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live betting sitesWelcome to the site page dedicated to the world of live betting sites and the best site that offers bets and bets in real time to its users and subscribers.

Together, thanks to the help of our experts, we will discover all the aspects concerning the universe of live bets and in-play bets, one of the ways of bet with football odds and bet on sports that have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially thanks to online betting sites.

So, together we will see the best live betting site, and his quotes, free bonuses, no deposit bonuses, mobile gaming mode with betting apps, and many other aspects.

Ready to dive into this exciting world of online betting?

First of all, let's take a look at the list of the best live bookmakers according to the Betting Trends now portal.


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The best live betting sites: selection criterion

live betting sitesBefore writing the content for this page, our experts carefully sifted through everything that the internet offers regarding live and real-time betting options in the Canadian market.

There were many bookmaker websites that we reviewed to complete our analysis and choosing the best ones was not an easy task.

Moreover, the live bookmaker offer has grown in recent years and there are more and more online operators able to offer a very competitive website capable of satisfying all the needs of bettors.

Furthermore, in-play betting has diversified in recent times, with live betting sites specializing in particular areas of this type of wager.

So, how did we proceed before drafting our ranking? Our reasoning is based on many factors. However, we wanted to be equitable in our judgments, so as to be as objective as possible in our reviews.

So, let's take a closer look at which is the best AGCO live betting operator, William Hill:

What are live bets

live betting sitesLive betting is played (or bet) in real time, which means it takes place when the sporting event has already started. It is a very exciting form of betting that allows the player to devise strategies to win and test his or her betting skills.

Indeed, it is essential to be quick, farsighted, and even a bit clever.

Live betting is done on websites that offer this service. Today, most bookmakers allow you to place live bets, as they understand that they are highly appreciated methods of play among gamblers.

Once it was a utopia to update the quotes and trends of matches in real time. Thanks to new technologies, however, it has become possible to offer excellent service to users.

Today there are many websites that offer in-play betting services, some more or less efficient. Each one proposes a variety of sports to bet on and different betting modes.

An great betting site live should allow fast betting, based on how the odds change. The event should be able to be followed in detail through streaming, with all the necessary data to devise one's own strategy.

Let's now take a look at the best live betting sites currently available on the web. The evaluation is based on the number of available sports, the value of odds and payouts, the presence of bonuses, and optimization for the mobile version of betting apps.

Best Live Betting Sites

Now let's review the best live betting sites, specifying their strengths and areas that require improvement based on the demands of bettors.

Bodog bets

More than 200 sports events every day for unlimited entertainment.

Bodog allows you to place bets on a wide range of sports. In terms of odds and payouts, the values range between 89% and 94%.

The player has access to constantly updated statistics related to the event. For those who play in-play, this bookmaker offers rich promotions and special bonuses such as no deposit bonuses.

Other promotions may appear on the Bodog website, related to the progress of major sports tournaments of the year.

50% up to 50CAD

  • Ease of Use
  • Great Variety of Sports and Markets
  • Special Odds

888sport bets

We had already discussed this bookmaker.

888sport is very popular both in Canada and abroad. The sports offer is varied, although smaller than on other similar sites.

What amazes, however, is the live service: the bettor can choose from 60 types of bets and the live news is very clear.

However, the infographics are quite poor. As for the odds, the percentage on football reaches 92.8% and the payouts regarding other sports do not disappoint either. In fact, 888sport is among the sites with the highest average payout.


Up to 100CAD

  • Happy weekly promotions
  • Wide range of markets
  • Many sports to bet on

LeoVegas bets

The LeoVegas online betting portal has a fast live betting service , bets to be placed in more than fifty markets and on numerous sports events every day.

The beauty of the events is the clear, up-to-date graphics that capture the in-game action. The percentages associated with the various sports are on average for other online betting sites with a maximum payout for football of around 91.4% and between 89.9% and 92.3% for tennis.

It is very easy to follow all the best events without missing one thanks to the section specially dedicated to the sports calendar. The live service also features great graphics and has frequent live betting offers.

Also for this reason, LeoVegas is the most chosen by the Canadian public.


