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Of all the football realities on which it is possible to bet, obviously the top club competition could not be missing from a country that can not only boast the birth rate of the most beautiful game in the world, but also a tradition of betting that is universally recognized both in historical as well as capillarity level. We are obviously talking about England, and in particular the English Premier League .

There are many online bookmakers that allow Canadian enthusiasts to bet on the top flight of the Albion championship; among these, some of acclaimed reliability and convenience. The world of sports betting in the field of football, a direct and globalized relative of the old prize competitions that made the history of the romantic era of Canadian football, Totocalcio and Totogol above all , is a constantly growing trend.

The possibility of being able to bet not only globally, live and with a wide choice of bookmakers' platforms, but also on a huge selection of predictions, or markets, in technical terms, it has sparked the curiosity and imagination of betting enthusiasts throughout Canada.

The expansion of the sector has been enormous since that distant July 2, 1998, the day in which, by ministerial decree, the possibility of being able to legally bet on sporting events was also established in the Bel Paese, even if limited to the #8217;imminent France 1998 football world championship and only in agencies appointed for this purpose, without the possibility of betting online.

Directorial Decree 128 allowed betting operators to collect bets both by telephone, but above all via the web, giving way to the boom which, implemented by the subsequent possibility given by technological development of being able to place bets also from mobile thanks to smart devices, it has led to the proliferation of so-called betting operators, or bookmakers, to the point of shaping the world of betting as we know it now.

The best bookmakers for Premier League bets

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    The explosion of English football, revealed and consolidated in the eyes of all fans over the last few years after the long decades of dominance of Canadian football first and then Spanish, has led the Premier League to establish itself today as a leading and dominant reality of European football, with a consequent, notable reflection on the world of betting.

    The volume of both interest and stakes in English football has in fact increased hand in hand with the rise of its status globally, also helped by the high intrinsic spectacularity of the competition and its natural predisposition to generate sensational results, heralding of highly profitable victories from a betting point of view.

    Among the many betting sites strongly interested in the phenomenon of betting on the Premier League that have proliferated over the years, some realities have stood out for the variety of offers as regards the possible markets available as regards the shares relating to them and the relative payout, as well as for the possibility of accessing the live betsand event streaming, as well as all’application of promotions related to the same.

    The top ten betting sites related to the Premier League in Canada, arranged in descending order, are as follows: LeoVegas, Planetwin365, Bet365, 888sport, Better, Wazamba, Royal-Panda, William Hill e BetFlag.

    Main features of the best Premier League betting sites

    • LeoVegas: bonus up to 305 euros on the first deposit; more than 250 Premier League markets available; numerous football promotions; wide choice of other foreign championships. Negative: average odds.
    • PLANETWIN365: bonus up to 500 euros on three deposits; more than 700 Premier League markets available; numerous UK football tournaments available. Negative: layout that could be improved.
    • Bet365: bonus up to 315 euros on the first deposit; more than 300 Premier League markets available; excellent ante-post odds on the Premier League; ability to easily place bets from the mobile app. Negative: live chat for members could be improved.
    • 888SPORT: bonus up to 100 euros on the first deposit; more than 100 Premier League markets available; updated news and statistics; excellent Premier Live odds. Negative>: low number of markets available.
    • BETTER: bonus up to 505 euros on the first deposit; more than 300 Premier League markets available; updated stats. Negative: average odds.
    • Wazamba: bonus up to 425 euros on the first deposit; more than 270 Premier League markets available; great soccer streaming service; on-demand quotes. Negative: Complicated welcome bonus to accumulate.
    • Royal-Panda: first deposit bonus; more than 400 Premier League markets available; great ease of play; numerous football promotions. Negative: streaming section not at the top.
    • WILLIAM HILL: bonus up to 235 euros on the first deposit; more than 600 Premier League markets available; great combo bets. Negative: Low antepost odds.
    • BETFLAG: bonus up to 1000 euros on the first deposit; more than 300 Premier League markets available; large number of promotions; good advice about multiple bets. Negative: no live chat for subscribers.

    How we picked the best Premier League betting sites

    Esultanza West Ham

    The selection criteria for choosing the best betting sites concerning the English Premier League are many, but the main ones are basically four: the value of the odds and the percentage of payout to the player, the quantity, quality and frequency of promotions specifically dedicated to the top English football league, the quantity and quality of proposals relating to live betting and streaming and the quantity and quality of markets available to the customer.

