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To win money with sports bets from the best betting sites you need to have intuition or analytical skills to formulate a reliable forecast. In fact, you must know the current sports news, the details and situation of the teams, disqualifications and injuries, as well as the physical and mental fitness of the players, and so on.

The most reliable forecast, such as those formulated for Serie A matches, is the one made through a detailed analysis of all the factors that can influence the outcome of the game, in addition to the statistics of direct confrontations and the current series of results. Betting without reflection and without analyzing all variables can only increase your risk of loss.

Formulating reliable predictions does not necessarily require in-depth knowledge or passionate following of a sport. Below you will find a series of professional tips on how to gather all the useful information for making a prediction. This way you will accelerate your progress and increase your chances of making money with sports betting.

How to make a good prediction?


To make a good prediction, you need to consider all the details and information that can influence the outcome of a match, whether positively or negatively. In short, for a football or other sports match, it is essential to evaluate the following information:

Form of the moment (is the team on a positive streak?), injuries (is an important player for the team absent?), individual player performances (does a player score frequently in the same competition?), home field advantage (is a team ruthless at home but struggling on the road?), weather conditions (could a heavy playing field disadvantage one of the two teams?), head-to-head statistics (has one team shown to struggle against the other in recent years?), and the stakes of the game (is one of the two teams more motivated because they are pursuing a seasonal goal?).

All of these are factors that weigh in determining the outcome of a game, along with others that may seem less relevant to you but which represent an important psychological component (fans, economic or managerial crises, change of coach, pre-match declarations, playing in a derby, etc).

The opponent always remains the main element of your forecast. A team may be in top form, but still not be able to beat a much stronger or more motivated opponent. And, if at the end of all the above analysis, two teams are very close and the forecast is uncertain, we recommend that you carefully read the names on the roster and compare individual technical qualities player by player. Good luck with your forecast!

Where to find good sports betting tips?


Bet365If you have no knowledge of sports but want to try your hand at sports betting, all you need to do is seek help from expertly drawn predictions.

There are various online websites that provide predictions, but not all of them are reliable. The recommended sites below offer the best services and the best predictions on the web. Their experience in the world of sports betting and knowledge of different sports such as football, tennis, basketball, or rugby, will allow you to have an idea without having to make too many calculations.

It should be noted that there is always a random component in betting, but a professional approach will allow you to minimize risks.

The best recommended prediction sites, where you can also bet online:

  • The predictions section of our website always provides high-quality predictions for all online betting enthusiasts.
  • Some bookmakers, such as WILLIAM HILL, Pinnacle, UNIBET, Bet365, or Wazamba, also offer opinions from some expert tipsters.
  • Finally, WILLIAM HILL even provides video streaming broadcasts with studio journalists, who as you can easily imagine, are real football experts.

There is nothing left but to place the winning bet!


Online betting is even more fun if you prepare your bet by informing yourself and applying proven and precise methods. Always play RESPONSIBLY.

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