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streaming betting sites The advantage of the best streaming betting sites where you can watch sports and live football is that you can enjoy your football matches or most exciting tennis wherever you want, comfortably watch the challenge on your smartphone or tablet. And for free too!

The passion for sport never stops and whether you want to enjoy the game on the beach, at the bar, at work or comfortably on the sofa at home, sport streaming sites offer you the best live broadcasts of all the events you prefer.

Some of the sites for watching sports in streaming are free, unlike the main pay-per-view television solutions, which are not always easily found everywhere, especially abroad. p>

Streaming sites, however, do not require the loss of time or energy: just an internet connection and a device and it's done!

So let's see which are the best sites to watch sporting events in streaming.

If you don't just love watching football or basketball for free, but you also like betting and having up-to-date news on the world of sport at 360 degrees, then we advise you to carefully read the page that trendsnow strong> dedicated to the best betting sites in Canada.

Below you will find a summary table with the "best of" chosen by our experts:

  Betting sites Welcome Bonus Evaluation Go
Bodog Bodog Up to CAD260 ★★★★★ Get informed here
William Hill William Hill 215CAD ★★★★☆ Get informed here
codere code CAD20 Free ★★★★☆ Get informed here
Sky Bet Sports-Interaction Super Quotes ★★★★☆ Get informed here
Sky Bet Sky Bet 20CAD ★★★★☆ Get informed here
Bet365 Bet365 5CAD ★★★★☆ Get informed here
22bet 22bet 5CAD ★★★★☆ Get informed here
bwin bwin 210CAD ★★★★☆ Get informed here

Before starting…

Part of the solutions that we will propose in this guide to watch streaming sports are “pirate sites”.

This article is written for informational purposes only and trendsnow assumes no legal responsibility for the use you will make of this illustrative content you are reading.

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Best sports streaming sites on the internet

The online portal of Rojadirecta allows you to follow various sports events in a simple and engaging way. It's not just about football and offers a wide range of free sports entertainment channels.

The website has been in operation for over ten years and is the most popular for streaming, although it does not represent a legal solution for the need to watch live football matches of Serie A, Premier League or Liga.

The website is a P2P type, certainly advantageous as it is free of charge, but also with some limitations in signal quality.

How does it work? Simply check the events calendar on the Home Page, choose those that interest you and remember to enter the portal at the scheduled time and day for the event streaming.

The schedules are already adjusted to the Canadian time zone for convenience.

To watch the sports event, simply click on the link and follow the game. The language of the commentary is usually in the original language. Close any pop-ups that appear and enjoy the match. If it should interrupt, simply reload the page.

Rojadirecta is a popular solution among sports events and betting enthusiasts, however, there are valid and legal alternatives to this platform, such as the football streaming service offered by top betting sites that we will see shortly.

Alternatives to Rojadirecta live streaming is a directory where football game broadcasts are uploaded. As the name suggests, the only sport featured is soccer.

The links are available a few minutes before the start of the races. Users can access the available sports events using the clear and intuitive menu on the homepage., however, does not hold the rights to broadcast the matches. Let's clarify immediately that it's important to take this into account because, every time you watch a match on this platform, you commit copyright infringement and therefore may face legal action.

However, being a website of 2020, which is very young, it has a really intuitive and easy-to-use graphics.


HaHaSports is a completely free website to watch football, tennis, hockey, and cycling races.

This website also has many years of experience under its belt and over time has attracted more and more users who love football matches and other sports competitions.

Lemon sports

Sport Lemon is a website that is very popular among fans of sports events in streaming.

Not only does it allow you to enjoy the best games and matches, but it also provides access to many helpful graphics for live scores and match predictions.

Therefore, we are not just talking about streaming, but about a real dashboard with everything that needs to be known to develop a strategy and place bets.


SportRar provides comprehensive information on various matches, live streaming, and predictions. Although it covers various sports disciplines, the football offer is the one that attracts more users and meets all expectations.

Like Calcio.Ga, SportRar is also a directory that is capable of gathering live streaming sports content from all over the web. In addition to links to third-party sites to watch games, SportRar provides prediction scores, statistics, and betting odds.

The beauty of SportRar is the clarity of its graphics and the attention given to the browsing experience.

In fact, the menus and navigation options are very intuitive, while the absence of intrusive ads contributes greatly to the User Experience.

The website loads quickly and also has a fantastic chat available.


Stream2WatchTV allows users to watch major sports events broadcast on American channels.

The home page displays which events are available for viewing.

Simply click on the discipline you want to watch and close all the pop-ups that appear. After paying attention to this particular, you can enjoy your favorite events in peace.

Sports streaming on Telegram

If you don't want to use your browser to search for one of the platforms just listed, an interesting solution to enjoy the best sports streaming events is Telegram.

What is Telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging platforms and cloud-based broadcasting services.

The app is freely distributed for Android, Linux, iOS, MacOS, Windows NT, and Windows Phone. Its main feature is to allow users to exchange text messages (even among groups of up to 200,000 participants), make encrypted point-to-point voice and video calls, exchange voice messages, video messages, photos, videos, stickers, and any type of file.

