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rugby bets 1 Raise your hand who has never heard of haka or All Blacks? Few, indeed, very few people in the world may not know the New Zealand national rugby team, an institution in the universe of sport that has brought the oval ball to the headlines of the world news and to be, in the last years, also one of the most chosen sports by all fans of rugby betting.

Whether it's Rugby Union or Rugby League (depending on whether you play with 13 or 15 players per team on the pitch), rugby is today one of the most popular sports in the world.

The oval ball matches attract the interest of both fans and bettors. Therefore, it is no surprise that the number of rugby betting sites now available on the internet has increased significantly. Today, many of the best AGCO bookmakers offer many bettors many markets and many betting options.

As always, before moving on, let's take a look at the ranking of the Top 3 Betting Sites che secondo i nostri esperti offrono la migliore delle esperienze di Betting sul rugby, taking into account what are the best welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses, the most attractive promos and the highest rugby odds:

Best Rugby Betting Sites| Top 3
πŸ₯‡ Rugby betting site 2023 Bodog
πŸ‰ Rugby betting odds 888sport
πŸ’° Rugby betting bonus StarCasino


The Best Rugby Betting Sites 2023

Rugby is historically known as one of the most physically demanding sports and is played in different formats (with different rules) in hundreds of countries around the world.

Are you looking for information on how to bet on the Rugby World Cup, Six Nations bets, the English Premiership or the Super League? Well, this page has been designed precisely to provide you with information on the best rugby betting sites.

So let's go and see the ranking of the best AGCO online bookmakers for betting on rugby quest’year.

We take l’opportunity to also invite you to read the more detailed reviews of our best betting sites and new betting sites, so as to have a general overview on the other betting and gaming services offered, the Payment methods accepted, the quality of customer assistance and much more. Here are the best sites cycling bets:

Siti Betting Bet Bonuses Judgment Get your Bonus!
Bodog Welcome Bonus Up to 260 euros Rating 10/10 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

Go to the betting site
Welcome Bonus William Hill Up to 215 Euros Rating 10/10 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Go to the betting site
Bwin Welcome Bonus Up to 210 Euros Rating 10/10 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Go to the betting site
Codere Welcome Bonus 20 Euros Free Now Rating 10/10 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… Go to the betting site
Sports-Interaction Welcome Bonus 10 euro first deposit bonus Rate 8/10 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜† Go to the betting site
Bet365 Welcome Bonus Up to 215 euros Rate 8/10 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜† Go to the betting site
Skybet Welcome Bonus Up to 100 euros Rating 7/10 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜† Go to the betting site
LeoVegas Welcome Bonus Up to 350 euros Rating 7/10 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜† Go to the betting site
Wazamba Welcome Bonus Up to 310 euros Rating 7/10 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜† Go to the betting site
Betfair Welcome Bonus 10 euros + 5 euros per week Rating 7/10 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜† Go to the betting site

According to our experts, there are three main requirements for a betting website to be awarded the recognition of the best authorized betting site by ADM. This, of course, also applies to rugby betting. Let's see the three requirements:

  1. πŸ“Š Markets available for the chosen sport type
  2. πŸ’° Presence of welcome bonus and no deposit bonus
  3. πŸ“Ί Possibility to follow sports events in live streaming

Where to Bet on Rugby

So far we have seen a general overview of the offer of online betting on rugby. But which bookmaker should we rely on for our rugby bets?

Bookmaker Judgment Welcome Bonus
Bodog ⭐ 5/5 Super Welcome Bonus of 20 euros on the first two deposits + additional 240 euros bonus for the first year for new customers. Get your bonus
888sport ⭐ 5/5 With promo code Canada up to 100 euro 888sport welcome bonus. Get your bonus

Below, in our opinion at Betting Trends now, we list the two AGCO online bookmakers that have demonstrated the highest level of compliance with the criteria for the best rugby betting site:

The proposal on rugby πŸ‰ by 888Sports

The first website that we want to recommend is 888sport.

This bookmaker stands out for the kindness of the odds offered on rugby.

