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In recent years, all the major betting platforms in the world have equipped themselves to accept payments via e-wallets (electronic wallets) and prepaid cards, including the paysafecard. On this page we will discover just qWhat are the best paysafecard betting sites active in Canada according to Betting Trends now experts. Here is our ranking:

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The advantage of using a tool like paysafecard with betting sites is related to exponentially greater security than the old payment methods. In the world of betting, paysafecard betting sites are growing more and more, both for the ease with which it can be obtained, and for the simple and safe use in deposits.

All the best bookmakers that accept paysafecard

In this guide we will examine all the pros and cons of the service, analyzing the bookmakers with paysafecard, the relationship between convenience and security, as well as all the main applications of this prepaid card with PIN.

🏆 paysafecard 2023 website Bodog
📊 Football and paysafecard WilliamHill
🏇 Horse racing and paysafecard LeoVegas
📺 Streaming and paysafecards Bet365
0️⃣ Zero Commissions 888sport
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Best betting sites with Paysafecard

All the best paysafecard betting sites are in the top positions among the reviews we have published regarding betting platforms. This demonstrates how the prepaid card, created in 2000 by PrePaid Services Company Limited based in Vienna, is among the methods of payment preferred by both bookmakers and bettors, who use it more and more on a daily basis.

Bookmakers Times Commissions Min and Max limits
Bodog Immediate None CAD10 – CAD250
888sports Few minutes None CAD10 – CAD500
William Hill Immediate None CAD10 – CAD500
Bet365 Immediate None CAD10 – CAD1000
PokerStars Few minutes None CAD10 – CAD250

Although until a few years ago there were still very few paysafecard betting sites, thanks to the spread of the service like wildfire, nowadays it is rare to find an online betting platform that does not include it among the accepted payment methods.

Among those reviewed by the experts of Betting Trends now, we want to highlight some of the best paysafecard betting sites, including some of the best AGCO operators operating in Canada today.

1. Bodog-The best paysafecard betting site in Canada

The most important English sports betting platform in Canada offers a wide range of payment methods. In addition to the more common ones, such as debit cards, e-wallets and traditional bank transfers, Bodog also accepts top-ups via paysafecard.

2. 888sport-Football and paysafecard at the top

Another English bookmaker successfully transplanted to Canada, 888Sport is among the most used platforms by Canadian bettors, who also appreciate the Poker section and Casino. PaysafeCard can be used to make deposits both in the sports branch and in those dedicated to remote gaming.

3. PokerStars Sport-One Name, One Guarantee

Famous in its typical poker meaning, PokerStars (known until May under the name of SkyBet) has been offering bettors Canadians the possibility to focus also on sport. Among all the accepted payment methods, the PaysafeCard option also stands out, proving its importance in the world of betting.

4. 22bet-Complete bookmaker with paysafecard

Among the major sports betting sites available in Canada we can only include 22bet, the betting and remote gaming giant Anglo-Saxon. For years, 22bet has guaranteed the safety of deposits on its platform by allowing users to top up via PaysafeCard.

5. MyStake-Streaming and paysafecard

Last, but not least in importance and daily transactions, MyStake. The platform is one of the most used in our country and provides many payment methods, including PaysafeCard. An excellent option for those who want to bet safely, being able to count on one of the most important companies in the sector globally.

Fees, Limits and Costs

To better understand how and why to use paysafecard, we have also decided to analyze the commissions that are applied by the company, the limits imposed and the costs that can be incurred. By doing a search on the official PaysafeCard website, it is specified that:

Using paysafecard and making payments with it is essentially free. However, it is possible that fees may be applied (…).

Continuing to read on the site, it can be seen that in some cases there are commissions, based on the age of the account or regarding some parameters outside of normal daily use. In detail we will have:

  • Availability commission: after the seventh month from the issue of the card, a monthly availability commission of CAD3.00 is charged on the residual credit of the purchased PIN.
  • Refund Commission: in the event of refunds, a commission of CAD7.50 is applied regardless of the amount refunded.
  • Conversion supplement: when transacting with foreign currencies, a commission is charged on the same. Through the available converter it is possible to view the updated exchange rate, indicating the amount and the desired currency. in case of transactions with foreign currencies, Paysafecard charges a commission.
  • My PaysafeCard Availability Commission: after the thirteenth month from the issue of the PaysafeCard, if no transactions have been made in the previous twelve months, a monthly commission of CAD5.00 is charged.

It is also possible to request a "physical" card that relies on the Mastercard circuit, so as to make payments also via POS or ATM withdrawals. Obviously in this case, you will have to pay a one-off fee in order to receive the Mastercard card.

