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All types of bets-a clear explanation

There are various types of bets offered by the top betting sites. Knowing them thoroughly will allow you to understand how they work and take advantage of their potential to the fullest, thanks to your intuition, the right information, and a touch of elementary statistics.

Single bet

The single bet consists of betting on the result of a single event (e.g.: winner of a meeting or a race). If your bet is successful, you earn the amount of your stake multiplied by the odds attributed to this outcome by the bookmaker.

Example: choose to bet on the Milan-Lazio match. The bookmaker offers the following single bet:
– Milan: 1.75
– Draw: 3.50
– Lazio: 5.00.
Three possible results: Milan win (1), draw (X) or Lazio win (2). Bet CAD30 on AC Milan to win with odds of 1.75. If Milan win, you earn: 30 X 1.75 = CAD52.50.

Multiple bet

Classic Multiple: the multiple bet is an interesting form of betting with the possibility of very high winnings.
You can select different events and combine them into a single bet.
Your winnings, that is the total odds of the multiple bet, are obtained by multiplying the individual odds of the individual events.
In order for the bet to be successful, all of your predictions must be correct.

Example: choose to bet on a multiple on Milan-Lazio and Real Madrid-Atletico Madrid.
            – Milan: 1.75
            – Draw: 3.50
            – Lazio: 5.00,
            – Real Madrid: 1.30
            – Draw: 5.50
            – Atletico Madrid: 9.00.
            Place a CAD20 bet on a multiple with Milan's win at odds of 1.75 and the draw between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid at odds of 5.50. If both results occur, you win your stake amount multiplied by both odds, 20 X 1.75 X 5.50 = CAD192.50

Double chance bet

Bet on two of the three outcomes of the match.

There are 3 possibilities:

option 1 or X: success of the team playing at home or draw

option 2 or X: away team wins or draw

option 1 or 2: success of one of the two teams

Example: choose this type of bets for the Milan – Lazio match. 1X: 1.09, X2: 2.15, 12: 1.25. You place CAD20 on X2 because you think Milan won't win at home. If Lazio win or draw, you collect CAD43.00 (CAD20 x CAD2.15=CAD43).

Under/over bet

Bet on the total number of goals scored during the match (only regular time, any extra time will not be counted). There are 2 possibilities:
Under 2.5 goals: the total number must not be greater than 2 (0, 1, or 2 goals)
Over 2.5 goals: the total number of goals scored must be greater than 2 (3, 4, 5, or more)

Example: using the bet type "under/over" for the Milan-Lazio match, under 2.5 goals has odds of 1.85 and over 2.5 goals has odds of 1.95. Since Milan's defense is not impermeable and they will have to attack to win the match at all costs, bet on over 2.5 goals. Bet 20CAD on "Over 2.5" and if the result is 2-1, for example, you win 39CAD (20CAD x 1.95 = 39CAD).

Handicap bet

The handicap applies to matches in which one team is clearly favoured, adding a goal (or more than one goal) and calculating the odds accordingly.

There are three possible results:

Pick 1: the home team wins with a difference greater than the handicap.

Draw: the match ends in a draw after the addition of the handicap.

Pick 2: the away team wins after the handicap is added.

Example: using the bet type “handicap” for the Milan – Lazio match, Milan win-1 is quoted at 2.90, the draw at 3.30 and the victory of Lazio +1 2.15. Since you believe that Milan will win with at least 2 goals difference, points on Milan's victory-1. Bet CAD20 on “Milan-1” and if the result is 2-0 or 3-1, for example, you win CAD58 (CAD20 x CAD2.90=CAD58).

Correct score bet

Place a bet on the exact result of the game
Multiple possibilities:
0-0: the match ends in a 0-0 draw
1-0: the match ends in a 1-0 win
0-1: the match ends in a 0-1 loss
and so on...

Example: test out this type of bet on the Milan–Lazio match.

The quotes are as follows:
1–0 6.00,
0–0 10.00,
0–1 10.00,
2–0 6.50,
1–1 7.00,
0–2 25.00,
2–1 8.00,
2–2 15.00,
1–2 18.00.

Place a CAD20 bet on AC Milan to win 2-1, if the result is correct, you win CAD240 (CAD30x8.00).

"First half / final result" bet

Bet on what you think the outcome of the first half and the final of the match will be

9 possibilities:

option 1-X: the team playing at home ends the first half ahead but in the end the match ends in a draw

option 1-2: the home team ends the first half ahead but the away team wins the match

option 2-2: the away team wins both at the end of the first half and at the end of the match

Example: put this type of bet to the test on the Milan–Lazio match.
The odds are as follows:
Mil. / Mil. 2.30,
Mil. / X 14.00,
Mil. / Lazio 30.00,
X / Mil. 4.25,
X / X 6.25,
X / Lazio 12.00,
Lazio / Mil. 20.00,
Lazio / X 14.00,
Lazio / Lazio 10.00.

Bet CAD40 on a draw in the first half and Milan's victory in the second, because you think Milan will only be able to get the better of Lazio in the final match. If your prediction is correct, you win CAD170 (CAD40 x 4.25=CAD170).

“Goal / no goal” bet

Will the teams be able to score a goal during the match or not?

There are two possibilities:

Goal: both teams must score at least one goal during the match

No Goal: one of the two teams, or both, will not score during the match

Example: Place a bet of 30CAD on no goal, because you believe that in Milan – Lazio game, one of the teams will not score any goal. The odds are 1.95 for no goal. If the prediction is correct, for example, Milan wins 2-0, you will take home 58.50CAD (30CADx1.95).

"Outright winner" bet

Bet on the team that will win the competition.

team 1 wins the competition

Team 2 wins the competition

Team 3 wins the competition

Example: bet CAD30 on Inter as the final winner of the 2009/2010 Champions League. The odds are 4.50 for Inter.
If the prediction is correct, for example Inter wins the Champions League, you collect CAD135 (CAD30x4.50).

Top scorer bet

Bet on which of the 2 players proposed in your opinion will score the most goals

3 Possibilities:
player 1 will score more goals

both players will score the same number of goals
player 2 will score more goals

Example: bet CAD30 on Borriello to win the best scorer match between Marco Borriello and Tommaso Rocchi in the Milan – Lazio match. The fee is 2.80 for Marco Borriello.
If the prediction is correct, for example Borriello scores a goal and Rocchi none, you collect CAD84 (CAD30x2.80).

Goal scorer bet

One of the most profitable types of bets available on sports betting platforms such as William Hill, Bet365, Unibet, and Paddy Power are undoubtedly the goal scorer bets. Usually, the players who score the goals are always the same, and often, you can find great odds to place your bet on.

Example: Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo, the top scorer of Real Madrid, will score a goal in Real Madrid-Atletico Madrid? The odds for a goal by the Portuguese striker are 1.50. Bet 30CAD and if Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal, you win 45CAD (30CADx1.50).

“First corner kick” bet

Which team will take the first corner kick of the match?

If there are no corner kicks during the match, bets will be refunded.

“First lineout” bet

Bet365Which team will take the first throw-in of the match?

If no throw-in is taken during the game, all bets will be refunded.

Types of Bets: the “live” Bet

Bet live during the match with live bets. Bookmakers usually have a "LIVE" console, through which all the information on the current game and the odds for the different results are displayed in real time. Obviously the odds vary depending on the course of the meeting. In addition to offering excellent chances of winning (see the page on techniques of winnings with live bets), offers you an extra adrenaline rush while watching the game on TV.


As you can see, there are many types of bets: in all this abundance, it is essential to never lose control of your money: PLAY RESPONSIBLY. Good luck!

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