CAD5 free + up to CAD300 on first deposit

  • The largest betting schedule
  • Live Streaming
  • Virtual Betting

Wazamba bets

Wazamba is undoubtedly the live bookmaker with the most up-to-date livescore.

Over the years, this sports betting site has really evolved, bringing an extra quid to the world of betting in play.

The gaming experience is therefore among the best offered by competitor bookmakers due to some Wazamba peculiarities: the payouts of football exceed 94% and even those of tennis do not disappoint, exceeding 93%, every day they are offered more than 200 events in real time with pre-match phases attached.

The markets you can bet on are not as numerous as in other betting sites as they stop at 50 for football and fewer in other sports.

The statistics section of Wazamba is well updated and allows you to predict the progress of a match.

The offers dedicated to in-play bets are also interesting, not very frequent as in other bookmakers, but still satisfying. There is even a welcome bonus also for live bets.


Up to CAD425 Bonus

  • Large offer of markets and odds
  • Live Streaming
  • Dozens of weekly promos

Sports-Interaction bets

We have seen all the peculiarities of the Sports-Interaction operator in the review that you can read at this article.

Live bets on the Sports-Interaction site are very varied and rich, even though they remain fewer than pre-matches, including 40,000 monthly events and an average payout of 96%.

In football, members of this site can find more than 300 options, such as "the next team to score" or the "Corner Handicap".

Live bets are processed in just 3 seconds to allow for a good pace of play.

As for other sports, Sports-Interaction offers hundreds of live markets, especially in basketball or tennis where the betting options are truly numerous and allow you to enjoy an even more adrenaline-pumping gaming experience.

It is also possible to draw up a list of favorite events to find them faster when you decide to bet. The infographics in real time are easily consultable and well updated, which are also precise and clear in the mobile version.

High Odds Bonus

  • Blog full of up-to-date news
  • Very rich schedule of events
  • High quote and payout

Bet365 bets

Bet365 offers truly diverse and interesting gaming opportunities. There are 10 different sports available and the possibility to bet on 150 different markets.

Daily events are numerous, offering every bettor a wide selection to increase their chances of winning. What is surprising about this website is the reliability of the predictions, encouraging the bettor to make the best choice to win.

The infographic that accompanies each match signals to the user all the gameplay actions and is very clear, useful, and up-to-date.

Let's say that the live betting section of Bet365 is overall well-crafted, but the payouts are disappointing and disadvantageous compared to pre-match bets.

Football has payout percentages that range from 87.0% to 91.3%, basketball does not exceed 91.8%, while tennis reaches 93.2%.

Another flaw that can be found in the live section of this website is the lack of statistics to know the past performances of the various teams.

The numerous live bonuses compensate for this lack, as they are interesting and satisfying.

Up to 105CAD

  • Rich weekly promos
  • Live Streaming and Live Betting
  • Virtual Betting

Unibet bets

We had already told you about Unibet betting here in a more thorough.

b is a serious and reliable Swedish bookmaker, rapidly expanding and with a live betting offer that satisfies even the most demanding players. The daily events are more than 150 and divided into 10 different disciplines.

Livescore and statistics are immediately available with a click in the section on the left of the screen and are essential for getting an idea of ​​the progress of the march, the predictions and the precedents of players and teams.

Speaking of promotions, Unibet presents many offers for its customers and to find them just go to the dedicated page by following the link in the main navigation bar.

Unibet provides both bonuses and promotions on live play, for unlimited and rewarding entertainment.

PokerStars Sports bets

We had already dealt with the analysis of the bookmaker PokerStars Sport Skybet.

Among the best sports betting sites in terms of user experience, PokerStars was relaunched in Canada thanks to the Stars Group (which is part of the Flutter family) and today has many members who are very satisfied with the performance .

This is due to the decidedly above-average betting offers compared to other bookmakers active in Canada. But what about the live and streaming section?

Is it as satisfying as the pre-match bets? In recent years, even PokerStars has had to adapt to the increase in offers from competitors and has consequently increased the number of disciplines on which you can bet live.

There are events at every hour of the day and the sports present have exceeded ten. In terms of odds and payouts, football is around 95% and tennis 93%. So we are facing good data. However, the lack of bonuses on live bets is disappointing.

