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Following football matches in live streaming, comfortably "perched" on the sofa at home, is a pleasure. Among the various possibilities that new technologies offer us today, football streaming betting sites represent one of the best alternatives to watch the most popular sport in the world freely and with any device.

On this page we will discover together the best bookmakers that offer this service, the characteristics, the championships offered and the quality of the streaming. Let's immediately review the ranking of the Top 5:

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  • Streaming Tennis, Basketball and Table Tennis
  • La Liga live
  • Streaming Apps

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  • Stream Baseball, Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball
  • Ligue 1 Live
  • Streaming from apps

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  • Stream Bundesliga, Liga and Championship
  • Streaming Tennis US Open, Roland Garros
  • NBA Basketball Streaming

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  • Live Tennis, Volleyball and Basketball
  • Streaming Copa America
  • Streaming Apps

Assistere alle partite di calcio in live streaming dal proprio pc o dal proprio smartphone rappresenta spesso la via più comoda e semplice. Quali sono i requisiti richiesti dai siti di Betting con streaming calcio?

  • Un conto cliente attivo
  • A good internet connection (the advent of fiber optic has brought a significant leap forward)
  • A computer (desktop or laptop), a smartphone, or a tablet

Compared to pay TV, there are numerous advantages. Firstly, there are no constraints. Unlike traditional satellite platforms, there is no fee or tariff to pay. It is sufficient to have an active account. Watching a live match while having the betting slip in front of you will further enliven your spirits. You will experience incredible emotions and feel like the protagonist in a movie.

Bodog: Up to CAD260 Welcome Bonus – Live Streaming and Live Betting are two sectors of online betting that often go hand in hand. The best AGCO bookmakers offer both services to make the betting experience as enjoyable as possible. With Bodog, the in-play betting experience will be unique.

Best bookmakers with live streaming

Let's take a closer look at which bookmakers offer live football streaming and the best ones for each streaming category:

🏆 Top Football Streaming LeoVegas
📱 Streaming App Bet365
🎾 Top Streaming Tennis Bwin
⚽ English Football William Hill
🏐 Stream Volleyball MyStakek

Betting sites with football streaming in detail

Let's take a detailed look at the situation of the top 10 betting operators for football streaming. An overview, first and foremost aimed at establishing whether the possibility is included or not. Here is a summary table for you.

1. Bodog

Despite being one of the best-equipped portals on the Canadian market, Bodog does not currently offer a streaming betting service. In the pipeline, however, has a development of the platform for this feature. Above all, customers would be grateful, hoping to see their need satisfied.

But Bodog boasts the best odds available today on the betting market in Canada. Meanwhile, there are several reasons for giving trust. One of the pros to highlight, the increased odds for accumulators with 5 or more selections on any sport. It ranges from 5% to 30%, in case of 15 events entered. The minimum amount for each must be equal to or greater than 1.25, while the minimum amount to allocate is 2 euros. Only pre-event bets are accepted. For promotional purposes, neither the systems nor the Lives are valid, which, if added to the bet slip, will cancel any right to the Multiple Bonus.

2. 888sports

We could spend a lot of time on the qualities of 888sport. One of the few drawbacks is the absence of football streaming, even if, given the kindness of the operator, and the taking charge of the needs of the demand, we assume future developments. The proposal is already rich, any surplus would give polish and value.

Already today players are entitled to a generous and constantly updated schedule of live bets. There is never a moment of pause for the broker: the ideal antidote against boredom. Going into specifics, the markets dwarf many rivals. Predictions are open for both the entire match and the partials. A stimulus for users, on the hunt for new challenges and electrifying experiences.

3. LeoVegas

LeoVegas is one of the most renowned and listed betting companies along our peninsula. It has always been, since its foundation in 1990. It still has an extraordinary offer today. Still, on streaming, the package is pretty slim. Let's try to explain ourselves better: in the past it was characterized by generosity. But times have changed. The licenses for the main competitions have been lost along the way. And, since virtues must be made of necessity, the choice is channeled towards minor tournaments.

