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For all football fans who love to bet on their favorite league and their favorite teams, the arrival of the season finale is a tragic moment! With the national championships and the European cups that will only restart after months (net of tournaments, such as the Europeans or the World Cup, which are usually played in the summer), the most immediate solution is to turn to transfer market bets.

Let's see immediately which are the transfer market betting sites to bet on:

7 Betting sites that meet your criteria…
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    The transfer market is one of the most exciting moments of the football season (although today transfer negotiations are practically active twelve months of the year), with players free to find new teams and clubs ready to spend their money on established champions and invest in the most promising young prospects.

    In short, if you are a fan of market transactions and want to try your luck with football transfers, all you have to do is keep reading our guide on betting sites, which in Canada offers all the opportunities to bet and gamble on football transfers:

    Best bookmakers for transfer market bets | Top 3
    🏆 2023 transfer market betting site LeoVegas
    🔁 Transfer market betting odds 888sport
    💰 Transfer bet bonuses Bodog

    The Best AGCO Bookmakers on Transfer Market Bets

    The football transfer market, as we have said, represents one of the most exciting betting modes. Today sports agents and representatives are active every day, and every day we read on specialized newspapers about new and intriguing behind-the-scenes stories about transfer negotiations.

    The experts at Betting Trends now have selected the best odds for football transfer betting, with a wide range of markets and betting options available, as well as no deposit bonuses, in order to make the betting experience more exciting than ever.

    Below, for example, we report a type of bet related to the world of football betting that inflamed last summer, namely the story of player Paulo Dybala after his departure from Juventus:

    Next Dybala Team 🔵⚫ Inter 🔴⚫ Milan 🟡🔴Rome
    1.50 4.50 5.00


    Transfer Market Bets: What Are They?

    neymar calciomercato

    Every day, sports newspapers both print and online from all over the world are full of news related to the Serie A transfer rumors and other major national championships, much to the delight of millions of football fans.

    Whether it's a costly loan, a multimillion transfer or an impossible deal, all teams from all categories are involved in this mechanism. Betting on the transfer market also involves fans and enthusiasts.

    Bettors can bet on which team this or that player will join in the future, or whether a certain footballer will move during the next transfer window, or how much a particular club will spend in total.

    Even in Canada, the top AGCO licensed online bookmakers are increasingly targeting bettors who want to place such bets, with odds that are constantly changing based on rumors, news, statements from the involved clubs, and the offers proposed.

    Not all betting sites always have this market in their lineup but here at Betting Trends now, we've chosen only the best bookmakers that always offer this type of bet on the football market.

    Here are the most suitable betting platforms for this type of bet:

    Bookmaker Judgment Welcome Bonus
    Bodog 5/5 Super Welcome Bonus of 20 euros on the first two deposits + additional 240 euros bonus for the first year for new customers. Check bonuses
    888sport 5/5 With promo code Canada up to 100 euro 888sport welcome bonus. Check bonuses
    Better 4/5 Until the end of April 2023, the Better Welcome Bonus is up to 250 euros for new customers. Furthermore, by verifying the document, another 15 euro bonus will be awarded. Check bonuses
    LeoVegas 4/5 Registration bonus of 15 euros + first deposit bonus up to 30 euros + LeoVegas betting bonus up to 300 euros. Check bonuses


    How to Bet on the Transfer Market on Better Lottomatica

    better calciomercato

    Let's now take a closer look at how to bet on the soccer market. The bookmaker we want to examine is Better Lottomatica.

    This Canadian bookmaker offers the opportunity to bet on football odds from over 50 leagues, from A league to the Champions League and up to even the most diverse tournaments around the world, including the leagues of Panama, Hong Kong, Honduras, and all the leagues in South America. In short, when it comes to betting on football with Better, the fun is guaranteed.

    Regarding football transfer bets, this operator also offers all the odds related to the various market movements that could occur during transfer windows throughout the year.

    In the section dedicated to football transfers, Better offers the possibility to bet on the markets:

    • Change Team Yes/No
    • Player at Team X
    • X player's team at Y team

    and many other types of bets.

    For example, do you want to bet on the (remote) possibility that Lionel Messi will play for Napoli starting from next season? On Better you can, and the proposed odds are 150.00.

    Playing with Better is very easy, just click on the Register button and sign up in a few minutes to start betting. In addition, Better offers all its new customers a free betting bonus worth 5 euros upon sending identification documents, as well as other welcome bonuses.

    What are you waiting for? Visit Better's website now!

    On the Better review page you will find all the details about this operator. To register on Better you need to follow a few steps:

    1. Go to the Better Lottomatica website and click on the REGISTER button above
    2. Compile all fields as shown in the top photo (username, email, password, etc.)
    3. Confirm registration by submitting an identity document
    4. Are you ready to bet with Better!


