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To bet with a bookmaker on a sporting event, you need to select one of the possible outcomes (for example, in a football match there are 3 possible outcomes: 1-X-2) to which decimal or fractional odds are associated .

The betting sites in Canada apply the decimal odds (e.g. 1.40 or 2.20), because the odds are 1.40 or 2.20. fractional odds are currently in use only on Anglo-Saxon sites. Those who bet on AGCO sites will have the same amount of money. only deal with decimal odds.

These odds allow you to know the amount of your potential winnings if your bet is successful. If you bet 5 euros on a bet with odds of 2.00, if you win, you will receive a return of 10 euros ( 5*2.00).

The more uncertain the outcome of a match, the higher the odds will be, while a more probable or certain result will have lower odds. It is not uncommon to see sports matches where one of the results is quoted at 1.01 due to the high probability of that result. On the other hand, matches that are anticipated to be closely fought and uncertain offer high odds for each possible result (such as Inter-Milan 1-X-2 quoted at 2.45-3.20-2.75 ).

The quote

To be even clearer, let's give another example:

Place a bet on Barcelona vs Inter in the Champions League:

Here is an example of a quote: Barcelona-Inter, semifinal of Champions League 2010.

Place 20 euros on Inter's victory with a quote of 6.50.

If Inter wins at Camp Nou, you earn: 20 * 6.50 = 130 euros (130 euros is the winnings and 110 euros is the profit (130 euros-20 euros of the bet))

How does a bookmaker create odds?

Every online bookmaker invests heavily in human and technological resources to manage this sector to the best of their abilities. There are teams of professional bookmakers who ensure the publication and real-time update of odds and are generally organized in shift work to cover 24 hours of every day of the year, including holidays. Online gaming operators always organize working groups that deal only with risk management, that is, by identifying the most "skilled" or "lucky" bettors and studying their behaviors in order to limit losses. Other teams are exclusively dedicated to online betting fraud, with the aim of identifying and stopping as soon as possible any losses resulting from anomalous betting flows, unsportsmanlike behavior, or attempted fraud by individual bettors who use system bugs or illicit methods to generate winnings while damaging the online bookmaker's economic account.

The activity, in the working groups of a top bookmakers among those we highlight as the best on the market, such as Codere, is feverish and runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition to the technical and business management of the quotas, there are obviously not only sports logics that assign a quota to an event rather than another, but also complicated mathematical calculations.


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Always remember: true fun is winning, preparing and betting well-informed, weighing the decision carefully. Never bet on impulse, and above all never wager MORE than you can really afford. PLAY RESPONSIBLY.

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