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Among the types of bets, double chance bets are certainly the most popular among enthusiasts. How this bet works lies entirely in its definition: in a nutshell, with this betting strategy you can bet on two of the three results of the 1X2 market of a match, just like the classic double at Football pools. Depending on the choice, we will have a double chance IN and a double chance OUT. We will soon find out more about the double chance in out, but first let's take a look at the Top 5 Canadian bookmakers that offer this market.


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Needless to say, the only requirement for playing with double chance in out bets is that the sport you're betting on has three different possible outcomes (e.g. win, draw, lose) in advance. Compared to a normal bet where you only bet on one of these three outcomes, in a double chance bet you can bet on two outcomes, giving you a greater chance of success. The disadvantage of this market, of course, is that the odds offered for the double result will be lower than the normal odds for the single result.

What is Double Chance?

In this page we will analyze in detail the double chance betting market (often abbreviated as DC), a type of bet that can be used in soccer bets or in all those sporting events where there are 3 possible final outcomes. In football, specifically, matches will always end with one of these three results:

  • Home team victory (1)
  • Draw (X)
  • Away team victory (2)

In this case, double chance allows you to bet, as mentioned, on a pair of final results. Keep reading to learn more.

What does Double Chance mean in online sports betting

Double chance bets allow you to bet on two of the three possible final outcomes described above, greatly increasing the chances of winning our bet. In detail, we will have three main types of double chance bets:

  1. Double chance IN or 1X-In this case the bet is placed on the home team winning or a draw
  2. Double chance OUT or X2-In this case, the bet is placed on the draw or the away team
  3. Double chance IN/OUT or 12-Here we bet on the victory of one of the two teams, both the home team and the away team.


Just like with other bets, there is a corresponding combo (Double Chance Mix) and some non-traditional markets for the double chance out bet. This includes, for example, the Double Chance First Half or the Double Chance + Under/Over.

All double chance betting markets

Now, let's examine with some practical examples, this betting mode and its variations in various markets.

Double Chance 1X

Choosing this bet means believing in the victory or draw of the home team. This is a conservative bet because it is based on betting on the home team advantage and the double result in favor of the home team. This bet is also called a double chance IN. We propose an example for the hypothetical match between Serie A football Napoli – Inter with three hypothetical final results.

  • Napoli 1 – Inter 0: the bet pays off
  • Napoli 1-Inter 1: the bet is successful
  • Napoli 0 – Inter 2: the bet is a losing one

Double Chance X2

This bet allows you to cover two out of three possible outcomes: a draw or the away team winning. In this case, it is an aggressive strategy as you are betting against the home team winning. This type of bet is also known as a double chance OUT. Let's take the hypothetical match between Juventus and Milan as an example.

  • Juventus 1 – Milan 0: the bet is a losing one
  • Juventus 1 – Milan 1: the bet is winning
  • Juventus 1 – Milan 2: the bet is a winner

Double Chance 12

By playing this bet, you believe in the victory of one of the two teams. Let's give an example of this bet, also called double chance IN OUT, in the Seria A match between Milan and Roma.

  • Milan 2 – Rome 0: the bet is successful
  • Milan 2-Roma 2: losing bet
  • Milan 1-Roma 3: the bet is winning

Double Chance Combo or Double Chance Mix

The best AGCO bookmakers also allow you to combine the double chance bet with other markets, offering higher odds (or allowing you to play the half-time result together with the final result). For example, you can play double chance + multi-goal, double chance + goal sum or double chance + under or over.

Double chance mix with handicap

There are many ways to play the double chance in or out. An additional degree of complexity arises by placing this bet with a handicap that we should subtract from the final result. Live betting makes this forecast even more exciting. The combination of multiple bets is defined as a double chance mix. Just to give an example, let's see what is meant by the bet Double Chance 1X + Over 2.5 and let's take as an example a hypothetical Capital Derby between Lazio and Roma. In this case we will have

  • Lazio 2 – Roma 0: the bet is losing
  • Lazio 2-Roma 1: the bet pays off
  • Lazio 2-Roma 2: the bet is successful
  • Lazio 2-Roma 3: the bet is lost

Above we have indicated four cases to explain when the double chance mix bet is winning and when it is losing. In the first case, Lazio wins 2-0; therefore the player has correctly guessed the 1X double chance but not the over 2.5 (losing bet). In the second and third situations, both bets are winning because both results are correct. The fourth case, instead, is again losing as the right double chance would be X2 or 12.

Understanding how this bet works exactly is fundamental to play well. We recommend, as always, to be correctly informed about the rankings and results of the teams that you can observe within the secure AGCO bookmakers recommended on Betting Trends now.

Difference With Draw No Bet Bets

If with the Double Chance In Out bets you will be paid if one of the two chosen results is confirmed, with the Draw No Bet bets your fate will be benevolent if the result is as predicted, otherwise the bet will be void if it ends in a draw. However, the odds for DNB are higher than those for Double Chance.