    When do transfer windows open?

    Transfer windows are specific periods of the year in which the various teams in different leagues can finally finalize agreements and contracts with new players.

    Although negotiations can take place outside of these dates, players cannot begin playing with new teams until the official opening of the transfer window, with the exception of those who are in free agency.

    There are two periods during the year in which clubs can sign new players and put new contracts on paper, one in the summer at the end of the leagues and one in the winter during the seasonal break of the top continental tournaments.

    Here are the opening and closing dates of the transfer windows for the major European football leagues:

    Championship Summer transfer market Winter transfer market
    Premier League 17 May – 9 August January 1st – January 31st
    La Liga July 1st – September 2nd January 1st – February 2nd
    A league July 1st – September 2nd January 2 – January 31
    Primeira Liga 3 July – 22 September January 4th – February 1st
    Bundesliga July 1st – September 2nd January 1st – February 2nd
    League 1 July 1st – September 2nd January 1st – February 2nd
    Eredivisie 11 June – 2 September 3 January – 31 January
    Scottish Premiership 9 June – 1 September January 1st – February 1st
    Pro League Belgium July 1st – August 31st January 1st – January 31st

    Transfer Market Bets, Available Markets

    When it comes to betting on the football transfer market, there are a number of options available to betting enthusiasts. Although the variety of markets available may vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, below we want to indicate the most famous types of football transfer betting options:

    1. Next Team
    2. Next Team on Date X
    3. Change Team Yes/No
    4. Is he staying at his current club? Yes/No
    5. Bets on Coaches

    But let's take a closer look at this type of bet:

    • ⚽ Next Team – In this case, the bettor will simply have to choose which will be the next team in which a certain player will play. We will therefore have odds related to the athlete's transfer to a club, without temporal restrictions for this to happen.
    • ⚽ Next Team on Date X – Similar speech but with temporal variable. For example, you can bet on Cristiano Ronaldo's (again) move to Real Madrid by the next December 31, 2023.
    • ⚽ Change team Yes/No – This is a type of betting on the transfer market that is very popular, especially among Canadian AGCO bookmakers such as Better Lottomatica, LeoVegas, and Wazamba. In this case, the bettor will simply have to bet on the Yes/No market regarding the future of a certain player. For example, if we think that Paulo Dybala of Juventus may change teams at the end of the season, then we will bet on the Yes market.
    • ⚽ Staying at his current club – Rumors about the transfers of the most famous players circulate daily on all newspapers and news websites, regardless of whether the transfer window is open or not. Such as the alleged or actual rumor about which team Lionel Messi of Barcelona will play for next. In this case, those who bet on the player's permanence will win if the athlete will still be with his club when the transfer window closes.
    • Betting on Coaches – It's not just players that can be wagered on during the transfer market. Many bookmakers, including Canadian AGCO, offer bets on who will be the next coach of team X or which coach will be fired next in Serie A.

    The Most Popular Transfer Bets Today

    Soccer transfer market betting headquarters

    You can take advantage of the best odds offered by betting sites that allow you to bet on the transfer market when paying close attention to everything happening around the big names of this sport. We have already seen in the first example the odds related to the Messi situation, who is currently under contract with PSG for the next two years.

    Even in Serie A and the other major European leagues, there are many market stories that could soon explode and reserve sensational surprises. As for Cristiano Ronaldo of Juventus, the Portuguese ace is reportedly about to leave the Bianconeri, which is why odds for betting on Ronaldo's next team are already going crazy everywhere.

    The Most Expensive Transfers in Football History

    The amounts spent by various companies on football player transfers have steadily increased over the years.

    If in 1975 the transfer of the Bologna striker Giuseppe Savoldi to Napoli for two billion lire caused a stir (earning the player the nickname of Mister Two Billion), today there are practically no limits on how much a club can spend to buy this or that player (despite Financial Fair Play regulations).

    Here is a summary table of the most expensive market transfers in the history of football:

    Name From A Price (mln CAD)
    Neymar Barcelona PSG 222
    Kylian Mbappe Monk PSG 180
    Joao Felix Benfica Atletico Madrid 126
    Antoine Griezman Atletico Madrid Barcelona 120
    Romelu Lukaku Inter Chelsea 114
    Paul Pogba Juventus Manchester United 105
    Cristiano Ronaldo real Madrid Juventus 100


    Serie A transfer market bets, who are the most expensive players?

    The player market never sleeps, as the definition goes, and all lovers of soccer bets must always keep their eyes open when it comes to betting on the transfer market.

    The Serie A, in particular, is one of the most desirable markets in Europe. Unlike decades ago when the strongest Serie A teams dominated not only in terms of sports results in various cups but also economically in Europe, today Canadian clubs are the object of desire of the wealthiest and most acclaimed European associations, such as Barcelona, PSG, or Manchester United.

