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The world of online sports betting expands its offer from year to year. We have recently witnessed a sort of revolution within bookmakers. Indeed, many of the best betting sites hanno inserito nel proprio palinsesto una intera sezione dedicata alle Virtual Bets, ovvero quelle tipologie di sport (simulati) i cui risultati sono interamente decisi dall’intelligenza artificiale.

And the menu of markets and odds is also very extensive (ranging from football to horse racing betting), as we will see later in our review. First of all, let's read the names of the bookmakers selected by our experts who offer this particular type of bet:

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Even in this new frontier, the most popular and most bet-on sport remains football/soccer, with matches lasting 3-5 minutes played between pairs of either real existing teams or teams with entirely fictional names.

The betting modes are almost identical to those of real football, except for the striking difference in the game itself. In this article, we will address the topic of virtual betting, first explaining what virtual betting is, listing the best portals to place this type of bet, and some tips and strategies to win to have even more fun.

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What are virtual sports

The virtual sports are essentially video games in which computer software reproduces sporting events, races or competitions. Very complex algorithms determine the final result; they represent both the skill of the participants, and the probability that some specific events (such as penalty kicks, etc.) will occur at a given time, just like in real-world sporting events.

Computer-generated graphics of virtual sports are generally advanced and look a lot like what you would see on game consoles or computers, but you still can't help but notice a distinct difference compared to live broadcast sports.

Virtual sports have gained popularity among bettors. And it's an alternative way for bookmakers to offer game and action without the need for a match or race to take place in the real world, thus increasing the speed of betting that occurs they can perform. Basically, with virtual bets you can bet and play every day, 24 hours a day.

Bookmakers Market Details Available
Codere ☑ 7 soccer tournaments
☑ over 300 events per day
☑ Sports: Virtual Soccer League, Football, Horse Racing, Greyhounds, Cycling, Motorcycling, Tennis
Bet365 ☑ 3 soccer tournaments
☑ events every 4 minutes
☑ Sports: Greyhounds, Gallop
LeoVegas ☑ 4 soccer tournaments
☑ events every 4 minutes
☑ Sports: Matchday, Legendary football, Soccer
Greyhounds, Motor racing, Gallop
Better ☑ 5 soccer tournaments
☑ Events every minute
☑ Sports: Greyhounds, Horses, Motors, Cycling, Tennis, Speedway, Trot, Gallop Elite
Betsafe ☑ 1 soccer tournament
☑ Sport: Gallop, Greyhounds
Planetwin365 ☑ 1 soccer tournament
☑ Sports: Football, Gallop, Greyhounds, Auto, Trot
Betaland ☑ Events every 3 minutes
☑ Sports: galloping, football, greyhounds, cycling, motors
PlayOJO ☑ 1 soccer tournament
☑ Sports: Horses, Soccer, Gallop, Greyhounds, Motorcycles, Cars, Trotting, Cycling

Virtual Football

The virtual football (in the photo above a still image of the proposal of Planetwin365) is one of the most popular simulated sports with which can be played on a number of high-quality sports betting portals. The game offers something completely different from the style of other virtual sports found on various bookmakers such as horse racing, greyhound racing, motor sports, cycling and the like.

In fact, with the ’ With the help of the voices of the most important sports commentators on TV and national media who now also lend their names to virtual betting, the separation between what is virtual and what is real is becoming increasingly blurred. Despite this, there are still some fundamental differences between betting on virtual football and betting on real football.

As we have already anticipated, virtual football matches last from 3 to 5 minutes, and each match represents a separate betting possibility, i.e. the teams that win the matches do not earn the canonical 3 points to advance in the championship , but at the end of each game there will be a winning team and a loser; in fact, it will not be possible to bet on virtual bets on football in the long term, as it would not be correct to invent a virtual football league in which the skill and athleticism of the players do not count, but only the code written by a computer.

Virtual Football Royal Football
Possibility to bet live ✔️
Possible match postponement ✔️
You need to be a football expert ✔️
24/7 betting ✔️
Risk of match fixing ✔️

The best bookmakers for virtual bets

Now that we have provided each of you with a general understanding of what virtual sports are and virtual football in particular, it is time to go into detail, starting to list those which, according to research by our experts, are the best bookmakers for virtual bets.

Virtual betting on Codere

The virtual bets (or virtual bets) of Codere they represent one of the best offers available today on bookmakers offering this service.

The panorama of Codere markets on virtual betting is vast, as are the odds offered. Obviously, football is the master, which here is declined in a series of truly realistic tournaments and championships. For those who love statistics, there is; it's all a dedicated section.