As you can see, the preference for an option depends on subjective perception and context. It is crucial that you question what kind of player you are, in terms of preferences and habits. Ask yourself this question and you will be on the right track.

Double Chance In Out, where to bet?

The Double Chance In Out market is particularly common in Canada and very popular among Canadian bettors, especially beginners. We will now illustrate the best bookmakers that offer the Double Chance market.

1. LeoVegas

In addition to awakening patriotic pride, LeoVegas remains one of the best companies currently around. The fact that it also has Double Chance in out bets is further proof of this. A step forward compared to many competitors who are rather reluctant to follow certain paths. The specialty is, needless to say, football. In this regard, we point out an exclusive section of the portal: namely the fantasy match, with which to bet on dream challenges.

Maybe because they concern two teams playing in different leagues, without the continental cups able to make them cross. In this case, it must be indicated which of the teams will score more goals than the respective opponent. While calling it revolutionary would be an overstatement, the company's efforts are commendable.

Having fun and having fun, without having the slightest fear of thinking outside the box, is the essential philosophy. Broadening the horizons, it is impossible not to highlight the care placed in horse racing. After all, the bookmaker has always had a special eye towards horse racing. The increase on the multiple allows you to place bets of up to 144 percent, in the event of 30 events placed on the bet slip.

2. William Hill

Not even William Hill needs introductions or usual pleasantries. We know exactly how much it has won the favors of Canadian customers, sure of finding the answer to their needs in the portal. The double chance is one of many, ideal for enticing a specific category of bettors, eager to have a sort of guarantee.

The fascination emanating on the public is dictated, in particular, by the bonuses and promotions: many and thoroughly thought out. It is evident that the initiatives launched and still existing are the result of a meticulous study of the enthusiasts, who are fully satisfied. The multiple payment methods are a very welcome extra. Above all, the double chance in this bookmaker is declined in many combos.

If the eye falls on the app aimed at mobile devices, the judgment tends to be excellent. At present the constraints of time and space, which we once took for granted, have become so thin that they have all but vanished. The spirit of dedication is something rare and, why not, surprising. The double chance represents the typical icing on the cake, which was already tasty, but which is even more so this way.

3. Betfair

Double Chance bets can be found on traditional bookmakers and also on the Betfair exchange. The service expressly aims to bring the consolidated British tradition to Canada while respecting the peculiarities of the Canadian territory. A really not bad hybrid, capable of giving an edge to the overall proposal.

Among the outstanding qualities is that of simplicity of use. Not all of them are masters, seasoned professionals. To accumulate the necessary baggage of experience, patience is needed. The navigability of the portal, the style avoids a feeling of disorientation, of estrangement, ideal especially in an initial juncture. The result may appear simple, in reality the credit goes to the operator, made up of a first-rate staff, who knows what interests betting lovers because they are the first ones.

A fundamental discriminating factor especially nowadays given the high level of competition. Born in London back in August 1999, one of the merits of the book was to continually raise the bar, to pursue constant evolution. The double chance is a symptom of openness, on a par with the Betting Exchange, which defined the advent and expansion of this global giant of online gaming.

4. bwin

In terms of notoriety, it will be less popular than the top dealers, but the quality of Bwin is appreciable, and quite a lot. Carving out a place in the market was difficult, therefore, from the very beginning, the bookmaker had the insight to understand the need to carve out a niche.

The experience is wide, varied, worthy of being tried at least once; so, just to get an idea. Globalization translates daily into events played in every corner of the planet, into atypical forms of gaming and into acceptance systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. One of the factors of attraction (it is no coincidence that it is expressly mentioned on the official portal) is given by the double chance. In a small circle of bookmakers, the option is present, at least as far as the Canadian borders are concerned.

5. Bodog

Bodog is the non plus ultra of sports betting, absolute excellence. After a careful analysis of the various companies active in the field, we are fully satisfied with the product offered.

From whatever perspective you look at it, the platform is an extraordinary excellence in the field: schedules, markets, odds, bonuses... Just think that there are 25 sports disciplines: an infinite number! Beyond the classic sports, from football to basketball, it includes other less mainstream sports, such as snooker.

Besides, esports amazes us. That they have enormous potential is clear, incontrovertible. Titles of the caliber of Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive look a lot like a declaration of intent. Above is an example of double chance bets in live mode.

6. 888sports

Among the top betting sites, 888sport has the advantage of fully satisfying customer requests. First, the schedule is really rich. The disciplines included are many: football represents a conspicuous part, but avoids monopolizing the scene. The markets keep up, including both the classic choices, from straight results to handicaps, to other more ingenious ones, aimed at differentiating the bookmaker.

The generosity in the type of bets considered is worthy of enormous praise, ditto the promotions. We already hear a lot about it and given the introduction, which is still quite recent, we expect we will hear more and more about it. From the series, if a good day starts in the morning…

When to use double chance?

