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Loved or hated, the Martingale betting method is one of the most discussed and talked about among betting enthusiasts in Canada. The moment it is brought up, conflicting opinions regularly emerge. But before going into specifics on what it is and why it gives so much discussion, let's take a look at the best betting sites for the Martingale method.

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What is the Martingale system?

The Martingale system is a purely mathematical method, which originally referred to a series of strategies used by French bettors in the 18th century. Since very ancient times, players have used it in calculating the probability of heads or tails coming out of a coin. Several players at casino used the benefits of this progression also in roulette, to combine bets on black or red boxes rather than on even or odd boxes. For each loss, there was a doubling in the next one to try to compensate for the previous loss.

Invented in France, it is also known as the "doubling method", precisely because of its unique mechanism. A decidedly simple formula in terms of methods. To be properly applied, it requires an event with two outcomes of equal probability and a potentially inexhaustible bankroll. Here are the four parameters to evaluate while you are about to tempt fate:

  • Bet
  • Net gain, if any
  • Quote
  • Updated bankroll

That said, the Martingale Betting method requires certain precautions for it to work.

Martingale betting system, is it really useful?

To avoid instilling false hopes, the Martingale system, if taken to the extreme, does not lead to any winnings, rather it is a source of losses, even substantial ones. In fact, it must be used with criterion and rigor. However, you don't need to put your hands through your hair. If you respect a number of parameters, you will fully capitalize on its potential.

The first suggestion is to open a gaming account with one of the best AGCO bookmakers suggested by trendsnow. You can easily recognize them, just open the company's official portal: if you find the ADM logo (Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli) on the homepage, it is authorized to operate in our area.

Then, make a deposit (we explained here how to do it). You don't have to invest who knows what amounts. It adopts the Betting Martingale system for relatively modest odds. This is because the goal is to avoid negative threads and consequently risk too high sums. A single or multiple bet slip, with odds between two and three, is ideal.

Careful, then: examine the schedules thoroughly and don't guess. Clearly this methodology can be exploited in any sport, so much so that it is also used in horse racing. If we talk about football, opt for Under and Over, not necessarily 2.5, and not necessarily singles.

The Martingale formula in betting

To fully understand how it works, it is decidedly convenient to know its mathematical formula, which is as follows:

Total loss + initial bet / Odds-1

It is essential to pay close attention to the odds. In some circumstances, if they are less than 2, they can backfire and prove to be a considerable disadvantage. And then yes, the Martingale would be harmful.

For example, it happens in front of a high-value bet, but with an odd of less than 2. Here it is better to abandon the bet or resort to an alternative solution to insert the prediction in the progressive.
Where the odds are higher than 2, however, there are no problems: it is sufficient to implement the strategy illustrated above.

A friend of yours tries to make good use of the Martingale method even for odds lower than 2? He isn't the only one. The most commonly adopted justification is that you have the situation under control. A matter of setting limits, in theory. Concretely, it does not constitute the maximum of reliability.

The Great Martingale

The Grand Martingale is similar to the classic Martingale Betting method. There is nothing different, except for one not secondary detail. An extra unit is added to each check to increase winnings. For example, when betting and losing 1 euro, according to the Classic Martingale, 2 euros should be invested (1*2=CAD2), while in the Grand Martingale the correct amount would be 3 euros (1* 2+1=CAD3).

The third move would play respectively 4 euros (2*2=CAD4) and 7 euros (3*2+1=CAD7), etc. If you hit a string of successes after 3/4 moves, your bankroll will end up getting rich faster and faster and you will gradually have the opportunity to sustain a greater number of failures.

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Pros and cons of the Grand Martingale

There is, however, a flip side. The above scenario requires you to be lucky enough to rack up several hits after three or four unsuccessful attempts to quickly replenish your bankroll. If luck doesn't turn in your favour, the situation can take on dramatic contours. The plan put into practice implies an even higher base bankroll than the classic Martingale. The more you let yourself be caught up in greed, the desire to earn, the more you expose yourself to the risk of losing money in a short time.

Then, there is the so-called Piquemouche variant, which involves a more prudent interpretation of the method. We suggest that you opt for this strategy if you are on a small budget. In the case of winning or losing bets, you can apply it according to a simple and precise rule. The Piquemouche works in the following way: if the bettor achieves a negative result, he will bet an amount equal to 3 times the initial amount.

Only after three consecutive defeats, the player will have the "opportunity" to double his bet. The pros are to be found in the fact that it is prudent and safe. In fact, he does not push to double his investment immediately, but in the medium term. By doing so, it is possible to play several times before reaching the maximum threshold set previously. Otherwise, the takings tend to be low or even nil where we started off on the wrong foot.