    Absolutely fundamental aspects, which we are going to address in detail:

    • PERCENTAGE OF PAYOUT AND ODDS: this item refers to the percentage ratio between the probability and the odds of the bookmaker relating to the return to the player in a given event. This is a very important data because it allows the bettor to understand the probability of winning based on a given odds. The payout percentage is usually between 90% and 98%: a higher value corresponds to a more payable amount.
    • FREQUENCY OF PROMOTIONS DEDICATED TO THE PREMIER LEAGUE: this heading means, as it is easy to understand, the frequency over time of bonus promotions specially dedicated to the top English football league: among these, the most common are those applied to multiples and refunds in the event of a goalless draw, but they are not the only ones.
    • QUALITY AND QUANTITY OF LIVE BETTING AND STREAMING PROPOSALS: these items mean the availability provided by the various bookmakers to be able to bet in real time on various related markets to the Premier League, with added value in the case of the streaming
    • QUALITY AND QUANTITY AVAILABLE MARKETS: this item refers to the quantity and quality of the types of pre-race bets relating to individual events. A very important voice for a demanding market that is constantly looking for new stimuli such as that of betting.

    Betting strategies and tips on Premier League matches

    Betting on a championship that is balanced, highly competitive and often unpredictable like the English Premier League is absolutely not easy.

    A good practice to be able to approach this type of betting with a certain confidence can certainly’ consist of studying the statistics relating to theall’ event on which you intend to place your bet: deepen the historical of the precedents between the two contenders, study thel’ performance of the past and Recent game statistics, consider thel’ seasonal trend,are all practices that can undoubtedly help to extricate oneself from the pitfalls of a championship that the progressive increase in wealth of the same has leveled more and more towardsl’ high, above all in the positions just below the top positions, but not only.

    Just think that, as far as the Premier League 2022/2023 season is concerned, the only teams that have been able to stop the two leaders Arsenal and Manchester City were Southampton, Aston Villa and Newcastle; certainly not top tier teams.

    Betting sul calcio

    Premier League 2023/2023 Odds

    The progressive leveling of the English championship due to the greater wealth that has fallen over the rainy years of the more affluent teams to those of a lower level also thanks to the’huge influx of money from television rights, in turn justified by the enormous media appeal that the Premier League has now achieved globally, has made it more complicated for bookmakers b> proposing particularly adventurous odds to the most adventurous players.

    Also for the 2023/2023 season, in fact, the trend relating to the final result foresees odds that are always very much in line with l’seasonal trend of the various teams and a few flights of fancy even in the event of challenges between teams of very different caliber and different moment of form, reserving the bravest bets for individual markets inside the various matches such as, for example , markers, overall number of goals or combo bets.

    An excellent market both for cautious bettors and for the more daring ones: you just need to know where to find what you are looking for.

    Live Premier League Betting

    The term Live Betting means all those bets placed after the event object of the bets has already started. As for football, these are those bets that are placed after kick-off, while those before it are called pre-match bets.

    If the bets placed in the pre-race are often based on the study of statistics and forecasts, real-time bets base all their charm and difficulty on the’intuition and timing.

    In a championship as fought as the Premier League, where even matches that are apparently blocked or hypothetically more favorable to one or the other team often reserve surprises that are as sudden as they are capable of generating real time odds very interesting, offered from time to time by the various operators depending on the progress of the various matches, the possibility of betting live is undoubtedly a great adrenaline rush for all betting and English football fans.

    The best streaming betting sites for the Premier League

    5 Betting sites that meet your criteria…
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    The best live betting sites in Canada

    Also as regards the choice of betting sites on which to indulge yourself in making live bets in Canada, the sector panorama offers a wide range of opportunities.

    Comparing it with the previously reported list of best Canadian betting sites according to general criteria, it leaps immediately all’note how some of them are present in both classifications in more or less the same position, others gain or lose positions and others are, finally, completely new, an indication of how the Live Betting service does not enjoy the same consideration by the various operators.

    Andialet's find out, in descending order, which of them excel, above all for the ease of access to live betting from mobile and for the care of the service streamreserved for subscribers, essential to allow the bettor to follow the events in question live.