For both football, tennis and horse racing bets, in practice it is possible to bet on any type of odds, just as if we were trying to bet on real sporting events. Codere's virtual betting information is very clear and everything is just a click away.

Just think that in the In any 24-hour period, there are over 300 virtual sporting events to bet on (basically one every four minutes). In short, fun is more than guaranteed with Codere.


Virtual Betting on Better

One of the best sites for virtual betting is undoubtedly Better, a bookmaker of the Lottomatica group, very famous for its physical betting offices scattered throughout Canada.

To access the section dedicated to this type of bet, just connect to the official Better website and click on the third menu, entitled "Virtual Bets" to be precise.

In this section, virtual bets on football dominate, with 5 different "leagues" to choose from, but Better also includes two other very popular virtual sports: greyhound racing and horse racing, this last perhaps one of the first sports to appear virtually on various betting sites.

Finally, it should be noted that Better very frequently offers real bonuses on virtual bets, which will allow any interested bettor to increase their winnings or obtain multiple bonuses.


Virtual bets on Bet365

Even Bet365, a bookmaker of the Entain group, stands out from all other bookmakers in terms of virtual bets. Fans of this type of bets will be able to find the dedicated section very easily, as it is the only one with a purple NEW logo that is clearly visible and distinguishable from all the other sections.

Here bettors will be able to place virtual bets on football, even if with a few championships less than its direct competitors: in fact, it is currently only possible to bet on 3 championships as regards virtual football. However, there are the canonical virtual horse races and greyhound races, with races every 4-5 minutes.

The betting options are exactly the same as those found in real sports betting, so that every bettor has the opportunity to dive into the virtual world without encountering difficulties or difficult to learn betting options.

Noteworthy are also the promotions focused specifically on virtual bets, in order to encourage players to experience this new way of betting, with promotions aimed at providing bonus money or multiple virtual bonuses.


Virtual bets on Betsafe

Another very famous site in Canada for its virtual bets is Betsafe, a bookmaker with 21 years of experience in the field of sports betting.

Finding the section dedicated to bets on virtual sports is very simple: once you have opened the official Betsafe website, just go to the drop-down menu of bets and click on "Virtual".

Unfortunately, unlike the other bookmakers analyzed so far, Betsafe is the one that presents the least variety on this type of bets. In fact, for now, there is only one championship for the proposed sport, namely Greyhounds, Gallop and Soccer.

An excellent point in favor, however, is the cadence of the proposed events, or one every 4 minutes, but what Betsafe amazes is certainly the graphics. It is super detailed and, seeing a game at first glance, it doesn't seem like you're watching a virtual event.

At the time of writing this article, there are no bonuses or promotions dedicated to virtual bets, but we certainly know that Betsafe will best integrate this section, perhaps still a little immature.


Virtual bets on LeoVegas

The last site we are going to address is that of virtual bets LeoVegas, another huge giant in terms of sports betting in Canada. This bookmaker offers the largest virtual betting section of all the sites seen today, with 4 virtual betting possibilities on football, one on dogs, one on filmed greyhounds, one on motoring and one on horses.

To access this section it is only necessary to connect to the LeoVegas home page: from here, you can easily find the section on virtual bets as it is located in the same row as all the other bets .
Once inside, all you have to do is select the virtual sport you want to bet on and place your bet.

Football and greyhound matches take place every 5 minutes, while motor racing and virtual horse events take place every 20 minutes. However, what LeoVegas excels in is the part dedicated to promotions and bonuses on virtual bets. In fact, there is currently a substantial welcome bonus for this type of bet, which consists of a 25% bonus on the first top-up up to a maximum of 100CAD.

Even the promotions for customers already registered with LeoVegas are noteworthy and very interesting (such as the possibility of obtaining free virtual bets), proposed in order to increasingly increase the number of bettors interested in this different type of sports betting.


Pros and Cons of Simulated Football

Naturally, virtual football betting has its Pros and its Bs; it is in fact easy to criticize virtual football due to its limitations. But simulated football also has a number of advantages that make it more attractive than its real-world counterpart. In this section, we'll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of virtual football and how it affects virtual betting.

By taking a look at the advantages and disadvantages of virtual football, you will be able to better appreciate not only simulated football, but also real-life football betting. This will help decide which type of game is best for each of you or whether to join the millions of punters who enjoy the best of what both types of betting have to offer.


    • Partite proposte in continuazione
    • Shorter match duration (and greater chance to place more bets)
    • You don't need to be a soccer expert or know the players


    • Reduced market quotes
    • Minor emotional involvement compared to real football
betaland betting bonus


Rating: 9/10

Benefits of virtual football

The main advantage of virtual soccer betting is that the matches are continuous and available all year round. This means that bets are accepted without interruption and bettors can place their bets at any time. With virtual games played 365 days a year, there is a wide variety of matches to choose from.