Since its launch in 2008, 888sport has been recognized as one of the leading online bookmakers.

They have only been on the Canadian market for a relatively short time, but their coverage of rugby bets is excellent. Perhaps their greatest strength is the odds they offer, which are particularly attractive when it comes to betting on rugby, such as with the winner of the upcoming Rugby World Cup.

A good number of promotions and welcome bonus are available, including free bets and enhanced odds.

βœ” Pro:

  • Quote about rugby elevation
  • Supports payments with PayPal
  • App dedicated to sports betting

❌ Control:

  • Absence live streaming
  • Website not very user friendly


How to register on 888sport

On the 888sport review page, you will find all the details about this operator. To register on 888sport, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the 888sport website and click on the REGISTER button above
  2. Complete all the fields as shown in the top picture (username, email, password, etc.)
  3. Confirm registration by submitting an identity document
  4. Are you ready to bet with 888sport?



The proposal on Rugby πŸ‰ by Bodog

The second bookmaker we want to highlight is Bodog, one of the most respected and chosen betting sites by all bettors around the world.

Rugby is just one of the over 30 markets offered to customers of Bodog's sports betting.

Union and Rugby League matches are offered, with significantly better odds compared to the average of other bookmakers.

βœ” Pro:

  • Higher quotes on rugby
  • Mobile app
  • News and comments on Rugby matches in the dedicated blog

❌ Control:

  • Absence live streaming


How to register on Bodog

On the Bodog review page you will find all the details about this operator. To register on Bodog, just follow a few steps:

  1. Go to the Bodog website and click on the REGISTER button above
  2. Complete all the fields as shown in the top picture (username, email, password, etc.)
  3. Confirm registration by submitting an identity document
  4. Are you ready to bet with Bodog?


Types of Rugby Bets

The number of betting options available for rugby is rapidly increasing. However, there are undoubtedly some markets and types of bets that stand out from the crowd.

More generally, there are 3 categories of rugby markets available:

  1. Antepost
  2. Single match bets
  3. Live Betting

With that said, the following are the most popular types of rugby bets available today with the best AGCO online betting sites:

Antepost Rugby

Antepost rugby bets, like antepost football or tennis bets, concern the winner of a particular competition. It will therefore be possible to bet on the major betting sites online on the next winner of the Six Nations or the 2023 World Cup winner.

1X2 Rugby Final Result

Popular for its simplicity, the Final Result 1X2 Rugby allows bettors to bet on which team will win a certain match. The three available options are sign 1 (home team win), X (draw), 2 (away team win).

Usually there is a favorite team, which will be reflected in the odds offered on rugby betting sites.

First Half / Second Half Rugby

Just like in football, in rugby you can bet on the results of both halves (which last 40 minutes each). This gives us many options, such as 1 first half / 2 second half, or 2 first half / 2 second half, and so on.

Under/Over Rugby

This is a market that is very popular in the English online betting world but is about to be offered by the best Canadian betting sites. We know the Under/Over market for football betting.

Betting on the number of points scored during a rugby match is another interesting option for bettors who have the opportunity to bet on Under or Over in relation to a certain score.

Margin of Victory Rugby

Available with almost all online bookmakers, this market allows bettors to bet on the margin of victory of one of the two teams on the field.

Whether it's a win by 1-5 points or a heavy 41-point victory, the odds in this case are always very rich due to the difficulty coefficient of the play.

Alternatively, some rugby betting sites allow their customers to bet on the exact winning margin, a feature that is not at all surprising when it comes to seeing the odds.

Rugby Live Betting

In addition to traditional betting, the best AGCO betting sites also offer the chance to bet in live mode, during the course of the match itself.

Centering a live rugby prediction shouldn't be too difficult since usually the difference in strength between the two teams on the field is immediately evident. Here, you can bet on Live 1X2 which works in the same way as 1X2 bets on matches.

Features of Rugby Betting Sites

betting six nations rugby

As we have already said for other sports disciplines, not least for the page dedicated to betting on cycling, every sport and therefore every sports betting site has fundamental requirements to always keep in mind.

