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Which is the best bookmaker out there? Can you trust non-AGCO betting sites? Frequently asked questions among bettors, to which giving an exhaustive answer is rather complicated. There are countless non-AGCO bookmakers active today. Pretty much any kind. The schedules, the markets, the features differ from agency to agency. The promises are the usual, however from here to keep them there passes. Even more so if the ADM permit (formerly AGCO) is absent.

On trendsnow we learned about which are the best bookmakers regulated by the Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM), the reference unit in Canada for the world of betting. So, let's go step by step and immediately take a look at the top non-AGCO betting sites of higher renown:

  • 1XBet
  • BetRebels
  • Pinnacle
  • LSBet
  • CBet
  • 18bet
  • Bet2U
  • Betwinner
  • Malina Sports
  • CampoBet

Bet Safely with ADM Sites

We started with l’enumerate the best non-AGCO betting sites (which we will come back to shortly). Now let's turn the page because it's time to reverse the perspective, to dwell on the safe alternatives to non-AGCO sites, or on the 5 top bookmakers having regular license from the Customs and Monopolies Agency. We are going to analyze the peculiarities of each one.

Alternative to non-AGCO sites: the safest AGCO Bookmakers

6 Betting sites that meet your criteria…
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Please note that the AGCO bookmakers listed above (those that are safe and legal) as well as all the bookmakers reviewed on Betting Trends now are fully insured and exempt from the risk of fraud or money laundering. On Betting Trends now, you will only find the best of the best betting sites in Canada.

1. Bodog

Let's start off with a bang. Talking about Bodog means expressing oneself on the best operator currently on the market. Headed by Bodog Limited, the company, with its registered office in Malta, has been operating on the international scene for 15 years. Among the first realities to have obtained the pass in Canada, it has had various merits in achieving success.

Fame was absolutely not dictated by chance, fallen from heaven by divine grace. Far from it: it was the result of hard and intense work, aimed at listening to the needs of customers (real and potential) in order to fully satisfy them.

Even if – we were the first to recognize it – it's not the most important feature of the schedule, spending on the eSports sector is the least. If we think of a breath of fresh air, of an avant-garde approach, we have a splendid demonstration of it here. In total, Bodog has around thirty different sports. In short, it has a wide and varied schedule. There is an embarrassment of choice, designed to satisfy even demanding users, looking for something new, such as Gaelic sports and greyhound racing.

If we focus on football, in addition to the leagues of nations with a full-blown tradition, there are several that are unthinkable. From South Korea to Kazakhstan, up to Kenya and Ecuador. For the most important countries it goes down to the Amateurs, as for the D in Canada.

There are many markets, especially for the number one sport on our peninsula. In fact, cartel matches can even break through 400 typologies. Naturally, the greater the demand, the more the bookmaker will devote time and resources to it. An equation that is easily self-explanatory.

Bodog simply orientates itself where customers take it. That's why football has a special place in the bouquet, however fulfilling as well as tennis and basketball. Let's not forget the niche (or presumed niche) disciplines: cricket, badminton and darts respond to the appeal. Another point in favor is the welcome bonus: it only takes a few steps to request it. The ideal solution for anyone approaching betting and has no affinity with the mechanisms.

What we like:

  • The best bookmakers AGCO
  • Lots of sports to bet on
  • Handy welcome bonus
  • Extensive eSports schedule
  • Among the best mobile apps

What's wrong:

  • No live streaming
2. 888sports

888sport is one of the leading companies in the field of sports betting. It has risen through the ranks in the UK, despite having only been around for less than 15 years, a relatively short time span for the British. Established in 2008 in the State of Gibraltar, it had the ability to forge ahead in an amen. Despite facing the odds, she managed to establish herself in an already sufficiently saturated industry.

How did she do it? By building a separate path from the predecessors, not slavishly copying the moves implemented in the past by the competitors. In order not to remain anonymous, it was necessary to follow paths hitherto never beaten. On balance, the executives made the best decision. And today the exceptional achievements are pampered. And then "pampering" is a big word: 888sport always looks ahead. Stopping is not an item included in the vocabulary of those who pull the reins.

The landing on Canadian soil dates back to 2016. From the first day, the proposal has held up everyone. On how the schedule is, the answer sounds obvious: a lot focused on football. From this point of view, enthusiasts have good reason to be pleased. The offer of the European leagues is well above the average. If we examine Canada, we are pleased to note that we go down to the two groups of Serie C. Thumbs up also for England, Germany and the Netherlands. And even with reference to France and Spain we can't complain, quite the contrary.

