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betting scheduleThe world of betting and its market has been growing steadily for several years now and this is obviously excellent news for all online betting enthusiasts who are looking for the best betting sites and the most updated pages of the betting schedule.

In fact, as competition increases, it is natural that the innumerable portals are forced to improve and create increasingly advantageous offers. In a nutshell: betting has never been so convenient.

One of the direct consequences of this expansion is the appearance of more and more bookmakers, many innovative and promising, and others to be avoided.

The trendsnow team has already repeatedly expressed its opinion on many betting portals, reviewing the new best bookmakers in circolazione, così da fornirvi dei consigli utili ad orientarvi in questa realtà.

In fact, the greatest difficulty for a beginner who has just begun to approach the world of betting is precisely that of knowing how to find the bookmaker that best suits his case.

And at a time when betting portals are popping up like mushrooms, it's certainly not a simple undertaking.

Betting schedule of the best bookmakers

Without going round the bush, it is now useful to find out which are the best betting sites that offer the most up-to-date football schedules and odds. In addition, we will also see which operators offer the most diverse game varieties for all other sports.

As mentioned before, the betting market is booming in Canada, which has led to the emergence of numerous platforms where you can view the betting odds and place your bets.

Below, the trendsnow team will save you the time and effort (and we assure you it is a lot) of personally searching for all the betting odds by jumping from one site to another.

After carrying out an accurate odds comparison, here are the betting schedules of the betting sites that we consider to be the most reliable and 100% secure.

  Online bookmaker Bonuses Guy Laws Go
Bodog Bodog 260CAD CAD20 immediately + bonus up to CAD260 Review Get informed here
888 Sport 888 100CAD Promo code Canada Review Get informed here
Codere code 20CAD Without Deposit Review Get informed here
Sky Bet Sky Bet 20CAD Up to CAD100 Review Get informed here
Sports-Interaction Sports-Interaction Super Odds Review Get informed here

Let's start right away, then.

Bodog betting schedule

Bodog is definitely one of the most prestigious bookmakers (if not the top one among best betting sites) among online betting portals in Europe.

Over the years, he has been able to create an enviable and extremely rich sports betting schedule. In fact, there are currently 21 sports on which the site allows you to place your bets.

Not bad at all!

Ed even has a section dedicated to e-sports, testifying to Bodog's desire for innovation and keeping up with the times.

Obviously, the top section, and the best taken care of, is represented by football betting. Here the types of bets are countless (not that other sports are any less). It ranges from classic types to those designed for the most experienced bettors.

In short, there is really something to bet on and have fun with complete safety thanks to the seriousness and reliability of the bookmaker!



Rating: 9/10

Bodog weekly betting odds

Bodog's football betting schedule is incredibly rich and includes not only Canadian leagues, but also all foreign leagues... and when we say all, we really mean all (why not bet on the Vietnamese league? You can do it!).

Below you can see some samples of soccer bets ante-post odds for the major football tournaments and leagues according to the bookmaker Bodog:

Serie A winning odds

  • Inter 1.08
  • Juventus 15.00
  • Milan 15.00
  • Atalanta 67.00
  • Naples 67.00

This is a highly professional platform where you can place your bets with full autonomy and security.

If you are interested in seeing other quotes, visit the Bodog website through our Bodog review or stay updated on our channels!

Furthermore, here are some useful pages for your bets:

Useful pages to read
How to start? Go
Winning Predictions Go
Techniques to win Go

888sport betting schedule

888sports is a global betting giant and one of the most loved by enthusiasts, and for good reason!

888sport offers a very simple and easy-to-use interface, making it perfect for beginners.

The platform offers the public a large selection of sports on which to place bets, thanks to a very rich schedule of sports betting.

In particular, the website offers the opportunity to bet on over 20 sports. With an offer like that, there's really something to be excited about… So hurry up and place your bets on the sports you love the most!

As for the types of bets, 888sport offers a wide range of options and has recently added Multigoal and Combo odds.



Rating: 8.8

888sport weekly betting odds

But let's immediately look at the odds that this platform offers us on our country's favorite sport, football.