Through Telegram channels, it is also possible to live stream audio/video and text to the users who join.

Football on Telegram, how to do it?

Using Telegram to watch Serie A soccer matches (similar to how it is done on another social media platform like Twitter) is relatively easy.

It is certainly advantageous if you want to avoid all pop-ups and advertising inserts while watching a match.

To watch football matches and sports events on Telegram, you need the app and a good internet connection.

This is because the video may frequently interrupt, pixelate, or close, requiring constant page refresh.

When deciding to use Telegram to attend sporting events, it's always better to use a VPN and a valid antivirus to avoid all types of attacks.

Once you have secured the device, simply open the Telegram app and search for the name of the streaming channel in the top bar. Once you have found it, you can join by clicking on the appropriate button and your sports event can begin!

The best football streaming sites for free on Telegram

There are several Telegram channels where you can watch football or other sports events via live streaming. Here is a selection:

  • Calcio Live – All the best football matches in one place.
  • Sport Streaming Live – In addition to football, the focus of this platform, Sport Streaming Live also allows you to enjoy matches of the best sports.
  • Serie A Streaming – All the information about the most important football matches constantly updated.
  • Calcio Streaming Live – A collection of the best links to not miss out on any updates on football matches.

Streaming betting sites

Until a few years ago, Serie A football matches and all other sporting events could only be watched on television.

Not only that, but if you wanted to watch a game that wasn't being broadcast on your subscription platform, you had to go to your local bar and hope that the owners had paid for the satellite channel subscription (which cost a small fortune at the time) to catch the match you had been waiting to see for months.

Even worse, it happened when, thanks to a friend's advice, you had the service delivered directly to your home by purchasing a illegal decoder. And we all know what the consequences of this illegal practice have been.

Today everything has changed.

We are able to watch almost all sports through live streaming. This is a great point for sports fans who do not want to be tied only to their TV, but it is even better for bettors.

With access to betting sites that have the live betting option, not only can you bet on any football team in the world, but you can also watch that match anywhere and with any means thanks to the football streaming offered by the same site.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the world of live streaming and how it has influenced the universe of sports betting. We will start with a collection of some of the best live streaming sports betting sites:

So, let's take a closer look at which are the best live streaming betting sites.

Online bookmaker Bonuses Guy Laws Go
Bodog Bodog 260CAD CAD20 immediately + bonus up to CAD260 Review Get informed here
888 Sport 888 100CAD Promo code Canada Review Get informed here
Codere code 20CAD Without Deposit Review Get informed here
Sky Bet Sky Bet 20CAD Up to CAD100 Review Get informed here
Sports-Interaction Sports-Interaction Super Odds Review Get informed here

Football streaming betting sites and apps


Betway (which we talked about in this article) is now offering a welcome bonus, to bet on various sporting events, although the most popular ones are related to football.

It is a very popular website at the moment and offers access to over 30,000 markets and 25 different sports. It is also available on the Android and iOS App.



Rating: 9/10


888sport offers a considerable choice of sports to bet on.

Regarding football, the offer ranges from European leagues including Canada, which also includes the two groups of Serie C, England, Germany and Holland, to extra-continental championships, from the Premier League to the Champions League. Both the website and the app offer countless betting opportunities for unlimited entertainment.



Rating: 8.8

LeoVegas streaming

LeoVegas is the Canadian sports betting leader company.

It is always at the forefront when it comes to the world of gambling and allows for betting on many sports events, from the most popular to the more niche ones. Every day, LeoVegas offers many live events, which makes it a truly worthy website.

It is also available as an app compatible with any operating system. LeoVegas offers an excellent streaming service, beneficial for fans of live betting.



Rating: 7.5/10

Wazamba streaming

Wazamba offers a wide range of streaming events to allow all sports enthusiasts to bet in real time. The service is available and well optimized for mobile devices.

Among the most followed events, Wazamba provides access to Serie C football championships in Canada, the Spanish Liga, Segunda Division and Copa del Rey, cups in Germany and Bundesliga 1 and 2, French cups together with Ligue 1 and Ligue 2.

To access the free Wazamba streaming service, simply register on the portal and top up your gaming account.

Matchpoint Wazamba


Rating: 7/10


Sports-Interaction recently arrived in Canada and offers a highly efficient live streaming service.

On Sports-Interaction, there is no welcome bonus, but this online betting platform certainly does not disappoint expectations. Available on both browsers and mobile apps.

During the streaming, it is possible to consult useful infographics to better understand the progress of the match and devise the best strategies to place bets.


Super Odds

Rating: 8/10

Bet365 streaming

Bet365 offers bettors a truly comprehensive streaming betting service, supported by a always up-to-date and easy-to-consult event calendar.

To access the events, simply go to the streaming section and take a look at the list of events and odds. There are numerous sports disciplines to choose from and many popular and niche matches.



Rating: 9/10


Unibet allows access to a carefully curated live streaming betting section, after registering on the website. The image quality is high and an important advantage is that the events are in Canadian.

