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Proper money and bankroll management is essential for those who intend to approach the world of betting. Among the money management systems, the Masaniello betting method is one of the most popular. And here, before going into specifics, let's see which are the best AGCO bookmakers to use for this betting system:

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The Masaniello Betting Method, a bit of history

If reading the name brings back some historic memories, let's clear up a misunderstanding: Tommaso Aniello d’Amalfi, the protagonist of the Neapolitan rebellion against the Spanish Viceroyal government in 1647, has nothing to do with it. Masaniello is simply the name of one of the creators of the bankroll management tool, launched by Ciro Masaniello and Massimo Mondò back in 2002.

Also known as "Masa," it is used disrespectfully by several Canadian bettors. We will show it to you in its true essence. For online betting, it is necessary to opt for bookmakers that guarantee good odds and bonuses to be exploited like the ones listed at the top of our ranking.

What is the Masaniello Betting method?

The term Masaniello betting refers to a cash management technique used in betting. The mathematical method was developed on an Excel spreadsheet in 2002 by Massimo Mondò and further perfected on an extranet platform by the computer expert Ciro Masaniello, from whom it takes its name.

Actually, the original application for which it was conceived was of a different nature, namely financial trading. Only later was it borrowed from the field of betting. Why? The answer is simple: with this technique, you have the opportunity to optimize winnings and minimize the risk component.

Here, in the Excel sheet prepared by the bettors' couple (which you can easily find online), four parameters need to be entered:

  • Number of events you want to bet on;
  • Maximum number of errors;
  • Average odds for events;
  • Starting bankroll (the amount that the player aims to invest during the game).

One of the Canadian betting operators that best lend themselves to the experience of the Masaniello Betting Method is Bodog:

The algorithm developed identifies and provides the ideal amount to place on a bet, continuously taking into account the outcome of previous plays. In essence, thanks to the mathematical formula developed by Masaniello, starting from the initial budget it is possible to establish in advance the ROI, that is, the return on investment. By doing so, you will know the hypothetical gain of the bets you intend to make, even before allocating your savings.

The Masaniello betting system is a method based on sequential operations. The ultimate goal is to obtain higher returns compared to those that you could get with standard combination bets, provided that events do not occur simultaneously but instead occur in succession (although, ultimately, this "obstacle" has also been overcome in a more recent version: the Multimasaniello).

According to popular opinion, the Masaniello betting system is particularly suitable for fully capitalizing on short odds (odds below 2.0); the potential for recovering losses is significant.

The Masaniello Method, how to use it

If you are approaching Masaniello online betting for the first time, do not expect to come across one of the many betting systems who are renowned only for being mathematicians. The system is based entirely on mathematics, more specifically on the statistical model of the Pascal's triangle, which is " … a geometric arrangement of binomial coefficients".

A crucial aspect of setting up a play with the Masaniello betting method is to never play a totality of events that take place at the same time or in too close of a time frame. This is because, in the case of too many negative outcomes, the Masaniello betting system requires intervention by adding additional events to the ticket.

Now that you have established your starting bankroll, outline the events to bet on and calculate the average odds. Then give yourself a certain margin of error, of events you can afford to get wrong: only in this case will you be able to calculate the Masaniello useful to make your series profitable. At this point, all you have to do is enter the data into the Masaniello betting sports Excel and follow the events. Make sure to correct the file if you exceed the allowed number of errors.

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Before starting: the basic rules of Masaniello Betting

What we are proposing to you is a proven, valid process that many bettors have already embraced. Remember: there is always a human component behind every decision. To approach it under ideal conditions, it is necessary to use the tool appropriately. Below we will provide you with the key premises (don't worry, we will explain them one by one):

  • Betting should be interpreted as a form of responsible investment;
  • If you are greedy or like to take excessive risks, then the "Masa" is not for you. Forget it: you would hurt yourself a lot.
  • Inserting a multitude of anticipated events that increase potential Return of Investment (ROI) is a typical and quite common mistake.

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The Masaniello system is an extremely valuable tool for transforming betting from gambling into a form of investment. The necessary condition is to respect various conditions and parameters. Firstly, do not be too greedy. Be content with a low ROI that does not expose you to excessive risks.