888sport offers an incredible range of options when it comes to football betting, with offerings ranging from our Canadian leagues (from Serie A to Serie D, including the women's league) to foreign leagues and, of course, major international competitions.

So let's take a look at the antepost football odds for some of the major leagues:

Champions League winning odds

  • Manchester City 3.25
  • Bayern Munich 4.00
  • Liverpool 6.00
  • Chelsea 6.25
  • Real Madrid 10.00
  • PSG 10.00
  • Borussia Dortmund 28.00
  • Porto 31.00

Overall, 888sport cannot be considered anything other than one of the top companies in the industry, thanks to a comprehensive and clear selection of betting options that are suited even to beginners, as well as highly accurate and reliable odds.

LeoVegas betting schedule

And here we are at the great betting site entirely Made in Canada.

Over the course of about thirty years, LeoVegas has established itself as a point of reference for all betting enthusiasts in Canada (and beyond), thanks in particular to a very intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, the variety of sports included in its betting catalogue, and the ease with which you can place your bets.

In a few words: fast, simple, intuitive. What more could you ask for?

And if you're still undecided, just take a look at the sports you can bet on: a whopping 20 different competitions... and nothing can stop you! Not to mention the practically infinite betting options.

Overall, LeoVegas confirms itself to be an almost indispensable portal for any good bettor thanks to the LeoVegas schedule (downloadable as a pdf) always updated with the most recent odds.



Rating: 7.5/10

LeoVegas weekly betting odds

Looking at the LeoVegas football odds, which is actually what we're really interested in, this bookmaker offers the opportunity to bet on various European leagues and tournaments.

Sure, the number of competitions offered may not be comparable to previous betting sites, but LeoVegas aims for something else and this certainly does not mean inferior quality.

The website features highly competitive football odds. Below is the proof with the Serie B Antepost odds on the teams promoted to Serie A:

Quota Promoted Team Y/N

  • Monza Yes 1.72 No 2.00
  • Lecce Yes 1.72 No 2.00
  • Salernitana Yes 4.00 No 1.20
  • Venezia Yes 4.75 No 1.15

In conclusion, we can affirm that the Canadian betting giant presents a very interesting LeoVegas betting schedule, full of opportunities to keep an eye on.

Wazamba betting schedule

We now arrive at the second most important and bet-flowing Canadian betting portal: Wazamba.

Compared to previous portals, Wazamba definitely has something to improve, but has shown to be a more than valid alternative to large international portals (the team at Betting Trends now had already talked about it here).

Among other things, Wazamba offers everyone the opportunity to bet on a number of different sports, and can therefore boast decades of experience and professionalism, which certainly makes it highly professional: a leading Canadian portal.

Matchpoint Wazamba


Rating: 7/10

Wazamba weekly betting odds

Wazamba has an excellent football betting schedule, with numerous European and international leagues to bet on, from Serie A to the Bundesliga, all the way to the African Cup and the Argentine championship.

As you can imagine, there is certainly no shortage of matches!

Let's take a look at some of the Wazamba betting schedule's antepost football quotes:

Europa League winner bets

  • Manchester United 2.50
  • Arsenal 4.00
  • Villarreal 6.00
  • Ajax 9.00
  • Rome 9.00

Wazamba offers an excellent betting experience, thanks to its solid experience in the field and excellent betting odds, with little to envy compared to its competitors.

Sports-Interaction betting schedule

Sports-Interaction is one of the oldest betting portals in circulation. Recently, the team at Betting Trends now conducted a thorough review, so we won't dwell on it too much.

If there is one thing that Sports-Interaction has as a strength, it would definitely be its sports betting schedule, which is very extensive and constantly updated and includes more than 35 sports.

The website also contains a news blog (as we have already seen with Bodog's Insider) always at your fingertips, providing support for your bets. In essence, it has everything a good bettor needs.


Super Odds

Rating: 8/10

Sports-Interaction weekly betting odds

In addition to a myriad of available types of bets, the betting schedule is accompanied by a series of useful tips, so as to guide beginners in their first attempts.

