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On this page, the Betting Trends now experts will show you all the features of Visa betting sites, one of the most used payment options globally, also with regard to online bookmakers. It is a payment method that has existed for over 60 years, whose circuit is the leader for credit and debit cards. Let's go immediately to see which are the top betting sites that accept payments and withdrawals on the Visa circuit.

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Our review of Visa betting sites will also describe in detail the security measures and user protection employed by the American company. Together, we will examine the main advantages and disadvantages of using this payment method.

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The characteristics of Visa betting sites

How do we determine if an online bookmaker is convenient to use with this payment option? We have established some key factors to consider, such as deposit and withdrawal limits, transaction speed, and any potential fees. But let's take a closer look at this point.

Visa card on betting sites: ceilings, costs and timing

In order to better clarify the key factors mentioned in the previous paragraph, we have prepared an illustrative table for you with the best bookmakers available online to use with this payment option. One of the things that will immediately stand out to readers is the complete absence of costs for all types of transactions, both for deposits and withdrawals.

Bookmakers Accreditation times Commissions Limits
LeoVegas Deposits Immediate None CAD10 – CAD5,000
Withdrawals 24/72 hours None CAD15 – CAD21,000
Bodog Deposits Immediate None CAD10 – CAD250
Withdrawals Up to 7 days None CAD20 – CAD1000
Bet365 Deposits Immediate None CAD10 – CAD1000
Withdrawals 2-10 days None CAD5 – CAD4,000
888sports Deposits Up to 10 minutes None CAD10 – CAD99,000
Withdrawals Up to 5 days None CAD10 – CAD99,000
MyStakek Deposits Immediate None CAD10 – CAD1000
Withdrawals Immediate None CAD10 – CAD1000

From the table that our experts have reported above, we can see that Visa circuit cards offer a lot of freedom for withdrawals and deposits. Although not at the level of e-wallets, Visa betting sites will allow bettors to deposit their funds immediately, while for withdrawals, except for LeoVegas and Bodog that are able to credit winnings immediately, a few working days will be needed.

The best betting sites Visa

In recent years, the choice of an online bookmaker has largely depended on the welcome bonus available. As we have seen previously, the types of welcome offers are varied. They range from Bonus on first Deposit to No Deposit Bonuses once the account is validated, but what scares bettors the most is that, in most cases, not all payment methods are accepted for the correct collection of these offers.

Let's immediately reassure the readers of trendsnow by stating that the vast majority of Canadian AGCO bookmakers (or at least those presented on this page) accept Visa circuit cards as a payment method to collect the welcome bonus.

1. LeoVegas-The Best Visa Betting Site in Canada

LeoVegas is the most important Canadian sports betting platform offering a wide range of payment methods. In addition to the more common ones, such as debit cards, e-wallets and the traditional bank transfer, LeoVegas also accepts top-ups using Visa credit and debit cards.

2. Bodog-Football and Visa cards at the top

Another English bookmaker successfully transplanted to Canada, Bodog is among the most used platforms by Canadian bettors, who also appreciate the Poker section and Casino. The Visa card can be used to make deposits both in the sports branch and in those dedicated to remote gaming.

3. 888sport-A Name, A Guarantee

Famous in its typical sense of poker in the 888Casino card room, 888sport has been offering Canadian bettors the opportunity to bet on sport for some years now. Among all the accepted payment methods, the Visa option also stands out, as proof of its importance in the world of betting.

4. MyStake-Complete bookmaker with Visa

Among the major sports betting sites available in Canada we can only include MyStake, the betting and remote gaming giant Anglo-Saxon. For years, MyStake has guaranteed the security of deposits on its platform by allowing users to top up using Visa cards.

5. Bet365-Streaming with Visa cards

Last, but not least in importance and daily transactions, Bet365. The platform is one of the most used in our country and provides many payment methods, including Visa cards. An excellent option for those who want to bet safely, being able to count on one of the most important companies in the sector globally.