Let's see what are the rugby betting options:

  1. βœ… Security – Like any recommended platform on our pages, rugby betting sites must be safe environments for bettors first and foremost. This means they need to be fully licensed and regulated by the ADM (formerly AGCO), while implementing necessary security measures.
  2. βœ… Markets – The best rugby betting sites will offer a variety of interesting markets, which come from both national championships and international competitions, as well as test matches. The most popular types of bets include the Final Result 1X2 but also the classic Under/Over.
  3. βœ… Live Streaming-This feature allows bettors to watch rugby matches live on their desktop or mobile device. This certainly increases the excitement of the betting phase. Some betting sites also offer live commentary streaming.
  4. βœ… Quote – The value of rugby odds on betting sites will ultimately determine how much profit bettors can make by placing bets on one online bookmaker or another. Therefore, the sites listed at the top of this page have all received high ratings for their rugby odds.
  5. βœ… Bonus – Whether it's a generic promotion or an exclusive welcome bonus for rugby, bettors should be able to understand which is the best rugby betting site after reading our opinion on it. We advise you to look for sites that offer multiple bets and cashback on the rugby market.
  6. βœ… Mobile Apps-Rugby enthusiasts should be able to bet on their favorite teams and players using their tablets or other mobile devices. That's why we have chosen only AGCO certified online bookmakers that offer a valid solution in this regard-a mobile app and a mobile version of their website.
  7. βœ… Customer service – Although the quality of the best rugby betting sites means that support shouldn't be needed on a regular basis, it's always nice to know it's there. Whether it's live chat, email or phone, support should be available 24/7 with good response times.

How to Be Successful with Rugby Betting?

betting rugby world cup new zealand

Whether it's betting on 15-a-side or 13-a-side rugby (Rugby Union or Rugby League), it's important to develop some sort of strategy before placing your first bet. Therefore, our experts have come up with some helpful tips for rugby betting, designed to give bettors the best chance of success.

πŸ’° Choose a certain betting budget

The first thing to consider is the budget available, with the advice always to stick to a predetermined amount, without thinking about potential winnings. At Betting Trends now, we always encourage responsible gaming and betting.

The deposit limits on rugby betting sites can also help ensure this aspect.

πŸ“• Learn the rules of the game

Meanwhile, no matter how much of a rugby expert you are, it is important that you fully understand the rules of this sport, including those of the 15 or 13 variant. This way you will ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises along the way, which could affect your bets. The rules may vary depending on the gameplay actions.

At the same time, we recommend specializing in a certain number of tournaments when it comes to betting on rugby. For example, if you regularly follow Six Nations matches, it's preferable to bet on Canadian national team matches.

πŸ“ Study all the team stats

Rugby is a sport that encompasses a wide variety of playing styles, with some teams preferring a distance game and others preferring to run and always look for the opposing try line. These factors can undoubtedly influence betting.

It is therefore necessary to keep an eye on all the relevant statistics, such as a team's recent form, the availability of players, and the motivation for victory. The best rugby betting sites found here on Betting Trends now can boast a section dedicated to team statistics.

Rugby Betting Sites, the History of This Sport

It is said that rugby originated at Rugby School in Warwickshire, England, in 1823 when during a soccer game, William Webb Ellis decided to pick up the ball with his hands instead of kicking it with his feet to carry it forward to the opposing goal.

Although there is very little evidence to support this theory, the trophy for the Rugby World Cup now takes its name from William Webb Ellis, the father of modern rugby.

In 1863, a selection of English colleges and clubs decided to establish a rule and in 1871, the Rugby Football Union was officially formed.

In the same year, the very first international match was played between England and Scotland with Scotland winning 1-0.

Rugby at the Olympics, Haka and Rugby Seven

In 1900, rugby was introduced to the Summer Olympics by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who had previously refereed the first French national championship and France's first international match.

France, Germany and Great Britain were the first national teams to register for the Olympics, and the French team won the gold medal by defeating both opponents.

In 1908, all three major nations in the southern hemisphere (New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa) had their own team and were ready to challenge the strongest national teams from the other hemisphere.

