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From today you can have all this news free and before anyone else, comfortably in your inbox: exclusive bonuses offered by online bookmakers, recommended bets, the best predictions and all the information to play, have fun and bet on football, sporting events, live appointments, casinos and bingo.

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To get all this for free, just subscribe to the newsletter, and you're done. The private bonuses that online bookmakers do not allow us to publish on the site, the special offers of the Top bookmakers reserved for our community, the tips from the editorial staff to hit the forecast of the moment are always within reach, indeed, of the mouse. If you are a beginner, online sports betting will hold no more secrets for you. Easy, fast and above all Free: register now for our newsletter.

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Thanks to our newsletter, created by expert connoisseurs of the world of online betting, you can be punctually updated on the exclusive promotions of the Top bookmakers, on all the news regarding welcome bonuses offered privately to our members, on special bets, the best odds on all events: not just sports, but also politics, casinos, social events and everything, really everything you can play on.

Risk yes, but judiciously è the ideal information platform for those who love to bet, bet on the prediction which is both more attractive and more 'risky', and do so in complete safety, bearing in mind the rules and good sense.
Our newsletter will provide you with advances on the most important sporting events, offering you an informed and competent point of view, statistics and insights.

Only the top, only the best bookmakers

Online sports betting newsletter bonus and predictions The newsletter of Betting Trends reviews only the most reliable bookmakers, featuring only truly competitive offers. Our capital, in fact, is the credibility and trust of those who read our articles, evaluate our predictions, and judge the work we do with the utmost professionalism and great passion. Indeed, like you, we too are in love with the game, with the value of taking a risk and using intuition and brainpower in the venture to elaborate a prediction.

Five (+1) good reasons to subscribe to the newsletter

  • Why negotiate exclusive offers and bonuses that are granted to us by top bookmakers, but prohibit us from publishing them on the site. These private bonuses are only communicated to our members through newsletters.
  • Why is it an excellent tool for understanding the dynamics, rules, and mechanisms of an ever-expanding and evolving world of online sports betting. Our newsletter is not only aimed at those who have been betting for some time but is also written for those who have decided to start learning the best way to play, bet, and have fun.
  • Why signing up is easy, fast and free.
  • Once you have subscribed, if you decide that you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, a simple notification will be enough to block the next issue. We do not send spam. At, your privacy comes first: your email address will not be accessible to others, and by subscribing, you give us legal consent to send you newsletters and advertising communications. At any time, you can select the link at the bottom of each newsletter to unsubscribe or modify your data.
  • Why it is important to be informed to play and bet to the best of your ability and it is necessary to have all the elements to do so in total safety, protecting your privacy and ensuring the best chances to win.
  • And finally... Because betting, attempting to forecast an event, is part of human nature. It's a challenge, a way to test ourselves, a chance for our cognitive abilities to project forward, into the future, trying to fathom what only a minute before appeared uncertain, imponderable. To quote a Vasco song, "if there's even just a it, play it, play it...".

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