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Sports betting

A sports bet is-first of all-a game that offers you to correctly predict what the outcome of a sporting event will be, such as a football or tennis match, for example. Sports bets are offered by the best betting sites online on their portals.

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The odds make the odds

You can also place bets on the Giro d'Canada.Based on the probabilities that an event will occur (in football, usually based on the strength of teams, their form, statistical past performance, and player morale), each result will be associated with a quote that reflects this difference in probabilities.

The victory of a team considered a favorite by the forecast will therefore have a lower odds (and therefore a potential gain) than that of the team not favored by the forecast.

It's up to you to decide which result to aim for and what type of bet to choose.

If you win, you will receive your bet multiplied by the odds of the chosen result.

Types of sports bets

There are various types of sports bets for each sport and different tactics to maximize the chances of winning. All types of existing sports bets, and the basic information on what a sports bet is can be found on this page in a complete guide on our website.

A clear example

It's essential to fully understand what you're doing, mainly because you can lose your own money. If you're on this site, it's because you want to learn and understand. Let's take a simple example, imagining a bet on the Serie A soccer match Inter-Juventus, whose odds are:
1 X 2
2.15 3.00 3.30
If you bet 100 euros on 1, that is, on Inter winning at the end of the match, and Inter actually wins, you immediately collect 215 euros, that is, the 100 euros bet plus the 115 euros of net profit that are the actual winnings of the bet.
if instead, you bet 100 euros on X and the teams end the match in a draw, you will be refunded 300 (100 euros plus 200);
finally, if you bet 100 euros on 2, Juventus to win, and the Bianconeri win at San Siro, you will receive 330 (100 euros plus 230 euros).

The combination bet

The combined bet allows the player to choose and enter up to 12 events with a single bet amount. The bet will be successful if all predictions, without exception, are correct.

The multiple bet

The multiple bet must not be confused with the combined one. In fact, the multiple is composed of several predictions on the same event.

Betting systems

By placing at least three or more bets on your online bookmaker's bet slip, you are playing a system. The main difference between a system and a multiple bet is that not all the bets need to be correct for you to win in a system. For example, in a 2/4 system, there are a total of 6 bets. You can still win if only two out of the four bets are correct. Essentially, the system creates combinations based on the bets placed.

How to place a sports bet online

It's very simple: just register on one of the TOP BOOKMAKERS that we recommend, at the end of registration it is sufficient to deposit even a small amount-just 15 euros-and you can immediately start playing.


Betting is exciting, following our technical advice and playing online on our recommended top bookmakers, you can win big. Always remember that you can also lose by betting: PLAY RESPONSIBLY.

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