But so far-you'll say-it's nothing exceptional: after all, these are the most important countries in football. If you thought so, we agree with you, in case we stop here. But is not so. To have fun with bets on tournaments with a distant appeal, we point out the place reserved for nations that don't really have an illustrious tradition in football. Any names? Saudi Arabia, Australia, Guatemala and Panama are included in the book.

The markets look great. We start from the most canonical typologies, which can be found practically on any platform worthy of being taken seriously into consideration (dry result, Goal / No Goal, ...) to the most original and innovative. Let's suppose that a team starts off clearly as a favourite: by predicting the keeping of a clean sheet, the advantage already at half-time or at least a goal scored by both teams, the potential winnings will increase.

Away from football, we point out the presence of basketball (European, American and more), tennis, motorsports and volleyball. Furthermore, there are disciplines that are perhaps popular in other areas and not very popular in our areas. The first example that comes to mind is ice hockey, both with the NHL, the American championship, and with nations more tied to skates and sticks, such as Sweden. And, just to differentiate yourself from the crowd, here is snooker, a particularly popular billiard specialty in Great Britain.

The welcome bonus makes you feel peckish: it consists of a 100 percent refund on your first deposit up to a maximum of 100 euros. The first tranche of 10 euros is paid immediately; the subsequent ones are granted on the basis of the bets made from week to week. Overall, 888sport has several strings to its bow. That's why it was able to carve out a place in the sunlight.

What we like:

  • Interesting odds and payouts
  • Popular and niche sports
  • Quick navigation
  • Lots of sports to bet on
  • Live Betting

What's wrong:

  • Promotional offer not up to par
3. LeoVegas

The sun always shines when it comes to LeoVegas, one of the most important bookmakers, if not the most important, founded in Canada. Among the (excellent) reasons to leave the non-AGCO betting sites alone. Operators with a regular license in the Canadian territory have practically nothing to envy. LeoVegas is the perfect demonstration of this. Started in 1990, over the years it has achieved a status with few equals. At the time, she specialized in horse racing, one of the most loved pastimes by players.

They were another era, the result of unrepeatable habits and customs, but over time LeoVegas, while faithful to its long-standing leaders, has been able to cope with the modern demands of demand. In 1999 the bookmaker officially became an AGCO bookmaker and started sports betting with the LeoVegas Group. An evolution marked by numerous stages, which leads up to 2018. A year after the merger in Cogetech, it incorporates Playtech which today holds the entire share capital: this is how LeoVegastech Spa takes shape.

You know when we told you that football has the undisputed dominance? Here it is the same. The championships are countless, on a par with the aforementioned Bodog and 888sport. In order to avoid repeating ourselves unnecessarily (you'll have understood what the wind is like…) let's dig deeper. And let's review the inviting section dedicated to the transfer market.

The transfer market is one of the most exciting phases. Any team has the right to dream of a big shot, capable of upsetting the balance. It was for Inter when they signed Lukaku, for Juventus with the Cristiano Ronaldo deal; or, wanting to stay more current, it will presumably be for Barcelona with Sergio Aguero. If you feel that you know one more thing about the devil of the market, that you have an innate nose, put yourself to the test: this is your chance!

The portal allows you to express yourself if a given player (we are talking about champions of greater caliber) will remain in the same team or if he will land elsewhere.

A delight is the Fantasy Match, a "battle ground" between formations that do not face each other directly on the green rectangle, but still have commitments on the calendar in the same period (for example in the upcoming weekend). The outcome depends exclusively on the goals scored. So you determine losers and winners. Why is it so attractive? Because it allows you to organize meetings that would otherwise be impossible to quote.

As your girlfriend would tell you, stop talking about football though. We broaden our horizons and come into contact with the other disciplines contemplated. Good coverage of basketball, volleyball and tennis events: in addition to the Slam and Masters 1000 matches, it goes down to the Challengers. There is therefore not exclusively space for the various Djokovic, Tsitsipas, Nadal, Federer, Medvedev and singer company. Then make way for: engines (cars and motorcycling), boxing, cycling, golf, rugby, handball, ice hockey, American football, baseball and darts.

