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Winning with Unibet's 0-0 insurance

On the net it is possible to find many bookmakers to bet online, but how many of them offer you the opportunity to refund in case of a losing bet? Few, very few, but one of these bookmakers, Unibet, offre in più un’occasione imperdibile: l’assicurazione 0-0.

How does Unibet's 0-0 insurance work? Let's find out together.


Like all promotions, even the 0-0 insurance offered by Unibet is only reserved for registered customers. Therefore, in order to take advantage of this betting opportunity, it is first necessary to register here at Unibet and open a new gaming account.

How does Unibet's 0-0 insurance work

"And now what should we do?" you may be wondering. It's nothing more complicated. The enrollment in the 0-0 insurance is automatic. All you have to do is bet on the partial or final result of any Serie A or Champions League event, wagering the amount you prefer, from CAD10 upwards, and if the match ends 0-0, Unibet will refund the amount wagered according to the following terms:

  • From 10 to 19,99CAD, Unibet will refund up to 10CAD on the losing bet;
  • from CAD20 to CAD49.99, Unibet will refund up to CAD20 on the losing bet;
  • From 50CAD upwards, Unibet will refund up to a maximum of 50CAD on the losing bet.

The refund will be credited to your Unibet gaming account within 48 hours.

Insurance 0-0, special offer Unibet Canada


0-0 UNIBET INSURANCE Let's move from words to actions. First of all, we remind you that the minimum amount to take advantage of the Unibet 0-0 insurance promotion is 10CAD and that the promotion is valid only for Serie A and Champions League matches, and only for the half-time/full-time betting modes.

Let's consider an example of betting made on Unibet with the 0-0 insurance formula.

We choose a Serie A match, for example a hypothetical match Lazio Juventus.

Do you want to bet CAD15 on Lazio to win or on Juventus? Or do you want to bet CAD15 on Juventus to win at the end of the first 45 minutes of the game, or on Lazio? Perfect, place your bet on whichever you prefer and if Lazio Juventus ends 0-0 Unibet will refund CAD10. If you have chosen to bet CAD20, then Unibet will provide a refund of CAD20.

At the end of the event, if the match in question ends 0-0, within 48 hours the money you bet will be refunded to you in the form of a bonus that you can replay, through a notification message where you simply have to confirm. Simple, isn't it?


Just like any other promotion, the Unibet 0-0 insurance is subject to terms and conditions in order to be eligible. Please note that the 0-0 insurance, in the case of Champions League matches, is only valid until the end of the 90 minutes of play, including extra time, but excluding penalties, and that the refund provided by the 0-0 insurance promotion is only valid for the first losing bet. For more information and to know the detailed regulation of the 0-0 insurance promotion we invite you to visit the Unibet website: here where you will find all the detailed information.


Visit this page often: we, the staff of this website,, constantly update useful information to make the most of promotions like this, Unibet's 0-0 insurance. We recommend the best bonuses and explain how to use them to the fullest, it is up to you to always play responsibly and with moderation. Good luck!

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