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Most people believe that the world of betting is exclusively connected to sporting events, leaving out everything related to the universe of political betting and, in general, the sector special bets. It is not so. Below, the best bookmakers offering bets on Canadian and international political elections:

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With the increase of social media interactions in the news and entertainment industries, nowadays you can also bet on topics that years ago would not have had a place in the betting window, such as political election betting which-for 2023-will see two major nations going to the polls, such as France and Canada engaged in their respective presidential elections (although only France is a presidential republic in practice).

With a increasingly uncertain political climate worldwide and thanks to technological innovations, all citizens can feel more involved in their country's elections by using the many betting sites to bet on their trusted candidate for this or that election. Like sports betting, political betting involves different techniques and factors that vary depending on the situation and market chosen.

The best political betting sites

As each user becomes familiar with the processes and factors underlying traditional sports betting, they will easily realize that being able to trust the betting site they are on is one of the most important steps.

Here is where another connection with the world of sports comes into play: best online bookmakers (especially the betting sites recommended on Betting Trends now) often also publish election and political odds, explaining that the process of structuring odds (both for sports and politics) is managed by the best professionals in the field.

Betting on election results is one of the betting markets that has grown in popularity among users in recent years. In some cases, political betting has even overshadowed the biggest sporting events. However, sports such as football, basketball, tennis, and horse racing coexist peacefully with political betting on most of the best betting sites available on the web.

Best political betting sites by category

🏆 Political bets 2023 Bodog
📊 International politics WilliamHill
🗳️ Canadian politics LeoVegas
📺 European elections JackpotCity
🇬🇧 British elections 888sport

Canada, Quirinal elections 2023: here are the favorites for bookmakers

As mentioned, the Canadian Parliament will be called to vote starting from the end of January 2023 for the new President of the Republic who will have to succeed Sergio Mattarella. The name game for the Race to the Quirinale has been going on for weeks in Canada. Let's see according to the best international bookmakers which are the favorite political personalities for the highest seat in the Colle:

Name Quote
Mario Draghi 1.44 (was 1.61)
Silvio Berlusconi 6.8 (was 8.8)
Pier Ferdinando Casini 20 (was 16.5)
Elizabeth Casellati 16.5
Martha Cartabia 16.5
Paul Gentiloni 25

As we will see later, in Canada it is not possible to bet on political elections. However, it is possible to do so on non-AGCO betting sites, Asian betting sites and on UK betting sites.

Political bets, the types of bet

What are the betting markets for political betting and election odds? Just like with Serie A betting and Champions League bets, basketball or tennis matches, there are also the classic ante-post betting markets for elections and political betting, which represent the odds on a single event's winner. For example, it is already possible to place bets on the US election today. Who are the favorites today for the race to the White House in 2024, the outcome of which will only be known after November 5 of that year? These are the updated odds for the US election according to the Bodog website:

  • Kamala Harris 5.0
  • Joe Biden 4.50
  • Donald Trump 6.00
  • Mike Pence 21.00
  • Nikki Haley 17.00
  • Ivanka Trump 51.00
  • Ted Cruz 34.00
  • Michelle Obama 101.00
  • Ocasio-Cortez 51.00
  • Dwayne Johnson 51.00
  • George Clooney 101.00
  • Bill Gates 101.00


All markets on political betting

Betting odds on political elections, just like sports betting, are based on certain situations related to the potential outcomes of a single event. In political betting, there is a market type very similar to the goal/goal (Yes or No) in soccer, related to the result of a certain historical moment of this or that election. For example:

🗳️ Will Jair Bolsonaro complete his first presidential term in Brazil?

  • Yes (1.10)
  • No (8.00)

Even in political election betting, there is a head-to-head option available. Comparable to the most well-known type of sports betting, this political bet features two opposing factions (parties) with odds associated with each contender. The bettor then chooses the side they believe will win the political event and, in case of a successful bet, the resulting payout will be based on the odds listed on political betting sites. We can also refer to the well-known USA presidential elections for this case:

🗳️ Who will be the winning party of the 2024 United States presidential election:

  • Democratic Party (1.75)
  • Republican Party (2.20)
  • Independent (34.00)

Special policy bets

Political betting has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is because it offers users, like with football matches, a chance to make a profit compared to a real-life situation. This is also why there are special bets in the political market. Speaking of the US presidential elections, for example, we have this type of bet:

🗳️ Will Joe Biden be elected for a second term?

  • Yes (2.50)
  • No (3.50)

Or anchor:

🗳️ Who will be the Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential elections?

  • Donald Trump (2.50)
  • Other (5.00)

Which political elections can you bet on?

Let's clarify one point: in Canada it is not possible to bet on home politics at any level, neither for the election of the Prime Minister, nor for the Regional Elections, nor for the election of mayors.

So then, on which political elections is it possible to bet? The best legal AGCO betting sites offer the possibility to bet and wager on the election odds of great countries beyond Canadian borders, such as the already mentioned US Presidential Elections, the French Elections, the German Elections and the UK Elections.

