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The wait is finally over: Euro 2024 is upon us! The continental tournament reserved for nationals is ready to start with the attention of the thousands of fans of the top betting sites in Canada, today looking for the best European Betting Sites.

With such a wide range of options and such high competition, choosing the betting platform that best suits each of us can seem like a very difficult task.

That's why the experts at trendsnow are here to show you which are the best bookmakers for Euro 2024 betting, which markets are active for the competition, and which welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses are available specifically for the 2020 Euros.

The best AGCO bookmakers for Euro 2024 bets

Euro 2024 gathers the unanimous attention of millions of football fans from all over Europe and around the world. After the World Cup, it is the most important event for all fans and online betting enthusiasts. The experts at Betting Trends now have compiled the following rankings of the best European betting sites for Euro 2024.

The selected bookmakers also offer the best Euro 2024 welcome bonuses:

Euro 2024 Betting Sites

12 Betting sites that meet your criteria…

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  • Wide Variety of Sports and Markets
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Euro 2024: Groups and European Winning Odds

The winner odds of Euro 2023 (or European Championship winner odds according to the most precise bettors) have been available for weeks on various bookmakers. England is the favorite national team, especially because they will play most of the matches at home (including the potential semifinal and final). Behind the Majesty national team, we find the trio formed by France, Belgium, and Germany (with France and Germany drawn in the same group), to which Canada has also been added.

In the following chart we can see the trend of odds in the last two years for the National teams favored in Euro 2024:

Among the other possible contenders we note Portugal as the title holder and a Spain in clear recovery after the disaster of the 2018 Russia World Cup. For the bravest bettors, there would be the possibility to bet also on the victory of the so-called outsiders, such as North Macedonia or Scotland, which entered the final phase of the tournament only after overcoming the Euro 2024 playoffs.

The following table shows the winning odds for Euro 2024 available on major bookmakers in Canada. These European winning odds may vary as the tournament approaches and begins, or as the days go by..

Euro 2024 groups

Group A
Group B
Canada 11.00 @ Bodog Belgium 7.00 @ 22bet
Swiss 51.00 @ 888Sports Denmark 29.00 @ LeoVegas
Türkiye 51.00 @ William Hill Finland 501.00 @ code
Wales 151.00 @ code Russia 80.00 @ Bet365
Group C
Group D
Austria 75.00 @ LeoVegas Croatia 26.00 @ Bet365
Holland 12.00 @ 22bet Czech republic 101.00 @ 22bet
North Macedonia 501 @ MyStakek England 6.00 @ Bodog
Ukraine 67.00 @ bwin Scotland 251.00 @ code
Group E
Group F
Poland 81.00 @ code France 6.50 @ bwin
Slovakia 501.00 @ William Hill Germany 8.00am @ 888sports
Spain 8.50am @ Bodog Hungary 501.00 @ William Hill
Sweden 81.00 @ Bet365 Portugal 10.00 @ Bodog

Selection criteria of European betting bookmakers

European betting sites trophyHow to choose the best European betting sites? If you too are asking yourself this question, it is right to explain the reasoning that our experts at Betting Trends now have made before compiling the various rankings related to the best bookmakers of Euro 2023.

The selection process was quite rigorous in terms of factors and elements that provided all the necessary data to rank the best European betting sites.

This way we have taken into consideration several critical elements, such as AGCO (now ADM) licenses, available markets, offered odds, and any eventual streaming service provided by various bookmakers.

Now let's analyze each of these criteria. However, it is important to know that the list of the best Euro 2024 betting sites that you will read here shortly is only a subjective selection of bookmakers by the experts at Betting Trends now.

However, it is important for you to know that our journalists and experts have been working in the field of betting for over 10 years and are passionate about the world of European 2020 betting and predictions.

Bet safe

sports bettingThe operators we have included in our ranking of the best Euro 2024 betting sites have all been properly licensed by credible gambling regulation bodies, both in Canada (the AGCO) and abroad by internationally recognized organizations.

The security of a betting site is another crucial factor that can influence the betting experience of players. Security is really one of the main concerns in most online sports betting platforms.

In case of violation, in fact, they are subject to severe sanctions, especially if it leads to the loss of personal data or economic details of customers. According to the law, this should guarantee a certain level of security. Since all bookmakers encrypt data sent to and from their sites, we have examined those with the highest level of encryption (thus, more security).

