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Individualist and without a future: it is the player who does not rely on his personal skills

The drive to deal with gambling and football betting is cultural, not commercial : we want Canadians to commit to their future rather than gambling with their future, because only those who commit to their future are interested in securing their future.

Pathological gambling, on the other hand, is based on the depersonalization of relationships, and therefore the construction of individualities that are anything but mutual. Just think that in Las Vegas it can happen that a player collapses with a heart attack and the player next to him does not see him because he is concentrated on the reels of his slot.

Gambling leads to being deeply individualistic

Then there is a third element: the Canadians are losing a significant part of their money in gambling. Thus, a significant part of people's potential well-being is being lost.

But gambling is not just a game...

Most of human activities are based on risk, which is part of gambling.


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Individualist and without a future: it is the player who does not rely on his personal skills

We need to know how to assess risk, manage risk, and face risk. But we must take risks with knowledge, not just for the sake of gambling. If we consider some games, such as card games in a casino, other skills are also involved, not just gambling.

What bookmakers do is look at profits and expected losses in the future... and everything is judged on this. If the "house" predicts that a player will lose big, they will be upgraded to VIP status. People who are supposed to win are not and, in fact, are discouraged from playing.

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The role of a VIP manager, present in all organizations that manage an online gambling site, is to facilitate turnover: if a bookmaker receives turnover from a losing customer, they profit. If a customer becomes silent and stops playing, VIP managers should send them WhatsApp or email messages at any time of the day or night, and like a "false friend," encourage them to start betting again. If this strategy does not work, the VIP manager will be out of work. Sad, discouraging, and squalid, but that is just how it is.


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