Up to CAD100

  • Wide range of markets
  • Odds among the highest
  • Weekly Promotions

Which sports are played in real time?

The number of sports available for live betting is usually lower compared to those available for pre-match betting. Having a wider range of sports to choose from also means being able to vary strategies and attempt to win in different areas.

In the following paragraphs, we will see in detail which sports disciplines can be bet on in Canada through the best live betting sites.

Considering not all bettors prefer to bet on sporting events live, having more options available allows us to modify and adapt our strategies to potentially increase our stake.

The best bookmakers offering live betting on football matches, such as Bodog or 888sport, offer more than 10 sports to play in real time. The rest, however, are limited to a few sports, but in general, live betting schedules will never miss the following sports:

  • Live soccer
  • Tennis live
  • Basketball live
  • Live volleyball
  • Live ice hockey

So, now let's take a look at the general instructions for each type of sport that we can place our live bets on. Of course, the live betting method for football, for example, will be different from that of live tennis or live basketball.

Live football

fantasy football bettingDo football fans never have the feeling while watching a football match that sooner or later, one of the two teams will score the decisive goal of the match?

Well, this kind of intuition can be put to use by betting live.

Live football betting allows you to place bets based on your insight and experience in the field.

To win live betting, you definitely need speed, but also a bit of courage and attention to how the odds fluctuate. Learning to observe the variations in odds and payouts and predict them allows you to play wiser and win in the luckiest cases.

Most betting sites offer Serie A matches live, and it is always advisable to focus on the top leagues to vary the game and increase the chances of winning.

Tennis in play

Tennis is full of turning points and events that change the course of the game.

Furthermore, each set of the match is a game in itself. Therefore, the odds change quickly, and it is essential to pay attention to the game and its progress in order to seize the right moment to place bets.

The advice? When one of the tennis players on the court has lost a set, it is more likely that they will come back and win the next set, which means you can bet live on their victory in the next set.

Live basketball

USA BasketballBasketball is one of the most popular and bet on sports in Canada.

Almost all of the in-play schedules offered by bookmakers in Canada feature a wide range of basketball betting options.

In live basketball, it's important to pay attention to the odds that often change during a match, even more than in tennis, and therefore requires even more skill and foresight to be able to earn some money.

Moreover, basketball has the peculiarity that players give their best during a game, completely overturning any expectation.

In particular, the NBA championship market is perfect for placing our live bets.

As known, the matches in the North American basketball championship are marked by sudden changes in balance, powerful pushes during the game, and long partials.

These are all factors that justify a live bet. Here, the most experienced can experiment with everything they have learned during this review, betting in advance with respect to overturning a result.

Live volleyball

Volleyball is one of the so-called minor sports that is very popular in Canada, given the glorious past (but also present) of the national teams.

That Azzurra in the 90s was one of the strongest teams of all time, dominating the world thanks to players who made history in this sport.

This is why live volleyball is another highly-demanded sports discipline among live odds lovers.

In live volleyball betting, you can place live bets on the outcome of a set. Although they are not as popular as live bets on football, tennis or basketball, real-time betting on volleyball has its loyal following and is quoted by all the best betting sites in Canada.

Even in volleyball, it is possible for the result to be unlocked at any moment, but generally there will be a balance of power between the teams throughout the course of a set.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the matches and obviously be a profound connoisseur of this sport.

Live ice hockey

Although not very popular among sports fans in the Bel Paese, ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world, not only in the United States where the NHL, the most prestigious hockey league on the planet, is located.

Live bets on the Next Goal market in a hockey match are the most chosen by players on the best betting sites.

This sport is widely followed not only in the United States (and Canada) but also in Scandinavian countries, Russia, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

To give a strong contribution to bettors who want to try their luck with live bets on ice hockey, here come the statistics that only the best betting sites offer on their website.

Among the most comprehensive bookmakers for this sport, we want to highlight Bodog and Unibet, which offer up to 10-15 different leagues to play with live betting options.

Market types

As mentioned before, live bets have less markets to bet on.

However, proposals are increasing more and more to make bookmakers more competitive. Among the most popular markets there is always the 1×2 dedicated to football, but also lesser followed sports are gaining ground.