Visa betting and welcome bonus

We already talked in the previous paragraph about the importance of payment methods for collecting welcome bonuses on online betting sites. And as mentioned before, not all deposit methods are allowed by bookmakers for releasing promotions. The best ones are those that do not protect the customer's identity but allow the operator to see that the recipient is not recycling dirty money. Visa circuit cards are an excellent way to get welcome bonuses.

Among the top bookmakers of Betting Trends now, William Hill is another betting operator that, for the disbursement of the bonus up to 215CAD, requires, among various deposit methods, also Visa cards:

ATM or Credit Card? Let's clarify

There has been a misunderstanding in Canada for several years regarding the difference between a credit card and a debit card. Let's clear things up. Credit cards are instruments that allow payments to be made later, after purchases or transactions have been made. Debit cards (which are mistakenly called "Bancomat" in Canada) involve the deduction of the amount spent from your bank account. In this article, we will refer to both debit cards and credit cards, as Visa offers solutions for both, which are referred to as Visa Debit/Visa Electron.

The advantages and disadvantages of placing bets with Visa

As promised, let's now see what are the main Pros and main Cons in using Visa cards as a payment method in online bookmakers. From what can be seen, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, with security being one of the most important Pros: in case of loss or cloning of the card, it is possible to block it in just a few seconds, and thanks to the immediate tracking of expenses, it will also be possible to receive a refund for all transactions not made/authorized by the cardholder.

On the other hand, the heaviest disadvantage is the inability to guarantee anonymity: in fact, to pay with Visa it will be necessary to enter all sensitive personal data, which could be bothersome for those who would instead prefer to remain as anonymous as possible on these platforms.

What we like:

  • Delayed debit
  • Higher maximums
  • Zero commissions
  • Security and reliability

What's wrong:

  • Slow withdrawals
  • No anonymity

Having said that, all that remains is to try the recharge service on Visa betting sites through one of our top bookmakers, Bodog:

Up to 260 CAD

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Visa betting sites: how to make a deposit

Now let's see how it will be possible to make a deposit on an online betting site with a Visa card: the procedures are really simple and fast.

  • Obtain a Visa card-The first thing to do is, of course, to obtain a credit or debit card on the Visa network. To request it, there are two ways: the first is to physically go to the supporting bank, fill in the required forms and wait for it to be issued (usually takes a week); the second, a little more simple and convenient, is to obtain it online, by accessing the supporting bank's home banking and filling in all the required fields. Finally, you can decide whether to pick it up physically or have it sent directly by mail.
  • Top up your gaming account – Now that you have a Visa card, all you have to do is log in to your chosen bookmaker (or register if you don't have a gaming account yet) and go to the deposit section on the user dashboard. Select the Visa option from the available methods.
  • Proceed with Deposit – To complete the transaction, you will need to choose the amount of the deposit, always keeping in mind the minimum and maximum deposit limits of that specific site, and authorize the transaction. We recommend that readers always carefully read the Terms & Conditions of the chosen bookmaker, as some Visa betting sites require bettors to always use the same payment method for all deposits.
  • Placing your first bet with Visa – After making the payment for the requested amount (remember to check the minimum deposit required to receive the welcome bonus if you want it), wait a few moments and verify that the deposit was successful (usually immediate). At this point, all that's left to do is to access the bookmaker's game menu, select the matches and odds you want to bet on, and confirm the operation.

To top up your gaming account using Visa cards, simply:

  1. Access your game account by clicking on LOGIN (in the example image above with LeoVegas)
  2. On MY ACCOUNT click on the DEPOSIT option
  3. Choose VISA CREDIT CARD as recharge method
  4. Select the desired amount to load (min. 10CAD)
  5. Confirm the operation by clicking on RELOAD MY ACCOUNT


Visa Betting Sites: how to make a withdrawal

Let's see instead the steps to be taken to withdraw winnings using Visa cards as an option for withdrawal. The operation is very simple and after visiting your personal account, you just have to click on the Withdrawals from the user panel.