The bankroll should be divided into multiple Masaniellis, organized according to the odds and risk. It is one of the essential constraints to be respected in order to act like professionals, not concentrating the risk on a single Masa, but "spreading it out."

The Multimasaniello, the implemented version

There is an implemented version of the Masaniello betting method, more elaborate and evolved: it is the Multimasaniello. By simultaneously keeping track of simultaneous events with the so-called Balance sheet on Excel, you will multiply the potential winnings.

For each odds, experts commonly use a different Masaniello. A modus operandi that allows to calculate with extreme accuracy the expected events. An odd constitutes the chance of an outcome. First, the bookmaker makes an estimate on the calculation of the percentages related to a given event. To succeed, a basis is indispensable, the so-called technical picket.

In order to establish it, a time frame is required; it is not the same for everyone: it can be the current championship or the last two, three, five or more. For convenience, we will adhere to analyzing a single season. Using the technical picket formula, we will have the opportunity to quantify the theoretical probability of the outcomes of signs 1, X, and 2.

Assuming sign 1, the formula is calculated as follows:

  • (n. home wins by Team 1 + n. away losses by Team 2) / (n. home games played by the team + n. away games played by Team 2)

The formulas for calculating the chances of X and 2 will be analogous, but naturally the matches won will be replaced with those drawn and lost and acted on in a specular manner with the away team formation. Translated:

  • Segno X probability: (number of draws by Team 1 at home + number of draws by Team 2 away) / (number of games played by Team 1 at home + number of games played by Team 2 away)
  • Segno 2 chance: (number of games lost by Team 1 at home + number of games won by Team 2 away) / (total number of games played by Team 1 at home + total number of games played by Team 2 away)

Considering that Team 1 came into the match with a record of 5 wins, 6 draws, and 6 knockouts in 17 home games, while Team 2 had 8 wins, 2 draws, and 6 knockouts in 16 away games, the theoretical probabilities were:

  • Sign 1: (5 + 6) / (17 + 16) = 0.33-33%
  • Sign X: (6 + 2) / (17 + 16) = 0.24 – 24%
  • Sign 2: (6 + 8) / (17 + 16) = 0.24-42%

From the aforementioned values, we proceed to calculate the – equally theoretical – odds for the straight result bets. To do this, we must divide 100 by the percentage obtained.

  • Sign 1: 100/33 = 3.03
  • Sign X: 100/24 = 4.17
  • Sign 2: 100/42 = 2.38

Needless to say, these are not definitive odds, so this type of estimate represents only one of the factors that bookmakers take into account. Other factors include the recent form, which can be calculated based on the last performances (3, 5 or 10 depending on preferences), historical precedents between the contenders, and so on. Such evaluations shift and reshape the odds, bringing them closer to the definitive ones (the commission remains).

Before we move on, let's try to put these guidelines into practice on the website of Bet365, one of the most respected Canadian bookmakers by the experts of trendsnow:

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Referring back to the central topic, a quote represents the probability of a specific event occurring. Therefore, a quote of 1.30 means that the event has a 76.9% chance of success. Based on this factor, you can prudently calculate the number of correct events over a large cycle of bets (anything can happen over a series of ten events). A fundamental prerequisite for this is the accuracy of the quotes! In any case, the Multimasaniello should be divided into different Masas depending on the quotes, for example:

  • Weight 1 quota 1.30
  • Weight 2 quota 1.40
  • Mass 3 quota 1.50
  • Weight 4 quota 1.60
  • Weight 5 quota 1.70
  • and so on...

It is indispensable to have the same quota within each Masa to calculate the results accurately. Ideally, there should be two different Masa for each one:

  1. one with a prudent ROI (e.g. 3 percent);
  2. slightly more aggressive (at 6% and not beyond).


The important thing is to diversify the risk, an essential concept of Multimasaniello, as well as working on valuable odds (otherwise you risk losing). Gathering everything in a single Masa is equivalent to walking on the razor's edge. Where predictions do not end up being accurate, everything would be lost. That's why it's always better to be cautious and avoid getting carried away.

