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    scorer bets are one of the most popular types of bets among football bettors. In addition to being one of the funniest and easiest bets to understand (just guess who will be the player to score), these can also represent a competitive alternative for the more experienced.

    Also for this reason, bets on goalscorers represent one of the most popular markets on the best betting sites. Let's see immediately which are the Top-5 bookmakers that offer the possibility to bet on goalscorers:

    Bodog ☑ Special Bonuses on Scorers
    Bet365 ☑ Scorecasts
    Codere ☑ Scorecast + Special Markets
    Wazamba ☑ Marker Super Combos
    MyStakek ☑ Scorecast + Markets Assist

    On this page we will learn together all the secrets of this type of bet. Thanks to this guide, you will learn the basic characteristics of marker bets, how they work, and how to minimize the risk factor present in them.

    Betting on goalscorers in football: how does it work?

    scorer betting

    The functioning of scorer bets in football is very simple: you need to select a player who, according to us, will score at any time or at a specific moment during the 90 minutes of the match (but also select a player who, instead, will not end up on the scorer's sheet). If our chosen one scores a goal, the placed bet will be a winning one.

    Usually, scorer bets are considered valid only during the 90 minutes of play (i.e. in the regular playing time); in case of extra time and penalties, this type of bet will no longer be valid. However, this is a rule that may vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, so our advice is to always carefully read the terms and conditions of this type of bet.

    What are the types of goalscorer bets?

    Today there are many different types of player betting, from scorers to those who will be substituted or ejected, from assist providers to those who will be replaced during the match.

    The most popular scorer bets are:

    • First Goal Scorer – You need to guess the player, among the 22 on the pitch, who will score first during the match.
    • Anytime Scorer (or minute) – A bet is placed on a player scoring at any point during the match (extra time is usually excluded).
    • Last Scorer – Very similar to the first point, but in this case you have to guess the player who will score last during the match.

    Among the top bookmakers chosen by Betting Trends now, Bodog is the one that offers the simplest and most immediate bet on scorers:



    Rating: 9/10

    However, there are dozens of other scorer bets, some recently introduced and less well-known than the three mentioned above, but they are increasingly gaining popularity among fans of this market. The most famous new scorer bets are:

    • First Scorer Yes/No – As per definition, options of Yes and No are associated with the name of a player, depending on whether one chooses to bet on the player scoring a goal or not.
    • Goal Method – Bet on the method of scoring a goal (free kick, penalty, header, from outside the box).
    • Score a Brace – Bet on a player who scores more than once in the match.
    • Score a Hat-trick – The chosen player must score three goals (please note that if the player scores more than three, some online bookmakers may declare your bet lost).
    • Own goal – This is a completely different market, which involves a good portion of luck. Typically it is only available in World Cup matches.
    • Combo Bets – These are combined bets (combo) with scorers (e.g. Wincast, Scorecast, and Timecast).
    • Top Scorer Award – Classic bet on the top scorer, which can be applied to a league such as Serie A, as well as to international tournaments such as the World Cup and the European Championships.

    According to our experts, the bookmaker that offers the widest range of betting options on scorers is MyStakek, which proposes over 30 different types of bets on players and scorers:



    Rating: 8/10

    Let's take a closer look at the most popular types of bets on goal scorers.

    First Goalkeeper

    The first type of scorer bets that we are going to address is the most common one, namely the First Scorer.

    The first scorer market is easy to understand, but it has a series of important rules to keep in mind. The basic principle of this market is that you are betting on the first player to score during a match.

    The bookmakers will offer odds for all players who have the possibility of starting in the first 11 (from goalkeeper to forwards).

    As mentioned earlier, while the basic principle of this market is easy to follow, there are some additional rules to keep in mind that cover some of the typical issues associated with goal scorer betting.

    For instance, what happens if the player on whom the bet is placed does not start the game? What if they get substituted? What if the game ends in a draw? In short, if the player selected as First Goal Scorer does not play (i.e. is not called up), typically the bet will be refunded (but terms and conditions can vary depending on the regulations of each bookmaker).

    The fastest goals in football history ⚡
    Player Match (Tournament) Time
    Rafael Leao Sassuolo-Milan (Serie A) 6.2 sec.
    Lukas Podolski Germany-Ecuador (national teams) 7.0 sec.
    Joseba Llorente Valladolid-Espanyol (Liga) 7.2 sec.
    Shane Long Watford v Southampton (Premier League) 7.7 sec.
    Neymar Brazil-Honduras (Olympics) 14 sec.

    Last Goalscorer

    Another popular bet among bookmakers is the Last Scorer bet.

    The last scorer is the exact opposite of the first scorer, unless the game ends with zero goals. In this case, the bet will be considered lost. The last scorer is obviously the player who scores the last goal within the ninety minutes of regular play time. The last scorer is a type of bet that has been integrated in recent years in order to bring more variety to the world of scorer bets.

