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Our two techniques to win with live bets

If you've just approached the world of sports betting and you don't yet know how to get big wins, our techniques for winning with live bets will be very useful for you. The live betting techniques that have been developed by the specialists of will allow you to take advantage of them immediately, maximizing your long-term earnings with the best betting sites.

The two live betting techniques we present to you teach you how to take advantage of the variation in odds and anticipate their movements based on the progress of the match.

First winning technique for live bets

Bet365To win money with live betting, you need to have intuition and a sense of anticipation, just like Fabio Cannavaro in his prime. Understanding emotional changes and different game situations will allow you to anticipate what is about to happen in the match.

You place a live bet on a balanced match, with no significant actions and during which it seems quite clear that neither team can make a difference. In perspective, you predict a draw. Suddenly, however, the key defender of team "A" is sent off: at this point you must be reactive and quickly bet on a victory for team "B" because the odds will be interesting in relation to the probability that the event will occur.

Second winning technique for live bets

The second technique allows you to increase the reliability of your live betting and minimize the random factor that usually makes the difference. This technique consists of taking advantage of the most convenient type of live betting available: betting on the number of goals scored. This technique is usually more effective because betting on the total number of goals scored includes more possibilities at the same time and, unlike betting on the next goal or the final result, you will achieve a win regardless of which team scores a goal.

How to apply the technique on live betting?

Place your bet on the number of goals during a knockout match in which one goal separates the two teams with 15 minutes remaining. Betting on another goal allows you to cover the two most likely options, which are:

  • The team in the disadvantage scores a goal and ties the game;
  • The leading team scores a successful counterattack and closes the game.
Usually in football matches, the team that is behind in score tries to score a goal: sometimes they succeed, but other times they may concede a goal on a counterattack from the opposing team, effectively ending their chances of advancing.
To take advantage of the opportunity, place your bet as indicated:
  • If the result is 1-0 or 0-1, bet on +1.5 goals;
  • If the result is 2-1 or 1-2, bet on +3.5 goals.

So it doesn't matter which team scores, you will have won your bet. Also, if you bet on the "number of goals" in the last minutes, you can take advantage of odds up to 9.00, making them opportunities not to be missed. In general, the evolution of odds on the number of goals is as follows:

  • 75th minute: the altitude is 3.00;
  • 80th minute: the altitude is 4.00;
  • 85° minutes: the altitude is 6.00 or higher.

Our technique on live bets offers you the opportunity to win big without even betting on the winner of a match!


Winning with live betting is easier if you follow our advice. Always play responsibly. Good luck!

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