There is a big misconception when it comes to Masaniello bets or Multi Masaniello. Many novice players assume that it is a guaranteed way to win. From their point of view, all they need to do is enter their bets and the rest will take care of itself. The truth is that following such an illusion can be a counterproductive move. The Multi Masa-as we have reiterated multiple times-is just a money management system. Useful (if used correctly) but not infallible.

Go hunting for value odds, otherwise you'll run into a wall. No strategy or betting system will save you. By value odds, we mean those overvalued by the dealers, which pay more than the actual risk. Over a long time horizon, those who trade with value bets earn, unlike those who don't.

How exactly does it work?

Define the four variables mentioned above, which are: number of events to bet on; maximum number of errors; average odds; starting bankroll. The Excel spreadsheet allows you to outline the amount to invest in the chosen series of events and know the final profit in advance.

If we're talking about pure Masaniello, and not the implemented version, it's crucial that the events in question don't take place simultaneously. If the prognoses you've input contain more errors than predictions, you'll have the power to "touch up" your gamble, correcting the amount of your bets and extending the series. Here are the necessary steps to apply the Masaniello method:

  • Establish an initial budget. As with any bankroll management system, it is important to establish a budget to invest before starting to play and to adhere to that amount no matter what: the sum should be entered under the "Cash" category.
  • Select the events to bet on. The second phase consists of outlining the races on which to participate. More than selecting the same, it is crucial here to focus on the average odds and the number on which to base the progression.
  • Establishing a margin of error. This is one of the distinctive features of this money management system. The player must estimate in advance how many predictions they may get wrong and right. As a result, they will measure the amount needed to invest in order to have a profit margin.
  • Insert data into Excel spreadsheet. Enter variable data into the Excel table with the algorithm, inside the corresponding cells, starting from the allocated budget, the meetings (with their respective dates) and the associated quotes. At the end of the match, enter 1 in the last column if successful, 0 if unsuccessful.
  • Discover the winnings that can be obtained. Now the Masaniello betting method will give the first responses. Just click on the Update Odds button and you will be able to get, immediately, the count of potential winnings and how much you need to bet on each event.
  • Adjusting the progression. The money management methodology analyzed has a significant advantage that sets it apart from others: elasticity and adaptability to outcomes. If the initial plays go wrong, simply click the Extend progression button to correct it.

Based on the adaptability of the gaming method to luck or misfortune of the progression, it is natural to question when the Masaniello betting system can be declared ceased. In the best case scenario, it ends when the target profit margin is achieved.

This goal can also be achieved before the completion of the original progression, if the predictions prove to be completely accurate. In the worst-case scenario, however, the system ceases to exist when the balance is zero and the original budget is depleted. Ultimately, to win with betting, one must be able to make accurate predictions.

Among the best betting system websites, the experts at Betting Trends now recommend William Hill:

An example of the Masaniello Betting System

So far we have described all the theory. To fully understand the functioning of the mathematical formula, it is now time to move on to practice, through an example. Let's assume that:

  • The number of events corresponds to 8;
  • The average quota of events is 1.40;
  • The maximum number of allowed errors is 3;
  • The bankroll corresponds to 100 euros.

By inserting these variables into the spreadsheet we will have the following "verdict": by centering 5 out of 8 races, the guaranteed yield will be equal to 13 percent of the initial budget, which is 13 euros (113 received minus the initially allocated 100). To achieve the set profit, we will have to wait for the outcome of the first match (positive or negative), and then "ask" the Masaniello how much to bet on the second one, then on the third one, and so on until reaching the established profit.

Event Match I hesitate Quote W-L Stakes Sub Tot Case
1 Juventus-Lecce 1 1.40 L CAD12 -12CAD 88CAD
2 Milan-Genoa 1 1.35 L 10CAD -10CAD 78CAD
3 Liverpool vs Sunderland 1 1.50 L CAD15 -15CAD 63CAD
4 Atletico M. – Elche 1 1.30 L 8CAD -8CAD 55CAD
5 Heerenveen–Ajax 2 1.45 w CAD14 +CAD20.30 CAD75.30
6 Cologne – Bayern 2 1.40 L CAD12 -12CAD CAD63.30
7 Inter-Salerno 1 1.45 w CAD14 +CAD20.30 CAD83.60
8 Boavista – Benfica 2 1.35 w 10CAD +CAD13.50 CAD97.10

What matters-and the Excel spreadsheet will indicate it to us, we repeat-is not to exceed 3 errors; otherwise, the bet will be lost in the sense that there will no longer be the opportunity to recover the entire amount paid. It should be pointed out that the predetermined goal can also be achieved before placing all 8 bets of our series. For example, by hitting the first 4 consecutively: in this case, the Masaniello betting system worked and the experiment can be considered successful.