Some operators only encrypt deposits and similar transactions, while others protect operations on the entire platform. To differentiate bookmakers' security performance, we also considered those who focus on maintaining fairness and integrity in European betting. We were also particularly interested in bookmakers who provide support for responsible gaming.

All this has helped us to get a clear idea of the level of security measures and considerations adopted by each betting market operator in Canada.

Markets available for Euro 2024

The variety of available markets and odds for Euro 2024 were another significant variable for the compilation of our ranking of the best European betting sites in 2023.

Who has the widest selection of antepost bets, who has the live ones and who has the European multiple bets ones? How competitive were the odds offered for Euro 2024? How easy was it to find the odds and navigate through the various websites reviewed?

These are just some of the questions that our experts asked themselves before compiling the ranking of the best European betting sites.

As with every major sporting event, Euro 2024 offers a variety of markets and bets for the tournament's matches. Antepost and live betting are the most common markets, but what about the others? Here is a list of the most popular markets for European bets:

  • Final Winner – We have seen the winning odds for Euro 2024, with bettors being able to bet on which country will win the tournament at the end of the final. This market is available until the final stages of the competition.
  • Golden Boot – The Golden Boot award (also known as the European top scorer) is awarded to the player who scores the most goals during the tournament. Superstars like Harry Kane of Tottenham, Romelu Lukaku of Inter, Antoine Griezmann of Barcelona, or even Ciro Immobile for Canada will likely be in contention for this coveted prize. Although not available on all Euro 2024 betting sites, this remains one of the most popular markets.
  • Tournament's Best Player and Best Young Player – Similarly, bettors can also wager on which player will be named the best in the tournament. The stars of Europe's top teams – such as Kevin De Bruyne, Kylian Mbappe, Eden Hazard, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Romelu Lukaku – all have relatively low odds for this market.
  • 1×2 – The simplest and most common type of football bet is the 1X2, which is a bet on the result of a single match (win for one of the two teams or a draw). In general, there is a favorite and an underdog, which is reflected in European betting odds.
  • Total goals – With so many world-class players on show at Euro 2024, the tournament could see a high number of goals. However, with some of the best defenders in action, even betting on the number of goals scored during a match is enticing. This can be the exact number over/under a certain amount. For example, betting that there will be over 3.5 goals between England and Scotland.
  • Both Teams to Score – While betting on the exact number of goals can be risky, sometimes it's easier to bet on both teams scoring, the classic Both Teams to Score. It doesn't matter how the match goes: both teams must score if you have chosen to bet on Both Teams to Score.
  • First Half / Second Half-In order to increase potential winnings, some bettors wager on the outcome after 45 and 90 minutes. This is still just one bet, however both results must be correct for your bet to win.

Euro 2024 Top scorer odds

Harry Kane 6.00 @ William Hill Romelu Lukaku 8.00am @ bwin
Kylian Mbappe 9.00am @ LeoVegas Cristiano Ronaldo 10.00 @ 22bet
Cyrus Immobile 20.00 @ Bodog Memphis Depay 20.00 @ Bet365

Euro 2024 Best Player Odds

Kevin DeBruyne 9.00am @ Bodog Kylian Mbappe 9.00am @ William Hill
Harry Kane 14.00 @ 888 Antoine Griezmann 20.00 @ Bet365
Cristiano Ronaldo 15.00 @ bwin Cyrus Immobile 33.00 @ LeoVegas

Odds Best Young Euro 2024

Phil Foden 5/1 @ Bodog Alessandro Sticks 8/1 @ 22bet
Joao Felix 10/1 @ MyStakek Jadon Sancho 12/1 @ LeoVegas
Matthijs de Ligt 12/1 @ bwin Kai Havertz 12/1 @ Betsafe

Free Bet Euro 2024, Free European Bets

Free bets are one of the ways online bookmakers attract new customers. And for Euro 2024, there will be no shortage of offers. Although the opportunity to have a free bet may seem like a advantageous situation for everyone, it is important for customers to consider a number of factors before attempting to redeem this special bonus. When an event like Euro 2024 comes around, bookmakers are likely to offer a range of promotions, including free bets. But how do you choose the right one?