In comparison to other websites, Sports-Interaction's football odds are among the highest in the industry, which can either bring joy or sorrow and are mostly recommended to experienced bettors.

Let's take a look at Sports-Interaction's antepost betting odds. As an example, we'll take a look at those for the upcoming European football championships:

Euro 2024 winning odds

  • England 6.05
  • France 6.20
  • Belgium 6.80
  • Germany 8.20
  • Spain 9.00
  • Portugal 9.10
  • Canada 12.25

You understand well that football quotes like these can potentially be a great earning opportunity, but always with due attention.

In any case, Sports-Interaction once again confirms itself as one of the most interesting portals around.

Bet365 betting schedule

Bet365 has emerged in recent years as a cutting-edge betting portal. It offers a rich schedule of sports bets with a wide variety of bet types, allowing you to differentiate your bets and your winnings-you'll never get bored!

The website interface is very pleasant and easy to navigate, which greatly enhances the speed and simplicity with which you can place your bets.

The team at trendsnow never misses a beat and has previously reviewed in depth this betting website here, where you can see our detailed opinions.



Rating: 9/10

Bet365 weekly betting odds

The Bet365 football quotes cover the championships of over 35 different countries. In other words, a schedule like this hides winning opportunities from all sides, you just need to know where to find them.

Below we provide you with only a brief introduction to the Bet365 betting odds on matches this week, which prove to be very competitive and are always accompanied by an innovative live betting tool.

Winner of the 2023 Formula 1 Drivers' World Championship

  • Hamilton 1.55
  • Verstappen 2.35
  • Bottas 18.00
  • Perez 26.00

You just have to start betting!

Unibet betting schedule

Unibet may be less well-known than the competitors we described in the previous paragraphs, but it has been online since 1997 and has acquired more than 5 million users worldwide since then, a number that is increasing every day.

A piece of information like this one is synonymous with reliability, despite its sports betting schedule not being as extensive as other sites we have seen. However, its strong point lies in the clarity of its content and its attractive odds.



Rating: 8/10

Unibet weekly betting odds

As we were saying, Unibet offers its clients truly satisfying betting odds, capable of turning your earnings into quite decent winnings.

Regarding football betting odds, there are many championships and events on which the portal gives you the opportunity to bet, including European and foreign competitions, as well as major international tournaments.

Unibet, with its schedule, should be among the resources of every good bettor.

Skybet betting schedule

Last but not least, we want to talk about the sports betting schedule of Skybet. Its software is truly innovative, and it's not by chance that the website belonging to Flutter Entertainment plc (born from the merger of Betfair and Paddy Power) has become one of the most authoritative betting sites available at the moment.

All of this thanks to a rich betting schedule full of events (including live ones), where you can bet on your favorite sports in complete safety.

Furthermore, it should also be noted that the simple and clean interface greatly helps the bettors to navigate through the portal and find their betting odds easily.



Rating: 8/10

Skybet weekly odds

Let's get straight to the point: the sports betting schedule of Skybet is full of matches and games on which to place your bets. Despite not being the most comprehensive, you will definitely find everything you need within it.

The football quotes of Skybet are excellent and are updated day by day. Its strength is definitely the fact of being accompanied by the Sky news department, which represents a big plus point compared to other sites.

So here are some of the Skybet antepost quotes:

NBA winning odds

  • Brooklyn Nets 3.25
  • Los Angeles 3.70
  • Los Angeles Clippers 7.00
  • Utah Jazz 11.00

And with this we hope that the article has been helpful to you and has given you the opportunity to make the best bets!

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Who are the best bookmakers?

If the information contained in this article is not sufficient and you still don't know how to choose, the expert team at trendsnow has identified the best new bookmakers of 2023 right here, saving you a lot of time!

Where can I find the latest news and predictions?

Before placing any bet, it is important to stay informed about the latest sports news in order to avoid mistakes and bet on the winning horse. You can easily find all the predictions of the major sports on our website. This way you can start betting safely right away!

How hard is it to win at betting?

We have repeated it many times: it depends on you. Betting requires excellent intuition skills and a good amount of effort. However, our team certainly won't abandon you and you can find some useful tips on betting by clicking here.


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