The attempt will not have been successful, however, in both cases where we do not collect the 113 euro bet or (obviously the worst case scenario) if we lose our entire starting bankroll. If we fail the first 3 bets and win the remaining 5, we will still pocket a profit of 13 euro. And this happens thanks to the Masaniello system which, after every loss, tells us how much to bet on the next game in order to reach our original goal: 13% of the starting capital.

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The Masaniello method and football bets

Masaniello sports betting is suitable for soccer bets. The Masaniello betting system was born and developed in Canada, therefore the first sport discipline for which it was conceived is represented by the number one passion along the peninsula. Therefore, it is also suitable for predictions with three possible outcomes (the classic 1X2).

If you are good at knowing and betting on Over 0.5 in the first half (a complicated but lucrative market), then Multimasa is right for you. Another way is for Over 1.5/2.5, Under 2.5/3.5/4.5 and all low odds.

Download Masaniello System Free

There are many options to use it, from Google Sheet to direct download to your PC. If you have a Windows operating system computer, you can easily find it. By surfing with your search engine, you will find what you are looking for. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Linux: currently, there are no truly functioning programs available.

An increasingly large portion of users are now accustomed to entertaining themselves using smartphones. From the Google Play Store, you can perform the Masaniello betting download through various interesting apps, such as MasaBlue. For iOS devices, we recommend Obiettivo:WIN, offered for free in the App Store.

Advantages and disadvantages of Masaniello bets

Within a few years, Masaniello sports betting has become one of the most widely used systems. The positive factors that induce its use are many, starting from its high degree of reliability, as well as the ability to "adjust" the aim as you go. It offers protection from bad runs, allowing you to extend the series by adding additional events to cut the predetermined targets.

Ensures a mathematical gain if all the conditions are met without being too aggressive. With the same number of placed bets, it allows for higher winnings compared to classic combination betting. However, there are also some downsides to consider for a more comprehensive picture of the situation.

The first critical aspect is that it requires knowledge of your own betting method and an estimate, at a given average odds, of how many mistakes will be made. It is not appropriate if you are approaching sports bookmakers, as it requires a good understanding of various betting fundamentals. Finally, it forces events to be inserted in temporal succession rather than contemporaneously, a flaw that has been filled by Multisaniello.


  • Protection from bad runs
  • Reliability
  • Earnings


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Rigid system


Having reached this point with the reading, we hope that the Masaniello method is finally clear to you. For greater familiarity, the only way is to try and try again. There are no shortcuts: experience cannot be passed down from pro player to beginner, but must be learned in the field.

If, at first, you make mistakes, know that it's perfectly normal! Everyone has gone through it, it's a bit of the price to pay to become proficient. The important thing is to use them with awareness and develop the ability to detect the correct event on the schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions Masaniello Betting – FAQ

What are the best betting sites for Masaniello?

The best sites for Masaniello betting are, first and foremost, Bodog and 888sport: serious, reliable, and of impeccable quality portals. The same goes for LeoVegas, PokerStars Sports, 22bet, MyStake, Bet365, and bwin, which we place one step below.

Where can I download the Masaniello system?

You can download the Masaniello betting system for Windows operating systems on your PC, from the Google Play Store and the App Store, respectively using apps such as MasaBlue and Obiettivo: WIN.

What is the Masaniello for betting?

The Masaniello betting system is a management technique initially designed for financial trading, but today it is also widely used in betting and various other games (such as lotteries or roulette).

What are the advantages of the Masaniello method?

The advantages of Masaniello betting can be summarized in three points: flexibility, reliability, and higher earnings compared to combos.

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