As regards the 2020/2021 season, football streaming included less appetizing kermesses. We refer, specifically, to: Primeira Liga, in Portugal; Eredivisie, in the Netherlands; MLS, in the United States of America; Ligue 2, the second French category. Enough? We have some doubts. Of the five top leagues, we had to settle for Ligue 2.

4. PokerStars Sports

If you were stuck at SkyBet, there are important news that you should know about. The company is no longer what it used to be, in the sense that it has changed its name. Absorbed by the giant PokerStars, it was renamed PokerStars Sports, so as to avoid any doubts about the nature of the product.

A move perhaps partially justified by the intention of making the lack of football streaming less evident. As absurd as it sounds, the functionality wasn't built-in. That is, while recalling the pay-TV founded by Rupert Murdoch, it did not allow you to enjoy live challenges.

In this sense, perhaps we will have some news soon: the competitiveness of the parent company has increased the chances of this happening. That would be the proverbial icing on the cake. Among the major current advantages we point out the reputation of the brand, serious and reliable. Long story short, trustworthy.

 5. 22bet

In a top 10 bookmaker, he plans to add a function dedicated to streaming as well 22bet. Since its birth, the broker has represented a point of reference in the respective business. The implementation would collect the consent of the users.

The mobile app is newly designed. Playing on smartphones and tablets has never been so easy, fast and enjoyable. Several barriers of space and time have vanished: society has taken note of this. Therefore, he set out to make a bespoke application. Compared to the desktop version there is no difference. To start under the ideal conditions, a rich page of statistics is included, from which to deduce the state of form of the contenders, the men to keep an eye on and much more.

6. Bet365

If the topic on the agenda is football streaming, Bet365 has reason to consider itself an authority in the field. The company, established in 1999 in Rome, embodies the excellence of Made in Canada. Despite the inexorable progress of the ages, it has maintained a leadership role. The reasons are different and, in this case, we would like to highlight the efforts made in terms of available features, more precisely football streaming.

Without taking anything away, for example, from the talented LeoVegas, here we touch apexes. Personal tastes or impressions have nothing to do with it: paper sings! Bet365 is a show within the show about soccer streaming. In comparison with LeoVegas, the latter has offered tournaments of secondary importance. The Primeira Liga, the Eredivisie, the MLS and Ligue 2 will be curious. Those who have a particular predilection for emerging talents will certainly find noteworthy ideas, but Bet365 is from another planet.

Following the live races for free is child's play: just enter your credentials, click on the Live section and then on streaming. Done? Press the small TV icon next to the challenge that tickles you: goal achieved! The immediacy of a portal is essential, but don't dig deep.

There is substance, and a lot. Worthy of expectations and even higher. The tips of the iceberg are La Liga and Ligue 1. Already, the top Spanish and French divisions are present to respond to the appeal.

7. bwin

Among the operators that contemplate the football streaming function, let's focus this time on bwin. A company that hardly needs any introduction, having been a point of reference for several years, a giant in betting. Founded in 1997 in Vienna, and based in the State of Gibraltar, the bookie has several strings to his bow. A reliable, solid and consolidated reality even in the Canadian borders. If we had to talk about it, we would immediately highlight the overall quality. The schedules, the markets, the promos are captivating, designed to excite the audience.

Since in this case the topic of interest is the live broadcast of events, we would avoid getting lost in the maze of an amazing offer. Let's rather analyze the bouquet, of excellent workmanship. On the streaming page, you can view the events for which bwin owns the rights to broadcast.

Football competitions are numerous, including some of the most famous leagues in the world. For the continental tournaments, we can only point out the presence of Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1. Spain, Germany and France play here at home. Since we've talked about (or will talk about) the championships in question, let's go down to the lower categories, before flying-at least in our imagination-to South America, where-we've already warned you-we'll see some good ones.

