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The world of online sports betting is very heterogeneous and varied. Inside we can find different types of bets. On this page we will talk about a much discussed topic among bettors. In fact, as many of you know, sports bets can be placed using different methods and one of these is undoubtedly represented by multiple betting systems.

Let's go immediately to see which are the best AGCO bookmakers for multiple betting systems:

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Betting systems, what are they?

Multiple betting systems are one of the most common types of bets for several reasons. Firstly, because, as with classic multiples, they allow you to input multiple events onto a single betting slip, without resorting to multiple bets. Secondly, and most importantly, multiple betting systems grant an additional possibility compared to classic multiples: in fact, it is not necessary for all bets to be successful. In other words, some of the predictions entered on the slip may not be winning ones.

Before we move on, let's take a look at the Top 5 ranking of Canadian websites that offer the possibility to make betting systems and their main features:

  1. 🥇 Bodog – Bonus up to 260CAD – Ideal for all betting systems
  2. 🥈 888sport – Bonus up to 100CAD – Ideal for mobile betting systems
  3. 🥉 LeoVegas – Bonus up to 305CAD – Suitable for horse betting systems
  4. PokerStars Sports – Bonus up to 100CAD – Recommended for multiple bet bonuses
  5. 🌟 MyStakek – Bonus up to 150CAD – Perfect for mobile gaming


It is clear that this introduces a decidedly tempting factor, since on some bets you can take more risks with less concern. That being said, it is still legitimate to have many questions about such bets: what is a betting system specifically? How do you make a multiple bet or a multiple betting system? Are there foolproof betting systems? Below, we will try to answer all these doubts by illustrating the offerings of the best betting sites.

What is a betting system or a multiple bet

First of all, let's define the two main concepts at the base of everything, namely the "definition" of a multiple bet and a betting system. As for the multiple bet, it can be considered as the classic single column of the "ticket" of Totocalcio (which includes multiple events/games in a single ticket, in this case 13) where the success of it (i.e. if the ticket is winning) is determined exclusively by the winning of all the predictions on the ticket (the famous "13" of Totocalcio).

When it comes to betting systems, winning can still be possible even if not all predictions turn out to be correct (similar to what used to happen with the Totocalcio system where it was mandatory to bet on 13 football matches). So, how to win a multiple betting system? Unlike classic multiples, the outcome varies depending on the type of system. Some of the most well-known ones are:

  • Integrals
  • Correction
  • Martingale (or doubling)
  • Trixie
  • Yankee and Super Yankee
  • Heinz and Super Heinz
  • Goliath
  • Lucky
  • Patent
  • Канадский

Multiple bets and betting systems are two sides of the same coin: they share many characteristics, although they have different levels of risk and potential winnings. That's why it's crucial to choose the most suitable game for your situation, or simply the one that you find most entertaining.

Types of betting systems

As already mentioned, the multiple bet and betting systems are the two most popular modes of play for sports betting users. Whether for the tradition of sports betting or their immediacy, these two modes are really a widespread choice, and players often prefer to focus all their attention on these two types. Let's see, however, what are the most precise types of multiple bets and multiple betting systems.

Bodog: Up to CAD260 Welcome Bonus – An example of a valid AGCO bookmaker that offers the possibility of making betting systems (in addition to having a blog section dedicated to it) is given by Bodog.

If multiple betting-which is a series of bets selected by the player that must all be correct in order to guarantee multiple winning bets-is the favorite play of both novices and sometimes experts, the betting system requires a little more experience.

Here, the types are numerous and well-defined; some of them are much more widespread and we report them below. Let's start by saying that there are no infallible betting systems: some tactics allow you to win with greater probability, but in any case, there is no perfect betting system that guarantees a win.

  • Integral Systems

We could start, for example, with integral systems, which are the most widely used. Integral systems involve a very specific betting methodology. For example, let's consider a system consisting of three selections. In this case, the bet must include each selected event individually (divided into three bets, one for each selection), as well as events linked in multiples of two (divided into three bets, one for each pair of selections); finally, it must also include events linked in multiples of three (a single bet in this case, including all three events). In this particular case, the prize money increases as the number of selected and linked events increases.