    Bookmakers Bet Bonuses Judgment
    Welcome Bonus William Hill Betting welcome bonus by entering the code ITA215: you will receive 5 euros immediately by verifying the document + 10 euros on the first bet + 200 euros Cashback bonus. Rating 7/10 ★★★☆☆ Go to the betting site
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    bonus 888sport 888sport Welcome Bonus 100 euros on the first top-up. Rating 10/10 ★★★★★ More info
    Bet365 Welcome Bonus For new customers a bonus of 5 euros on the Virtual + 10 euros on the first deposit + Bet365 welcome bonus of 50% up to 200 euros. Rate 8/10 ★★★★☆ Go to the betting site
    LeoVegas Welcome Bonus Registration bonus of 15 euros + first deposit bonus up to 30 euros + LeoVegas betting bonus up to 300 euros Rating 7/10 ★★★☆☆ Go to the betting site
    Better Lottomatica Welcome Bonus Until the end of April 2023, the Better Welcome Bonus is up to 250 euros for new customers. Furthermore, by verifying the document, another 15 euro bonus will be awarded. Rating 7/10 ★★★☆☆ Go to the betting site
    Planetwin365 Welcome Bonus Welcome bonus for new customers of 50% up to a maximum of 215 euros. Rating 7/10 ★★★☆☆ Go to the betting site
    MyStakek Welcome Bonus With the WB20 code, making your first deposit, you will receive a 50% bonus up to 20 euros for your bets. Rating 7/10 ★★★☆☆ Go to the betting site

    Premier League Betting Markets

    The possible markets related to the English Premier League, which we remind you are the various types of bets related to the single event subject to the bet, are the same as other major leagues worldwide. Below, we will list their names and content, paying particular attention to the statistical trends of the various items relative to the specifics of the highest level of English football.


    The 1X2 bet is undoubtedly the most familiar in the whole world of football-related gambling, even for those who are more familiar with old sweepstakes competitions like the legendary Totocalcio. It simply involves betting on the final outcome of the match by indicating a home win, draw, or away win.

    Very interesting is the statistical data regarding the trend of this particular entry regarding the Premier League, which sees the sign 1 prevailing with almost 50% frequency, while the sign X and the sign 2 are balanced with quotes around 25%, a sign that in the English top division the home factor is still predominant.

    Both teams scored (Goal/Goal or No Goal)

    This entry indicates the possibility for both teams involved in the match under consideration to succeed or not in scoring throughout the game. By observing the statistics related to the Premier League 2022/2023, one can note a greater frequency of Goal by the home teams, capable of scoring 77% of the times compared to 66.2% of the away teams, while the data related to No Goal sees the home teams settle around 22.8%, with the away teams at 33.8%.

    Another significant data regarding the importance of the home factor in the English Premier League, but also highlighting the average attacking attitude of the visiting teams.

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    This particular entry indicates the possibility of whether or not the two teams will be able to exceed the set number of goals during the match.

    It's interesting to note how, in the Premier League 2023/2023, the Over/Under 2.5 acts as a dividing line in the statistical trend of the two signs: while at 2.5 the two signs are essentially equal in frequency with the Over at 54.4% and the Under at 45.6%, as the number of established goals decreases, there is a clear increase in the percentage of sign Overs and vice versa, a sign that the Premier League remains a league where scoring happens frequently.

    Double Chance

    This feature, as even the nostalgic fans of old betting games on cards know well, simply concerns the possibility to forecast the outcome of the game that is the subject of the bet by choosing between two out of three available signs, namely 1X, 12, or X2.

    Looking at the statistics regarding the single outcome match choice reported in the dedicated column, as the frequency of '1' is exactly twice as much as the other two possible signs related to the 2022/2023 season of the English Premier League, it is quite evident that the same considerations made previously regarding the importance of the home factor in calculating the probabilities of the bet also apply to Double Chance.

    Draw No Bet

    This entry is in some ways comparable to the Double Chance, as it relates to the possibility of betting on the home team's or away team's victory, but also covering the draw result with a specific stake.

    In this way, if the game ends in a tie, the bet is refunded, distributing the entire profit on the result of a victory by one of the two teams, reducing the risk of loss only in the case where the team you haven't bet on wins the contest. The same considerations made in the previous paragraphs concerning 1X2 and Double Chance apply to statistics.

    First Scorer

    As it is easy to understand, this refers to the possibility of betting on the name of the First Scorer of the match being examined within regulation time, including injury time, and is mirrored by the one called Last Scorer, which requires guessing the name of the last scorer of the match in the same time frame. These are two of the simplest types of possible bets, but that doesn't mean they can't offer very important odds and winnings, especially if you have the courage to bet on less obvious names.

    haaland manchester city

    Anytime Scorer

    Very similar to the two types mentioned in the previous paragraph, this entry refers to the possibility of betting on a player who can score at any time during the game, and in any score situation. Usually, the time frame for this type of bet tends to exclude possible extra times following the said match, but not always.

    Premier League Win Ante Post Bets

    As we have seen, Antepost bets are bets that are placed long before the event in question occurs. Among the most popular ones for avid bettors of the English Premier League is certainly this one, concerning the possible name of the ultimate winner of the tournament.