It was then that the myth of the All Blacks and the haka, the Maori warrior dance, was born. It was performed for the first time by New Zealand before a game in 1905 against Wales, with the Welsh responding by singing their national anthem loudly.

Only in 2009 did the International Olympic Committee (IOC) vote to reintroduce rugby to the Olympics (in the form of Rugby Sevens). In Brazil in 2016, the first Rugby Sevens tournament of the modern era was held.

What is the haka?

L'haka is a type of Maori dance and ceremony. This dance is usually performed in a group and generally represents a demonstration of the pride, strength, and unity of the New Zealand people.

The dance steps of the haka include stomping the feet on the ground, showing the tongue and some rhythmic slaps on various parts of the body while reciting a chant loudly. The words of the haka often poetically describe the ancestors and events in the history of a tribe.

Today, the haka is used during Māori ceremonies and celebrations to honor guests and show the importance of the occasion (birthdays, weddings, funerals).

The haka has become famous worldwide thanks to rugby. The New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks, perform the haka before every game in an extraordinary display of strength and physical ability.


The Major Rugby Tournaments of the Year

betting rugby haka new zealand

There are many tournaments, championships, and cups that crowd the rugby calendar each year. Let's take a closer look at some of the events to keep an eye on during this season:

Six Nations Betting

Organized every year, the Six Nations is an international rugby tournament that involves the national teams of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, and Canada. Wales currently has the most wins in the tournament's history, while Canada, the newest team to join the group, has collected the most wooden spoons (meaning last places).

Six Nations Hall of Fame πŸ†
2021 Wales
2020 England
2019 Wales
2018 Ireland
2017 England
2016 England
2015 Ireland
2014 Ireland

Rugby World Cup Betting

The first Rugby World Cup was played in 1987 and was held in Australia and New Zealand.

Both semifinals were played in Australia while the final was played in New Zealand, with the All Blacks defeating France in the final.

It takes place every four years. The World Cup is the pinnacle of this sport, with national teams from New Zealand, Australia and England regularly reaching the latter stages.

France will host the next Rugby World Cup in 2023.

Golden roll of the World Cup πŸ†
2019 South Africa
2015 New Zeland
2011 New Zeland
2007 South Africa
2003 England
1999 Australia
1995 South Africa
1991 Australia

Rugby English Premiership

With the top 12 club teams in English rugby, the Premiership is the most prestigious national championship in England and also the most competitive in the world.

The London Saracens have been the dominant force in recent years, however, various ups and downs in the club's history led to relegation to Serie B in 2020.

Rugby Championships

Another popular international Rugby tournament is the Rugby Championship, which brings together New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Argentina.

It takes place every year and includes the four leading nations in the southern hemisphere.

Super league rugby

The Super League is the premier club competition for rugby league in the northern hemisphere; it consists of 10 English teams and a single French team. Teams such as St Helens and Leeds are among the most successful in this sport.

Betting on Rugby, Conclusions

Our rugby betting site comparison page has shown that there are a number of very interesting AGCO online bookmakers catering to bettors in this area.

All of our recommended online bookmakers are safe and provide a wide variety of markets and betting options.

Rugby is growing rapidly and its popularity is evident worldwide, including in Canada. Rugby betting sites are also destined to become even stronger.

So, make sure to visit the websites listed on this page, considering their markets, odds, and bonuses and promotions before signing up and betting with your favorite teams.

Rugby Betting FAQ – FAQ

What is the difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League?

There are a number of different rules between these two varieties of oval ball sports. The main difference is that Union teams have 15 players on the field, while League teams have only 13. Other differences in terms of rules relate to tackling and tackling on the field.

What are the most popular types of bets on rugby markets?

The types of bets and the most popular markets for rugby betting include ante-post 1X2, total points, final score over/under, winning margin, and first half/second half result. However, there are a large number of alternative options for bettors to take advantage of.

Which is the best rugby betting site?

The best rugby betting site is the one that best suits your needs, both in terms of preferred odds and markets, and in terms of updated bonuses and promotions. Our experts have indicated Bodog as the best AGCO online bookmaker for rugby betting.

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