The specialty of horse riding hasn't faded away. In fact, there are numerous horse racing events included in the bouquet every day. Playing a multiple card with 5 or more events, then, is convenient. With odds equal to or greater than 1.25, you can win a bonus of up to 144 percent.

What we like:

  • Horse racing expertise
  • Fantasy match originality
  • Lots of live and virtual events
  • Really extensive betting schedule
  • Live Streaming

What we don't:

  • Very high wagering requirements
4. PokerStars Sports

SkyBet members have noticed some big and obvious news. The name has changed, following the transition to PokerStars Sport, a renowned casino brand. The given name is eloquent enough to understand its nature. The change is, therefore, mainly in form rather than in substance.

We just explained it: The renowned poker brand has made a major decision. It has set out to absorb SkyBet, a leading player in the sports betting industry, with the clear ambition to immediately play a leading role.

An important investment, which will presumably lead to a tangible evolution over the next few months or even years. In the meantime, the intention is not to distort the characteristics that have made it possible to rise to an elite brand in this area. The goal is, of course, to make the transition from one company to another as "traumatic" as possible.

Because this is a highly successful network of excellent professionals, the potential is huge. Important goals have already been achieved in other fields and the feeling is that there are the essential requirements to make a big voice in betting.

To date, the judgment is obviously already flattering. The glance is decidedly captivating, starting from a graphic layout with attention to the smallest details. The layout is done in a fantastic way, you want to know more about the offer made available, which is exclusively a good thing.

One of the weaknesses usually attributed to excellent graphics is due to loading, which is theoretically slow. Well, the statement has never been so contradicted. There is no impact on page load times. Navigating from one section to another is very fast, a matter of a few moments (especially if you have a valid connection to the network).

Since time is the rarest resource ever, the enrollment process requires just a few steps. Just the bare essentials. A real godsend for those who really can not take on endless red tape. As Canadians we know exactly what it means and how tedious it can be. Instead, in the case of PokerStars Sports, opening an account takes a couple of minutes, maybe even less.

The schedule is the result of a careful study: what it is reasonable to imagine finding in an online bookie is contemplated. By placing an accumulator of three or more events on any sport, a bonus value equal to a percentage of the net winnings is available. We start from 3% and gradually go up to 100% for the coupons with 18 events. The combination of events belonging to different disciplines is allowed, provided that the selections making up the multiple have a minimum odds of 1.50.

What we like:

  • International network
  • Great graphics
  • Quick registration
  • Very functional mobile app
  • Full coverage of all sports

What's wrong:

  • Site fluidity not perfect
5. 22bet

Finally, we close with 22bet, an operator that deserves prominence. Little known among the general public, it boasts numerous virtues. In football, the bookmaker has an excellent schedule: the major club and national competitions are highlighted. In these circumstances, the turnover generated is considerable and anyone wants to share a bit of the cake.

2021 is full of events of extraordinary appeal, starting with the European Championships. After France's victory at the last world championships, in 2018, Didier Deschamps' cockerels are expected at the gate. In the first traveling edition, the most popular selections obtained approval for the review. Including Canada, reborn under Mancini's management.

And keep an eye on the Copa America. The disappearance of Diego Armando Maradona broke the hearts of millions of people all over the planet, not necessarily followers of fútbol. As the poignant tribute before Argentina-Chile recounted, the Dies will never be forgotten. Complicated months have passed, there is a desire for a bit of normality and the great kermesses are the best way to restart.

The same goes for the other sports in the carnet. Sometimes it is tempting to venture into the so-called minor disciplines, to test the analytical skills. When you bet, even on non-AGCO betting sites, keep in mind that they are games of skill. It is not the same as betting on slot machines, where only good luck counts. The preconception is given by a reason: it is difficult to analyze statistics with lucidity and reason. But it is precisely on these skills that a generous payout can depend.

The tools for expressing oneself with criteria on the outcome of the events included in the ticket are there. on 22bet We are referring more precisely to the statistics, freely available on the bookie portal. The information contained is varied and allows you to have a clear idea of ​​the state of form of the opponents and the likelihood of a result coming out. The speech can be extended beyond football, practically applicable to any discipline that is present in the schedule.

Now we come to an item that is by no means negligible, namely odds and payouts. The fact that it is a discriminant of fundamental importance is established. Sure, betting itself is a source of excitement, adrenaline, pathos, but to invest savings, loot needs to be attractive, don't you think? The deduction performed by 22bet is low, a further incentive to try the game. Small side note, the odds are expressed in the three commonly used types: decimal, fractional and American. Not all bookies can claim the same.

