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On this page we will see what surebets are, safe bets, and surebet calculations on the best AGCO bookmakers.

Surebet: an acute technical choice

How you can win money with sports bets by betting on the best betting sites intelligently and without running any risk?

Well, this website – – has been created for this purpose. So, it's time to discover it! Please read our explanation on one of the simplest and most effective sports betting winning techniques, the surebet.

What is a surebet?

Bet365 The surebet is a winning technique that guarantees you a 100% win on sports betting.

The concept of surebet is to take advantage of the difference between the odds proposed by various bookmakers on a same match and bet on the best odds for the 3 possible outcomes, determining the exact amount of the bet to ensure a profit regardless of the outcome of the match.

With the multitude of bookmakers available online (here the best ones in Canada are listed), it can sometimes happen that the difference between the odds for the same outcome is significant, generating a substantial surebet.

How to calculate a Surebet?

To discover a surebet, apply the following calculation:

(1/player A's odds)+(1/player B's odds)=

What does it mean?

Winning with surebets at Unibet If you bet 1 divided by the odds of player A on one bookmaker and 1 divided by the odds of player B on the second bookmaker, if the result is less than 1, you earn the difference.

Example of a Surebet: a tennis match between Federer (tennis player A) and Djokovic (tennis player B).

The quotes for this meeting are as follows:

UNIBET = Federer: 1.55, Djokovic: 3.30
Bet365 = Federer: 1.70, Djokovic: 2.95

The two bookmakers offer different odds for the same result. The difference between the two odds allows you to make a sure bet, betting at the same time on the two possible outcomes.

In this case, here is the calculation of the surebet:
For Federer to win, the best odds are 1.70, therefore 1 divided by 1.70 equals 0.588
For Djokovic to win: 1 / 3.30 = 0.303
If you bet CAD58.80 on Federer at 1.70 and CAD30.30 on Djokovic to win at 3.30, you will have bet a total of: CAD58.80 + CAD30.30 = CAD89.10

Let's see what happens with the first result, Federer's victory: 58.80CAD at odds of 1.70 will make you win 99.96CAD
With the second result, Djokovic's victory: 30.30CAD at odds of 3.30 will make you win 99.99CAD

At the end of the match between Federer and Djokovic, one bet will be winning and the other losing. But whatever the final result, you will have earned around CAD11 without any risk.

How to take advantage of a Safe Bet?

To take advantage of a surebet, you need to be registered on at least 3 different bookmakers. This way you can compare odds between different sports betting sites and discover available surebet opportunities.

The staff of recommends using Skrill as a payment method, also known as Moneybookers, as it allows you to transfer funds from one bookmaker to another quickly and without costs.

Choose your bookmaker to test our winning method with sports betting: the surebet.

Although SUREBET is considered a "safe" method, it requires a lot of calculations, significant capital, and excellent ability to move between bookmakers and various payment methods to apply it effectively. It's not as simple as it seems, so make sure to inform yourself well and always play responsibly. Good luck!

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