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The parallel with sport, football in particular, is there ready to be served: just as there are different roles and different game tactics on the pitch, those who chew betting know that there are more risky bets and others more conservative. Among these we find the so-called DNB, or the Draw No Bet.

What do they consist of? It is a question of predicting the success of the home or away team, with refund in case of a tie. Obviously we have summarized the concept but first of all let's see which bookmakers can play the Draw No Bet:

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What does draw no bet mean?

Betting Draw No Bet are a sort of insurance that allows you to get reimbursement of the money invested in the event of a draw after having indicated one team as winner. This type of bet therefore loses only if the formation opposite to the one chosen initially wins. In a nutshell, with what are called Betting DNB the bet will turn out to be a loser only and only if the team in which we have invested money is defeated. The only options available are the sign 1 or 2.

Based on the premises just illustrated, the convenience of using Draw No Bet only for balanced odds comparisons clearly emerges. A high ranking test between teams competing for the championship, for example, or a final of some prestigious inside or outside competition, such as the Champions League.

On the other hand, if the hypothesis of a draw is considered more probable, the advice is to bet directly on the Double Chance since, through the Draw no Bet, any X would only give the right to reimbursement of the odds. No earnings, no amount collected.

How Draw no Bet works

At this point, it should be clear what Draw No Bet means. Let's now analyze concrete examples of possible Betting Draw No Bets, useful for visualizing the right path to take.

Let's say we are in the menu of a bookmaker and we want to find the section dedicated to Draw no Bet. Where will it ever be? It is soon said: under the wording DNB or under the wording Refund in case of a draw (as indicated in the red arrow above). Here the options that will stand out will be two, 1 or 2 DNB:

  • 1 DNB: it means that we will bet on the triumph of the home team. If this were to happen the broker would recognize us the winnings. A draw, on the contrary, would give the right to a refund of the entire invested amount, as if the X sign were quoted at 1.00.
  • 2 DNB: means that we will line up with the away team. If this occurs, the bookie will award us the winnings. The equal, on the other hand, would allow you to grab the refund of the total amount allocated, as if the X sign were quoted at 1.00.

Between the two cases you have probably noticed an "similarity": the refund in case of a tie. From a conceptual point of view we are talking about an episode which, in terms of characteristics and peculiarities, is considerably close to the Double Chance, but with some fundamental differences. The value of the 1 or 2 DNB odds represents a cross between the straight result 1X2 and Double Chance.

By adopting it, a cover is granted: by opting for the Draw No Bet you will protect yourself in the event of an X sign. At least you will get back the sum previously allocated to the match. Try Betting Draw No Bet now on trendsnow Bodog's top bookmaker:

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Example of Draw No Bet

The only bets available with Betting DNB are 1 and 2. For example, if you decide to make a Draw No Bet of 10CAD on the Inter-Milan derby and see the formation the Nerazzurri are slightly favored, but you wouldn't be surprised if the teams had to share the stakes, DNB 2 will reflect your idea.

If the match ends with a score of 1 to 1, you will get a refund of the amount invested, i.e. 10CAD, while if the Nerazzurri win, the bet will be a winner. In other words, only the affirmation of the Rossoneri would be equivalent to defeat, as can be seen from the table below:

Evento: Inter vincente DNB a 1.80 Outcome Earnings
Inter vs Milan 1 +CAD18
x +10CAD
2 -10CAD

Difference with Double Chance bets

With Double Chance bets you will get paid if either of the two chosen results is confirmed, but the odds are quite low. With Draw No Bet bets, luck is on your side if the result is as predicted, otherwise the bet is void if it ends in a draw, but the odds are higher.

As you can see, the preference for an option depends on subjective perception and context. It is essential that you question what type of player you are, in terms of preferences and habits. Pose this question to yourself and you will be on the right track.

Differences with Asian Handicap 0

The Draw No Bet and Asian Handicap 0 are equivalent. However, it is important to note that when both options are offered to the public, the odds on the Asian Handicap 0 may be slightly higher. The properties are identical, although there are even fewer bookmakers that include the Asian Handicap in their offerings.

Where to bet with DNB?

The market in question is not particularly common in Canadian territory, but you will find it if you search in the right place. We will show you the platforms that are properly equipped from this perspective and we will not miss the opportunity to tell you, in brief, the peculiarities of the portal placed under the magnifying glass.

