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They are among the most chosen betting systems by betting enthusiasts in Canada. We are talking about the system with error or bets with error, a sort of nonsense if we think we have to look for the perfect play of all the combinations in the winning card. That's why to our rescue, the best online bookmakers that we will see below, offer the possibility of placing bets with errors.

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What are bets with error

Every day thousands of Canadians try to bet on every kind of sport or event, trying to predict this or that outcome. The experts at trendsnow, on the page dedicated to various betting systems, have already indicated some valuable elements, also based on the experience of our most loyal readers, useful to better understand the functioning of the various types of systems applied to bets. Here we have explored thoroughly the variety of gaming markets, examined the importance of choosing quotes wisely and emphasized repeatedly the importance of betting with criteria.

But how many of us have never lost a bet just because of one wrong prediction? Despite all of these precautions taken to maximize your chances of winning, the probability of losing a bet, even just for one game, is always present. It is not uncommon for a game that seems absolutely certain (for example, when a top team plays against a bottom team fighting to avoid relegation) to end in an unpredictable outcome, causing us to lose our bet. With that in mind, today we would like to talk about error betting.

Definition of System with Error

As already mentioned at the beginning, it is possible to win a bet even by making mistakes. Obviously, this does not mean missing all the predictions, but rather implementing a betting system that allows the possibility of making one or even more mistakes, while still retaining the chance to win. However, this method should not be overestimated, as believing that it is easy to win even by making mistakes in predictions would be misleading and dangerous. Additionally, playing a betting system with error correction may mean significantly increasing the expenditure for a bet. For these reasons, the experts at Betting Trends now will guide us to discover the universe of systems with error correction in betting.

Differences between system with error and integral system

In the various terminologies of betting websites, while reading or discussing about soccer bets systems, you have surely heard about integral system. The difference with respect to error betting is conceptual. Assuming to play a 4-game system, in the error correction system we would make a prediction for each game assuming to make one or two mistakes.

The integral system, on the other hand, is completely different as it involves formulating multiple predictions for the same event. In this sense, it is much closer to the old Totocalcio systems, where double or triple bets were placed. If we imagine choosing 4 matches for an integral system, for example, we must imagine playing 1X in one, X2 in another, 1x in another and a fixed 1 in the final match. In this case, the integral system will generate 8 columns, or all the possible combinations between the made predictions.

In short, an integral system includes an error in the forecast by using multiple predictions on the same match (not necessarily alternative: an integral system can include 1, over 2.5 goals, and X first half on the same event). The betting system with an error allows you to win even without having correctly guessed all the predictions on the ticket.

The calculation of the system with error

What is an error system? How does an error system work? How do you calculate a win? This particular type of betting allows you to make profits or at least limit losses, even in the case of one or more errors in the ticket on which you bet. As you may have guessed, margin of error bets can be a very useful betting system, especially if used properly.

To learn how to calculate bets with error, we will give an easy example considering 4 random matches with random quotes.

Event Pick Quote
A Naples – Juventus Goal 1.75
B Rome – Lazio Over 2.5 1.75
C Inter Milan Under 2.5 1.75
D Real – Barcelona Over 2.5 1.75

If you intend to develop the system with a margin of only one error, you need to compose 4 different cards. In each of these cards, one of the 4 selected games must be eliminated, in rotation. Once done, we would have these 4 different combinations of cards:

  • ABC
  • ABD
  • BCD
  • ACD

Let's assume that we bet 10CAD on each ticket, for a total of 40CAD.

If you predict the outcomes of 3 out of 4 matches correctly, you would win a single ticket worth 53.59CAD (1.75*1.75*1.75*10). It may not be a huge amount, but it's worth noting that the winnings would cover the expenses incurred for placing the bet. In fact, you would even earn a sum of around 14CAD, which is 35% of the total bet placed.

If instead you were so good and lucky at the same time, to hit all 4 matches that make up the coupon, all 4 coupons played, each for about 54CAD, they would be winners. At that point, the 4 coupons for about 54CAD each would correspond to 216CAD total winnings, with a total investment of only 40CAD.

