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Online betting: a lot of gambling, little gambling

We hear more and more often about gambling as a "national plague", "medical problem" , “pathology” etc etc.

We would like to make a tiny contribution to the ongoing discussion, hoping to clarify the ideas of more than one person.

Gambling: why mix everything together?

Different Canadian concessionaires throughout Canada (including LeoVegas, Lottomatica and Wazamba) offer jobs to Canadians and pay taxes in Canada. They effectively contribute to our economy.

There are also a series of small businesses (suppliers and local retailers) that often support one or more families, in Canada.

As responsible for this site, we can say we have experienced the entire history of online betting, from the first insights of national big operators up to the conquest of a respectable share of the Canadian market by big world leaders like William Hill and Unibet.


In Canada, the most successful and appreciated types of bets are the traditional “small bets”: accumulators, which used to be called “coupons”, and singles. These games are designed for entertainment and relaxation, definitely not intended to ruin families!

With two euros you can play without any problems, and with a little bit of luck you can even win, and a lot. In short, if you are good you win, but in any case you have fun.

Believe me, there's very little chance in online sports betting.

What's there is the game. In betting, there is very little room for compulsive or pathological behavior.

Of course, it would be foolish to deny that gambling addiction is a serious problem present in our country, just as it would be wrong not to take measures; but at the same time, it would seem excessive to make every activity a stake and put even innocuous play activities such as "betting slips", or sports betting, under scrutiny.




Lotto, cards or horses it doesn't matter, what matters – and makes the difference – is only the amount you put into play.

And therefore debts, problems, anxiety, creditors, quick escapes and hasty returns, regrets and painful goodbyes, in some rare cases success, a big win. To be replayed. It is a wheel that spins endlessly. Infinitely because those who have problems with gambling cannot get out of it easily.

To quote Marco Baldini strong>, “ it's like when a person breaks a knee, if he doesn't put it in plaster he never heals em>“. p>

All gamblers, even gamblers, hope to one day become rich. Those who play do so to hope for a better, richer future. A quiet, real life, with a human alarm clock and scheduled rhythms, natural food, a regulated family routine and the concrete possibility of giving a hand to others in a practical way.


Absolutely true, we can confirm it: otherwise you risk being punished by fate. When you win, you do good right away, even for superstition.


William Hill is a bookmaker operating in Canada.Follow our advice, here on the site and on our Facebook page. We strip you of your certainties by teaching you to optimize your qualities, to know how to WIN.

BUT, if you have gotten carried away with gambling, we now feel the need to say a few sincere words to you. The only thing we can advise you is to stop. Immediately. The demon of the game takes away the lucidity. Like all addiction sufferers, those who find themselves in this situation ask for sympathy and solidarity, thus thinking of appearing as a generous and altruistic person. Stop, immediately. This is the best cure. It's too tiring to really take care of yourself, it's easier to let go.

Stop, precisely. Gambling addicts ask for understanding and kindness, and while their families are semi-abandoned to themselves they continue to gamble down to the last euro, perhaps candidly showing off their pain. And someone has to tell you that you are not heroes, that you have to heal yourself and that there is no more patience for people like you. Stop this fake victimhood, roll up your sleeves and save your family and yourself. You have all the means to do it. Where do we start? From here, stop. Stop. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THE GAME, DO NOT PLAY ANYMORE. Point.



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