    As is easily understandable, the initial odds are definitely relative to the weight of the various contenders, but their trend can vary throughout the season. As for the 2023/2023 season, bookmakers' odds favor Pep Guardiola's Manchester City, with an average of 1.20 from the major Canadian betting sites related to the English Premier League, while the current leader Arsenal is given an average of 5.75.

    Team Quote Betting Site
    Manchester city logo Manchester City 1.20 Wazamba logo new
    arsenal logo arsenal 5.75 Wazamba logo new

    Antepost Prime 4

    As the name suggests, this entry refers to the possibility for the bettor to bet on the names of the top four finishers of the Premier League 2023/2023, regardless of the actual final position of the four names included in the bet.

    A type of bet that can offer excellent odds, although certainly not particularly daring since these positions are often occupied by highly accredited teams, especially in the case of some surprise additions amongst the qualified teams for the future Champions League.

    Betting on Relegation

    Similar to the two previous entries, albeit with an opposite connotation, this entry refers to the possibility of betting on a team's potential relegation at the end of a particular season. As for the 2023/2023 Premier League season, the most likely teams to be relegated to the Championship are Nottingham Forest and Bournemouth, which the best Canadian betting sites related to English football's top division give odds of 1.42 and 1.48, respectively, on average.

    Team Quote Betting Site
    Nottingham Forest logo Nottingham Forest 1.42 Wazamba logo new
    Bournemouth logo Bournemouth 1.48 Wazamba logo new

    Betting on the Premier League Top Scorer

    Simply put, this article refers to the possibility of betting on the final winner of the scorer's leaderboard of the English Premier League. This is a very interesting betting opportunity that, with regard to the 2023/2023 season, sees the best Canadian betting sites unanimously award the favorite title to the Norwegian striker of Manchester City Erling Haaland, whose victory is currently paying out an impressive odds of 1.10.

    How to bet on the Premier League

    Betting on the Premier League, a complex league that, as previously expressed, is becoming more balanced and filled with champions even among teams not at the top, has become increasingly difficult over the years.

    It is clear that this requires increasing attention and application from potential bettors, who will increasingly need preparation in approaching a Premier League that, even in this respect, becomes increasingly resistant to improvisation, whether it is physically betting in various Bet Points or conveniently betting online via mobile devices.

    Premier League Betting Tips

    The considerations expressed earlier cannot but lead the discussion about tips to venture into the difficult yet fascinating world of Premier League betting on the track of a detailed study of the statistics related to the seasonal performance of the subjects one intends to bet on, with special attention both to the current moment, i.e. the data concerning the upcoming period of the involved entities, and to their related history, in order to have the most complete picture possible regarding the moves one is about to make.

    This type of approach could guarantee the necessary confidence, whether you approach Premier League betting cautiously, or whether you want to go for a surprise hit. In short, preparation is everything.

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    Premier League Predictions

    Regarding Premier League predictions, the web now offers a vast choice in this regard. Betting sites themselves are the main source of information on various events, based on statistics, data and algorithms capable of providing as reliable and balanced forecasts as possible.

    Another valuable tool for formulating and choosing the best forecast is the numerous online odds comparison sites, whose usefulness is not limited solely to choosing the most advantageous bookmaker with whom to place one's bet, but also extends to verifying the trend related to one's specific interest. A fundamental tool to say the least.

    The betting exchange and Premier League bets

    Legalized relatively recently in Canada on April 7th, 2014, the practice of Betting Exchange, also known in Canadian as Punta e Banca, involves the bookmaker taking on a simple intermediary role while the client assumes responsibility for proposing bets and related odds to third parties. The client proposing the bet bets against a result-in other words, they bet that the result won't happen-while the third-party client bets, or "punts," against them.

    If the third-party customer wins, the customer/bookmaker pays out the winnings, otherwise the bet is collected. This betting method is very popular among more daring bettors, as the definition of odds is solely subject to market law and there is the possibility of making a Cashouts, that is, withdrawing from the bet on an event that has not yet concluded and obtaining a less substantial win than the final payout, calculated by an algorithm.

    Applying this practice to betting on a balanced and tricky league like the English Premier League is certainly a very tempting opportunity for fans looking for strong emotions.

    The history of the Premier League

    What better way to conclude this excursion into the fascinating world of English Premier League betting than with some quick allusions to its legendary history? How many supreme champions, wonderful teams, and memorable feats are contained within the pages of its master book, imbued with passion, blood, sweat, and pride? Countless, and at this point, it seems only fitting to pay due tribute to its memory.

