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Card bets and more generally bookings and expulsion bets mean predicting the value of the cards totaled by one or both football teams in the regular minutes of the game. This is a type of bet offered by the best betting sites AGCO.

Why bet on cards and bookings?

Betting on yellow cards and cards in general is an excellent opportunity to make big winnings. Some matches are decisive for the fates of a season and some players are regularly cautioned. This type of bet, if used optimally, can make you win a lot.

Predicting a player's caution is sometimes easier than indicating the winner of a match.

So what is the secret to winning money with online sports betting on bookings?

Winning with yellow card betting is possible: read the tips in this article. The choice of the type of bet is crucial with yellow cards.

Quotes are usually higher for bets on the scorers, bookings, and sending-offs in a match, making the existence and discovery of value bets easier. For those who want to learn more about what a value bet is, we have written This article

The valuebet is an episode that is "more profitable than the others", offered with a higher quota than it should actually be; in practice, the bookmaker is currently underestimating the probability of success for this one.

Returning to bookings betting…

Number of appearances / Number of yellow cards

You can compare the value obtained from this formula with the odds offered by bookmakers.

For example:

  • Daniele Conti received 13 yellow cards in 25 matches;
  • 25 appearances / 13 yellow cards = 1.92.

If the odds offered by the bookmaker are higher than 1.92, as we have found in one case on UNIBET, then it is a valuebet.

How to determine the reliability of my yellow card prediction in a soccer match?

The difference between the ratio and the offer fee will be the first element to take into consideration.

There are other parameters to consider in order to increase the reliability of a forecast:

  • Number of fouls committed by the player;
  • Player's character and aggressiveness;
  • Direct clashes between the two teams (yellow cards in direct clashes);
  • Warning and risk of disqualification.

AGCO and booking bets

On the occasion of the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, AGCO launched the type of bet "Team with the most bookings-1X2," which was also very interesting from a technical and potential winning point of view. This is how this type of bet works: you bet on which team has received the highest number of bookings (yellow cards), of course, at the end of the sporting event taking into account any extra time and recovery.

  • 1, is the sign that predicts the highest number of yellow cards for the first team in the game;
  • 2, gives precedence to the other team in the match, the second one;
  • X is the sign that predicts the same number of warnings.

Yellow card betting has been a regular part of the AGCO betting schedule for some years now. Therefore, it is practically certain that every bookmaker offers them where possible to their customers. If your preferred bookmaker does not offer this type of bet, it should be considered as an indication of poor variety of offering and overall quality. If a type of bet is part of the AGCO schedule dedicated to bookmakers who can currently operate in Canada, it can be expected that the bookmakers themselves will offer it. If your online sports betting site does not allow you to win with yellow card betting, you can always change bookmakers.

The yellow card is the one that the referee easily extracts. The character and history of the players on the field are known, just read and inform yourself. Good luck with betting on cautions, always playing responsibly.

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