How error correction bets develop

To develop an error correction system, first you need to establish how many games to play, and then determine how many errors you are willing to tolerate. Once this is done, all possible combinations are predicted. Let's take the example of the usual 4 games:

  • Match A: prediction 1 (odds 2.55)
  • Match B: prediction 1 (odds 2.05)
  • Match C: prediction x (odds 3.10)
  • Match D: forecast 1 (odds 2.25)

To develop this system, we will need to play 4 triple slips, with all possible combinations, that is:

  1. ABC
  2. ABD
  3. ACD
  4. BCD

Therefore, the “stake” needs to be decided, meaning the amount we want to bet for each ticket. Assuming we bet 5CAD, the total cost of this system will be 20CAD, with a minimum win of 58.8CAD (the scenario in which we get the highest odd incorrect) and a maximum win just under 300CAD (in case we correctly predict all four events).

System bets with error

The main advantage of choosing to play betting systems with errors, as you may have guessed, essentially lies in the possibility of winning even if not all the events on the ticket are correctly predicted. When using this system, however, you must always keep in mind that as the risk contribution decreases, so does the odds and therefore, compared to a full accumulator, the potential earnings of a win will be slightly lower.

Therefore, we can confidently say that the error-prone system should be used primarily when predicting the outcome of complex matches or those with very high odds. If you are planning to create a three-event system with odds of 1.30 or 1.40, it would be more advantageous to stick with the traditional betting method. However, when the bet slip consists of high odds and consequently, higher risk, it can be useful to use a method that doesn't work against us; namely, a football betting system.

Betting with error how it works

In case you are still unsure about how to put this betting method into practice, let's provide another practical example with our top bookmaker LeoVegas to explain how error betting and error system betting work. In the image above, we have considered 5 randomly chosen matches in the football section of our favorite online betting site.

Once you have selected the 5 matches, the betslip (or ticket) with the events to bet on will appear on the left side of our computer screen (or mobile phone). LeoVegas and other top bookmakers for error betting will give us the possibility to check the "system" box and automatically fill in all possible combinations.

In our case, we have chosen a system with error correction-1 (meaning 4/5). Therefore, to win, it will be necessary to guess 4 out of 4 forecasts made. After obtaining the 5 combinations, we discover what the 5 possible hypotheses are, pretending to have bet the amount of 2CAD for each schedule, for a total of 10CAD wagered. We will get a minimum win of about 17CAD and a maximum win of about 57CAD against an initial investment of 10CAD (as shown in the photo below).

To summarize, in order to place a system bet with an error, you just need to:

  1. Access your game account by clicking on LOGIN
  2. Select the sport (not just football) and the matches to be entered into the system from the left-hand menu
  3. Choose the market and select the odds for each match
  4. Check the box SYSTEM on the summary ticket located to the right of the screen
  5. Identify the preferred error correction system (with 1 or 2 errors, etc.)
  6. Select the amount to bet and check possible combinations
  7. Confirm the operation by clicking on BET


When should you play bets with errors?

As some of you may have already noticed, the odds we have chosen for these examples are all quite high. This is not by chance. Choosing to play a system with errors should be taken into consideration only if certain conditions exist. Specifically, for an effective error bet, the chosen odds should never be less than 1.80, otherwise there is a risk of having a minimum win lower than the total amount staked. And that is certainly not the goal of anyone who decides to invest their money in sports betting.

The ideal conditions for playing error betting are those of a series of highly uncertain matches, or at least in which a good part of the selected matches present these characteristics.

Betting systems with one error or with 2 errors?

When presenting this type of bet, we talked about one or more errors that can occur in a system like this. In general, it is not advisable to exaggerate with errors for a very simple reason: more errors require more combinations and therefore risk increasing the total cost, in the face of an even greater risk that any potential winnings do not break even with the expense.

As you can easily imagine, compared to the solution with only one error and with the same amount of money set for each individual bet, the expense increases and the maximum winnings decrease. In short, overdoing errors in a bet is not a profitable scenario.

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Error Betting FAQ – FAQ

What are error bets?

This type of bet allows you to get winnings or at least limit losses, even in the case of one or more errors within the bet slip. It involves creating a system with errors where it is possible to make a mistake on one prediction and still win the bet.

How to make a buggy system?

If you intend to develop the system with a margin of only one error, it's necessary to compose 4 different betting slips. In each of these slips, one of the 4 selected matches must be eliminated, rotating each time. Once done, we will have these 4 different combinations of slips: ABC; ABD; BCD; ACD.

System with error on LeoVegas, how to do?

It is important to remember that just one wrong prediction can ruin our hypothetical multiple bet. This is where the system with a margin of error comes to our rescue. Simply select the "System" option located above the betting slip to allow LeoVegas to calculate all possible combinations.

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