The next advantage of virtual football betting is that the matches only last for 2-3 minutes instead of the usual 90+ minutes of a real football match. For this reason, bettors do not have to wait too long to determine the outcome of their bets, so a wide range of bets can be made in a very short time. If you are a bettor who likes to make several small bets in a short period of time, then virtual football betting is the best choice.

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Another advantage of virtual betting on football is that even a beginner is able to bet immediately. You no longer need experience and skills to analyze tons of data, as virtual football matches are managed by a computer and the result is as random as possible. In real football, even the best-analyzed bet can lose, which can lead to frustration and addiction to gambling to recoup lost money. This doesn't happen in virtual football.

Finally, unlike real football, where there is the possibility of "fixing" matches, virtual football matches are scheduled and there is no cheating here nor will there be questionable calls from the referees. Also, external factors affecting real-life matches such as injuries, bad weather, suspensions and the like do not affect the outcome of virtual football matches.

A bit of history: when were virtual sports born?

Virtual sports are electronic games that generate visual feedback on display devices. They are inspired by real sports. They appeared to the general public for the first time in the sixties, in the guise of what was an early form of fantasy.

In particular, in 1961 John Burgeson managed to code on an IBM 1620 computer a first championship of fantasy baseball, allowing two teams to play against each other using random number generation and player statistics to determine the outcome of a match.

Modern computers, with new motion capture technologies, can reproduce more complex sports animations. The term virtual sports is often used to describe software simulations of sports used for betting and virtual bets.

Disadvantages of simulated football

Although the external factors mentioned above do not influence the results of virtual football matches, the bettor no longer has to analyze particular strategies because the computer decides, completely randomly who will be the winner of the match. In short, the use of knowledge and skill to analyze bets is not applicable here because virtual football bets are as random as in a lottery.

Although being able to bet around the clock in virtual football betting can lead to greater profits, it can also lead to huge losses because the bettor will be invited to place more bets and more money during a short period. However, this can only be solved if the bettor has a good betting strategy, which includes discipline.

Up to CAD475

  • Many markets available
  • Payout among the best around
  • Live Betting

One of the biggest disadvantages is that there are limited betting markets for this type of game. This is because there are no special bets in virtual sports. For example, popular special bets like top scorer, first or last scorer, are not currently available on virtual sports betting sites.

Finally, virtual football matches lack the excitement that real-life games bring to fans. Without that excitement, there is no adrenaline rush that makes fans fall in love with a particular player or team. There is no entertainment value in virtual football and, as we mentioned earlier, it is just like a lottery.

Matches, markets and payouts on soccer in Virtual Bets

In this guide, we have listed what our experts consider to be the top bookmakers for virtual betting in Canada.

Each of them has its own specific events, markets, and of course specific payouts; for this reason, we will now make a comparison of virtual football betting among these bookmakers, in order to provide a clearer overview of how virtual betting works.

As a first point of comparison, we have compared all the top bookmakers based on the frequency with which they offer virtual betting on soccer matches.

In general, almost everyone suggests a football match with a distance of 4-5 minutes between them. With some exceptions that we will see in the table below:

Bookmaker 🏆 Football tournaments ⏳ Frequency of matches
Codere 7 every 3 minutes
Better Lottomatica 5 every 5 minutes
LeoVegas 4 every 5 minutes
Betsafe 1 every 5 minutes
Bet365 3 every 5 minutes
Betaland 1 every 4 minutes
You Win 1 every 4 minutes
Planetwin365 1 every 4 minutes

It should be noted that these numbers refer to the main events of simulated football; there are other special events that take place every 10 or 20 minutes, depending on the virtual schedule of the bookmaker.

Virtual football markets

As can be seen from the summary table above on Codere, Better, and LeoVegas, these are the three bookmakers that offer the most markets, and are the ones that offer the most betting options to bettors (up to 13 betting options for Better and 11 for LeoVegas), while Bet365 and Betsafe lag slightly behind, both in terms of available markets and betting options (only 5 for Betsafe and also 5 for Bet365).

The payout of the bookmakers that offer simulated football

Now all that's left is to see what the payout (rounded percentage) is on virtual soccer bets (i.e. the percentage of money bet that is returned as winnings) offered by the bookmakers we have selected in this review:

Bookmaker 📊 Number of markets 💸 Payouts
Codere 20 80% – 90%
Better Lottomatica 13 86%
LeoVegas 11 85%
Betsafe 5 89%
Bet365 5 89%
Betaland 7 88%
You Win 10 80% – 90%
Planetwin365 22 80% – 90%

Virtual bets: tricks and how to win

If you are reading this article, it is primarily for one reason: you want to dive into the world of virtual betting and you want to win.