    There are many, many top players who are currently playing for Serie A teams and who could soon leave the Canadian league. So let's take a look at the price tags of the most expensive players in the Serie A:

    Name Age Team Value (mln CAD)
    Lautaro Martinez 23 ⚫🔵 Inter 80
    Matthijs de Ligt 22 ⚪⚫ Juventus 75
    Sergej M.-Savić 26 ⚪🔵 Lazio 70
    Greg Barella 24 ⚫🔵 Inter 70
    Frederick Church 23 ⚪⚫ Juventus 65

    How to Bet on the Transfer Market: Winning Strategies

    Just like any form of betting, even football transfer betting is not a walk in the park as there is unpredictability and surprises involved.

    Regardless of your goals, there are several ways you can give yourself the best possible chance of success with your football transfer market bets. Below are some helpful tips for placing winning bets on football transfer market:

    • 📰 Information on Reliable Sources – Voices and rumors about player transfers come out every day like mushrooms. Rather than believe everything you read on online sites or in some newspapers, it is better to seek out a serious and reliable source of information. Some journalists specialized in this field have a better reputation than others; many of them have a proven track record of successfully predicting transfer moves.
    • 📈 Keep an eye on football transfer odds – The better and higher the quotes, the more potential profit you can make when betting on a transfer. This is generally the rule for football transfer betting, although it is not always the case. If more than one club is competing to sign the same player, then the odds will tend to be low. Try to plan your bets correctly based on how bookmakers update their odds values. It is unlikely that placing a bet the day before a transfer is official will yield big winnings.
    • ⛹ Read soccer matches – Watching live matches can provide an indication of a player's mood. Those who are about to pack up and leave may appear lazy and out of shape or not fully committed on the field. It is also known that players greet fans before an imminent transfer or even refuse to play.
    • ⭐ Betting on Superstars and beyond – Betting on the best football players and their future destinations is certainly an interesting way to try your luck with this type of betting. However, you can often find a higher odds on lesser-known players. If you can successfully predict a transfer involving a promising young player or a free agent, this could be a real bargain for your football transfer betting.
    • 📱 Follow Social Media-More and more often, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) play a fundamental role in indicating future moves of players. Whether they post a cryptic message on Instagram or respond to a fan's question on Twitter, it is always a good idea to follow the official profiles of various players.

    Why Bet on the Transfer Market?

    Betting on the transfer market means not only betting on new betting markets but also following with more excitement all the non-football events related to our favorite team. However, there are many other reasons to bet on the transfer market.

    The first thing is that, after the conclusion of the Serie A championship, when only matches in Sweden, Norway and Finland are played during the summer months, betting on the transfer market is an innovative way to shorten the time before the start of the new sports season.

    Assuming, of course, that important national tournaments such as the Europeans 2020 or the World Cup are not held in the summer (the next edition of the World Cup will take place in December 2023 in Qatar). The second reason is that by betting on the transfer market, you will have many more reasons to discuss rumors and news about the champions and players of your favorite team with your friends.

    Finally, betting on fantasy football can provide fans with new opportunities to better understand the teams in their favorite leagues.

    Betting on the Transfer Market: Conclusions

    All the AGCO-licensed online bookmakers we have listed on this page offer the opportunity to bet on transfer markets; some even outside of the summer and winter transfer windows.

    Therefore, the advice is to always keep yourself updated to evaluate whether it is the right moment to take advantage of a welcome bonus or a special offer or promotion currently available.

    For example, if there is a heated debate about the transfer of a football player, then it is a good idea to check sites that offer betting on the transfer market and see which ones have the best odds. If you have a hunch and don't mind betting on this type of wager, you could seize the opportunity to get a nice satisfaction.

    With football transfer betting, you become a bit of a sports journalist, a bit of a coach, and a bit of a football agent. And that's the beauty of this betting market.

    Transfer Betting Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

    What types of bets can be made on the transfer market?

    When it comes to betting on the transfer market, there are several different markets to choose from, including which team a player will join next, or whether a player will leave their team at the end of the season, or where coach X will manage at the end of the season. In short, there are many betting possibilities on the transfer market and the best AGCO bookmakers always offer special bets in this sense.

    What are the best football betting sites?

    In this page we have seen some of the best AGCO online bookmakers that offer football transfer market odds. Our experts have been able to trace the profile of the best sites, trying to find the best one. According to 123bet, one of the best bookmakers currently offering football transfer market odds is Bodog.

    Where can I read information on the transfer market?

    Today, the internet is full of websites and portals ready to offer you the absolute truth when it comes to football and therefore to transfer market. If you want to bet on this market, try to read news from official and recommended sources, giving credit to experienced and respected journalists in the field.

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