There are numerous markets that are facilitated thanks to the live betting service, as it is easier for bettors to follow the game's progression and try their luck with an estimate.

For example, this is the case with the Goal/No Goal markets, the number of corners, cards, and other game actions whose outcome is predictable from the beginning of the match.

The best live bonuses

Usually, all bookmakers that offer welcome bonuses allow players to take advantage of them even in live events.

However, the same does not apply to promotions: to understand how they work, it is always good to read the terms and conditions of the offer.

There are also loyalty programs that allow you to collect points on live events, as in the case of LeoVegas, the best bookmaker in terms of in-play bonuses, or Special Live by Wazamba.

Free bonuses and no deposit bonuses, the guide

To better understand the online betting market, it is useful to summarize the best offers for promotions and no deposit bonuses.

One of the most sought-after promotions in the world of sports betting is undoubtedly the no deposit bonus.

The reason is very easy to understand, since some bookmakers give bonus funds to new members.

This is an advantage for both operators, who can attract more users and convince them to sign up thanks to this promotion, and for players who can take advantage of this offer to start betting without investing their own budget.

Since it's a gift bonus, it's obvious that the promotional amount is not usually very high, since bookmakers would only lose in the short term. Moreover, given the nature of this no deposit bonus, the number of operators offering this promotion is rather limited.

This guide aims to help you find betting sites with no deposit bonuses, making your task easier and allowing you to focus only on the game and fun.

Betting sites with the best bonuses

Below is a list of some of the best betting sites that offer their members the most attractive promotions in general.

They are all bookmakers with a regular AGCO license and therefore 100% reliable and safe, so you can have an honest and enjoyable gaming experience:

  • Bodog-the most generous welcome bonus
  • LeoVegas-5 euro immediately usable
  • William Hill-verify your document and receive 5 euros
  • Wazamba-5 euros for sports betting + 10 euros for slot and poker
  • 888sport-up to 100 euro initial bonus
  • Better-5 euro no deposit bonus for betting


At the top of our list of welcome betting sites, we have Bodog, which offers a bonus of up to 260 euros.

This is the most generous no deposit betting bonus in the lot and it is given after registration, validating the mobile number and identity document.

However, such a generous amount comes with rather stringent wagering requirements, as it is necessary to bet the bonus amount 4 times within 7 days on non-live bets with odds not less than 4.00.

Moreover, if all conditions are met, an amount not exceeding 50 euros will be automatically credited to the accounting balance.


    • Bonus up to 260 CAD
    • Best live odds


    • Site not fully user friendly


LeoVegas – no deposit bonus of 5 euros

LeoVegas is synonymous with sports betting in Canada and one of the leading operators in our country has decided to offer new members a no deposit bonus of 5 euros. The bonus balance will be credited directly to the account within 5 working days from the date of validation of the document that must be uploaded to the site or sent via e-mail. The bonus balance cannot be withdrawn, but can be used for betting and obtaining winnings.

Siti Betting LeoVegas

LeoVegas is among the betting sites with no deposit welcome bonus, as the promotional package also includes a generous welcome bonus of up to 300 euros.


    • No deposit bonus without wagering requirements
    • Rich schedule
    • Welcome Bonus


    • Lack of 24h assistance


William Hill – 5 euro no deposit bonus

William Hill is one of the oldest and most famous bookmakers internationally. Their vast offer also includes a no deposit bonus of 5 euros.

The promotional amount will be credited to your account if you submit the document within 96 hours of registration. However, remember to include the code "VERIFICA5" in the document verification request.

The bonus itself cannot be withdrawn, but can be used for betting. William Hill also offers other promotions, including the welcome bonus which can reach up to 200 euros, with an additional 10 euros after the first bet.


    • No wagering requirements on no deposit bonuses
    • Welcome Bonus
    • Live streaming


    • Non-intuitive web navigation


Wazamba – no deposit bonus of 5 euros

Wazamba is also another well-known brand in the Canadian gambling scene. The national operator offers its new customers a no deposit bonus of 5 euros for sports betting, which is credited after sending the identity document.

