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molinari golf bets Golf, together with soccer, tennis, basketball and ice hockey is one of the five sports most chosen by betting enthusiasts in Canada.

This figure shouldn't come as a surprise given that, by now, more and more tournaments with a worldwide echo find space in the national media, in newspapers and also in the sports schedules of the various online bookmakers which never fail to offer a vast choice of golf bets.

In short, if you are a golf enthusiast and want to try betting on this market, then continue reading our guide on betting sites che in Canada offrono tutte le possibilità per puntare e scommettere sul golf:

Best bookmakers for golf betting | Top 3
⛳ Golf Betting Site 2023 Bodog
🏌 Golf Betting Odds William Hill
💰 Golf Bet Bonus LeoVegas

Whether it's the’Augusta Masters or the historic Ryder Cup, i.e. the golf World Cup which will be held for the first time in Canada in 2023, many bettors today enjoy betting on their favorite golfers.

That being said, our experts have thoroughly combed through all of the betting sites available online on the Canadian market today, listing – as we will see below – the best, for characteristics, odds and welcome bonus offerti.

In addition to this, we will see together how to give you the best chance to be successful with golf betting.

The Best Golf Betting Sites

Let's start immediately by providing a list of those which, according to the analyzes and tests carried out by our experts, are the best sites for golf bets.

As you will see, each platform has a particular feature, so you can have a wide range of choices, based on the needs of each bettor.

Siti Betting Bet Bonuses Judgment Get your Bonus!
Bodog Welcome Bonus Up to 260 euros Rating 10/10 ★★★★★

Go to the betting site
Welcome Bonus William Hill Up to 215 Euros Rating 10/10 ★★★★★ Go to the betting site
Bwin Welcome Bonus Up to 210 Euros Rating 10/10 ★★★★★ Go to the betting site
Codere Welcome Bonus 20 Euros Free Now Rating 10/10 ★★★★★ Go to the betting site
Sports-Interaction Welcome Bonus 10 euro first deposit bonus Rate 8/10 ★★★★☆ Go to the betting site
Bet365 Welcome Bonus Up to 215 euros Rate 8/10 ★★★★☆ Go to the betting site
Skybet Welcome Bonus Up to 100 euros Rating 7/10 ★★★☆☆ Go to the betting site
LeoVegas Welcome Bonus Up to 350 euros Rating 7/10 ★★★☆☆ Go to the betting site
Wazamba Welcome Bonus Up to 310 euros Rating 7/10 ★★★☆☆ Go to the betting site
Betfair Welcome Bonus 10 euros + 5 euros per week Rating 7/10 ★★★☆☆ Go to the betting site

Golf Betting at Bodog

Bodog is one of the best in terms of sports betting; it is also worth noting that one of its main areas of excellence is in golf betting.

If you are a golf bettor, you can enjoy many betting options from Bodog and, thanks to these, you will have one more reason to have subscribed an account with this operator.

This bookmaker covers all the major golf tournaments such as the European and PGA Tours, the World Golf Championship, and all the Majors of the year. However, it does not offer bets on secondary markets of second level regional tours, and this is one of its downsides.

This small "setback" is compensated for by the large section dedicated to live betting, which will allow bettors to place bets on golf while the tournament is in full swing.



Rating: 9/10

One final point in favor of Bodog is its mobile support, which allows all customers, not only to view the website on a smartphone web browser, but also to have the opportunity to download a dedicated app. Regarding the Bodog app, it is one of the best ones available for golf betting.

The elegant and intuitive nature ensures quick loading of functions and commands, making it a very easy-to-use app. You won't waste any time here because the interface is very professional, simple, and fluid. For a more comprehensive review of this platform, we recommend all readers to read our Bodog review.


Golf Betting on 888Sport

888Sport has become an established operator in the Canadian online sports betting market.

This site has a new approach to golf betting as its strong pricing strategy allows them to offer the best odds for golf players-excellent for generating higher profits in tournaments where favorites are quoted much lower on other platforms.