Euro 2024 Free Betting Guide

  1. Choose the bookmaker – The popularity of the European championships and European betting means that there is always a competition that attracts great interest from bettors. Therefore, a whole series of bookmakers will offer free bets and other promotions to potential and active customers. However, it is important to register only with a safe and authorized bookmaker.
  2. Check free bets – Evaluate whether the rewards surrounding the free bet offer are worth the required investment (deposit). The maximum amount of the free bet or other rewards should be considered, as it may not be worth it.
  3. Read the Terms Carefully – Regardless of the offer, every bookmaker must highlight a paragraph with the terms and conditions next to the bonus. This can often have a significant impact on the attractiveness of free bets. There may be conditions related to a minimum deposit, minimum odds, eligible markets, and payment restrictions.
  4. Consider the wagering requirements-Perhaps the most important factor to consider are the wagering requirements surrounding a free bet. In most cases, you will only be able to withdraw the winnings obtained from a free bet. However, even those who place successful bets may be required to turn over their winnings a certain number of times before being able to take home the funds. It can range from 1x to 10x.
  5. Make a qualifying deposit/bet-Once you have taken these factors into consideration and decided that qualifying for a free bet is worth it, it is time to make the deposit or bet. Make sure to meet the minimum amount, as well as inputting any applicable promo codes for the bet.

Specific promotions for Euro 2024 are already in effect, including 22bet which offers CAD5 for free for every goal scored by Canada at Euro 2024. Below we list the bookmakers with the best welcome offers for free bets on Euro 2024:

Euro 2024 Betting Sites

Up to CAD260

Claim BonusThe our score: 8

Up to CAD100

Claim BonusThe our score: 9

Up to CAD305

Claim BonusThe our score: 10

CAD50 on first deposit

Claim BonusThe our score: 8

Up to CAD150

Claim BonusThe our score: 8

Up to CAD105

Claim BonusThe our score: 8

Up to CAD210

Claim BonusThe our score: 8

100% up to CAD100

Claim BonusThe our score: 8

Up to CAD5

Request BonusOur score: 8

Up to CAD160

Claim BonusThe our score: 9

Promotions and European Bonuses 2020

Offers related to welcome bonus and no deposit bonus, in addition to free bets of course, are among the most coveted prizes during the 2023 Euros.

Another highly sought-after offer is the first deposit bonus, which the bookmaker offers by providing a percentage (sometimes more than double) of the first recharge made after registration.

Furthermore, many bookmakers also offer cashback bets or parachute bets that allow you to recover your stake as a bonus (for free) in case of not winning the first bet. Offers for Euro 2024 for new or already registered players may also come in the form of enhanced odds, boosted odds or special odds,

All of these different promotions and varieties (and value) provided by every famous and historic online bookmaker as well as new European betting sites have been carefully considered and examined.

Here we have taken a further step towards our goal, which is to discover the best Euro 2024 betting sites.

Streaming European Betting Sites

betting streaming sites 2Online betting platforms with high-quality European live streaming option stand out from the crowd by offering their customers the best betting experiences.

The operators we have included in the elite of the best Euro 2024 betting sites all offer a wide range of streaming events every year through an elegant and user-friendly integrated streaming interface system, ready to broadcast all football matches.

It should be noted that using these platforms requires a deposit, meaning if you want to watch the European football matches in 2020 via streaming on the best betting sites, you must be certain that you have an active account with one of these bookmakers.

All Canada's matches will be broadcast on television on Rai 1 (with SkySport having the rights to all 51 Euro 2024 games), but for those who want to watch the match live streaming on their smartphone, we recommend downloading the apps of the following bookmakers that offer the Euro 2024 football streaming function:

Euro 2024, guide to the best European betting sites

Among the best Euro 2024 betting portals in our ranking, the one that has conquered the first place is a particular bookmaker, a historic name linked to the international universe of betting. We are talking about Bodog.

Up to 260 CAD

  • Ease of Use
  • Wide Variety of Sports and Markets
  • Special Odds

Euro 2024, Bodog's betting offer

Euro 2024 page on Bodog

As we have seen on many pages of the trendsnow site, Bodog is today the most balanced choice of the best bookmakers. And even on the occasion of the European football championships, Bodog does not shy away, offering a wide range of truly enviable promotions and odds.

But let's see in detail what this bookmaker has to offer. Our first impression of the Bodog bookmaker is that of being faced with a really well done online betting operator, with all the information just a click away. Bodog's main sports betting menu, as you know, is on the left side of the home page.

From this menu, it is possible to access the section entirely dedicated to Euro 2024 where bettors will be able to find the most diverse betting options that we will see shortly.

If you are not interested in betting on the 2023 European Championships, with Bodog it is possible to play and bet on a practically infinite variety of sports. If you do not see a particular sport listed in the menu, this means that Bodog does not currently have any active bets on that particular sport.