Unibet's streaming platform, UTV, is available both on browser and mobile devices. Accessing the service is very easy: simply register on the platform, go to the live section and then select streaming to read the complete schedule of the platform.



Rating: 8/10


Skybet carries the name of the pay-tv service, but it does not yet offer a true streaming service.

The platform is evolving, understanding well that the opportunity to offer sports events to be enjoyed from a PC or smartphone cannot be wasted.

Therefore, all that remains is to wait for the evolution of the platform and see what the streaming betting service will be like for this great name in Canadian sports.



Rating: 8/10

How to choose the best live streaming betting sites

We have examined hundreds of websites and the aforementioned portals have stood out for us for several valid reasons.

First of all, everyone has the majority of sports available for live streaming.

This is obviously the first thing we look for when classifying the best streaming sites live bets.

While conducting our sports betting reviews, we first check if there is a live streaming section available.

If we can find one, we'll have a look to see not only what streaming services are currently on air, but also what they're broadcasting. Finally, we'll check to see how many sports are being streamed live on the website (some sites limit their streaming to one or two sports or competitions).

They have a website optimized for mobile devices.

This is of particular importance for people who bet on sports that don't take place in the same time zone as where they live.

For these bettors, being able to watch the game on their cell phone or tablet is advantageous, as it often happens at a time when they are not necessarily in front of their PC, let alone the television.

These websites have the best promotions.

Why are we talking about bonuses and promotions? Bonuses and offers are the element that helps players get more of an advantage in choosing the best betting site.

So, when we were compiling this list, we wanted to not only highlight the streaming section, but also which sites offered the biggest advantages in terms of odds, bonuses, and promotions (regardless of whether or not they had the ability to watch soccer matches in streaming).

What sports can you stream live?

The most popular sports on live streaming sites are:

  • Calcio
  • Tennis
  • Корзина
  • Volley
  • Ice hockey
  • Rugby
  • Бейсбол
  • Horseracing

Many betting websites stream every type of sports discipline live, from Serie A soccer to North American professional sports, such as the MLS and up to the NBA.

However, let's take a look at some sports that you'll probably find more easily on a betting site that offers streaming service, rather than on TV.

Stream Tennis

Many tennis tournaments take place simultaneously every week. If you like betting on sports, you probably already know what we are going to say here.

Maybe your TV sports channel covers the major events throughout the year (such as Wimbledon or the Roland Garros), but hundreds of other events and tournaments (such as ITF or Challenger) to bet on go unnoticed. Finding a betting site that allows you to watch these matches is a godsend.

Stream Golf

What has been said for tennis applies to golf as well.

There are many golf tournaments every week that fall under the jurisdiction of different tours.

A live streaming website will not only allow you to find a tournament that is not in your time zone, but you will also be able to switch between different events with a single click, which means you can bet and watch multiple events at the same time.

Horse racing streaming

This is a sport that definitely benefits from live streaming betting sites with their feeds.

In fact, without betting, we're not sure how many horse races would still exist in the world.

Horse racing betting has been significantly reduced in recent years (on this page you can find a list of the main races and competitions).

However, there are many active horse racing bettors and racing enthusiasts, always looking for horse betting sites to watch horse races via live streaming.

Stream Football

We have already talked about it. The most popular sport in the world is also one of the most live-streamed, as fans and bettors who no longer live in their home country crave to follow their favorite teams from all over the world.

Finding a betting site that streams live Serie A matches today soccer matches or some of these leagues can be a goldmine for players.

Mobile streaming

Nowadays people live with their phone in hand and bookmakers have realized how important it is to offer them a streaming service even for mobile devices.

The best betting apps today offer a section to enjoy sports matches from your smartphone without filling up the device's memory with data.

Among these, as we saw in the previous paragraph, we list LeoVegas, Bet365, William Hill, Betflag and Bwin.

The streaming of live events requires a lot of resources, which is why the mobile version of online betting platforms has a reduced number of available matches.

However, we believe that the ability to bet wherever and whenever you want from your smartphone is truly a great advantage and we can still forgive those shortcomings which will probably be resolved over time.

Tips to watch sports streaming for free

Many of the streaming sites listed at the beginning of the page are not legal.

We repeat that Betting Trends now does not recommend visiting any of them and does not assume legal responsibility for the use you will make of this illustrative content that you are reading.

However, if you do decide to connect, remember that these sites are not secure and you will need to take the same precautions as when streaming any movie: do not provide your personal information and do not click on links of questionable origin.

We recommend installing an Ad-Blocker so that the most harmful pop-ups are blocked at the source. Never create accounts and install a reliable antivirus on your computer.

The valid alternative is to subscribe to one of the best betting sites that offers live streaming services for football matches and other sports.

What are the best streaming betting sites in Canada?

Based on our experience, we recommend the best bookmakers with access to streaming services: LeoVegas, Bet365, William Hill, Betflag and Bwin.

Is streaming on betting sites paid for?

No, registration on the betting sites and possession of a recharged gaming account is required.

Can I stream sports events on other platforms?

If in this article we have listed the most common ones. However, we remind you that if you decide to access, you are committing a crime.


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