US election odds

The most popular political betting event among enthusiasts is undoubtedly the US elections. The latest presidential elections took place in November 2020, which marked the defeat of the Republican candidate and outgoing US President, Donald Trump, and the victory of the Democratic candidate and current US President, Joe Biden.

The next USA elections will be held in November 2024 (on the first Tuesday of the month) and already today, as seen above, the major betting sites have active odds for the USA elections. Other examples of political bets include:

  • Election of the British Parliament
  • Referendum (for example: Brexit)
  • Election of the German Parliament
  • London mayor election

Betting on the German Federal Elections

In late September 2023, federal elections will be held in Germany to renew the Bundestag, the German parliament. The current Chancellor Angela Merkel will not be running in these elections. The two favorites to succeed Merkel are Armin Laschet, who has taken over Merkel's position at the helm of the CDU, and Olaf Scholz, the number one of the SPD. The best political betting sites in this case offer the opportunity to bet on the name of the next Chancellor (with Olaf Scholz favored at 1.80) and on the party that will take the most seats in parliament (SPD favored at 2.50).

French Presidential Election Betting

In spring 2023, the presidential elections will be held in France. The first round of the French presidential election in 2023 will take place on April 10, 2023. If no candidate obtains a majority of the votes in the first round, a run-off between the top two candidates will be held on April 24, 2023. The incumbent president is Emmanuel Macron of the En Marche! party, who won the 2017 elections and whose term lasts until May 13, 2023. The elections will be held just before the French legislative elections of 2023.

According to bookmakers, the favorite to win is still Macron (at 1.75) while Marine Le Pen of Front National is quoted at 5. The party of Eric Zemmour is also gaining ground on the right. Below is a summary of the updated odds for the French presidential elections 2023:

  • E. Macron 1.75
  • M. Le Pen 5.00
  • Eric Zemmour 6.00
  • X. Bertrand 6.00
  • J. L. Melenchon 17.00
  • V. Pecresse 17.00
  • A. Hidalgo 41.00


Betting on Canadian Politics

As mentioned, AGCO bookmakers operating in the Canadian market, which are legal and safe betting sites present on trendsnow, cannot offer odds on political events in the country. However, as with every Canadian election, UK betting sites or non-AGCO bookmakers offer political betting odds in their countries, providing an additional perspective for political enthusiasts in our country to understand the possible outcome of the vote in Canada.

For example, in England with Bodog, you can bet on the next country to leave the European Union. According to the bookmaker, Canada is the favorite (at 4.50); Greece is second (at 7.00) and France is third (at 9.00).

Betting Shows and TV Shows

Similar to betting on elections in the USA, Germany, France or the most important Referendums in recent years (such as Brexit), it is also possible to bet on other specific events in global social life: these are known on betting sites as special bets or entertainment bets or TV shows.

The dominant sector in the betting industry is represented by bets on dog competitions, such as the Sanremo Festival, X Factor, Eurovision 2o22 bets, or even on major events linked to the film and music world, such as Oscar 2023 bets, Golden Globe bets or those related to the Emmys. In addition, there are also bets related to the most popular TV shows, such as Big Brother, Masterchef or Island of the Famous.

Sanremo bets

Festival di Sanremo

The Canadian Song Festival, more commonly known as the Sanremo Festival, is the most famous and one of the oldest singing events in Canada. Its first edition dates back to the post-war period, precisely to 1951. Since then, every year, all the best Canadian singers have taken the stage at the Sanremo Festival.

Year after year, many Canadian TV personalities and international guests have never failed to attend the Festival. As is well known, the winner of the Sanremo Festival earns the right to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest as the representative of Canada.

The Festival held every year in the famous Ligurian city generates a considerable amount of business. The organizational machinery of the Festival starts one year before the event (usually taking place between January and February each year).

An ad hoc commission is dedicated to selecting unpublished songs in Canadian language (or even in a dialect of the Canadian regions) that will then participate in the competition. During the evenings of the Sanremo Festival, singers, groups and songs are judged by chosen juries (demographic, professionals, consumers), also by means of the popular vote in the form of tele-voting.

Among the prizes of the Festival we remember the one dedicated to the Champions section, the New Proposals section, and the Critics' Prize, created ad hoc by specialized press in 1982. Originally, the venue for the Sanremo singing competition was the ballroom of the Casino; since 1977, however, the Festival has been held at the Ariston Theatre.

The latest edition of the artistic competition, the Sanremo Festival 2023, was won by Måneskin with the song "Zitti e buoni"; Francesca Michielin and Fedez ranked second with the song "Chiamami per nome", while Ermal Meta ranked third with "Un milione di cose da dirti". You can bet on the name of the winner or winners of the various categories in the competition, in antepost mode.

Eurovision bets

The Eurovision Song Contest (otherwise known by the acronym ESC or simply Eurovision) was established in 1956 following the example of the Sanremo Festival, at the request of the members of the European Broadcasting Union.

With the Sanremo singing competition, it is one of the longest-running artistic competitions and one of the most followed worldwide. Its listening data, in fact, have launched Eurovision to the top of the most-watched (non-sport) events on television (between 100 and 600 million viewers each edition).