Thanks to the particular assignment of Premier League rights, no broker transmits it in Canadian territory. The superstars of football from across the Channel are absent and, alas, we need to get over it, willy-nilly, with a reason. On the other hand, the Championship is available, the equivalent of our Serie B. The technical rate obviously can't compete with the Premier League, but it's still a harbinger of entertainment.

Beyond the Championship, there are many second divisions in the carnet, from the Segunda División to Ligue 2. The real main courses are the Championship and the South American tournaments. If you tend to stay up late, or in any case you would never know how to deprive yourself of the discoveries of the galvanizing duels held in Brazil and Argentina, fall for them here.

8. William Hill

Under now with William Hill, a company set up by the businessman of the same name in 1934 and which has remained on the crest of the wave over the decades. In contrast to bwin, the contents entered in the bouquet are less clearly indicated. By contacting an operator, he will probably answer that it depends, from time to time, on the decision of the traders. In short, confusion reigns a bit, even if the Bundesliga is one of the most highly regarded leagues. Philosophically, the anthem Deutschland über alles resounds. German teams have a prominent place in football streaming.


In general, the beauty of the Bundesliga is the mix between elements of the new and old generations (we 'forgot' about a certain Marco Reus...). The ability to enjoy streaming matches is a very welcome surplus. Good luck to William Hill, who cares about the pleasure of his large clientele.

9. code

Codere aims to add a section on soccer streaming in the future. The necessary time cannot be established, however the intention of equipping yourself in this regard already invites you to think positively. The quality of the betting agency makes a significant effort presumable. It will not be a simple palliative, but will go straight to excellence.

The same happened in the past through the schedules, curated in a formidable way, and the markets. Furthermore, the operator grants new users a FreeBet of 10 euros for placing the first bet worth at least 10 euros within 30 days of registration. Anyone adhering to the promo has 30 days to place their first qualifying bet. Once the requirements indicated in the Terms and Conditions are met, FreeBet will allow you to place a sports bet completely free of charge. Investable on quadruple bets with odds equal to or greater than 1.50 per selection.

10. Betfair

Although it is less advertised than some competitors, the football streaming function is present on Betfair. The betting company contemplates various championships, part of which are offered exclusively on the Canadian territory. We are referring, in particular, to Ligue 1, i.e. the top French division. Despite having fewer economic resources than clubs from other nations, the transalpine teams are constantly teeming with talent to keep an eye on. A continuous generational turnover, waiting for the precious pieces to take flight towards more illustrious shores.

Therefore, Betfair has a great offer of football streaming, which however does not end there. For the record, we also point out two events of absolute prestige: the Copa Libertadores and the Asian Champions League. Interesting proposals especially for those who love to expand borders, broaden horizons, captivated by the timeless charm of the exotic.

Serie A Football Streaming Betting

soccer streaming betting sites

Unfortunately, at the present time it is not possible to watch the Serie A on betting sites with football streaming. The same goes for the Serie B and the Premier League. This is because Sky and DAZN have secured the exclusive rights to broadcast the top Canadian division and it is available only through a subscription on streaming.

Therefore, the only way to enjoy such championships is to subscribe to a TV or on-demand platforms (Sky Go, Now TV or DAZN mobile). However, bookmakers with an license (formerly AGCO) offer a rich range of foreign and international championships, making them equally attractive.

888Sport Logo 888sport: Up to CAD100 on First Deposit – Very often, online betting sites that do not have adequate soccer streaming are differentiated from others by the welcome bonus offered. This is the case with 888sport, which has one of the best offers available on the market.

Main Features Of Football Streaming Sites

Here, in the table below, are the most important features of the best soccer bets sites and the features of our top 10 sites for football streaming:

Bookmakers Live Betting Streaming Serie A Series B Foreign football Champions League
Bodog ✔️
888sports ✔️
LeoVegas ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
PokerStars ✔️
22bet ✔️
Bet365 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
bwin ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
William Hill ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
code ✔️
Betfair ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Live streaming betting strategy

football betting streaming sites serie a

The advantage of live betting is precisely the ability to adapt its betting strategy to events that take place in real time during the examined match. If the players of a team appear tired, nervous or unfocused, they will probably be the first to receive a warning; if a formation is managing the operations, crushing the opponents in their half of the field, it will presumably be the next to score.

