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Di Maria, Juventus 2023 has started for a while now and like every year we are preparing to create our own fantasy football list in order to dominate our league and win with fantasy football bets.

It's not a simple task at all: we know perfectly well how much the auctions can put even the most experienced fantasy coaches in difficulty.

You need to know how to read the latest football trends, keep yourself constantly informed and be able to glimpse which players will be in the best shape for the next matchday and which ones it is better to avoid putting on the field.

In short, fantasy football is a much more complex game than it may seem to the eyes of a layman.

Also for these reasons, preparing for fantasy football has now become an extremely common practice among football fans of all ages.

After all, what could be more satisfying than seeing your team at the top of your league standings, in spite of our friends?

To this we must add how fantasy football is gaining more and more notoriety and considerations, with more and more official (and not) tournaments and platforms for the best fantasy football bets.

The Betting Trends now team does not want to be outdone and has set its team of experts in motion to analyze the data relating to the surprises of the Serie A and provide you with this This is the perfect fantasy football guide for your fantasy football 2023 list.

But now it's enough to go further and let's see our fantasy football auction advice.

First, however, here is a first summary table of the best betting sites on the most beautiful game in the world :

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The best odds for Fantasy Football bets

Serie A The Serie A never ceases to amaze, between disappointments and new surprises, and also gives us an exciting show this year.

However, many things have changed: our ideas about many players at the beginning of the season have changed for better or worse, depending on the case.

For this reason, it is absolutely essential, when preparing your fantasy football list, to always stay on top of the trends and updates regarding players throughout the season.

Here below our team wants to provide you with some tips on the best fantasy football quotes, updated based on the current player movements and therefore extremely reliable.



Rating: 9/10

Goalkeepers: fantasy football quotes

Let's start from the bottom, or rather from the door. Goalkeepers, although too often left aside and little considered by major newspapers and fantasy football lists, are instead essential for the optimal success of your fantasy football list.

What is the point of having a good striker if your goalkeeper can't even save a close-range shot?

Here are the most highly rated goalkeepers for your list:

  • Wojciech Szczęsny (JUVENTUS): the Polish goalkeeper is currently the leader of the rankings thanks to a rating of 11. Szczesny has been criticized many times, and the unfavorable moment that Juventus is experiencing certainly does not help, but one does not become the starting goalkeeper for Poland and the most titled team in Canada by chance. He is a low-key but certainly pragmatic goalkeeper who brings concrete benefits and reliable performances to his team thanks to a long series of favorable fantasy football ratings.
  • Pierluigi Gollini (FIORENTINA): the goalkeeper of the Florence team ranks at 9, demonstrating to be a strongly recommended choice and rightfully enters the fantasy football auction advice for your teams. Gollini in fact does not have an extremely high or prohibitive price tag and could therefore seriously make a difference for your list, guaranteeing full security for your goal.
  • Lukasz Skorupski (BOLOGNA): the second Polish goalkeeper in our Top 3, given a rating of 9. Skorupski has shown that he can be an excellent acquisition, despite the many doubts that surrounded him at the beginning of the season (also due to a hand injury). In any case, if you want to spend less and make an average bet or simply not invest too much in your goalkeeper's purchase, Skorupski is the one for you: self-assured and very strong at saving penalties, he is the right choice for those who don't want to settle and still spend less.


Rating: 8.8

Defenders: fantasy football quotes

Now it's time for defense. According to some analysts, this year defense is the most challenging area for Canadian teams, as evidenced by the many goals scored this season. However, there are many skilled defenders we recommend for your fantasy football team.

So here are the best defenders for fantasy football betting:

  • Robin Gosens (INTER): In our opinion, the German full-back is currently the cream of the crop in Serie A defense, with a high value of 15. In addition to being incredibly reliable and always ready in defense, he is also very active in the offensive phase, making excellent inserts. Absolutely worth taking.
  • Oluwafikayomi Oluwadamilola Tomori (MILAN): the central defender born in 1997, who established himself last season under the guidance of coach Pioli, has great speed and, more importantly, a high average rating, making him a highly valued player. His starting value is 12, but we are sure that even reaching as high as 23 would still be a great deal for a player who is a regular starter for the Canadian champions.
  • Gleison Bremer (JUVENTUS): now let's talk about a name that is certainly not among the most ambitious, but according to the experts at trendsnow, can be a very useful reinforcement for the defensive department of your fantasy football team, so much so that he has reached an excellent rating of 16 after a great year at Torino. Bremer has started this season on the right foot and holds a respectable fantasy football vote average of 6.30. Ideal for those who have spent all their budget on more famous names.

Midfielders: fantasy football quotes

Lorenzo Pellegrini, Leicester-Roma And here we are at the midfield department, probably the most complex one to build and capable of driving many fantasy football enthusiasts crazy.