Here, you will need to select Visa as the payment method and enter the amount of money you want to withdraw from your gaming account. Once you have chosen the amount to withdraw, you will need to confirm the transaction and wait for the required working days (depending on the bookmaker, this can vary from a few hours to 10 working days).

Visa card transaction fees

As we have seen before, there are no fees for either deposits or withdrawals on Visa bookmakers and betting sites. However, the situation is different for other types of transactions: for some online purchases, a small commission may be charged, usually around 1/2%; this may also apply to purchases made through POS in commercial activities. Finally, some bank accounts also charge fees for each withdrawal made at an ATM.

Are there any bonuses on Visa betting sites?

First of all, it should be noted that currently there are no bookmakers that reserve specific promotions for this payment option. However, as we have seen, Visa is one of those methods of recharge that is always accepted in order to take advantage of all the promotional offers presented by various sites. Our advice is always to ensure, through the reading of the Terms & Conditions, that the Visa card is among the valid payment methods for the correct issuance of all bonuses.

Betting and Security with Visa cards

Although nowadays all certified websites have virtually impenetrable security systems, it is always essential to ensure that your money transactions are 100% secure. Regarding Visa betting sites, we can affirm that they meet these expectations. In fact, Visa itself will reimburse the user for the entire amount spent if the card is lost, stolen, and payments exceeding CAD150 are made.

This also happens in case the card gets cloned, in addition to providing a replacement emergency card and sending a new card within a maximum of 3 working days.

The alternatives to Visa cards among payment systems

If Visa cards haven't convinced you or you don't have the availability to obtain a credit card of this type, don't worry: there are numerous alternatives to this option that can be conveniently used in online bookmakers, first among all e-wallets, such as Skrill and PayPal, but also the more traditional bank transfer, the postepay card and finally some more modern payment methods, such as Apple and Google Pay.

The history of the most popular credit cards in the world

After telling how this payment method works on online betting sites, it seemed necessary to provide a brief historical overview of this American company. Visa was founded in 1958 in California, more precisely in Fresno, by an idea of Dee Hock. Initially, this payment method was called BankAmericard, later transformed into Visa when it began to gain more and more popularity, not only in the United States.

Currently, Visa is made up of a joint venture of about 21 thousand financial institutions, operating a 50.1% share of credit card transactions, both physical and online, beating its main rival, MasterCard, which stops at 33.5%.

If we look at the statistics on debit cards instead, the dominance of Visa is even more overwhelming: a whopping 76.9% of the market, compared to a "paltry" 18.9% for MasterCard. Finally, Visa went public in March of 2008, reaching an incredible value of $17 billion over the years.


We have seen together, through various analyses, which are the best bookmakers that accept payments and withdrawals with Visa circuit cards. We then went into more detail, looking at the steps necessary both to request a Visa card, to deposit funds into your gaming account, and to withdraw them once you have won. Finally, we have talked about how secure Visa is and what its history has been up until recent years, presenting you, in conclusion, with the best alternatives in case this option does not convince you.

Visa cards are among the most popular online payment methods for Canadian bettors, also because in 99% of cases, Visa allows for correct allocation of various bonuses, from welcome bonuses to cashback bonuses and No Deposit Bonuses. From our point of view, Visa represents one of the main options to consider when entering the world of betting.

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Visa Betting FAQ – FAQ

What are the best Visa betting sites in Canada?

We have thoroughly reviewed numerous Canadian bookmakers and in the tables that you can find in this article, we have listed the ones that, in our opinion, are the best Visa betting sites in our country.

Is it possible to make a deposit with Visa through the app?

Naturally, yes. All you have to do is download the official app of the chosen bookmaker and follow the same procedures you would follow to make a deposit via PC.

Are there specific promotional offers for those who use Visa as a payment option?

As mentioned several times in this article, unfortunately online bookmakers do not offer exclusive promotional deals for those who deposit with Visa. However, all bonuses offered are compatible with this payment option.

How can I make a withdrawal to an online bookmaker using Visa?

The steps to withdraw your winnings on an online betting site are really simple, and we recommend that you refer to the specific paragraph that will undoubtedly help you.

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