  • To circulate

Another frequently used betting system is the rotation system. The rotation system consists of creating several betting slips based on the number of selections. For a very simple example, let's consider having selected five events. The rotation system involves creating five betting slips, but removing one event from each: the first slip will have event 1 removed, the second slip will have event 2 removed, the third slip will have event 3 removed, and so on. In the end, we will have five slips that will always have four events, minus one. If the rotation system is a 4/5 type, for example, it will be sufficient to get 4 out of the 5 selected predictions correct.

  • Correction of error

Another popular multiple betting system is the error correction system. This system allows players to select more than one outcome related to a single event with the aim of developing different systems in which the forecast contains more than one double multiple bet. By doing so, the player can rely on the famous double chance, which significantly increases the chance of winning. In other words, the error correction system offers the possibility to select two different outcomes for the same event: if four forecasts are made, a win can still be achieved even if only two of the winning events occur, not necessarily all of them.

  • The Patent System

One last mention about one of the most famous multiple betting systems: we are talking about the Patent system. The Patent system involves formulating three predictions which converge into seven bets in total: these are divided into a single one containing all the chosen events, three accumulators consisting of two events each, and finally a treble accumulator with three events each. The win occurs when at least one of the different predictions turns out to be correct.

Limits in betting systems

Naturally all of this is possible with various sports, however football betting systems are the most widespread by far, at least in Canada where football is undoubtedly the most followed sport.

Multiple football betting systems allow you to take advantage of the large number of odds and types of bets available for football in Canada: while other sports might offer fewer betting options, with football, you can be sure and create multiple betting systems with the potential for high winnings.

Logo LeoVegas LeoVegas: Up to CAD305 Welcome Bonus – Another example of an Canadian bookmaker that offers the possibility of making combination bets is LeoVegas (see photo above). The operator's betting slip is very intuitive, allowing immediate access to the options for combination bets.

The Customs and Monopoly Agency-AGCO-has established limits for this type of bet. According to the latest communication from AGCO, each ticket (or bet slip) can contain up to a maximum of 30 events/games. The elements must be related to different events. Additionally, the minimum bet for tickets is 2CAD per ticket. AGCO has introduced new limits for system bets. Bookmakers can set the unit stake for bets from a minimum of 0.05CAD to a maximum of 0.25CAD. The value of the system bet represents the sum of the stakes on each of the bets in the ticket.

Bookmakers Min. Play Min. Bet Max payout.
Bodog CAD2 CAD0.05 CAD50,000
888sports CAD2 CAD0.25 CAD50,000
LeoVegas CAD2 CAD0.25 CAD50,000
bwin CAD2 CAD0.25 CAD50,000
William Hill CAD2 CAD0.25 CAD50,000
Bet365 CAD2 CAD0.25 CAD50,000
PokerStars CAD2 CAD0.05 CAD50,000

What is an Odds Calculator

The odds calculator (in Canadian, calcolatore di quote) is an important tool in managing betting systems because it helps calculate the possible profit margins for each combination and each possible outcome presented by our system.

How does it work? After entering the odds for each individual event in our betting slip and the stake we want to assign to each column in the appropriate fields, we can use this tool to calculate the return and net profit, taking into account all the variables that arise from the possible outcomes.

How to play a betting system

At this point, you may be wondering how to play a multiple betting system, or how to increase your chances of winning one. There are no specific tips or complex strategies on how to win a betting system or this type of game, but there are some considerations to always keep in mind.

  • Firstly, if you are inexperienced it is almost mandatory not to dive into too complex and intricate multiple betting systems: it is better to play something simple and easily accessible. If you are new to this, avoid error correction systems since they carry a greater risk than others: it is better to bet on classic integral or 2/3, 2/4 systems, which are easier to learn.
  • Secondly, whether you choose football betting systems or other sports, the advice we can give you is to learn and gather information about the event you are betting on, at least in the first few games played.
  • Balance high odds (i.e. odds higher than 2.00) and low odds, maybe in rotating systems where you can afford to risk some more difficult odds.
  • Let's take a close look at all the different types of betting systems: each bet could be different and it's not useful to use the same system for every wager.