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How does the Martingale method work?

The Martingale system was specifically designed for games where each bet has exactly 50% probability of success and allows you to double the amount placed in the pot. As it is easy to deduce, this is not the case with regard to sports betting. And, therefore, what to do? Give up before even trying? But also not! To take advantage of the Betting Martingale system for money management, if anything, it will be advisable to carry out the following steps:

  • Define an initial stake Set how much you want to bet on the first play. We suggest you start with a modest stake, so you don't have to go too far with the next ones, in the event of a bad run. The fixed stake, also called "Equal mass", is the basis of each of the stacks/progressions. You basically outline the amount of the bet and keep it constant throughout the progression. It goes without saying that it should always be established as a percentage of the case. The purpose of a stake plan is to control new strategies, verifying if they lead to profit.
  • Select an event and market Find an appropriate match and market that appeals to you and that you feel competent at.
  • Bet on the designated odds Bet the stake on the established prediction. Remember that the quota must exceed 2.00, but not be excessively high: do not exceed the 3.00 threshold, in order not to run into endless negative streaks. It is also possible to pronounce on a match with an uncertain outcome or one in which the events have similar odds.
  • Calculate the stake for the next bet If you win the bet, start over with the initial stake. If you lost, define it with the following formula:

current stake = (total stakes + possible profit) / (odds – 1)

  • Play until you win a bet Go ahead and bet with the methodology just indicated, always making sure that the winnings of the following bet cover the entire losses accumulated up to that point.
  • Cash out and withdraw the profit When you win a bet, you have the opportunity to cash out and withdraw the profit.

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An example of a Martingale system

To better understand the illustrated concepts let's take an example with the coin toss:

  • The symbolic cash is 20 euros
  • The base bet of 1 euro (i.e. 5% of the cash)

Here are the rules:

  • If you win, your next bet will be 1 euro
  • If you lose, your next bet will be double the previous bet
  • The cash out (i.e. the withdrawal of the winnings) is carried out when one manages to grab half (50 %) of cash, i.e. 10 euros (corresponding to 30 euros of cash).

By quoting the victory at 2 (heads or tails) and applying the classic Martingale system, you "advance" by 1 odds, i.e. 1 euro, for each correct prediction. Therefore, after 10 successes we reach 50% of the initial cash (our goal); bearing in mind that individually the probability of success of half is encouraging, it becomes reasonable to hypothesize that it takes "on average" 20 plays to reach half of one's initial cash.

Although apparently it seems really simple, this strategy (without ad hoc modifications) hides many insides. In fact, the reason why it is preferable to make a cash-out (i.e. collect the winnings and start over from scratch) is due to the danger (starting with a box of 20 units) of losing four consecutive times (event with the probability that the 12.5%). On the fourth loss, you have to play 16 units (euros in this case) when you don't have a sufficient amount (13 in the example considered) in the box to cover it.

Stake Quote Outcome Win Bankroll Useful Next stake calculation
10CAD 3.00 Lost 0 CAD190 -10CAD (10 + 20) / (3 – 1) = CAD15
CAD15 3.00 Lost 0 CAD175 -25CAD (25 + 20) / (3 – 1) = CAD22.50
CAD22.50 3.00 Lost 0 CAD152.50 -CAD47.50 (47.50 + 20) / (3 – 1) = CAD33.75
CAD33.75 3.00 Lost 0 CAD118.75 -CAD81.25 (81.75 + 20) / (3 – 1) = CAD50.62
CAD50.62 3.00 Won CAD151.87 CAD220 +20CAD

So there are two options. The first one is to replenish the cash with a significant enough amount to cover the next bet (3 units in the example); if successful, the invested money will also be recovered. This makes sense when the relative value is particularly moderate. In fact, if the cash is 20 euros, we should pay 3 euros (as we will recover them at the first win). The problem arises when the cash has a high value (e.g. 1,000 euros); in this case, it is difficult to cope with high stakes, especially if there are more than 4 consecutive losses.

The second option can be translated into a rule, which means that if you don't have enough money to place a bet, you allocate 50% of your money. Let's say you have lost five times in a row. Instead of doubling the amount you lost in the previous bet on the fourth bet, you play with half of your money until you win and then continue with the typical principles of the Martingale system. This way, there is no need to recover all your lost money, but the number of required bets to gain 50% of your initial money increases significantly. Instead of the average 20 bets, it takes 55 bets to reach the goal.

This is why partial goals are set (for example, reaching 50% of the initial funds, but lower percentages are also acceptable), in order to make withdrawals when halfway there (thus something enters the coffers), and then to contain the damage when there are 4 or more consecutive failures.

