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Live Betting is the new and most exciting way to experience sports betting.

Today it is now possible to live bet on the biggest sporting events (football, tennis, rugby, basketball, handball, golf, UFC-MMA) taking place all over the world and at all hours , thanks to the services of the best betting sites.

AGCO, Gioco Sicuro anche LIVE Online bookmakers offer live odds that continually vary depending on the progress of a match.
For bettors with experience and a keen sense, simply being reactive in understanding the progress of the match and predicting what will happen can result in large winnings.
Following a match on television can provide enough information to place a winning bet, even during the course of the game.

Live Betting

What are live bets – Example 1

Live betting on Barcelona – Manchester United while watching the match on TV.
At the 80th minute, Manchester takes the lead (1-0) and retreats to defend against Barcelona's attacks. The Catalans break through Manchester's defense. As soon as you notice the match's complexion changing, you decide to bet on the next goal or draw. The bookmaker offers an attractive odds because when you place the bet, Barcelona is behind in score but still has time to equalize or score twice as much as Manchester.

In addition to being able to bet on the outcome, there are other types of live bets available:

  • Under / Over
  • Which team will score the next goal?
  • Who will be awarded the next free kick?
  • Will there be a red card?
  • Will a penalty kick be assigned?

These types of bets can become very interesting and relatively easy to predict correctly during a match, which is why more and more bettors prefer live betting.

What are live bets – Example 2:

While watching the Barcelona – Manchester United match on TV, you notice that Barcelona is pushing hard to score a goal that would allow them to advance to the next round of the Champions League. The Catalans can score and it's easy to see that, by putting pressure on Manchester, they could earn a corner kick. If there are still 10 minutes left, the likelihood of getting 3 corner kicks is high. Seize the opportunity, bet on "over 2.5 corner kicks", and score a win with a good payout.

Placing your live bets while watching the game on TV increases the pleasure and excitement compared to traditional betting. Furthermore, it allows you to take full advantage of changes in odds.

How to place a live bet?

To bet live you need to have an open gaming account with a bookmaker of your choice. After creating your account, access the live betting interface of the bookmaker and choose the match you want to bet on from the list that you will see.

A dedicated window for live betting will immediately open on the screen, where you can follow the odds as the match progresses, as well as all the information and statistics about the match itself. Place your preferred bets, but remember that if one of the teams scores, the bookmaker will suspend bets for a few seconds (it would be impossible to bet on a result that has already occurred).

If you can't follow the matches on TV, the best solution to fully enjoy live betting is to choose a bookmaker that offers live streaming of the selected event.

Good luck!

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Live betting is exciting and engaging. Try not to get carried away, always play responsibly. Good luck!

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