Using paysafecard for online betting

Using paysafecard to top up your gaming account on online betting platforms is really simple and offers a very high level of security, which makes this payment method one of the favorites of bettors. First you will need to buy a voucher in any physical store authorized for sale, such as newsstands, stationery shops, supermarkets and many others. You will be able to choose the denomination to purchase (a bit like with telephone top-ups) and once the payment has been made, you will be given a card with a 16-digit PIN to be used to make payments.

You can also register on the paysafecard website, keeping all the financial aspects of your account under control, including the amounts still available, active PINs and balance. To make a deposit on the paysafecard betting sites, simply select this payment option, entering the amount to be paid and the 16-digit PIN, or enter your paysafecard username and password.

Register online with paysafecard

You can register an account directly on the paysafecard website, thus having the opportunity to keep all the data relating to your purchases and the services offered under control. Registration is completely free and optional and only a few data are needed to complete the entire process. You will need to enter your name and surname, residential address, date of birth, telephone number and valid email.

In this way it will therefore be possible to make purchases, deposit money on the gaming accounts of paysafecard betting sites and more without providing any details regarding your bank accounts. It is not necessary to link any bank account with paysafecard, so security is at the highest level. To use paysafecard on betting sites, simply enter your nickname and password chosen by registering on the official website.

Top up your account online with paysafecard

By purchasing paysafecard you can not only top up your account on online paysafecard betting sites, but also load the amount paid directly into your account on the platform itself, so you can use it for online purchases and online deposits. To purchase a paysafecard PIN you will need to go to one of the 16,500 points of sale throughout Canada (a complete list can be found using the "Search" function on the official website).

Deposit to your betting account with paysafecard

Deposits on paysafecard betting sites are really simple to make and it will only take a few seconds to bring your balance into the black. All paysafecard bookmakers specify if there is a minimum deposit amount, so it is good to read the terms and conditions offered on the platform. Usually deposits, as already happens with all the most modern payment methods, take place instantly so it will be possible to take advantage of the amount deposited right away.

To top up your gaming account with paysafecard, simply:

  1. Access your game account by clicking on LOGIN (in the illustrative image above with Bodog)
  2. On MY ACCOUNT click on DEPOSIT
  3. Choose PAYSAFECARD as the recharge method
  4. Select the desired amount to load (min. 10CAD)
  5. Confirm the operation by clicking on RELOAD MY ACCOUNT


Can I withdraw with paysafecard?

We have great news for all long-term paysafecard users: for some time now, you can also use your paysafecard account to make withdrawals from betting sites. However, it must be considered that, although it is technically possible to carry out this operation, not all paysafecard bookmakers offer this option.

In order to withdraw your winnings and upload them to your paysafecard account (so as to reuse them online for other purchases or withdraw them permanently via your Mastercard card) you will therefore need to check whether the bookmaker offers this option, in addition to the classic one of depositing funds via PaysafeCard.

In addition to withdrawing winnings on betting sites with paysafecard, it is possible to make actual withdrawals via Bancomat, if you have a paysafecard Mastercard. To receive it, you will need to apply directly on the official website.

The advantages and disadvantages

Paysafecard is one of the safest deposit methods on bookmakers and e-stores, precisely because bank information is not shared, using only the PIN, username and password. Thanks to the possibility of opening an optional account on the official website, keeping an eye on one's availability, income and expenses is really simple, without the risk of finding yourself nasty surprises in your bank account.

Furthermore, by physically purchasing the top-ups in authorized shops, it is possible to keep one's expenses under control in some ways, removing the specter of gambling addiction. Finally, there are many paysafecard betting sites and e-commerce platforms that accept it as a payment method. If we really have to find a disadvantage, the only "flaw" that comes to mind is precisely that of having to physically go to an authorized point of sale to buy a top-up with a respective PIN.

What we like:

  • Certified Security
  • No personal data required
  • Fast and immediate deposits
  • Easy registration
  • Loyalty program

What's wrong:

  • Low deposit limits
  • No withdrawal

That being said, all that's left is to try the paysafecard recharge service on betting sites through one of our top bookmakers, 888sport:

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Up to 100 CAD

  • Happy weekly promotions
  • Wide range of markets
  • Many sports to bet on

Paysafecard customer service

The paysafecard customer service is very efficient and, as it is a financial service, very attentive to solving any user problem, especially regarding the paysafecard card. Yes you can contact customer service to block your Mastercard card on 800 789 967. The paysafecard hotline is also available to resolve any other problems you may have with the service. Furthermore, requests for help can be made from customer assistance by filling in the appropriate form on the paysafecard official website or by sending an email directly to the company offices.

Ultimately, you can contact paysafecard customer service via:

  • send an email to [email protected]
  • Phone call to the green number 800 789 967
  • consult the dedicated FAQ page on the paysafecard website


Bonuses on betting sites with Paysafecard?