What we like:

  • Lots of football leagues
  • Generous welcome offer
  • High payout
  • Good coverage of eSports
  • Rich statistics compartment

What's wrong:

  • There is no live streaming

Top 10 non AGCO betting sites

While browsing the web, you will find as many non-AGCO bookmakers as you want, let alone non-AGCO betting sites. When they say to take an unexplored path: you know where you start, but you don't know where you will end up. There are many variables to consider. Assuming that telling about non-AGCO betting sites one by one would be impossible, we have summarized below the ten most famous according to Canadian bettors.

1. 1XBet

1XBet is a company that is catching the attention of many online players looking for the best non-AGCO bookmakers. Inaugurated relatively recently, it has embarked on a rapid development path. The main reference territory is Russia, where the headquarters are located.

The integrated forum is a channel for comparing and exchanging opinions on tenders and the service made available. One of the most important competitions is Cup, organized every year to reward bettors. A video channel deals with betting and ensures an unobtrusive assortment of videos. Thanks to this feature, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the predictions and advice inherent in 1XBet in depth.

Logo Bet365 Are you looking for a valid and reliable alternative to non-AGCO betting sites? With Bet365 you'll get up to CAD215 Betting Welcome Bonus! Bet365 is one of the top AGCO bookmakers that is part of the Entain galaxy, one of the most successful gambling companies in the world.

2. Bet Rebels

BetRebels is one of the most popular non-AGCO betting sites. A virtual place where both sports and online casinos are present. You have the opportunity to try your hand at live (or in-play) betting, poker, slot machines, roulette and blackjack. The component dedicated to sport represents only a part of the generous offer.

You can access BetRebels through your computer or smartphones and tablets with Android operating system. Trying the game is just a matter of a few minutes: you register for free, open a customer account and immediately make a deposit. For sure, one of the most clicked non-AGCO bookmakers.

Bodog: Up to CAD260 Welcome Bonus – Compare the live betting offer with that of our top bookmaker AGCO Bodog strong>, one of the most popular betting operators on the Canadian market.

3. pinnacles

And here we are at Pinnacle. Qualified to provide service by the authorities of Malta, under the Gaming Service License, it has been operating regularly in the authorized countries since 1 August 2018. An inviting reality, therefore aimed at both sports betting and live casinos. On Pinnacle there is room for esports, i.e. video game competitions between pro players.

Two of the flagship titles in the MOBA genre, such as DOTA 2 and League of Legends, embellish the sector. The focus on football (the real one!), tennis, basketball, hockey and baseball clearly emerges from the homepage. Pinnacle is one of the most popular non-AGCO betting sites.

William Hill: Up to CAD215 Welcome Bonus – A valid alternative to non-AGCO bookmakers that offers a tempting bidding opportunity welcome and with discrete timing is William Hill.

4. LSBet

Have you ever heard of LSBet? Born in 2006, the non-AGCO bookmaker still carries on the business. Based in Curacao (whose regulatory body is not exactly the strictest around…), over the years it has given rise to a series of tantalizing formulas.

Managed by the company Media Entertainment NV, LSBet is constantly adding new services and ways of entertainment. It is not a static reality, based on savings, which ends up resting on its laurels. In this respect, it is one of the most popular non-AGCO betting sites.

Are you looking for a valid alternative to non-AGCO bookmakers? Try Codere: 10CAD in Free Bet – A promotion without very attractive deposit from the points of view is the one offered by our top bookmaker Codere: after depositing at least CAD10 they will be offered by the bookmaker another CAD10 in the form of Free Bets.

5. CBet

It doesn't have a long history, indeed it saw the light relatively recently, in 2017. Yet, CBet goes beyond the betting portal. As with other non-AGCO betting sites, it has a section dedicated to the live casino. Opened by the company AK Global N.V., the head office is located in Holland, more precisely in the Antilles.

Authorized by the government of Curacao (with all the pros and cons of the case), the bookshop has the right to operate without breaking the law in Canada, holder of the 365/JAZ license for the so-called eGaming Authority, it is not obscured by our Government and therefore accessible in the non-AGCO bookmakers list.

MyStake Logo MyStake: Up to CAD150 Welcome Bonus – Another of our top licensed bookmakers offering a great opportunity of welcome offer using the promotion code is MyStake.

