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Almost all betting sites include wire transfer among their payment and withdrawal methods. Many bookmakers allow you to adopt this method, which is why on this page we will go to see which are the best bank transfer betting sites, such as the main features, the pros and cons and how to choose the best related bonuses.

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As you read through the paragraphs on this page, you will find numerous other useful tips in addition to the best sites for bank transfer betting. Later, we will go through all the necessary steps to make a deposit on a betting account using a bank transfer. Additionally, we will provide a detailed analysis of deposit and withdrawal limits, timing, and fees. Finally, we will evaluate all aspects related to the safety of this payment method.

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The main features of the top wire transfer betting sites

Bank transfer is one of the payment methods available at most bookmakers. That being said, it is normal for every betting site (but also best online casinos) to try to offer their customers as many payment methods as possible.

What convinces us about bank transfer is the wide availability on various betting sites, where you can use it both to deposit and withdraw money.

On the other hand, we are still talking about an outdated and increasingly unused online payment method for fast commercial transactions. However, let's continue with our guide and in the following paragraphs, we will examine the aforementioned factors and how to actually place bets with bank transfer.

Using the bank transfer in online bookmakers: timing, costs and ceilings

As we mentioned earlier, the first factors to consider when choosing a payment method for online betting sites are timing, costs, and maximums. In order to simplify the understanding of bank transfers, we have created a summary table of the best betting sites that accept bank transfers:

Bookmakers Accreditation times Commissions Limits
LeoVegas Deposits 2/3 days None CAD10 – CAD5,000
Withdrawals 24/72 hours None CAD15 – CAD21,000
Bodog Deposits 1/3 days None CAD10 – CAD1000
Withdrawals Up to 7 days None CAD20 – CAD1000
Bet365 Deposits 2/3 days None CAD10 – CAD1000
Withdrawals 2-10 days None CAD5 – CAD4,000
888sports Deposits 2/5 days None CAD10 – CAD99,000
Withdrawals 3/7 days None CAD50 – CAD5,000
MyStakek Deposits 2/3 days None CAD10 – CAD1000
Withdrawals 3/5 days None CAD50 – CAD5,000

As far as we can see, there aren't many differences that characterize this payment method, especially from one bookmaker to another. For example, almost all betting sites take 2 to 5 days to complete a deposit, while for withdrawals we will almost always have to wait at least 5 days.

However, the positive side is the complete absence of fees, both for deposits and withdrawals, for all bookmakers. Finally, regarding the maximum and minimum limits, the various betting sites with a bank transfer offer very different amounts, with Bet365 and Bodog even not imposing any maximum limit for recharging their gaming account.

The best betting sites that accept wire transfer

One of the most important decisions to make when choosing the best online bookmaker is that of payment methods. Making deposits and withdrawals easily and quickly is always a plus for any betting site.

Let's immediately reassure the readers of trendsnow by stating that the vast majority of Canadian AGCO bookmakers (or at least those presented on this page) also accept bank transfer as a payment method, including for withdrawing the welcome bonus.

1. LeoVegas-The Best Bank Transfer Betting Site in Canada

LeoVegas is the most important Canadian sports betting platform offering a wide range of payment methods. In addition to the more common ones, such as debit cards, e-wallets, LeoVegas also accepts top-ups by bank transfer which, in the case of the Post Office, translates into the use of an Bancoposta account.

2. Bodog-Football and bank transfer at the top

Another English bookmaker successfully transplanted to Canada, Bodog is among the most used platforms by Canadian bettors, who also appreciate the Poker section and Casino. The bank transfer can be used to make deposits both in the sports branch and in those dedicated to remote gaming.

3. 888sport-A Name, A Guarantee

Famous in its typical sense of poker in the 888Casino card room, 888sport has been offering Canadian bettors the opportunity to bet on sport for some years now. Among all the accepted payment methods, the bank transfer option also stands out, as proof of its importance in the world of betting.

4. MyStake-Complete bookmaker with wire transfer

Among the major sports betting sites available in Canada we can only include MyStake, the betting and remote gaming giant Anglo-Saxon. For years, MyStake has guaranteed the security of deposits on its platform by allowing users to top up by bank transfer.

5. Bet365-Stream with bank transfer

Last, but not least in importance and daily transactions, Bet365. The Entain group platform is one of the most used in our country and provides many payment methods, including bank transfer. An excellent option for those who want to bet safely, being able to count on one of the most important companies in the sector globally.