In some cases it should be noted that online betting sites offer bonus to those who use secure payment methods such as paysafecard prepaid cards. In other cases, however, it is specified that it is not possible to access specific promotions, such as for example the welcome bonus, if the first deposit is made with payment methods that are not the classic ones (credit/debit cards), as for example happens on Bet365:

Up to 105 CAD

  • Rich weekly promos
  • Live Streaming and Live Betting
  • Virtual Betting

For this reason, we invite you to read the terms and conditions on the bonuses offered by the various bookmakers, which vary from one platform to another.

Security comes first with paysafecard

paysafecard's security standards are among the highest possible to carry out online monetary transactions in total serenity. On the official website of the Austrian company it is reported that it is impossible to replicate, generate or hack PINs.

Furthermore, precisely because individual bank details are not involved in any way, paysafecard can be used in complete safety online, without fear of falling victim to hacking or data theft. In short, using paysafecard is synonymous with security at the highest levels. However, it is necessary to take into account some simple rules that we point out below:

  • Pay with my paysafecard only in online shops that are officially authorized by paysafecard
  • Never provide paysafecard PINs via email or telephone
  • If you notice any suspicious activity on your my paysafecard account, be sure to immediately request a block
  • Never satisfy any requests to settle fines or payment injunctions via paysafecard, whether they come from a computer or a mobile phone.

The history of paysafecard

Paysafecard was born in 2000 as the first means of online payment authorized according to banking laws. The head office of PrePaid Services Company Limited, owner of the PaysafeCard service, is located in Vienna, while it is possible to purchase the prepaid card in authorized points of sale in 16 European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium , Greece, Great Britain, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Ireland and Denmark).

Paysafecard has earned several global awards for its service, reliability and security, including the Paybefore Award for Best Non-US Prepaid Payment Method in 2009.

The alternatives between payment systems

Paysafecard is therefore not only a secure method for making payments and online transactions, but it is among the most used by web users in Europe, like the giant PayPal or other e-wallets widely used especially among bettors such as Skrill and Neteller. Paysafecard has established itself over the years not only for the possibility of making purchases in safety, but also for the simplicity of use and credit purchase.

A very similar option is the one offered by Poste Canadiane, with the classic PostePay rechargeable, which gives the opportunity to load an amount on your card without having a real account. This favors online purchases or on betting sites, as only the amount to be used can be easily inserted into the prepaid card, by making a simple top-up online or at the post office counter.


After carefully analyzing all the pros and cons of paysafecard betting sites, our opinion on the service can only be extremely positive. Paysafecard allows you to make online transactions in absolute safety and when we say "absolute" we really mean it. Purchasing a paysafecard with its PIN is really simple and at the same time it discourages those who, out of gambling addiction, would abuse the fastest online top-ups.

The services offered by paysafecard are really excellent especially for bettors who want to place their bets online in total safety, being able to count on a secure, easy and fast payment and deposit method. Not all online bookmakers accept paysafecard even if the best betting platforms have included it among their payment methods for years.

Thanks to all its advantages, it has already been one of the most popular payment methods by online bettors for a long time and after analyzing the offer we fully understand why. In short, paysafecard is really an excellent service to be able to fully enjoy online purchases and bets, in total safety and with instantaneous transactions.

The best paysafecard betting site

Up to 260 CAD

  • Ease of Use
  • Wide variety of sports and markets
  • Special Odds

Paysafecard Betting Sites Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What are the best betting sites that accept paysafecard?

All of the best betting sites active in Canada accept payments and withdrawals through PaysafeCard, so you won't have to worry. There is a wide range of bookmakers in our country that offer PaysafeCard as a payment method and you can find them all listed on our homepage.

How do I get a PIN refund?

You can request a refund for your PaysafeCard PIN directly from the official website by filling out the appropriate online request form. In order for the refund request to be processed, the following data and documents are required: Bank account details (bank name, IBAN, BIC) Copies of the affected PaysafeCard PINs.

The estimated timescales for repayments?

Usually, these refunds are processed within 3 business days, but it may take up to 11 business days to see the amount credited to your bank account.

Why use paysafecard?

PaysafeCard is considered one of the best online payment methods internationally. The strength of the PaysafeCard service lies in its extreme security when used on the internet, as it is impossible to generate, modify or hack the PINs issued at PaysafeCard sales points. The management of the optional account is also very simple and secure, allowing the user to control any transaction, the remaining balance, and access connected services. Furthermore, PaysafeCard is now accepted by almost all the best bookmakers in the Canadian betting market, synonymous with reliability and security.

Where can I find places to buy a paysafecard?

There are over 16,500 sales points in Canada where you can purchase a PaysafeCard. To find the one closest to you, simply visit the website and enter your address (or even better your zip code) in the "Find Sales Point" section.

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