    In this case, if the player on whom the bet was placed is not called up, the bet amount will be returned to the game account. However, if the player takes the field even for a few seconds, the bet will be considered valid and the bet will be lost if he does not score the last goal.

    Top Goalscorers Serie A
    Player Goal Average
    Silvio Piola 274 0.51
    Francesco Totti 250 0.40
    Gunnar Nordahl 225 0.77
    Giuseppe Meazza 216 0.59
    Jose Altafini 216 0.47
    Anthony DiNatale 209 0.47

    Anytime Goalscorer

    This is one of the most popular goalscorer bets as it is the simplest and also the one with the best chance of success.

    As per definition, by making this type of bet, you try to guess which player will score at least one goal during a match, whether it's the first or the last. This betting type is usually chosen in the most important matches, such as European cup games or Serie A matches, as there is greater knowledge of the players on the field.

    Top Scorers in the World
    Player Goal Average
    Miro Klose (GER) 16 0.67
    Ronaldo (BRA) 15 0.79
    Gerd Müller (GER) 14 1.08
    Just Fontaine (FRA) 13 2.17
    Pele (BRA) 12 0.86
    Sandor Kocsis (UNG) 11 2.12


    Let's move on to one of the lesser-known scorer bets, the Scorecast.

    The Scorecast bet consists of guessing who will be the first scorer (or the scorer at any time) in a certain match. However, this choice is also combined with a second bet, which can be the 1X2 antepost or the Correct Score (or Multiscore).

    As it is easy to understand, this is a high difficulty coefficient bet. But the flip side is that it is often possible to get very high odds in this market.

    Champions League Top Scorers
    Player Goal Average
    Cristiano Ronaldo 135 0.75
    Lionel Messi 120 0.80
    Robert Lewandowski 73 0.76
    Karim Benzema 71 0.56
    Raúl González Blanco 71 0.49
    Ruud van Nistelrooij 60 0.74

    Score a brace (or hat-trick)

    Now we come to another of the various available scorer bets that is relatively unknown, perhaps because of its high level of risk.

    This type of bet, as is easy to understand from the title itself, involves guessing which player will score a hat-trick in a particular game. This betting option is very risky, as players rarely manage to score a hat-trick, so it is advisable to rely on this type of bet only if you know the players' physical shape, the type of match, and the championship in general very well.

    Among the bookmakers offering this particular type of bet on the scorers, we highlight our top operator Codere:


    20CAD NOW

    Rating: 9.5/10

    Next Goalscorer

    Next scorer is a type of bet that is made during live betting. This bet can be placed while the game is in progress. The bet on the next scorer is closely associated with the next goal scored by one of the two teams during the match, so it will only be possible to select one of the 22 players on the field at the time of the live bet.

    Placing a bet on the next scorer is undoubtedly an exciting type of gambling. As with all live betting markets, we will also see continuous updates of the odds in this case. In this way, the bettor can also place multiple bets on a single player and win the bet multiple times (if the selected player scores multiple goals).

    Yes / No marker

    The last type of scorer bets we are going to deal with is the Yes/No Scorer.

    This betting option is perhaps the simplest among all those presented in this article: it is simply a matter of deciding whether the player selected and presented by the bookmaker will score or not during a specific match.

    Naturally, if this player does not play the game at all, the bet is cancelled and the bettor is refunded the entire amount wagered.

    The best bookmakers for goalscorer bets

    After discussing in detail about scorer bets and seeing the various types and regulations, let's see what our team of experts considers to be the best bookmakers for scorer bets.


    The first betting site we want to propose to our readers is Bodog, the top bookmaker of trendsnow, well known and established in Canada for several years now. Bodog was founded in 2006 as an international betting site and arrived in Canada a few years later, immediately achieving a high success rate.

    This bookmaker is very famous especially for its bonuses and promotional offers that it proposes on a weekly basis, both to attract new customers and to retain customers already registered on the site.

    Even in terms of odds factor, we are talking about one of the most competitive sports betting sites in Canada; specifically regarding scorer bets, Bodog is one of the most valid sites in our territory, offering bettors a large amount of choice, such as First Scorer, Last Scorer, hat-trick, brace, scorer Yes/No, and much more.

    Visit Bodog


    Codere may be a lesser-known bookmaker to many of you, but it has carved out a good share of the market in Canada. This betting site was founded way back in 1980 in Spain and gradually started to make inroads in other countries as well, including Canada. Codere is very popular among bingo players, featuring one of the most innovative gaming halls in the world.

    The sports betting section is on par with its direct competitors, and the variety of markets is very good. When it comes to scorer betting, Codere is second to none: First Scorer, Scorer Yes/No, Hat-trick, Last Scorer are just some of the betting options available, aimed at entertaining bettors as much as possible, especially through in-play betting.

    Scorecast and dozens of special markets related to scorer betting are included.

    Visit Codere


    Bet365 is often mentioned in our articles, thanks to its great reputation that has been rightfully earned in the last decade in Canada. The website was launched online in 1999 and in Canada in 2007, becoming well-known for its numerous sponsorships in Serie A and Serie B. The bookmaker has won several awards, including "best operator of the year" and "best mobile operator" in 2016.