Now we know what a double chance bet is, but what is the right way to use this bet? Well, there are several ways in which this market can be used to your advantage when looking for the best odds. Having more chances (two in this case) to win a bet is already a great advantage. However, the odds of double chance bets are often very low, but the chances of winning the bet, on the contrary, will be higher.

If you think that a team may win, but you are sure that they won't lose, then consider placing a double chance bet. This can be a good way to reduce the risk of losing the bet. Some popular football betting strategies often use double chance bets. It is therefore worth getting familiar with this type of bet by placing some bets with double chance on the best betting sites. In this case, if you are registering for the first time on a betting site, try to take advantage of the many betting bonuses that the best bookmakers in Canada offer.

Advantages and disadvantages of double chance

Firstly, with double chance bets, the chances of winning increase. This can provide greater security because it will be almost impossible to lose a game if we use the double chance. However, since the odds for double chance bets are generally lower than the odds on 1X2, the opportunity to make big profits will be lost. For football, this bet is incredibly popular, even though the odds are significantly lower, because two different options are covered simultaneously.

What we like:

  • Two useful results out of three
  • Ability to combine double chance with other markets
  • Higher chances of hitting the forecast

What's wrong:

  • Lower quotes

That being said, the only thing left to do is to try the double chance through one of our top bookmakers, Bodog:

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  • Quote Speciali

How to calculate the probability of success of the double chance

Mathematics and betting go hand in hand, even in the case of double chance. Let's see how to calculate the success percentages of this bet by using an example. PSG and Juventus are playing the final of the Champions League; bookmakers offer 1.70 for sign 1 (victory for the French).

We find the winning percentage of Parisians to be 100/1.70 = 58.82%. So the remaining 41.18% will be the probability associated with the double chance X2 or double chance out. To discover the real odds of our double chance X2 (in the example, a win for Juventus or a draw), we need to divide 100/41.18 and get approximately 2.40, which is nothing but the real odds for the double chance out. Why real odds? Because we will never find this odds due to the margin that every bookmaker guarantees on the odds (usually around 7-10%).

Therefore, if we believe that Juventus has a higher chance of winning than 41.18%, then it is worth betting on the double chance X2 and making a value bets, which is based solely on fundamental and mathematical analysis.

Double chance betting tips

Double chance bets can be very useful in matches where two teams are very close in terms of strength. In these situations, it is likely that the odds of a home or away win will be even. Betting on the victory of one of the two teams in this case will be very difficult, unlike when one of the two teams has a clear advantage in the prediction. And this is where the double chance can come in handy, that is, taking advantage of the possibility of the double result.

Where to find the best double chance odds

There are many betting sites offering the best markets and matches for the double chance market, and for our experts, the best odds for the double chance market today can be found on LeoVegas, Bodog and 888sport. There are also many blogs and tutorials on the web that will help you cover the possible outcomes and calculate the probabilities for the most effective betting options. Analyzing and calculating the odds will be an excellent way to create the perfect betting strategy with a diversified number of bets on different bookmakers.

So, is it worth betting on the double chance? This is the biggest contested question for most of you because the modus operandi of every bettor revolves around the possibility of making long-term profits every time the team we bet on wins.

This type of bet is a good option for more balanced games with uncertain outcomes, as the overall 1X2 odds are higher, making the lower odds offered on the double chance seem less of a ripoff. Double chance bets are a valid alternative to include in our systems and multiple bets, especially in football given the popularity of these bets.


Double chance bets are a type of bet that minimizes the risk of losing the bet and are perfect for supporting the underdog team in a match. Usually, the X sign is less common as a final outcome compared to signs 1 and 2; however, with the double chance, the draw (combined with 1 or 2) becomes a valid alternative.

In this article, the experts from Betting Trends now use football betting as a vehicle to explain the market, since football is the universal sport for this type of bet. Keep in mind that double chance odds will always be lower than standard betting odds, but if you choose your matches correctly, you will have guaranteed winnings and improve your overall game.

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Double Chance FAQ

What does double chance in out mean in sports betting?

The double chance allows you to bet on two of the three possible outcomes in the 1X2 market, namely the Double chance IN or 1X (on the home team win or draw), the Double chance OUT or X2 (on the draw or the away team win), and the Double chance IN/OUT or 12 (on either the home team win or the away team win).

Which are the best bookmakers for double chance bets?

Our experts have tested dozens of sports betting sites, evaluating their markets and odds. For double chance bets, we have chosen three AGCO-certified reliable bookmakers, namely LeoVegas, Bodog, and 888sport.

Can you bet double chance in multiples?

Absolutely yes, in fact, Double Chance is very useful in multiple bets because, with a double result in favor (and therefore a low odds), it allows you to add more games to the multiple bets (and therefore get higher multiple bet bonuses).

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