Logo 888Sport 888sport: Up to $100 Welcome Bonus-888sport is one of the AGCO bookmakers where the offer of betting systems is clearer and easier to implement. Here too, the operator's slip is very intuitive, so you can immediately access the options of betting systems.

System multiple bets on the same match

Many wonder if it is possible to place multiple bets on the same match. As we have already seen, it is possible for systems – as different multiple bets are created, even divided from each other – but not for the classic multiple bet. Each odd is in fact made up of an ID that makes them unique and playable only once per bet.

In this sense, bookmakers have long introduced combos, which easily replace this problem. In other words, if you want to bet on the same match, for example, over 3.5 and X result, both within the same multiple bet, you can do so thanks to the combo, but the two outcomes will be linked: that is, if even one of the two conditions is not met, that prediction is considered failed. Therefore, you cannot include over 3.5 for the match and then separately include X for that match within the same multiple bet: the two outcomes will inevitably be "tied".

Logo Bwin Bwin: Up to CAD210 Welcome Bonus – Bwin, unlike other Canadian bookmakers, offers a wider range of betting system options. Here we can find, for example, Lucky 15 or Yankee.

Betting systems: sports to bet on

For sports betting, it is also important to make a good selection of the ones to bet more on. In the photo above, we see the options available on 888sports for betting systems.

In this sense, multiple football betting systems are always recommended in Canada, since football is the most widespread sport, as already mentioned. However, we generally suggest betting on all sports that offer different types of odds, so once again the most popular sports in the reference country: in Canada we think of basketball, volleyball, motorsports, but also tennis.

Pros and cons of the betting system

Let's conclude by analyzing the Pros and Cons of multiple betting systems and classic multiples. Let's start with the Pros, which are many in some particular cases. Firstly, for traditional multiple bets with few odds: playing in this way, thus inserting few events, you will be able to win with much more probability and without risk. This low-risk bet allows you to win small amounts that, added together, will allow you to accumulate something to play later on riskier bets.

What we like:

  • Very high winning limits
  • Ability to create a system even with a few events
  • Ability to vary systems and strategies
  • Very accessible minimum bets

What's wrong:

  • Often not compatible with bonuses
  • You need to study before using betting systems
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Require larger bets

Moving on to multiple betting systems, they can enjoy a wide variety of types, as we have seen. This ensures that it is possible to develop different betting strategies based on the matches that are played, given that there is choice. Some of the systems, particularly those of type 2/3, 2/4 and so on, or integrals in general, allow you to win small amounts, like with classic multiple bets with few odds, more frequently.

Both methods also allow you to select events from different sports, potentially creating more fun and interesting betting cards.

When it comes to multiple bets, it should be noted that there is a risk of losing the entire bet due to a single event. In other words, a single unexpected event-perhaps due to bad luck or unforeseen circumstances-can ruin your bet, causing potentially high losses. For betting systems, it is important to highlight that some are riskier than others, particularly the error correction system.

Additionally, systems of this type may be very difficult for some to understand and undoubtedly require time to be studied and fully comprehended. Failing to do so means diving into something potentially wrong and unsuitable for the type of play you're seeking.

The Best Site for Betting Systems

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Betting Systems Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Who are the top bookmakers for betting systems?

There is no absolute betting site recommended for betting systems. According to our experts, the ones that perform better, the most comprehensive from every point of view are Bodog, 888sport and LeoVegas.

Are there free betting systems?

The answer to this question is generally no, meaning that in order to place bets, you need to have an active gaming account with available funds. Some bookmakers also offer no-deposit bonuses or free bets that can be used in betting systems. Check all the pages of trendsnow to discover the sites where you can bet for free.

How many and which sports can be included in a betting system?

Practically every sport, every event, every match can be included in a betting system. In fact, often including matches from other sports in betting systems is a decidedly profitable tactic.

Is there any kind of safe betting system?

Despite all the advice and explanations we have given you, in the world of betting (and in the world of gambling) there is no 100% safe and winning method.

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