888Sport covers smaller tours worldwide with updated markets and odds. In Canada, they offer events from the LPGA, Champions Tour, as well as markets from the PGA Tour and European Tour tournaments.

A great opportunity is offered to bettors to play with golf bets, and as we have already mentioned in this brief overview, there is no other site in circulation that offers better golf odds than 888 Sport.



Rating: 8.8

To conclude, in our 888sport review, we delve into more detail on all the main features of this website, so we recommend taking a look, in case you need any further convincing to sign up for this golf betting site.


Golf bets on Better Lottomatica

The third betting site for golf that we are listing today is Better, a platform associated with the Lottomatica group and which offers an incredible variety of sports.

Among these, our beloved golf is also featured in today's article.

Compared to other sites, the tournaments offered on Better are much riskier, probably due to the fact that it is a niche sport in Canada and Better caters primarily to an Canadian audience.



Rating: 6/10

Despite this, the odds presented for golf betting and the tournaments available on this platform are very competitive, as we will see later.

The Better platform is very clean and easy to use, with the main categories in the drop-down menu at the top of the home page and details of the selected section appearing on the screen. Finally, we refer you to our Better review, designed to provide an objective overview of this sports betting site and more.


Golf Betting on Sports-Interaction

Sports-Interaction was founded in 1997 and offers low margins, a multitude of markets and sports, good prices and odds, and a large amount of promotions.

Speaking specifically of golf and golf betting, here we find many tournaments; mainly international tournaments are offered, known globally.

Another downside of this betting platform is the lack of a dedicated live streaming section, which is why Sports-Interaction has slipped to fourth place on our list.


Super Odds

Rating: 8/10

The only positive note is the promotional offers and bonuses that this site offers to its users on a weekly basis.

By registering with Sports-Interaction, it is possible to receive some free bets to use on your favorite sport (subject to specific betting requirements). Our Sports-Interaction review will also help all readers better understand the strengths and weaknesses of this operator.


Golf Betting on LeoVegas

To conclude our top 5 list of the best golf betting sites, we find LeoVegas, a highly recognized and popular bookmaker in Canada, who often ranks first in all rankings on betting sites.

Unlike other sites, LeoVegas covers a significantly greater number of golf tournaments, opening its bets well in advance of its direct competitors and often offering sensational betting options.



Rating: 7.5/10

LeoVegas is highly appreciated especially for its free live streaming service offered to its customers; even with regards to golf, it is expected that this platform will offer live streaming, at least for the most famous tournaments that are usually broadcast on TV, in order to enjoy the thrill of in-play betting.

Finally, we recommend you to read the LeoVegas review on our website to enjoy a broader view of this betting site.


Golf Odds

golf betting

What matters most to bettors is knowing how much they can earn from their bets.

Here then golf betting odds become one of the most important elements in the field of betting: choosing a site with low odds will probably guarantee the bettor a low but safe win.

However, there might be another website that offers higher odds for the same tournament, convincing the bettor to blindly switch platforms.

As can be seen from the mini reviews of the best AGCO bookmakers on golf that we have reported above, one of the betting sites that offers the best odds on golf is LeoVegas. We deduced this by comparing the odds offered for the upcoming edition of the Ryder Cup, one of the most important competitions of the global golf season.

Types of golf bets

Being able to fully understand the types of bets and markets in golf is one of the main steps that a bettor should take, even before choosing a suitable betting site.

We say this because it is possible to get caught up in the hype of betting and blindly place bets on a type and market of golf betting that will actually only result in lost money.

And that's where we come in to help at Betting Trends now. Below you'll find a list of the main types of golf bets and markets, along with a brief description, in order to make everyone aware of what and how they're betting their money:

  1. Vincente Torneo
  2. Head to Head tournament
  3. Margine Vittoria
  4. Live Betting on Golf


Rating: 9/10

Types of Markets Available on Golf

Having made this necessary premise, it's time to take a closer look at which possible bets can be placed on the best AGCO online bookmakers for golf betting.

