The odds decrease consequently, at that point the expense is not worth the effort, the risk/benefit ratio becomes unbalanced, too much. As it has been happening more and more frequently in recent years, Milan and Inter do not win. We did NOT bet on the winning Milan or Inter, who did not win and anyway there was no reason to expect them to, as they were false favorites. The bookmakers' luck is made.





Bet365 Real Madrid, Paris St. Germain, Bayern Munich, etc etc are teams that win often. Often, not always. Sometimes the bets on the favorites crash, the "barbarians" slip and the bookmakers wake up much richer the next day.

We want some of that money in our pockets, and so we attack like this: paying attention to the false favourites (Naples, Inter and Milan for example, are perennially favorite teams but VERY often embarrassing missteps, even at home). A good strategy is to bet on the real favourites: really well organized teams, even at a corporate level such as Real Madrid, Paris St. Germain, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, ​​and looking at Canada we only save Juventus and Roma (in home). These too sometimes fall, but if we consider the figure on an annual basis, especially for home games, the balance is always and in any case largely positive.


Football Betting with Asian Handicap We strongly suggest that you instantly abandon any bookmaker that does not give you the opportunity to play even one of the events that we indicate in our predictions section or on our Facebook page.

If your online bookmaker is not competitive, presenting the events that we recommend banked with the best odds that we recommend, scrap it! Sites that are not competitive will never allow you to make money. HERE we recommend you some good online betting sites.


It is also okay to always invest the same amount in bets. The one that can be lost even 10 times, absurdly, in one day, without getting anxious. Do not vary the bets.

Playing the same stake, proportionate to one's abilities: playing for 100 euros if you only have 100 euros available is equivalent to wanting to buy Messi, being the president of a second or third tier team, the whose budget would not hold up to a single investment (not even 99% of first-tier teams could hold up).


Entrepreneurs, not "players". No to gambling. You win in proportion to how much you invest: the coupons that multiply your stake a hundredfold, ask elsewhere. Facebook is full of this garbage.

There are no wizards and prophets in these parts, we like to speak with facts! 😉

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