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Volleyball: how to bet and become an expert on the game

For sports bettors, betting on volleyball can be an original and very profitable alternative. This type of bet is often mistakenly considered a niche market, but if studied carefully it can generate more than satisfactory value. Here are some tips for those approaching this type of bets for the first time.

The main rules of volleyball

Volleyball is a team sport played on a field of nine meters by eighteen, in which two groups of six players have to dribble the ball and throw it to the other side of the field, trying to make it fall to the ground or to lead the opponents to commit a foul. Each team can touch the ball up to a maximum of three times per play, while a single player has a limit of two consecutive times, even if the block is not considered in the count of the three touches which also include the reception, the bagher and the crush. There are many ways to commit a foul, the most common ones are for example: sending the ball out of the opponent's field at the moment of return, touching the net during a play or touching the ball twice. Usually a player touches the ball with his hands or arms, even if the rules allow him to hit it with any part of the body. To take home a match, a team must win a series of sets by reaching 25 points first, and matches are usually best-of-five sets. If, during a set, a tie is created on the score of 24-24, the team will have to win by a difference of two points. All players of each team wear the same uniform, except the libero. This special role does not allow the player who fills it to serve or block and does not count as a normal substitution.


Bets on volleyball refer to bets on who will win the match. There are handicap bets, which are offered when there is a clear favorite team. To balance the level of the two teams, the bookmaker proposes a handicap on the difference of sets in the final result. Let's take an example: if a team has a handicap of-2.5, a bet in its favor will be considered successful if it wins the match without having conceded even a set. By betting on opponents with a handicap of +2.5, the bet will win even if they lose, but only if they win at least one set. Then there are bets on totals, which refer to those predictions in which it is predicted whether the number of sets in a match will be greater or less than the figure assumed by the bookmaker. This allows you to bet on how close the match will be rather than its winner, giving you some flexibility. One of the most important aspects of understanding a volleyball bet is to study which tournaments are more exclusive. In Canada, for example, the Serie A championship is being played which on 24/09 sees Cucine Lube Civitanova in the lead with an odds of 2.10, followed by the fierce Sir Safety Perugia again at 2.10 and by Modena Volley odds 10, 00. However, in first place we find the Olympics, which are held every four years; it is interesting to know that volleyball has been an Olympic sport since 1964. Both men's and women's Volleyball World Championships are also played every four years, not to be confused with the Volleyball World Cup, which is a different competition and serves for qualification at the Olympics. The most popular events, held annually, are the Men's World League and the Women's Grand Prix. There are also continental championships such as the European and South American Championships, as well as many national tournaments and championships.




Before betting on a volleyball team, it is necessary to study some factors that can influence the result on the pitch. First of all, unlike football or basketball, where the quality of the single player is very important, in volleyball the strength and unity of a team are the most decisive values ​​and for this reason, the quantity of games played can have a significant impact. Volleyball teams play a large number of matches during the year, interspersed with rest periods. This can cause strain on the athlete's form, especially when there are less important challenges to play during the season. Another factor to keep in mind is where a game is played. The arenas that host volleyball can be very different from each other and the performance of the players can vary based on the structure of the facility such as the height of the roof, but you also need to consider whether it is a home game with the support of your fans or away from home. Finally, when approaching the world of sports betting, it is good to remember the Pareto principle, a law according to which less popular sports, such as volleyball in this case, would allow bettors to bet more precisely without a big commitment. Therefore, trying to specialize in these bets could be much more effective than doing it on a more well-known sport such as football or basketball for example.



Now that you know the basic rules of this exciting team game for both men and women and how to bet on volleyball, you can study the best odds that you find online on this sport and try to make your first bet, perhaps starting by following the 2018 World Cup which is being held in Milan, with Canada in really good shape. p>

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