⛳ Tournament Winner

This is one of the most common and easiest types of golf bets to understand. As the name suggests, in the 'Tournament Winner' bet, a bettor must try to guess who will emerge victorious from the tournament on which they have decided to wager their money.

Similar to basketball and football betting, most websites also offer this market in live mode. This type of bet pays well if the bettor places their bet months in advance, when the tournament has not yet taken place, as the odds are usually higher.



Rating: 9.5/10

⛳ Head to Head Tournament

This type of bet is one of the most intriguing because it pits two players from a particular tournament head-to-head, naturally selected by the betting site.

The task of those who choose this type of bet is to predict which of the two players will perform better throughout the entire tournament.

Let's give a practical example to our readers to better understand what we're talking about: we're at the US Open, the betting site offers a Head-to-Head bet between the Canadian player Francesco Molinari and Dustin Johnson, the former quoted at 1.80, and the latter quoted at 1.70. By betting on one or the other, you believe that the chosen player will place higher than his direct rival.

Although it may seem like a very simple type of bet, we must point out that it is always better to have some familiarity with Head to Head bets, since most of the time, bookmakers pit two very similar protagonists against each other in order to increase the level of difficulty in golf betting choices.

William Hill


Rating: 9.5/10

⛳ Playoffs to decide the winner

In golf, a playoff is the equivalent of penalty kicks in soccer, meaning it is the mode used to determine a winner and avoid the tournament ending in a tie.

With this premise in mind, it's easy to understand how in this type of betting, the bettor will have to place their bet on who they think will emerge victorious from this playoff. It's also beneficial to have some experience in the sport of golf and golf betting, knowing the holes, the course, and especially the form of the two challengers.



Rating: 8/10

⛳ Golf Margin of Victory

In golf betting, the victory margin market involves predicting whether the gap – or distance – of a participant over the closest challenger will be one or more points.

Usually, choosing the golfer with the best odds of winning the tournament should also ensure a good profit in bets on the winning margin, but as always, it's better to have a detailed knowledge of at least the top 10 golfers participating in that specific tournament, as there may always be unexpected surprises.

Live Betting on Golf and Streaming

Live betting-sometimes called in-game or in-play betting-is a style of play that is gaining popularity in all sports, with golf being no exception.

Fortunately, as you can imagine, live betting offers the opportunity to continue placing bets even after the start of an event.

The simplest but perhaps most effective type of live golf betting is to bet on the tournament winner.

The probability of winning for each player will constantly change during the event, depending on how everyone is playing.


Up to CAD160

Rating: 9/10

For example, if after the first round we find Dustin Johnson trailing the leader by three strokes, the bookmaker may change this in-play odds and offer a higher value for his victory.

So, even though he is behind by three strokes, this play could be a great opportunity for live betting, as during the tournament, Johnson (or a champion like him) could easily recover that disadvantage.

This is the most common type of live golf betting. However, there are many others, including:

  • Bet hole by hole
  • Three-hole bet
  • Final Score

Obviously, in order to take advantage of live betting, the icing on the cake is offered by many bookmakers, who, completely free of charge if you are their customer, offer a live streaming service of some of the biggest events.

Among these is definitely golf, broadcasted live during the most important international tournaments, such as the US Open, the Ryder Cup, and the Olympics.

Bonuses and Promotions for Golf Bets

Despite being a very niche sport, especially in Canada, where the number of bettors on this sport is really very low, bookmakers do not spare specific promotions for this sport.

These can be found especially in conjunction with the most important international events/tournaments, in which the various betting sites may offer higher odds, multiple bonuses and so on.

Finally, it is important to remind our readers that golf is often included in the Free Bet package of various online betting platforms' welcome bonuses. For this reason, we urge each of you to read our article on best welcome bonuses and how to take advantage of them.