Betting Bonus and Bank Transfer

Another important point to always keep in mind when choosing the best bookmakers is the compatibility between the chosen payment method and the promotional offers suggested by various platforms. From the analyses carried out by our team of experts, we can confirm that even bank transfer is compatible with all welcome bonus bets of most Canadian online betting sites.

Differences between wire transfer and SEPA wire transfer

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between SEPA transfer and traditional bank transfer for betting? The main difference between SEPA transfer and normal bank transfer is related to timing, although costs and amount of money to transfer between bank accounts may also vary. Furthermore, for interbank reasons for SEPA transfers, Abi is required, while SCT/ISO is required for ordinary bank transfers. Typically, SEPA transfer provides credit to the account within 24 hours of the order.

Betting sites with bank transfer, advantages and disadvantages

What are the pros and cons of loading your betting account with a bank transfer? The bank transfer is accepted by all AGCO (now ADM) bookmakers for the payment of bets. In addition, as we have already mentioned, this deposit system allows you to obtain all welcome bonuses, thanks to the transparency it guarantees because it is managed by recognized banking institutions.

Other payment systems, such as electronic wallets or prepaid cards, guarantee anonymity, but may become subject to anti-money laundering laws. For this reason, bank transfers often have high deposit and withdrawal limits, sometimes exceeding 100,000CAD. Finally, this payment system generally does not impose fees.

What we like:

  • High maximums
  • Compatible with bonuses
  • Zero commissions
  • Tracking of each individual movement

What's Wrong:

  • Withdrawals and deposits not always very fast
  • No anonymity

That being said, it remains to try the recharge service on betting sites with bank transfer through one of our top bookmakers, Bodog:

Up to 260 CAD

  • Ease of Use
  • Wide Variety of Sports and Markets
  • Special Odds

Make a top-up on a betting site with a bank transfer

To facilitate readers’ understanding of the topic, we have prepared a step-by-step guide with all necessary steps for recharging one’s gaming account via bank transfer.

In order, you will need:

  1. Open a bank account at a branch (or online)
  2. reload the betting account with wire transfer and wait for the crediting times
  3. betting on your trusted bookmaker

Open a bank account

The very first thing to do is to activate an account with one of the traditional credit institutions (bank), if you don't already have one. To do so, the only possible method is to physically go to the designated offices (branches) or alternatively visit the trusted bank's website to open an account online.

An ID document will also be required for recognition. Almost all banks have also activated the possibility, as mentioned, to handle all the procedures online, so as to have a new personal account with an IBAN and any credit or debit cards in a few days. The opening costs, of course, vary from bank to bank (fixed costs, stamp duty, etc.).

Top up your gaming account by bank transfer

Once you have a bank account and an IBAN, all you need to do is go to the website of your trusted bookmaker (or the website where you want to open a betting account), go to the section dedicated to deposits and payments, choose bank transfer from the list of payment options, and enter the amount you wish to deposit.

Once the operation is confirmed, a message should arrive via email or SMS to the registered (and validated by the bank) mobile phone with an OTP. After entering this code, you will need to wait for the expected timing on the website before the credit is actually visible in your gaming account.

Start playing

Once the transfer confirmation has been received, and once the funds are actually visible in the gaming account, simply start playing by placing bets on the selected events and perhaps taking advantage of the welcome bonus offered by that specific bookmaker.

To recharge your game account via bank transfer, simply:

  1. Access your gaming account by clicking on LOGIN (in the illustrative image above with LeoVegas)
  2. On MY ACCOUNT click on DEPOSIT
  3. Choose BANK TRANSFER as recharge method
  4. Select the desired amount to load (min. 10CAD)
  5. Confirm the operation by clicking on RELOAD MY ACCOUNT


Withdraw from a bookmaker by bank transfer

Now let's see what steps are necessary to withdraw your winnings via bank transfer from an online bookmaker. The steps to be taken are very simple:

  1. Go to the betting site's homepage and click on "Withdrawals" from your profile.
  2. Check that bank transfer is an available payment option for withdrawing your winnings
  3. Once selected, simply enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  4. Now all that remains is to wait, according to the timing indicated on the website, for the funds to be transferred to the bank account
  5. Once the funds are received, they can be reinvested for betting, withdrawn for free from an ATM, or used for other payments

Bank Transfer: what commissions are expected?