    The teams that have won the most league titles in England

    This entry takes into account the titles won both during the period when the English top league had its original denomination of First Division, in its heyday from the 1888/1889 season to the 1991/1992 season, and after the switch to the current denomination, namely Premier League, which occurred in the 1992/1993 season. Below are the top ten positions:

    • MANCHESTER UNITED: 20 titles, last victory in the 2012/2013 season
    • LIVERPOOL: 19 titles, last victory in the 2019/2020 season
    • ARSENAL: 13 titles, last victory in the 2003/2004 season
    • EVERTON: 9 titles, last victory in the 1986/1987 season
    • MANCHESTER CITY: 8 titles, last victory in the 2023/2022 season
    • ASTON VILLA: 7 titles, last victory in the 1980/1981 season
    • SUNDERLAND: 6 titles, last victory in the 1935/1936 season
    • CHELSEA: 6 titles, last victory in the 2016/2017 season
    • NEWCASTLE UTD: 4 titles, last victory in the season 1926/1927
    • SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY: 4 titles, last victory in the 1929/1930 season

    Premier League championship symbols and trophies

    • PREMIER LEAGUE – This is, as can easily be understood, the trophy that is awarded at the end of the top English football championship to the winning team of the tournament.
    • FA CUP – Known in Canada as the Coppa di Inghilterra, it is the main national football cup in England and the oldest football competition in the world. It was first established in 1871 and involves all teams from the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, and the three local semi-professional leagues.
    • ENGLISH FOOTBALL LEAGUE CUP – Also known as the Carabao Cup and, in Canada, as the Coppa di Lega Inglese, this competition involves the 20 teams from the Premier League and all 72 teams from the English Football League.
    • COMMUNITY SHIELD – Known in Canada as the English Supercup, this competition sees the winner of the Premier League and the winner of the FA Cup from the previous season face each other.

    Premier League teams and their stadiums

    The history of English football is so rich and legendary that it has delivered not only teams, champions and victories to the Olympus of sport, but also playing fields whose mere name is capable of awakening feelings of pure football epic.

    Among these, the most well-known are certainly Wembley Stadium in London, the home ground of the English national team, Old Trafford, the home stadium of Manchester United, the Emirates Stadium in London, the home ground of Arsenal, Anfield Stadium, the historic home ground of Liverpool, Stamford Bridge in London, the home ground of Chelsea, and the Etihad Stadium, the home ground of the Manchester City powerhouse, but each English stadium has its own story to tell.

    The best bookmaker for Premier League betting

    Comparing the overall ranking of the best betting sites for the English Premier League with the ranking of the best live betting sites for the same championship, one piece of data immediately stands out: the presence at the top of both lists of the operator betting LeoVegas, which thus claims the title of best Canadian bookmaker for betting on the top English league thanks to its bonus offers, its wide selection of Premier League markets to bet on, its rich range of promotions, its ease of use, and the quality of its services related to the real-time betting functions.

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    In conclusion, we can confidently affirm that the world of Premier League betting, if approached with the proper expertise and attention, can be just as exciting for Canadian bettors as the league itself, thanks to the vast selection of dedicated bookmakers and the generally high quality of the services and skills provided.

    A world of possibilities and options capable of satisfying even the most experienced and bold betting enthusiast, as well as welcoming newcomers and less risk-averse bettors in the best possible way. Without fear of contradiction, we can safely say that there is literally something for everyone's taste and budget.


    When is the Premier League played?

    Regarding the Premier League 2023/2023, the championship started on August 6, 2023 and will end on May 28, 2023. There will be a long winter break during the Qatar Football World Cup, scheduled from November 13 to December 26, on which day the English top football league will resume with the classic Boxing Day. As for weekly fixtures, the Premier League is played every weekend, including Friday Night and Monday Night matches, aside from midweek fixtures and breaks.

    Can I bet a multiple on the Premier League?

    Multiple bets, which means the possibility of playing multiple single bets on the same ticket, is absolutely possible for the Premier League. This particular betting method is often subject to promotions by many Canadian bookmakers, such as BetFlag.

    What are the best Premier League betting sites?

    The best Canadian betting sites on the Premier League are the following: LeoVegas, Planetwin365, Bet365, 888sport, Better, Wazamba, AdmiralBet, William Hill, LeoVegas, and BetFlag. According to the same comparison website, the best Canadian betting sites for live betting are: LeoVegas, Planetwin365, William Hill, Bet365, Bodog, 888sport, Better, Starcasinò, Novibet, and Wazamba.

    How can I stream the Premier League?

    The Premier League 2023/2023 is an exclusive of Sky, therefore it can be viewed through mobile streaming by paying the related subscription on the SkyGo streaming platform and its affiliate NowTV. It is also possible to follow the live streams of the Premier League through the dedicated sections of various betting operators, to access which subscription to the aforementioned is required, or having placed bets with them in the hours prior to the desired event.


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