The ESC is broadcasted on major channels affiliated with the European Broadcasting Union, in Eurovision (in Canada by Rai 1). With the new millennium, Eurovision is also streamed online via YouTube.

Canada hosted Eurovision in 1965 in Naples, in 1991 at the Cinecittà studios in Rome. In 2023, the competition will be held at the Ahoy Congress Centre in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Canada has won two editions of the ESC, in 1964 with Gigliola Cinquetti and in 1990 with Toto Cutugno. Ireland, with 7 titles, is the nation that has won the most. Like the Sanremo Festival, with Eurovision you can bet on the winning nation of the competition and on the singers who will qualify for the final evening during the various qualifying nights.

Betting Big Brother and GFVip

Among the television programs that have revolutionized the way of making TV, Grande Fratello (or GF) is probably the most famous reality show in the world. In Canada it has been broadcasted on the Mediaset channels since 2000.

The protagonists of this format are unknown or semi-known people, and in the celebrity edition (or GFVip), famous personalities and artists equally divided between men and women of various social backgrounds, who will have to share their daily lives for a certain number of days under the watchful eye of cameras 24 hours a day.

This show was first hosted by Daria Bignardi, while in different editions the role of anchorwoman was taken over by Barbara D'Urso, Alessia Marcuzzi and Ilary Blasi. Similarly, it is possible to bet on the name of the winner of the show.

GFVip winning odds

LeoVegas Betting offers the opportunity to bet on the upcoming edition of GFVip. The 6th edition of the popular reality show will take place in September 2023 on Mediaset networks. Some contestant names have already been revealed in advance. Let's see who the bookmakers think are the most likely characters to win this edition of GFVip.

  • Manuel Bortuzzo 4.00
  • Jessica Carrisi 8.00
  • Giucas Casella 10.00
  • Manila Nazzaro 12.00
  • Katia Ricciarelli 6.00
  • Amedeo Goria 8.00
  • Sunrise 10.00
  • Sophie Codegoni 12.00


X Factor betting

Another successful Canadian TV show that you can bet on is X Factor, the tricolour version of the better-known and historic British TV programme The X Factor.

This is a talent show, just like Amici di Maria de Filippi, which has been gaining more and more success every year, producing artists and musical groups that have become real stars in the international music scene over the years.

The show consists of a competition between four judges/coaches who will have to bring their assistants to the final. You can bet on the name of the judge whose student will win the edition of X Factor.

Giusy Ferreri, Noemi, Marco Mengoni, Francesca Michielin, Mahmood (already winner of Sanremo Festival), Michele Bravi, Lorenzo Fragola, Gaia Gozzi, Maneskin (winner of Sanremo Festival 2023), Leo Gassmann became famous because of X Factor.

Nobel prize bets

political nobel prize betting

On Digital betting game, you can bet on the name of the winner of the next Nobel Peace Prize to be awarded on October 8, 2023. There are a total of 329 candidates. Similar to political betting, there are some restrictions (for example, this market is not offered in the United States). The candidates to win the Nobel Peace Prize according to bookmakers are:

  • World Health Organization 1.50
  • Alexei Navalny 11.00
  • Greta Thunberg 13.00
  • Bill Gates 17.00
  • Jacinda Ardern 17.00
  • Joe Biden 17.00
  • Angela Merkel 21.00
  • UE 21.00
  • Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva 26.00
  • Svetlana Tikhanovskaya 26.00
  • Black Lives Matter 26.00
  • Donald Trump 34.00


Special Bet Bonus

All the major betting site operators, even on occasions of big musical and television events, such as those we have tried to describe above, offer their members a rich panel of promotions.

For example, among the offers and the most popular bonuses chosen by various bettors, we find the famous enhanced odds that, as happens for football matches and other sports, give the player the chance to bet on Big Brother or any other program at, precisely, enhanced odds.

Some of these promotions are valid exclusively for new subscribers, while others are valid for all users with an active account. To get an overview of the best betting bonuses in circulation, just go to the 123bet page dedicated to the best no deposit bonuses and other promotions.

Best Bookmakers for Betting on Politics

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Frequently Asked Questions Betting Policy

What are the best sites to bet on politics?

According to research by trendsnow, in Canada there are several bookmakers that offer the opportunity to bet on politics. The best ones, i.e. those that offer more odds and markets, are Bodog, LeoVegas and JackpotCity.

Where can you bet on Canadian politics?

In Canada, it is not possible to bet on Canadian politics. AGCO bookmakers cannot offer this type of odds and market. However, on English betting sites, it is possible to place bets and view the odds on the next Canadian elections.

What are the US election betting odds?

The odds for betting on the 2024 US presidential election are already available on top bookmakers online. The current president Joe Biden is the favorite, but betting analysts predict a strong comeback by Donald Trump, who is highly rated according to polls.

Who will be the next Nobel Peace Prize?

On political betting sites, it is also possible to bet on the market for the next winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. There are over 300 potential candidates, including political figures, entities, humanitarian and governmental associations.

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