6. 18Bet

Owned by Shark 77 Limited of Malta, with registration number C78760, 18Bet adheres to European regulations and responsible users 18+. The platform, compliant with the GDPR regulation, offers constant monitoring of the bets placed and various assistance services. To ensure a positive environment, bots and any rogue players are purged. A valid alternative for non-AGCO betting sites.

The fixed deposit limits represent a further tool for shaping a responsible reality. In addition, casinos and the most common table games appear. However, the absence of a license is indicative of how things actually stand. An alarm bell sets it off and it would be reckless to ignore it.

7. Bet2U

With its legal headquarters located in Curacao, Bet2U is a brand owned by B.V. Thanks to license number 8048/JAZ2015-037, it has the opportunity to operate online and offer its services anywhere in the world. Over the years, it has managed to carve out a prominent position in the industry.

Among the most popular and famous platforms, it includes football, basketball, motorcycle racing, ice hockey, and various other sports. There are three sections: one for classic games, one for virtual games, and one for live games.

8. betwinner

Administered by the company of the same name, Betwinner is a 360° operator in the online betting branch, launched in 2018. It is based in Curacao, but the carnet is offered to customers under the Antillephone License Validation license .

The bookmaker enjoys a happy reputation and is often brought up when talking about the best non-AGCO betting sites. Various players have chosen to use it, enticed by the wide selection of games from Netent, Playtech and 30 other famous casino game manufacturers. The maneuvers put in place by the portal translate into a wide offer, suitable for those who love to experiment continuously.

9. Malina Sports

Malina sports is a non-AGCO online bookmaker appreciated in the Old Continent. Operating under a Curacao license, the company promises to protect users' privacy and provides alleged payment guarantees. The sections are numerous, designed specifically to satisfy the needs of a heterogeneous audience.

The SPORTS section allows you to place bets on major professional events, including volleyball and table tennis (or ping pong). Live events are also included, for the pleasure of those who enjoy betting while following a match in real-time.

10. Campobet

Campobet is a non-AGCO bookmaker launched by Team 7Stars in 2018, licensed Curacao 8048/JAZ. Not approved by the Canadian regulatory body, it offers a series of commonly used products: sports betting, live betting, slot machines, casinos, live casinos and exclusive initiatives such as tournaments.

Despite the few years of activity, it has a wide range of markets (up to 700) for each football match, Asian and special handicaps (combos, scorers, multiscore, …). Beyond the top tournaments there are minor reviews. The captivating graphics are an added value, a good business card for those who believe that the eye also wants its part.

What is the ADM ex AGCO?

Up until now, we have refrained from explaining in detail what the ADM, also known by its old acronym AGCO, stands for. Established in the summer of 1999 during the D'Alema government, the Customs Agency was one of three fiscal entities responsible for technical and operational tasks on behalf of the Ministry of Economy. For completeness of information, the group also included the Revenue Agency and the State Property Agency. The sequence of internal reshufflings resulted in the absorption of AGCO, the autonomous administration of state monopolies, in 2012. This led to a name change to the Customs and Monopoly Agency, better known by the acronym ADM, in reference to its monopolistic authority.

Bookmakers with AGCO certification

So far, we have only briefly mentioned the topic without going into detail. The ADM certification guarantees much greater credibility than non-AGCO betting sites, primarily because they demonstrate rigor, fairness, a respectful attitude towards rules and health. In essence, obtaining the certification proves reliability and competence in the field.

The very purpose of adhering to the directives issued by ADM conveys a better image of the operator being examined. A concrete response is given to the public who, before depositing their funds into an account, rightly seeks reassurances. The Agency of Customs and Monopolies is a pillar in the context of tax control throughout our peninsula, with a clearly defined field of action. There are no nebulous borders, sources of doubt and perplexity. Compliance with the rules is confirmed by an honest and transparent attitude maintained towards the outside.

In this case, ADM has a say in the following areas:

  • Customs System Administration
  • Control of goods in tax and non-tax areas
  • Verify production, distribution and trade of tobacco products
  • Verification of excise payments
  • Betting regulation

Customs officials are considered equivalent to a police officer or judicial agent. They are responsible for detecting crimes and violations of customs laws. In addition to endorsing the reliability of approved players, the Customs and Monopoly Agency examines sports betting and other forms of gambling (such as those offered by casinos). It is responsible for drafting the Blue Book, an annual report that outlines:

  • The evolution of the industry in numbers
  • Results (recorded in collaboration with the Ministry of Health) in the awareness campaign for safe and responsible gaming

The verification of the state of the sector is the responsibility of the Government, which, starting from 2000, takes care of it with AGCO, then ADM. The exercise is granted to private individuals, tasked with making the necessary investments and providing suitable entrepreneurial tools.