Here at Betting Trends now, we will not disappoint you: here are some virtual betting tricks to use in order to win good amounts of money on virtual bets.

Generally speaking, before trying virtual betting (and subsequently), it is important to keep in mind some guidelines:

  1. ⚽ Choose the sport to bet on carefully
  2. 📊 Diversify your bets
  3. 💶 Betting small amounts of money
  4. 📈 Study markets with higher payouts

Up to 305CAD

  • The largest betting schedule
  • Live betting
  • Virtual Betting

Choose the Virtual Sport carefully

On the main Canadian bookmakers, it will be possible to choose from numerous and different virtual sports. This would lead novice bettors to think that betting on all of these sports is essentially the same, but the different parameters within each sport matter a lot in terms of winning potential.

In the case of football, for example, there will always be 11 virtual athletes per team, as will the various betting options offered for each match. In fact, as we have already anticipated, virtual football bets do not differ so much from the real football bets that it offers, for example , one of our top bookmakers, Bodog:

Up to CAD260

  • Ease of Use
  • Great Variety of Sports and Markets
  • Specialist Quote

Differences between virtual sports disciplines

However, when it comes to race-based virtual sports, there are different parameters involved. In horse racing, for example, each race may involve 6 to 15 horses, in greyhound racing there will always be 6 dogs in the game, in Speedway this number drops to four, while in motorsports there are 12 cars. Cycling has between 6 and 9 competitors.

In a game like virtual betting where volatility is high and there is a great deal of randomness in events, the best thing to do for virtual soccer betting to win is to bet on those events with the fewest possible betting options. When looking at statistics, it is more likely to choose a winner more often in a Speedway event with four bikes in the race, rather than in greyhound racing with six dogs or in a horse race with 6 to 15 horses.

Betting small amounts of money

Virtual sports are designed to simulate a sporting event that also takes place in reality, although the computer that manages all the processes has been created to randomly decide the outcome of the event, which means that it is extraordinarily difficult to make predictions about who will be the winner or how to place a good bet.

In such volatile markets, it is essential for players to only make small bets to avoid facing heavy losses. Therefore, the best approach to virtual sports betting is to wager only a fraction of what one would on real-life sports on each bet, simply due to the volatile nature of this type of game.

Do not try to recoup losses by betting more than you should

One of the most common and easiest ways to empty one's virtual sports betting account is to place many bets of small amounts, see them turn out to be losing and then start increasing the value of one's bet to try to recover the losses.

What tends to happen here is that instead of recovering their losses, they will increase inexorably, and even at a faster rate. If you have difficulty finding the right strategy with virtual betting, the most useful thing to do is to stop, change sports (maybe try Virtual Speedway with its four drivers) or even return to a more familiar form of betting where things depend less on chance or virtual betting algorithms.

Learn which types of bets have a higher payout

After putting into practice the first tips written above, what one must now do is ensure to continue maximizing their winnings by choosing the right sports to bet on and the right bets to make on these sports. There is no easy and fast way to learn to always win in sports betting, but it is still possible to increase one's chances of winning.

With some experience, every bettor will be able to understand that certain types of bets tend to be safer for the final victory, while others are a little more risky but have a much higher payout. Once the right scheme and betting strategy are found, winning will no longer be an issue.

Virtual betting, which sports?

The world of virtual betting is truly expansive, as we have seen in this article. Just like in real life, football is the most popular and widely bet sport in virtual betting.

It consists of computer-controlled matches, so that the result is completely random, each lasting 3-5 minutes, so that the bettor does not get bored following 90 or more minutes of play. Many wonder if the bookmaker and the computer that manages the virtual football software take into account the number of bets placed and react based on them.

Of course, the virtual football betting software keeps track of all bets and will ensure that all customers receive the correct payouts at the end of the game. However, in terms of its effect on bets, it will not influence the outcome, as virtual football is not weighted in favor of bookmakers.

This is for two fundamental reasons.

First of all, the result is determined by random factors from the software that drives the game. No matter how much is bet on any game or market, the output of this device is always completely random.

Secondly, if a website were so unscrupulous as to do so, it would be discovered very quickly and its reputation as a betting site would be compromised and authorities informed.

Virtual horse racing

Of course, soccer is not the only sport popular in the world of virtual betting, but also virtual horse racing represents a good portion of the bets that are made daily on various bookmakers.