Rating: 7.5/10

Golf Betting Tips

When betting on golf, there are a few key factors to consider before placing your golf bets. Our experts have chosen some key points to always keep in mind:

  • 🏌 Physical condition of players – The current form or physical condition is the main parameter that bookmakers take into account when building odds for a given tournament, therefore it is what golf bettors should consider before placing bets. Just like teams, golf players can go through highs and lows in their form.
  • ⛳ Type of holes – Some golf courses have wider fairways and boast a greater average hole length, making them more suitable for golfers with more power than accuracy, so they can quickly find themselves on the green. Accordingly, courses with narrow fairways and obstacles outside the tee box reward players with greater shot accuracy. An excess of water and sand bunkers and complicated hole placement emphasize the search for players with an accurate and perhaps more cautious approach, while unpredictable undulating greens can quickly give those elite putters the advantage in the final rankings.
  • 📝 Statistical data – Whether it's the layout, familiarity, or simply an excellent form, golfers often frequent certain courses, which can be exploited to analyze various statistics and historical records on a particular course. Golf bettors should always look at a player's history on a course, dissecting consistency round by round and how the tournament layout corresponds to previous years. Regional familiarity should also be considered, as golfers from that state or region likely have experience playing these courses outside of professional events.
What is a Fairway?

In golf, the fairway (from the English "right" or "beautiful way") is an extended area made up of grass cut to make it easy to play the ball.

Normally, this area extends from the beginning of each hole and reaches near the green. Essentially, this is the main playing field of each golf hole.

On the sides of the fairway there is the "first cut", which is the area where the grass is cut to medium length; this area is designed to penalize those players who have not correctly executed the previous shot.

There are other levels of cutting, in order to make the game of golf even more complex.


The Most Important Golf Betting Tournaments

Let's conclude our article by talking about something that is less technical and more general regarding the sport of golf.

Let's start by looking at which tournaments are most followed by the top golf betting sites.

The Majors

The 'Major Championships' are the most prestigious annual events in golf and usually take place every month from April to July. Majors are the most coveted tournaments by professional golfers as they represent the pinnacle of this sport.

Winning one of the four majors is seen as the pinnacle of a golfer's career, and each of them holds an enormous amount of prestige, history, and money that other PGA Tour events do not. But what are these four major appointments?

Here they are in detail:

The Masters

Held at the Augusta National Golf Club in April, The Masters is the first Major of the year, and probably one of the most prestigious.

The event is unique in many ways, first of all for the caddies who have their own livery and special kit, including a white suit, white tennis shoes and a green hat.

In addition, the television cables are buried under the fairways so as not to spoil the beautiful setting of the course.

Television networks simply connect their cameras to each hole, so that long cables are not visible along the surface.

Among the winners of this tournament are Jack Nicklaus, who won it 6 times (the last in 1986, at the age of 46), and Tiger Woods, who won it 5 times (the first in 1997, at 21 years and 3 months, making him the first player of color and the youngest to win in the tournament's history).

The Masters Hall of Fame 🏆
2021 Hideki Matsuyama
2020 Dustin Johnson
2019 Tiger Woods
2018 Patrick Reed
2017 Sergio García
2016 Danny Willett
2015 Jordan Spieth
2014 Bubba Watson


PGA Championship

Played in May, this is the second major of the year and is played at various courses in the United States.

Prevalently played on the East Coast, it has been held in New York 11 times. This year, in 2023, it will head west and be held at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco.

It is the only Major that doesn't invite the top amateur golfers to compete, with the only option for them to secure a spot being by winning one of the other three Majors or by winning another PGA Tour event via sponsor exemption.

Today, the winner receives a replica of the original Wanamaker trophy as the original is on display at the PGA gallery in Florida. The winner also receives a smaller replica to keep forever.

Brooks Koepka is one of the strongest on this course, having won the event both in 2018 and 2019. In 2020, the American Collin Morikawa triumphed.

US Open

The United States Open Championship is the third Major of the year and takes place in June. The venue of the event changes every year and is traditionally known as the toughest of all four majors.