In essence, live streams allows you to capitalize on the best odds at the right time. But how do you place a bet if you don't have a subscription to the pay-TV services of the major satellite and/or streaming giants? Authorized betting sites come to the rescue. The strategy implemented will be even more valid, as it allows you to analyze every action in real-time by observing it firsthand.

All thanks to the infographics provided by bookmakers, an interesting tool to stay updated on the evolution of the game. Sometimes statistics allow you to capture details that would otherwise go unnoticed. As awareness grows, chances of winning will also increase.

Logo Pokerstars Sports PokerStars Sport: Up to CAD100 Welcome Bonus – Just arrived on the Canadian online betting market (in May 2023), PokerStars Sport (previously known as Pinnacle and SkyBet) will soon launch its streaming platform. In the meantime, the bookmaker offers one of the best betting bonuses.

Football streaming: 5 reasons to watch matches with bookmakers

streaming calcio live

Following live soccer streaming on the best authorized betting portals operating in Canada offers a series of advantages. Here are the ones you should consider most:

  • Safety and legality – On these platforms, you will be able to follow football (as well as dozens of other disciplines) in a completely legitimate manner. You will not violate any laws imposed by the legislature, which you would do if you relied on pirate sites. It is enough to have a decent internet connection to be able to follow every scheduled match without any problems. You will not even jeopardize the security of your device.
  • Savings – Follow live events of your liking by opening a customer account on a bookmaking portal. By making a single recharge, you will have access to content without having to incur subscription or registration costs.
  • Useful and entertaining-If you came across a sports betting portal, it's probably because you enjoy sports and want to place a bet. So why limit yourself to not being able to follow a game in real time?
  • Maximum freedom-You will have the opportunity to watch football matches in streaming regardless of where you are. This convenience is granted by mobile browser versions or specific apps.
  • Perfect for those who use in-play betting-You will have the opportunity to implement an even more effective and accurate betting strategy with live streaming. The live broadcast of a match provides access to a broader and more detailed overview.


Live betting has now become a must for online bettors, especially in the Canadian market of the best betting sites.

Meanwhile, sites offering football streaming services have also grown. However, not all of these sites are reliable, which is why we took the time to extract the top 5 betting portals that offer football streaming. Live betting can be a lot of fun. Watching your favorite sport through a betting site and waiting for the right moment to place your bet is an electrifying experience.

The best betting site with football streaming

562 codes CLAIMED

Up to 305CAD

  • The largest betting schedule
  • Прямой эфир
  • Virtual Bets

Frequently Asked Questions Betting sites with soccer streaming – FAQ

Where to watch football streaming for free?

There are actually quite a few websites where you can watch free live football streaming, and we've told you about the ones that interest us the most: LeoVegas, Bet365, bwin, William Hill, Betfair.

How to watch football streaming for free?

On many websites, you can watch football matches simply by opening a customer account and having an active balance. Alternatively, it may be necessary to place a bet in the 24 hours prior to the live event.

Are there betting sites with Serie A streaming available?

No, no website has the right to legally stream Serie A matches.

Where can I watch La Liga streaming for free?

A couple of portals where La Liga is broadcasted are Bet365 and bwin, among the leading companies in the industry.

Where can I stream the Bundesliga?

To watch live streaming of Bundesliga matches, two portals that may be right for you are bwin and William Hill.

Are there streaming events with audio commentary?

Most live sports events streaming soccer on broker platforms do not have audio commentary. The reason is simple: it would require investing in hiring a team of broadcasters. However, sometimes the service is available, such as on LeoVegas. And not having it has its benefits: fully experiencing the atmosphere of major events is one of them!

How to stream matches in full screen?

Usually, on bookmaker platforms, video streaming appears in smaller dimensions compared to the PC screen. Some portals allow you to enlarge it to full screen, while others do not offer this option.

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