Horse virtual races are a simulation of real horse races with digital jockeys and racing horses as protagonists on digital racecourses.

Virtual horse racing comprises a variety of formats based on real-world horse races, including races of varying distances and with different numbers of horses. Virtual horse racing is not determined by the complex variables that influence the outcome of traditional races, such as the form of the racehorse or jockey, ground preferences, weather, track layout, or race distance.

Instead, the race is decided by a computer algorithm that calculates the finishing order in a race. The probabilities of a virtual horse are fundamentally the only factor that provides information on how it will perform in a race. Horses with lower odds are more likely to win, while horses with higher odds have less chance of winning.

Virtual greyhound racing

Another virtual sport always present on various Canadian betting portals is virtual greyhound racing. Virtual greyhound races rely on cutting-edge computer technology to create the most realistic simulations possible. Using the latest and best software, these computers broadcast virtual races to bettors' desktop or mobile devices, with the result transmitted immediately at the end of the race.

These virtual races are provided with live commentary and replays and typically take place every three or four minutes, as we saw in the article. Since all the odds are fixed, virtual races can be described as a type of animated roulette; the betting options are exactly the same as those found in real greyhound racing, although we should note that in Canada, dog racing has been banned for a long time, so only foreign markets will be available.

To not lose sight of our first goal, let's recap which are the best portals for virtual betting:

Best virtual betting bookmakers | Top 3 🏆
🥇 Virtual betting site 2023 Codere
📈 Virtual betting odds LeoVegas
💰 Virtual betting bonus You Win

Other Virtual Sports

Thanks to the giant leaps that technology has made in recent years, it is now possible to find a wide range of virtual sports to bet on at various bookmakers. In addition to the common and popular sports listed above, there are others that are less well-known but very present on various gambling platforms.

In addition to football, horses and greyhounds, the most popular virtual sports to bet on are:

  • Engines (cars and motorcycles)
  • Tennis
  • Cycling

Virtual Motoring

Virtual motorsport is nothing but a digital and simulated representation of some of the world's most famous motorsports, such as Formula 1, IndyCar, and NASCAR. Images mimic what you would expect to see from a new racing game for consoles, except that here you are only a spectator as cars race on the virtual track.

The virtual version of sport only requires a couple of laps, and is generally contested with a beautiful field of about 12 cars, which is more than can be found in other virtual racing sports, such as greyhound racing or speedway. The engine sounds and commentary help enhance the visual experience, and bettors are treated to multi-angle shots of the race for an even more immersive experience.

Virtual motorsports offer the same types of odds you would expect to find from a virtual racing sport, except that the larger number of participants means that some of the cars will have higher odds than those found in other virtual sports betting.

Virtual Cycling

Cycling may not be considered a traditional sport for betting, but it is a great addition to the world of virtual sports betting. Virtual cycling allows customers to bet on simulations of track cycling events that take place "live" every couple of minutes on online bookmaker sites. Riders are assigned odds before the start of the race based on their weighted probability of winning, leaving a small margin of about five percent for the bookmakers, of course.

A random number generator determines the result of the race and the bettor can watch the highly realistic race on the screen. Unfortunately, there are not many betting options for this type of virtual sport; the most common one is to choose the winner of the race, but there are also variations that allow bettors to try to guess the top 3 places, increasing the amount won in case of a winning bet.

Virtual Bets: Conclusions

In this article we have tried to provide a comprehensive overview of the world of virtual betting, which has been around for many years but has only recently become popular, thanks to increasingly realistic graphics and wider coverage by bookmakers.

The differences in terms of options and betting strategy are not very different compared to their real counterpart, although we have seen how virtual betting brings its Pros and Cons. As far as we are concerned, virtual betting is a must-try for all bettors, as they could represent the future of gambling.

Virtual Betting Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

❓ What are the best sites to bet on virtual soccer?

As we have seen in the article, there are several bookmakers that cover virtual football within their platforms. By the number of events and available betting options, we believe that code, LeoVegas, and Better are the top three options.

❓ How does virtual football work?

Virtual football works in the same way as real football, with the only difference being that the match lasts only a few minutes instead of the 90 or more of its real counterpart; in addition, the result is not decided by skills and external factors, but simply by software that randomly chooses who will be the winner.

❓ How to win at virtual soccer bets?

Tips on how to win at virtual football betting are almost identical to those of real football, with the only difference being that it is crucial to consult statistics and average out which team is more likely to win.

Are there special odds on virtual football matches?

Unfortunately, only a few bookmakers adopt this type of odds for virtual betting sections, but it is still possible to find handicap results, especially on sites like LeoVegas, the most comprehensive in virtual betting.

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