1. LeoVegas

In addition to reawakening patriotic pride, LeoVegas remains one of the best companies currently in circulation. The fact that it also has Draw no Bet bets is further proof of this. A step forward compared to many competitors who are rather reluctant to follow certain paths. The specialty is, needless to say, football. In this regard, we point out an exclusive section of the portal: namely the fantasy match, with which to bet on dream challenges.

Maybe because they concern two teams playing in different leagues, without the continental cups able to make them cross. In this case, it must be indicated which of the teams will score more goals than the respective opponent. While calling it revolutionary would be an overstatement, the company's efforts are commendable.

Having fun and having fun, without having the slightest fear of thinking outside the box, is the essential philosophy. Broadening the horizons, it is impossible not to highlight the care placed in horse racing. After all, the bookmaker has always had a special eye towards horse racing. The increase on the multiple allows you to place bets of up to 144 percent, in the event of 30 events placed on the bet slip.

2. William Hill

Not even William Hill needs introductions or usual pleasantries. We know exactly how much he has conquered the favors of Canadian customers, who are sure to find the answer to their needs in the portal. The Draw no Bet is one of many, ideal for enticing a specific category of bettors, eager to have a sort of guarantee.

The fascination emanating on the public is dictated, in particular, by the bonuses and promotions: many and thoroughly thought out. It is evident that the initiatives launched and still existing are the result of a meticulous study of the enthusiasts, who are fully satisfied. The multiple payment methods are a very welcome extra. Thanks to the tool, withdrawal times are reduced as never before. The execution time takes just 4 hours: it's truly amazing how far technology has taken us!

If the eye falls on the app aimed at mobile devices, the judgment tends to be excellent. At present the constraints of time and space, which we once took for granted, have become so thin that they have all but vanished. The spirit of dedication is something rare and, why not, surprising. The DNB represents the typical icing on the cake, which was already tasty, but which is even more so this way.

3. Betfair

Draw No Bet can be found on traditional bookmakers and on the Betfair exchange. The Canadian service expressly aims to bring the well-established British tradition to the Belpaese, respecting the peculiarities of the Canadian territory. A really not bad hybrid, capable of giving an edge to the overall proposal.

Among the outstanding qualities is that of simplicity of use. Not all of them are masters, seasoned professionals. To accumulate the necessary baggage of experience, patience is needed. The navigability of the portal, the style avoids a feeling of disorientation, of estrangement, ideal especially in an initial juncture. The result may appear simple, in reality the credit goes to the operator, made up of a first-rate staff, who knows what interests betting lovers because they are the first ones.

A fundamental discriminating factor especially nowadays given the high level of competition. Born in London back in August 1999, one of the merits of the book was to continually raise the bar, to pursue constant evolution. The DNB is a symptom of openness, like the Betting Exchange, which defined the advent and expansion of this global giant of online gaming.

4. Planetwin365

In terms of notoriety it will be less popular than the top dealers, but the quality of Planetwin365 is appreciable, and quite a lot. Carving out a place in the market was difficult, therefore, from the very beginning, the bookmaker had the insight to understand the need to carve out a niche.

The experience is wide, varied, worthy of being tried at least once; so, just to get an idea. Globalization translates daily into events played in every corner of the planet, into atypical forms of gaming and into acceptance systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

One of the recall factors (it is no coincidence that it is expressly mentioned on the official portal) is given by the Draw no Bet. In a small circle of books the option is present, at least as regards the Canadian borders. By doing a search on the net you will find alternatives equipped on this front, it is a pity that almost all of them do not have a regular license. And – trust me – it is far beyond a mere question of titles. The Customs and Monopoly Agency performs an essential function in regulating betting and making it possible to distinguish serious, reliable and trustworthy companies.

So far we have based ourselves on Draw No Bet, a feature whose properties and advantages we have explained to you. However, a recurring question remains: in an absolute sense which are the best bookmakers out there? Premise that the competition is thick, three dealers have mainly won us over.

5. Bodog

Bodog is the non plus ultra of sports betting, absolute excellence. After a careful analysis of the various companies active in the field, we are fully satisfied with the product offered.