It is the only Major staged by the United States Golf Association (USGA) in place of the PGA, and the event is often controversial as many players believe that the course set-up is often very difficult, resulting in the toughest test of all four Majors for professionals.

In the latest edition held in 2020, the US Open had the largest prize money of all the Major Championships (approximately $ 12,500,000); the winner was Bryson DeChambeau.

The Open Championship

The last major golf tournament of the year, held in July, is the Open Championship, also known as the Open or The British Open.

It is the only major held outside the United States and is also the oldest golf tournament in the world (its first edition was held in 1860).

Played on a rotation of 10 of the best coastal links courses scattered throughout the United Kingdom, it takes its name from the idea that the tournament is supposedly "open" to all competitors, professionals and amateurs alike. However, this does not work in practice as only a few selected top amateurs are invited to play.

Shane Lowry is the current reigning champion of the Open, also awarded the title of "Golfer of the Year", a title given every year to the winner of this Major.

In 2018, on the fields of Carnoustie Golf Links, the winner was Francesco Molinari, the first and only Canadian to have won a golf Major title so far.

Ryder Cup Betting

This professional tournament takes place every two years.

It is a team event that pits the best golfers from the United States against the best golfers from Europe.

This year, the Ryder Cup will take place in various locations across the USA, from late September to early October 2023.

The latest edition, held in 2018 in Europe, saw the European team dominate, thanks in part to the fantastic score of 5/5 by our Francesco Molinari.

Ryder Cup matches involve various types of match play between players selected from the 2 teams, each played over 18 holes.

Under the current formula, the competition includes eight foursomes, eight fourball, and twelve individual matches. The winner or winning pair of each match earns one point for their team, while in case of a tie, both teams receive half a point.

The 2023 edition will be held (for the first time) in Canada. The Marco Simone Golf and Country Club in Guidonia Montecelio (owned by the famous designer Laura Biagiotti), located in the province of Rome, will host the Golf World Cup.

Ryder Cup Hall of Fame 🏆
2021 ?
2018 Europe
2016 United States
2014 Europe
2012 Europe
201o Europe
2008 United States
2006 Europe


History: where was golf born?

Let's conclude our article about golf sports betting by providing a brief historical overview of the origins and evolution of this sport.

Golf originated from a game played on the eastern coast of Scotland, in an area near the royal capital of Edinburgh.

In those early days, players tried to hit a pebble on the sand dunes and around the tracks using a stick or a bent club.

The popularity of the game rapidly spread throughout 16th century Europe thanks to royal support.

King Charles I brought the game to England and Mary, Queen of Scots introduced it to France when she went to study there; the term "caddie" comes from the name of her French military assistants, known as cadets.

The game of golf officially became a sport when the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith formed the first club in 1744 and established an annual competition with prizes in silver coins.

From that moment on, golf became increasingly popular, especially in the various royal courts throughout Europe, to the extent that to this day, golf is considered an elitist sport.

Golf Betting Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Which are the best golf betting sites?

There are countless online sites and bookmakers for golf betting today. Specifically for golf betting, in this guide, we have listed some of the ones that, according to the analysis of our experts, are the best on the market. Among all, we want to highlight bookmaker Bodog which undoubtedly offers the best odds for your golf bets.

Can multiple bonuses be used on golf?

Everything depends on the various wagering requirements of the multiple bonus offered. Very often these bonuses are reserved for sports such as football and basketball, but sometimes bookmakers may also offer the possibility to use them on other sports, including golf betting.

On which markets do you bet the most in golf?

Vincente Torneo and Head to Head are usually the markets with the most betting activity in golf. However, other types of golf betting should not be overlooked, such as the margin of victory.

Are there bookmakers that stream golf tournaments?

Most of the bookmakers listed in this article offer the opportunity to watch sports on live streams, of course, after opening a gaming account. Therefore, also for golf, a completely free live streaming service is offered to all customers with an active gaming account to place live bets on golf. Usually, however, only the most important international tournaments are broadcast, and it is difficult to see regional tournaments in live streaming.

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