As we have seen in this article, the vast majority of betting sites that accept bank transfers do not have any type of commission. However, using the IBAN could result in costs.

First of all, we must inform you that cash withdrawals will only be free on ATMs within the chosen bank's network; if you decide to use another ATM, up to 1.75CAD in fees may be charged.

Are there any exclusive betting bonuses for wire transfers?

Let's now talk about one of the topics that interests gamblers the most: Bonuses and promotional offers.
Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, no Canadian bookmaker offers an exclusive promotional offer for customers who pay by bank transfer within their range of promotions.

However, as already mentioned earlier, bank transfer is also valid for the correct payment of all the bonuses proposed by bookmakers, although we recommend readers to always carefully read the Terms&Conditions of each promotional offer before subscribing to it, in order to clarify any doubts.

Among the top bookmakers of trendsnow, Bet365 is another sports betting operator that requires, among various deposit methods, a bank transfer to receive the bonus of up to 200CAD:

Up to 105 CAD

  • Rich weekly promos
  • Live Streaming and Live Betting
  • Virtual Betting

Bank transfer, safety first

After seeing all the main features that are functional for sports betting, it seems necessary to spend a few words on the security factor of this payment method. Regarding the use of bank transfer on betting sites, bettors can rest assured: every site mentioned in this article has a 128-bit SSL encryption software, and is regulated in Canada by ADM.

In addition, as already mentioned, for all online payments made by bank transfer, you use the 3D Secure service, which involves entering a code chosen when opening the account that will allow you to give the first approval for the transaction. Subsequently, to further increase the level of security, the bank sends an OTP code via email or user's mobile phone, which is unique and must be used within a well-defined time frame in order to definitively confirm the transaction.

Although banks use all these methods to ensure almost 100% security, we still recommend making online transactions from private networks protected by passwords and never from public wifi.

Bank transfer, what is it?

Bank transfer is a banking operation that allows the transfer of money funds from one checking account to another (e.g. postal transfer, bank transfer, etc...)

The first widely used service for money transfers was launched by Western Union in 1872 on its existing telegraph network.

Once a sender had paid money to a telegraphic office, the operator could transmit a message and "transfer" the money to another office, using passwords and codes to authorize the release of funds to a recipient at that location.

In 1877, the service was used to transfer almost 2.5 million dollars annually. Since the first transfers used telegraph networks, the transfer is called a wire transfer in Anglo-Saxon countries.

Alternatives to bank transfer

However, it is possible that after reading this article, you may still not be 100% convinced that a bank transfer is the payment method to use for online bookmakers. Do not worry, there are many other options available for you to choose from.

From Bancoposta accounts to credit cards and electronic wallets like Skrill and PayPal, to even bitcoins; there are truly many payment methods accepted by Canadian online betting sites, so all you have to do is decide which one suits your needs the most.


We have reached the end of this article focused on bank transfer as a payment and withdrawal method for betting sites. As we have seen, it is a very common payment option in Canadian bookmakers, which has average processing times and very high deposit and withdrawal limits.

It is also very useful to be able to take advantage of the full range of promotions offered by various platforms using this method, even though there is not yet a bonus dedicated exclusively to those who choose to deposit by bank transfer.

Another Pro that particularly convinced us is the security factor which, as we have seen, guarantees users to proceed with various transactions while being 100% safe. In short, it is a promoted payment method, also thanks to the extreme simplicity with which it is possible to open an account, thanks to the countless credit institutions scattered throughout the national territory.

The best betting site with bank transfer

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  • Virtual Betting

Bank Transfer Betting Sites Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What are the best bank transfer betting sites?

As we have seen, there are many betting sites that accept bank transfer as a payment method. In our article, we have mentioned some of them, so we recommend referring to those.

Is it possible to play special bets using a wire transfer?

Definitely yes. Bank transfer is one of the payment methods through which you can reload your betting account and place special bets, if provided by the reference bookmaker.

How to make withdrawals on betting sites by bank transfer?

Withdrawing from betting sites using bank transfer is really simple. The steps to follow are very straightforward, and we suggest you consult the dedicated paragraph that you can find in this article.

What are the main pros and cons of wire transfer betting sites?

The advantages of using a bank transfer are numerous, but what particularly caught our attention were the decidedly high deposit and withdrawal limits, the absence of fees, and the high level of security that accompanies users during each transaction.

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