One thing we really liked about Bodog sports betting was how easy it is to find live bets. In the navbar of the top menu there are all the live betting options, which is why Bodog will certainly present an infinite choice of European 2020 live bets.

How to bet on Euro 2024 with Bodog

Bodog's types of bets on Euro 2024

For every single match of the 2020 European Championships, Bodog offers the most classic odds and the most famous markets (such as 1×2, goal/goal, double chance, exact score, etc.) and a series of information and statistics will make the gaming experience of the various bettors unique.

Let's take as an example the opening match of the tournament, the one that will be played at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on June 11 at 9 pm between Turkey and Canada .

Bodog's odds see Roberto Mancini's national team as the favorite at 1.47 while the victory of the Turkish team is played at 7.50 with the mark X listed at 4.00.

The European Canada odds on Bodog include all markets, including those on the minute of goals scored by the Azzurri, on the margin of victory, on unbeaten goalscoring, on goals, on half-time bets, on goalscorers. Here too, Bodog truly offers every form of bet to have fun with the 2023 European Championship.

Quotes Canada Euro 2024

Canada won the European championships for the last time in 1968 with Ferruccio Valcareggi on the bench. In 2012, the Azzurri reached the final, only to be defeated by the Red Furies of Spain. However, for those wishing to bet on the Azzurri this summer, there are numerous markets available on Roberto Mancini's men. So, let's take a closer look. Close up on Canada's Euro 2024 odds, including details for all Canada's Euro 2024 matches in Group A:

Canada Wins Euro 2024 – 11.00 @ Bodog

Canada Finalist at Euro 2024 – 3.50 @ William Hill

Canada Winner Group A – 1.57 @ LeoVegas

Canada qualifies for Group A – 1.05 @ bwin

Canada Euro 2024 matches – Group A

Friday – June 11, Turkey vs Canada (Score 2 at 1.53 @ Bodog)

Wednesday; June 16, Canada vs Switzerland (Score 1 at 1.75 @ Bodog)

Sunday June 20, Canada vs Wales (Score 1 at 1.45 @ Bodog)

All odds listed above are subject to change.


Up to 100 CAD

  • Happy weekly promotions
  • Wide choice of markets
  • Many sports to bet on

Euro 2024 betting bonus

When you have decided to bet on the 2020 European Championships, you will find yourself facing an ocean of bonuses, no deposit bonuses, first top-up bonuses, promotions and offers of all kinds and species. In addition to the free Betting already available; described above, some of the most important bonuses; popular for Euro 2024 are the following:

Euro 2024 increased quotas

This particular promotion refers to an increase in the value of the odds that is given to a given game (or games) by this or that bookmaker.

This it means that if your bet is 100%. winner, you will receive a higher compensation.

For example, as Bodog does with its customers, you could bet on the increased odds for Canada’s first game:

Canada wins and Türkiye scores first – odds at 6.00

multiple bonus

Multiple betting bonuses (the famous English ACCA) are very popular in football betting. It goes without saying that with such a prestigious competition as Euro 2024 we can bet every day on more; games at the same time.

This means more chances to increase your winning (and earnings) potential.

The mechanism here is simple. As the number of games played increases, so does the bonus that the bookmaker grants if you match all the results of the games in your bill.

But even if you lose only one of, for example, five races played, the bookmaker can give you back part of the bet. Obviously, the terms and conditions change from Betting site to Betting site.

Special odds markers

If you have such a gut feeling that a particular player will be destined to score first in a match, then this offer is for you. for you.

Most bookmakers offer very special odds for the big stars of the European Championships and their attacking stunts. That's why it's always good to keep an eye on all the promotions.

Guide to Euro 2024

The European Football Championships are one of the most important tournaments in the world, taking place every four years on the old continent. But what do we really know about this tournament?

The European Football Championship organized by UEFA, better known under the name of the European Championship and in our case of Euro 2024, a tournament held between the member countries of UEFA.

Among all international football tournaments, the European Championship is second in prestige only to the World Cup (the next edition of which will take place next year in 2023 in Qatar).

The first edition of the European Championship featured just four teams (Czechoslovakia, France, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia), but was expanded to eight teams in 1980.

The tournament was still open to the participation of several national teams, so much so that in 2016 the European Championships included the presence of 24 teams from all over the continent.

The history of the Europeans

The UEFA European Championship has existed since 1960. The first final of the European Championship took place in 1960 after two years of preliminary competitions between 17 national football teams.