The amount can be used for sports and virtual bets. In addition, the no deposit bonus includes 10 euros for slots, poker, and other games.

The no deposit bonus is part of the larger welcome package through which new Wazamba users can receive a total bonus of 350 euros.


    • No deposit bonus valid also for casinos
    • Live streaming
    • Rich welcome bonus


    • Non-intuitive mobile navigation


888sport – no deposit bonus of 25 euros

888sport is one of the newly arrived bookmakers on the Canadian market and has a regular AGCO license.

In order to involve an increasing number of users, they have decided to offer an exciting promotion to new members: a bonus of 100 euros on their first top-up for sports betting.

This is one of the most generous bonuses in the industry, which includes a wagering requirement that will convert the balance into real bonuses.

Subsequently, in order to transform the real bonus into "withdrawable balance," it is sufficient to place cumulative bets that amount to one time the amount of the real bonus received.


    • Generous welcome bonus
    • Honest redemption requirements
    • Many other promotions


    • Live streaming not available



Better – no deposit bonus of 5 euros

Better Lottomatica offers its new members a 5 euro no deposit bonus. The bonus balance is credited after document validation. The Better 5 euro no deposit bonus cannot be withdrawn and can only be used to place Sports Bets containing at least 5 events with minimum odds of 1.50 per event. The bonus must be used within 7 days of being credited.


    • No deposit bonus of 5 euros
    • iOS and Android app


    • Welcome bonus too low



The advice is to consider all aspects of the various promotions offered by the bookmakers' betting sites, without focusing solely on the amount of the bonus.

Not always, in fact, bigger does not necessarily mean better.

Sometimes, in fact, some no deposit bonuses could also be very generous, but require disproportionate wagering requirements or too short redemption times, making it almost impossible to withdraw winnings obtained through the bonus.

The risk, therefore, is to see all your efforts wasted and end up with a handful of flies in your hand.

Always carefully check the terms and conditions of the various bonuses you wish to join to ensure that they are in line with your needs and playing styles. This will protect you from unpleasant surprises and painful misunderstandings.

Usually, redemption requirements involve playing a certain number of times the bonus amount received. In the case of a no deposit bonus, these redemption conditions are rather mild because the amount of the promotion is never excessive, and therefore the amounts at stake are often limited.

Beware of bonuses that have wagering requirements that are outside the norm. Generally, a requirement of x10 is still acceptable.

Some of the no deposit bonuses that we have published on this page don't even have wagering requirements, although they are not particularly generous. This could be a great way to start your adventure in the world of betting, without risking even a penny of your budget.

We conclude our guide on no deposit bonuses by comparing it to the welcome bonus, which is undoubtedly the most frequently available offer on betting sites. The main differences concern the amount of the sums, which are significantly higher for the welcome bonus since they require an initial investment by customers, and the activation methods, since the no deposit bonus does not require any deposit from users.

The best apps to play live

70% of daily sports bets made in Canada are made from mobile devices, so bookmakers have also realized the opportunities of this technology.

Among the best app betting for live betting, in terms of speed in placing the bet, services, graphics and commentary, we list:

  • Wazamba
  • Bet365
  • LeoVegas
  • Bodog
  • 888sport

Being able to play wherever and whenever you want without having to go through the browser is certainly advantageous and offers a better gaming experience compared to the website. That's why various bookmakers are really investing heavily in sports betting apps.

Live streams

The best bookmakers also have television rights to stream the best matches and therefore offer a more fluid and complete gaming experience.

The best betting sites have TV rights for top championships and leagues such as Serie A, Premier League, or NBA.

Among the best streaming services, we cannot certainly overlook the case of Unibet. In particular, Unibet's streaming shows the main ice hockey events, an offer incomparable to that of other betting sites.

LeoVegas and Wazamba broadcast live Canadian football matches from Serie A to Serie C and offer a rich schedule that also includes NBA and Grand Slam tournaments, such as the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, and US Open.

Wazamba or Bet365, which is the best bonus?

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Up to 105CAD

  • Rich weekly promos
  • Live Streaming and Live Betting
  • Virtual Betting

Bonus up to 425CAD

  • Large offer of markets and odds
  • Streaming Live
  • Dozens of weekly promos

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