The Martingale system and football bets

When it comes to sports betting, things change significantly as the odds can change, both up or down. Such variance certainly represents a huge advantage for the player who aims to consciously exploit the Martingale for his bets. Here it is preferable to adopt the method on soccer bets races, on which we have formed an opinion, rather than on roulette, where everything is left to chance, at least officially.

We decided to place a single bet on an event with odds of 2.5. Let's say we predict a draw where 1 is quoted at 1.8 and 2 at 2.8. While it's a bold bet, we still have good chances of winning. If we do win, we'll receive a payout of 2.5, meaning that with a stake of 100 euros, we'll earn net winnings of 150 euros.

In order to recover in case of a loss, we could use the Martingale system. Specifically, we would need to recover the 100 euros lost. To do so, we could decide to bet 50 euros on a 3 odds, but this solution would expose us to a significant risk, since we would be limited on the amount but greatly exposed on the odds (a whopping 3, so the realization would be quite complicated).

If you want to cover with the Martingale, it is advisable to reverse the two factors and bet more on the safety of a low odds. For example, by allocating 500 euros with odds of 1.20, you would be entitled to 100 net euros and you would have returned from the loss. It is therefore evident how a well-considered Martingale with odds of 1.20 can represent the turning point. Certainly, 500 euros may seem like a significant amount, but if we relate it to the probability of the event, we realize that, if we have the required budget, it is a logical path to follow.

Having said that, the only thing left to do is to try the recharge service on the Martingale betting sites through one of our top bookmakers, 888sport:

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Where to download the Martingale online?

Calculating Martingale online is, all in all, simple: we have already shown you the formula. However, to make things easier for yourself, it is still possible to download an electronic spreadsheet. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, there are some interesting programs at your service, including Martingale Strategy, La Martingale, and Martingale Calculator. Unfortunately, there are no comparable solutions on the Apple Store. The only available software is for binary options in finance.

Online, there are also several spreadsheets available that require the input of values to determine the amount to bet in order to make good use of the method. Open your most trusted search engine and type in "martingale excel sheet download": you will find a multitude of forums that discuss the topic and share useful resources with users.

Who is the Martingale suitable for?

The apparent simplicity of the Martingale system may lead one to assume that the strategy in question is within reach of anyone, even novice users. However, as the old sages used to say, appearances can be deceiving. Therefore, be careful to avoid falling into error: minimal miscalculations or prolonged bad runs could expose you to significant losses.

In addition, it is essential to have a significant starting capital to make up for long negative records. On the other hand, Canadian agencies have, in accordance with national legislation, a maximum win limit of 10,000 euros. This means that programming is not infinitely usable. If you are approaching the subject for the first time, or you do not have a wide range of experiences, start by trying traditional betting systems. The Martingale represents a further step, possibly to be taken when you feel particularly experienced. The potential consequences you may face should lead you to careful reflection.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Martingale system

Any money management methodology has its pros and cons. The final decision, the decisive one, is up to the individual bettor, who must identify the one that best suits their playing style. In the case of sports betting Martingale, however, it is fair to say that the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. More precisely, even with a rigorous application of the rules, the profit obtained, when compared to the investment, is not proportional. In the list provided here, we offer you a quick overview of the pros and cons.

What we like:

  • Rather simple to learn in general dynamics
  • Does not impose estimates on the value or chance of a bet or odds.

What's wrong:

  • Implicates a generous starting budget, in order to cover even rather long losses
  • Real gain may not justify the resources and time invested
  • The 2.00 odds in sports betting do not correspond to a 50% probability


It would be nice, rather fabulous, to develop an infallible method capable of consistently winning in sports betting. In truth, things are different and while you approach to use the Martingale, it is advisable to carefully weigh the decision. In general, consider it only if the estimated winning probability is higher than half. Put yourself in the best position to have fun without risking your assets and, both positively and negatively, understand when it's time to interrupt the series and use the cash out.

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Martingale Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is the Martingale for betting a safe method?

Authoritative opinions in betting agree that the Martingale is one of the riskiest forms of money management out there. Among the identified disadvantages is the need to have a large initial capital.

Is the Martingale system suitable for football betting?

Yes, it is suitable for betting on football, provided some precautions are taken and considering that a quote equal to 2.00 almost never corresponds to a 50% chance of success.

How does the Martingale for betting work?

The purpose of the Martingale for betting is to outline the amount to bet on a subsequent play after a loss. It derives from the logic of doubling progression, accompanied by certain precautions for sports betting.

What are the best operators to play the Martingale with sports betting?

The best operators are industry leaders who need no introduction, as their history speaks for themselves. Some of the caliber of LeoVegas, Bodog, and 888sport.

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