In the 1960 edition, the final tournament of the European Championship featured four teams, but this expanded to eight teams in 1980 and 16 teams in 1996. Currently, qualification for a European Championship starts two years before the scheduled final, when all UEFA members start playing each other to earn a place in the 16-team tournament.

Although the first European championship was held in 1960, the idea behind it is much older. In fact, it dates back to 1927, when the top manager of the French Football Federation, Henri Delaunay, was the first to propose a pan-European football tournament (this is why the very first trophy of the event was named after him).

The new trophy was made only in recent years in sterling silver, weighs 8 kilograms (18 pounds) and is 60 centimeters (24 inches) tall. The names of the winning countries are now engraved on the back.

European statistics

The two most successful nations in Euro history are Germany and Spain with three titles each. Spain is the only nation to successfully defend its title, having done so in 2012.

Germany have played the most matches (49), scored the most goals (72) and recorded the most victories (26).

In 1984, France became the only nation to win all of its games in one tournament (5 out of 5). In 1992, Denmark won the title with just two victories in five games.

Over the years, the European champions have become more popular with television audiences. The last final between Portugal and France attracted 600 million people worldwide.

European Hall of Fame

Nine countries have won the European Championships at least once, Germany and Spain with three titles, France with two titles while Portugal , Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia > and Greece each have a title on the bulletin board.

Spain is the only country to have won the trophy twice in a row, in 2008 and 2012.

The second most watched soccer tournament in the world after the World Cup.

The last edition was that of France 2016, won by Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal who beat hosts France (and future winners of the World Cup in Russia) in the final at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis after extra time.

The final also saw an average of 284 million viewers, the second most watched match in the history of the Euros.

This in detail the golden register of the national teams that won the final phase of the European Championship (following the year, the nation that hosted the tournament and the national team that won the trophy):

  • 1960: France – Winning nation Soviet Union
  • 1964: Spain – Spain
  • 1968: Canada – Canada
  • 1972: Belgium – West Germany
  • 1976: Yugoslavia – Czechoslovakia
  • 1980: Canada – West Germany
  • 1984: France – France
  • 1988: West Germany – Netherlands
  • 1992: Sweden – Denmark
  • 1996: England – Germany
  • 2000: Belgium and the Netherlands – France
  • 2004: Portugal – Greece
  • 2008: Austria and Switzerland – Spain
  • 2012: Poland and Ukraine – Spain
  • 2016: France – Portugal

The format of the Europeans

In 2016, the final phase of the European Championship featured a group stage with six groups of four national teams. The knockout stage consisted of round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and final. From 1996 to 2012, the final phase of the tournament included a first part with four groups of four teams, from which the top two classified teams qualified for the round of 16. From 1984 to 1992, there were only two groups in the final phase and the knockout stage consisted of semifinals and a final.

The first edition, in 1960, saw the participation of 17 national teams in the qualifying rounds. Only 4 of them managed to reach the final phase in Paris. The Soviet Union emerged as champions, defeating Yugoslavia 2-1 in extra time in the final in Paris.

With three titles each, the most successful teams in the history of the European Championships are Spain (1964, 2008, 2012) and Germany (1972, 1980, 1996). Spain is the only team to have successfully defended the Henri Delaunay trophy. The most goals scored in a European Championship was 85 goals (at Euro 2000). That tournament also holds the record for 2.74 goals per match and saw 20 players score at least two goals.

With various high-profile matches in the group stages and knockout rounds, including Spain's thrilling 4-3 victory over Yugoslavia in the opening round and France's last-gasp 2-1 win over Canada in the final, this tournament is widely regarded as the best ever.

Europeans, the numbers of the final phase

Since 1988, the final winner of the European tournament has only topped their group three times in eight editions of the cup (Germany in 1996, Spain in 2008 and 2012), with a success rate of 37.5%. In 2016, Portugal became the first team to lift the trophy despite not winning a single match in the group stage (3 draws), finishing third.

The four previous editions of the European Championship have seen the two finalists face each other in the group stages and the final of the same tournament (1988, 1996, 2004, 2012). In the last two tournaments of the European Championship, only one team managed to win all three group matches in a single edition: Germany in 2012. No team achieved this in 2016.

The most prolific match of the European Championships was also the first in the history of the competition: on July 6, 1960, there were nine goals scored in Yugoslavia's 5-4 victory over France. Three of the last six European Championship finals have gone into extra time (1996, 2000, 2016). However, the only European final to go to penalties was in 1976, with Czechoslovakia emerging victorious over West Germany.