    Compared to other competitors, Bet365 falls short in terms of market variety, especially when it comes to scorer bets; in fact, only the First Scorer, Last Scorer, First Scorer + Exact Result and Score First/Last options are available. These do not limit the betting experience, but for bettors focused on this type of wager, Bet365 may not be the best choice.

    Another highly appreciated feature among Bet365 users is the live stream service, completely free for registered customers; this service helps increase the engagement of all bettors in the game, allowing them to monitor their live scores and choose whether to maintain their initial bet or change it during the course of play.

    Visit Bet365


    Now let's move on to one of the most appreciated of the new betting sites: Betaland. This bookmaker was founded in 2015 and, although it has not achieved all the success obtained by the other sites listed here, it has still carved out a good slice of bettors. Betaland is very famous for its daily promotions called “Happy Hour”, where bettors will have the chance to get an interesting bonus for multiples.

    Speaking specifically about scorer betting, it is used more often in high-profile matches, such as those in the Champions League or Serie A, due to the fact that bettors are much more familiar with this type of market rather than blindly betting on lesser-known leagues. First and Last Scorer, Scorer Yes/No, and Scorer and Exact Result are just a few of the scorer bets that can be made on Betaland.

    Visit Betaland


    Last, but certainly not least, we find MyStake. Originally created for the casino sector, the MyStake website has decided to create a completely separate section specifically for sports betting, and we can confidently say that it was a successful move: in a short time, this bookmaker has become one of the most popular in Canada, likely thanks to its incredible welcome bonuses and unbeatable odds.

    As for scorer bets, MyStake is absolutely the most complete of those examined. Here we also find the Scorecast option, which involves betting on the first scorer and correctly predicting the final result of a match. In this type of bet, the odds offered by the bookmaker are sensational, increasing the overall hype of bettors and encouraging them to spend more money to try to hit the jackpot.

    Obviously, prognosis markers are among the most difficult bets to make and have a high level of risk. For this reason, we advise everyone to only make them on championships or matches where they have more knowledge about the players and the state of form.

    Visit MyStake

    Rules for goalscoring bets

    As we have seen, every type of bet on goal scorers has its own specific regulations.
    One of the most important rules to always keep in mind is that goal scorer bets are valid only for the 90 minutes of the game.

    If a particular game goes into overtime (or penalty kicks), these bets will not count during this extra period of play. Some bookmakers may choose to ignore this rule and consider the overtime play valid for betting purposes (but not penalty kicks).

    Naturally, each bookmaker has its specific regulations regarding scorer bets, and for this reason, we recommend our readers to refer to the terms and conditions of this type of bet directly on the website of the chosen bookmaker.

    What happens if the goalscorer doesn't play?

    football betting

    This is one of the most common doubts among bettors on the market of markers, especially beginners who are not yet well oriented within the world of betting. But there is nothing to fear as various bookmakers also take this factor into consideration, trying to meet the needs of various enthusiasts as much as possible.

    Each bookmaker, it is said, has different terms and conditions when it comes to regulating scorer bets.

    However, the majority of Canadian AGCO betting sites follow this regulation:

    1. If the player on whom the bet is placed does not enter the field, the bet will generally be classified as void. Which means that the original bet will be refunded.
    2. If the player starts from the bench and plays during the match, even for a few seconds, the bet will be considered valid and may therefore be a winning or losing one.
    3. An own goal does not count as a scored goal by the player on whom the bet was placed (unless the specific market "Own goal" is selected).

    Anyway, it's always useful to review the specific rules of each betting operator. Typically, you can find the "rules" next to the type of bet when you place a bet online. From here, you can check the terms and conditions to see what the rules are for that specific bookmaker regarding marker bets. Some bookmakers also offer the possibility of canceling a bet in progress, thus returning the money bet.

    Goal Scorers Betting Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

    ❓ What are goalscorer bets?

    Scorer bets are a special type of bet in which the bettor must predict (based on the chosen option) which player will be the first/last to score a goal in a particular match.

    ❓ What are the best sites that offer this type of bet?

    For expert football betting enthusiasts at trendsnow, the best bookmakers offering scorer bets are Bodog, Bet365, code, and MyStakek.

    ❓ Are overtime and final penalties also valid for goalscorer bets?

    Unless explicitly stated by the bookmaker, scorer bets are only valid for the regular 90 minutes of play; this means that any extra time and penalty kicks will not be considered valid for this type of bet.

    ❓ Are the own goals for the bet on the First Scorer also valid?

    This is a very common and curious question that we receive; of course, own goals are not counted as valid for First Goal Scorer bets; the goal is considered to be made in the opposing team's goal.

    ❓ What happens if the chosen player doesn't play or starts from the bench?

    In case the chosen player does not play at all, the bet will be cancelled and all the money placed will be refunded; whereas if a player starts on the bench but is fielded, even in the 90th minute, the bet will be considered valid.

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