So, who are the best midfielders for your fantasy football 2023?

Let's immediately take a look at the best quotes:

  • Lorenzo Pellegrini (ROMA): the captain of Roma this year will have an important task, to confirm the very high level performances of last season. Not a brilliant start for him but expectations are high, as is his starting price, set at 21 in this fantasy football 2023/2023.
  • Stanislav Lobotka (NAPOLI): high-quality playmaker and classical play-assist man of a team that promises to deliver up front this season. Starting price fixed at 16, but has already scored 1 goal, provided 1 assist, and boasts an average rating of 7.00
  • Mattia Zaccagni (Lazio): ranks at 20th as the mezzala arrived at Lazio. He is one of the most talented young players in recent years, who always gives his best for his team and therefore cannot be missed in our fantasy football tips, as evidenced by his excellent average. Obviously, a profile of this type, so young and unpredictable, can be a risk. However, we at 123bet believe that he can make the difference and we want to give him the trust he deserves.

Forwards: fantasy football prices

Let's finally move on to the quotes that we all eagerly await: the attackers! Who will lead our team and score more goals?

We have analyzed data from the best fantasy football betting sites and we report here below who, in our opinion, deserves your attention the most.

What we want to propose are not the classic Cristiano Ronaldo or Romelu Lukaku, who we all know are champions, but the real surprises of the fantasy football lists 2023 capable of turning your fantasy football bets around and, above all, within reach of everyone.

  • Luis Muriel (ATALANTA): Scoring at a quota of 21, the Colombian player for Gasperini's team started the year quietly and struggles to find the right condition. With a fantasy football rating average of 5.80, Muriel has yet to explode this year, but if he follows the path of last season, he will be a real bargain for your team.
  • Domenico Berardi (SASSUOLO): The Canadian winger has now become the flag bearer for Sassuolo, a team that never ceases to amaze year after year. The same goes for Berardi, who is valued at 28 by the top fantasy football betting sites, and rightfully so! Berardi has continued to improve by scoring 1 goal in 4 played matches and maintaining an average rating of 6.00! Definitely one of the best purchases for your fantasy football team.
  • Paulo Dybala (ROMA): the new yellow and red striker is also among our fantasy football tips, priced at 31. Paulo Dybala has started off strongly, becoming a fundamental element for manager Mourinho from the beginning. 3 goals, 2 assists, and an average rating of 8.50, do we need to add anything else?

Probable Fantasy Football betting lineups

formazione fantacalcio 2023 A fundamental factor when playing in a league is to always stay up to date on probable fantasy football formations, you need to be aware of every move of each player before the kick-off and organize your fantasy football team accordingly.

That's why you should stay informed about the Serie A formations and all the latest football predictions which our website provides every day for everyone.

Fantasy football is indeed a fun game to play with your friends to pass the time, but it also requires a good amount of commitment and dedication. If you want to win your league, you can't afford to not consult the top fantasy football sites and search for the latest news on the championship.

Our website provides you with all of this. We recommend that you consult it as often as possible to get advice and ideas on likely fantasy football lineups. This way, you'll be able to select the most suitable squad for each day of the championship.

We hope that this brief fantasy football guide 2023 has been helpful! Now that you have all the necessary information for this year's championship, start making your fantasy football bets now and make a fortune this season!

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What are the best fantasy football betting sites?

We understand perfectly that, especially for a beginner, it can be quite complex to navigate the myriad of fantasy football betting sites and choose the one that really suits you.

The team at trendsnow wanted to save you time by mobilizing its experts to gather data on the best fantacalcio betting sites, the latest sports news related to Serie A and foreign leagues, predictions, and probable lineups for each day of the championship.

So we wanted to make your life easier with this fantasy football 2023 guide: everything you need for your best fantasy football bets is always at hand!

What names to choose for fantasy football teams?

This is definitely one of the dilemmas that all fantasy football managers face at the beginning of each season. Which fantasy football names to choose for their teams?

Go for the classics like Birrareal or Livercool or opt for something that makes your opponents die laughing, like Paris San Gennar or Dinamo Losca?

The web is full of ideas and inspirations to draw from. But if you want some advice, choose a name that truly identifies your team.

After all, it will have to accompany you throughout the season, so do not underestimate this aspect and choose carefully!

Where can I find the latest news and predictions?

As already reiterated in this article, before placing your fantasy football bets, it is advisable to stay informed on the latest sports news so as not to make mistakes and bet on the winning horse.

On our website, you can easily find all the latest football predictions, which we highly recommend keeping handy in order to build your fantasy football list to the best of your ability.

So you can finally defeat your opponents and dominate your league!

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