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Easy prediction or ambitious bet

It is not easy to assess the risk of a bet, although the odds give a fairly clear indication of what the probability of success will be: the riskier a bet is, the higher the odds and the unlikely result. You can play prudently, betting on the teams favored by the prediction or try the surprise shot on the least probable results. Generally speaking, there may be only a few “big bets” in your daily betting plan, already covered by an adequate number of less risky bets on events with a less uncertain prognosis. By doing this, in case of failure on your "crazy" bets, your wallet will be less affected and you can continue playing.

Objective factors and emotions

How to evaluate the risk of a bet?A very important rule is never bet emotionally or on impulse! It can be dangerous to get carried away by passion for your favorite team when placing a bet. In your eyes, the team you're a fan of is the strongest in the world, but remember that may not be reality and the last thing you want is to realize it by losing YOUR money. One of the most frequent mistakes made by online bettors is to bet instinctively: online sports betting is a game that-fortunately-can be based on more certain and concrete factors than simple impulses, instincts and passions. Remember this heartfelt advice from all the staff of this site, always bet with your head and based on objective factors, leaving your emotions aside.

Understand the mechanics of a bet

The risk of a bet also depends on the type of bet on which you decide to place your money. There will be less risk for example in betting on a single (1X2) than on a bet on the result of the first half/full time result. Our advice is to familiarize yourself with the types of bets and not to bet until you are sure you understand the mechanism. On a single sporting event, there can be up to 20 different types of bets available. Before placing your online sports bet, ask yourself if you know for sure what you are betting on and if you are familiar with exactly how the bet you are about to place works. In case of doubts, it's better to resort to more "traditional" bets such as 1×2, exact result, or double chance (1x-12-x2).

Wallet first

It is always important to remember that beyond online sports betting, your wallet comes first: if you do not play with attention and reasonableness, it could empty out. Every placed bet must be part of a precise strategy, whose ultimate goal is clearly to fill – not empty – your gaming account. This takes time; nothing happens in a few bets in a few days. To win with online sports betting, you need time, attention, information, and a precise medium-term strategy. Here at this site, Betting Trends, we aim to inform you about this.

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Always remember: letting yourself be carried away by impulse and betting on instinct can be VERY dangerous. Put aside your passion for your favorite team when betting online. NEVER bet emotionally.

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