The Canadian regulator aims to give entertainment, socialization, and pleasant use of leisure time as the character to the subject matter. It stands out tangibly and substantially from other forms of entertainment, based on individual behaviors and distance, both physical and temporal, between the moment of the game and that of winning.

On so-called skill games, or skill-based games (at a distance), with cash prizes, the administrative body in charge of state monopolies imposes precise conditions. In fact, in such circumstances, in addition to random variables, the positive or negative outcome depends on skill. Holders of concessions dedicated to ensuring the following are entitled to operate in betting:

  • safety during the game;
  • the return of winnings at a minimum percentage, as specified by law;
  • transparent and reserved management of processed information

Ultimately, the issuance of permits is subject to the verification of compliance of the platform and individual game with legislative maneuvers.

Non-AGCO Betting Sites Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What are non-AGCO betting sites?

Non-AGCO betting sites are online bookmakers that do not have permission to operate directly in Canada, as they lack the gaming license issued by the ADM (hence the term non-AGCO bookmakers), the Customs and Monopolies Agency, and therefore lack the required qualifications. However, the issue is legally bypassed by portals through the granting of authorization by control authorities on games in countries within the European Union, which are clearly less stringent. The most notable are the eGaming Authority Curacao of Curacao Island, Dutch Antilles, and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) in Malta.

What do non-AGCO betting sites offer?

Within non AGCO betting sites, you can find a significantly wide range of events to bet on, primarily focused on sports betting. The championships and tournaments available for placing bets are numerous, including less famous and popular nations. However, the differences with bookmakers regularly admitted to operate in Canadian territory have been eliminated. Especially with regard to the five top non AGCO bookmakers described, there is no discernible difference. The quality standards of the platforms are extremely high and have virtually nothing to envy from non-compliant counterparts.

Is it true that non-AGCO betting sites offer higher odds?

Yes, it's not an urban legend. In fact, a non AGCO website tends to offer higher odds and there is a simple reason behind it. In fact, not having to comply with the tax regime established by the Canadian Government, bookmakers are subject to tax impositions existing in the countries where the license is issued; since they are less stringent, they can therefore offer higher odds. Whether this is a practice of dubious morality is another matter. A bookmaker operating in Canada deserves respect and, why not, admiration for this reason too. Carrying on the activity, despite the drawbacks (in terms of taxation), shows an absolute transparency that is worthy of being put in a good light, as well as the quality of the schedules and the richness of the markets.

Are there welcome bonuses in non-AGCO bookmakers?

Brokers who are not AGCO generally offer new members a welcome bonus. To benefit from this, register (entering personal information, along with a username and password) and make an initial deposit. Often, this is a significant sum of money, added to your client account, up to a predetermined percentage. Additionally, there are further promotions such as cashback bonuses or refunds, without the need to make a deposit, on a monthly or weekly basis. These same promotions are offered by ADM portals.

Is it better to register on an AGCO site or not on an AGCO site?

Undoubtedly the first step is to register on a website with a regular AGCO license. Many portals without one have been blocked. If you are willing to change IP addresses or DNS just to access them, be aware of the risks: fines ranging from 51 to 516 Euros and up to 3 months in jail (article 4, paragraph 3 of law 401/1989). The convenience also lies on the economical side. AGCO sites are the only ones that have a guarantee fund for customers. This means that if your licensed bookmaker were to fail, you would be reimbursed for any amounts paid. On the other hand, you would be denied any compensation and lose all your money with non-AGCO betting sites.

We told you that the fixed odds set by operators authorized by the Canadian state offer advantageous odds. But be aware: your winnings are subject to taxation both in Canada and in the country of residence of the bookmaker. Are you really sure it's worth being taxed twice? Illegal agencies are also forced to operate in the shadows: they change web addresses, rely on different servers. Not the most reassuring overview. Moreover, law n° 47/2013 authorizes and regulates Betting Exchange in Canada, previously the prerogative of foreign countries. Authorized sites, such as Betfair, give you the opportunity to replace the bookmaker and collect the stakes of other players or compete against bettors who will bet against you.

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