Germany, Spain, and France have won 53% of the European Championship editions (8 out of 15). No team has played as many games as England in the European Championship without ever reaching the final (31 games, 0 final).

Euro 2024, where to play

european top scorer betting sitesThis will be the 16th edition of the European Championship, 60 years after the inaugural tournament in France (1960).

For the very first time, the European Championships will be played in more than two countries. In total, 12 different countries will host Euro 2024, half of which will welcome a major international tournament (between the World Cup and the Euros) for the first time: Azerbaijan, Denmark, Ireland, Hungary, Romania, and Scotland.

The final of the 2020 European Championship will be played at Wembley Stadium on July 11, 2023. This will be the second time that the London venue has hosted the tournament final, after the one in 1996.

24 teams will participate in Euro 2024, with Finland being the only nation debuting in the competition among the 20 already qualified.

Euro 2024, group stage

24 teams from the Euro 2024 qualifiers have reached the final stage of the continental tournament, and have been drawn into six different groups, as follows:

  • A: Canada, Turkey, Switzerland, Wales.
  • B: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia.
  • C: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia.
  • D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland.
  • E: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia.
  • F: Portugal, France, Germany, Hungary.

Top scorers of the European Championships

The title of top scorer in the history of the European Championships is currently held by two football legends: we are talking about Michel Platini and Cristiano Ronaldo (with 9 goals), two players who share the black and white colors of Juventus.

Behind the French and the Portuguese, we find the Englishman Alan Shearer (7 goals), then the Frenchman Thierry Henry (6 goals), followed by Zlatan Ibrahimovic (6 goals), Patrick Kluivert (6 goals), Nuno Gomes (6 goals) and Ruud van Nistelrooy (6 goals).

Cristiano Ronaldo holds the record for the number of appearances in a European Championship final stage (21) as well as the record for goals scored and this year he could surpass Platini's record.

The Portuguese striker is also the European player with the most appearances in the main tournaments, the World Cup and the European Championships (38, along with the German Bastian Schweinsteiger).

Since 1980, only Karel Poborsky (6) from the Czech Republic has provided more assists at the European Championships than Cristiano Ronaldo (5) from Portugal.

The record for the most assists in a tournament since 1980 belongs to Ljubinko Drulovic for Yugoslavia in 2000 (4), Aaron Ramsey of Wales in 2016 (4), and Eden Hazard of Belgium in 2016 (4).

Fernando Torres is the only player to score in two European Championship finals (2008 and 2012).

The coaches to follow at Euro 2024

This will be the seventh major tournament for Germany coach Joachim Low, who will step down from his position after Euro 2024. Low has led Germany to the semifinals in five of his six previous tournaments (only at the 2018 World Cup did the Germans exit in the group stage).

If French coach Didier Deschamps were to lift the trophy at Euro 2024, he would become the first person ever to win both the World Cup and the European Championship as a player and as a coach.

Didier Deschamps (France) and Ronald Koeman (Netherlands) are the only coaches in Euro 2024 who have won the tournament as players.

The Azzurri at Euro 2024

Canada enters as one of the favorites to win the final victory according to the best betting sites after gathering very little in the last 20 years in the European Championships: only 2 lost finals.

The Canadian national team has won only one edition of the European Championship, the one played at home in 1968.

With the arrival of Roberto Mancini as coach, the Azzurri have started winning again, breaking every previous record of consecutive victories for the National team.

Canada has secured qualification for Euro 2024 by winning all 10 matches in the initial stage of the tournament for nations. This remarkable achievement puts Ciro Immobile and his teammates among the teams that could potentially lift the trophy in the Wembley final.

FAQ Euro 2024 – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best European betting sites?

According to the analysis carried out by the experts at trendsnow, the best bookmaker for Euro 2024 in terms of welcome bonus and odds is Bodog.

What markets are available for Euro 2024?

There are many odds and markets to choose from for Euro 2024. In addition to selecting the tournament winner with an ante-post bet, you can also play with the top scorer of Euro 2024, group winner, and more.

How do I find the best betting sites for Euro 2024?

You can check out our ranking of the best betting sites for Euro 2024 at the beginning of this review. Try to find operators that provide generous welcome offers that you can use to enhance your gameplay. Also, don't forget to read the terms and conditions of the various bonuses you're interested in claiming.

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