From whatever perspective you look at it, the platform is an extraordinary excellence in the field: schedules, markets, odds, bonuses... Just think that there are 25 sports disciplines: an infinite number! Beyond the classic sports, from football to basketball, it includes other less mainstream sports, such as snooker.

Besides, esports amazes us. That they have enormous potential is clear, incontrovertible. Titles of the caliber of Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive look a lot like a declaration of intent.

6. 888sports

Among the top betting sites, 888sport has the advantage of fully satisfying customer requests. First, the schedule is really rich. The disciplines included are many: football represents a conspicuous part, but avoids monopolizing the scene. The markets keep up, including both the classic choices, from straight results to handicaps, to other more ingenious ones, aimed at differentiating the bookmaker.

The generosity in the type of bets considered is worthy of enormous praise, ditto the promotions. We already hear a lot about it and given the introduction, which is still quite recent, we expect we will hear more and more about it. From the series, if a good day starts in the morning…

Draw no bet calculator

We have already illustrated bookmakers who include "Draw No Bet" in their repertoire. However, we believe it is interesting to list the formula for calculating Draw No Bet, so that you have the suitable tools to measure it comfortably in case your reference bookmaker does not include it.

Let's assume we have the following quotes:

1 X 2
2.20 3.10 3.50

For example, let's say we have decided to bet 100 euros. The first step is to divide 100, which is the invested budget, by 3.10, which is the odds for a draw. The result is 32.26, which is the amount to bet on X.

It will then be sufficient to make 100CAD32.26CAD = 67.74CAD and we will have the amount to be allocated to sign 1 (odds of 3.50). Of course, if we wanted to go for Draw No Bet away, we would multiply the remaining amount by sign 2.

The (simple) formula to calculate the Draw No Bet odds is as follows:

  • mark-up sign 1 * (sign X-1) / sign X

In the specific case: 2.20 * (3.10-1) / 3.10 = 1.4903

The procedure is similar if we want to calculate the Draw No Bet for the away team, replacing the 1 sign with the 2 sign:

  • sign quota 2 * (sign X-2) / sign X

That is: 3.50 * (3.10-2) / 3.10 = 1.2419

Try out Draw no bet wagers on our top bookmaker 888sport:

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Draw No Bet with 0-0 coverage

An operational variant that is quite enticing consists of covering, instead of a tie, the result of 0-0. The odds of the exact 0-0 outcome (and therefore, potential earnings) are significantly higher than a draw (2 to 3 times more), and as a result, the coverage costs considerably less.

This approach is recommended if you believe that the team to bet on is stronger and capable of taking the lead. The downside is that in case of a draw with goals, the loss will be higher, resulting in losing both bets.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Draw No Bet Bets

Now let's sum up the advantages and disadvantages. It must be said that DNB bets are only applicable to events that have three possible outcomes, including a tie. We highlighted the pros and cons during the examination.

Ultimately, there are basically two benefits: on one hand, you play with 50 percent of the results, on the other, the potential X result will at least earn you a refund. The deterrent is given by the lower potential winnings, if the team you have faith in actually comes out with full points. The method is mainly suitable for players with a reduced risk propensity, who avoid taking unnecessary risks and intend to be cautious.

Draw No bet variants

As we approach the final stages, let's review the variations of DNB. The first, called Home No Bet, involves betting on the away team's win or a draw, covering the bet in case the home team, usually the favorite, wins.

Therefore, if you come out on top, you will receive a full refund of the total amount placed, while if you have bet on one of the other two outcomes, you will win if the prediction comes true. An alternative is the Draw Away No Bet, where you will win if the X sign comes out, and you will get your money back if the away team wins.


Draw No Bet betting is the right way for bettors to ensure a refund. This is especially true for those who are patient and want a safer type of bet or use it as a betting strategy. On the other hand, as per historical statistics, there are many matches that end in a draw.

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Draw No Bet Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What does No Bet mean?

In the terminology of Anglo-Saxon betting, No Bet means refund. The wording always accompanies the necessary condition to get back the intended amount.

Where to play Draw no bet?

The range of options can be summarized in a poker of aces: LeoVegas, William Hill, Betfair, and Planetwin365. To clear any doubts, read the peculiarities of each operator (we have described them in this guide) and consider your own tastes and needs.

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